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Department of the Navy Documents in Record Groups (RG) at the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)

Numerical List

Alphabetical List

Numerical List of Record Groups

19 - Bureau of Ships
24 - Bureau of Naval Personnel
37 - Hydrographic Office
38 - Chief of Naval Operations
45 - Office of Naval Records and Library, Naval Records College
52 - Bureau of Medicine and Surgery
71 - Bureau of Yards and Docks
        Drawings, Maps, Charts of Buildings, Structures and Installations
72 - Bureau of Aeronautics
74 - Bureau of Ordnance
78 - Naval Observatory
80 - Dept. of the Navy, 1798-1947
125 - Office of the Judge Advocate General
127 - U.S. Marine Corps
143 - Bureau of Supplies and Accounts
181 - Naval Districts and Shore Establishments
225 - Joint Army and Navy Boards and Committees
289 - Naval Intelligence Command
298 - Office of Naval Research
313 - Naval Operating Forces
343 - Naval Air Systems Command
344 - Naval Ships Systems Command
345 - Naval Electronics System Command
346 - Naval Ordnance Systems Command
347 - Naval Supply Systems Command
384 - Chief of Naval Material
385 - Naval Facilities Engineering Command
402 - Bureau of Naval Weapons
405 - U.S. Naval Academy
428 - Department of the Navy, 1947-
457 - National Security Agency
526 - Naval Criminal Investigative Service

Unified Command Record Groups

518 - U.S. Central Command
528 - U.S. Atlantic Command
529 - U.S. Pacific Command
530 - U.S. Southern Command
531 - U.S. European Command
532 - U.S. Space Command
533 - U.S. Special Operations Command
534 - U.S. Transportation Command
535 - U.S. Strategic Command

Alphabetical List of Record Groups

Air Systems Command RG-343
Atlantic Command RG-528
Bureau of Aeronautics RG-72
Bureau of Medicine and Surgery RG-52
Bureau of Naval Personnel RG-24
Bureau of Naval Weapons RG-402
Bureau of Ordnance RG-74
Bureau of Ships RG-19
Bureau of Supplies and Accounts RG-143
Bureau of Yards and Docks RG-71
Central Command RG-518
Chief of Naval Material RG-384
Chief of Naval Operations RG-38
Electronics Systems Command RG-345
European Command RG-531
Facilities Engineering Command RG-385
Hydrographic Office RG-37
Intelligence Command RG-289
JAG, Office of RG-125
Joint Army and Navy Boards and Committees RG-225
Marine Corps RG-127
Material, Chief of Naval RG-384
National Security Agency RG-457
Naval Academy RG-405
Naval Air Systems Command RG-343
Naval Criminal Investigative Service RG-526
Naval Districts and Shore Establishments RG-181
Naval Electronics Systems Command RG-345
Naval Facilities Engineering Command RG-385
Naval Intelligence Command RG-289
Naval Observatory RG-78
Naval Operating Forces RG-313
Naval Ordnance Systems RG-346
Naval Records College RG-45
Naval Research, Office of RG-298
Naval Ships Systems Command RG-344
Naval Supply Systems Command RG-347
Navy, general records 1798-1947 RG-80
Navy, general records 1947- RG-428
Office of Naval Records and Library RG-45
Office of Naval Research RG-298
Operating Forces RG-313
Ordnance Systems RG-346
Pacific Command RG-529
Ships Systems Command RG-344
Shore Establishments RG-181
Southern Command RG-530
Space Command RG-532
Special Operations Command RG-533
Strategic Command RG-535
Supplies and Accounts, Bureau of RG-143
Supply Systems Command RG-347
Transportation Command RG-534
Weapons, Bureau of Naval RG-402

For brief finding aids of individual record groups, go to Guide to Federal Records in the National Archives of the United States and use the Record Group search engine.




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