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Adapted from "Captain William Arnold Angwin, MC, U.S. Navy, Deceased" [biography, dated 6 October 1949] in Modern Biographical Files collection, Navy Department Library.

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William Arnold Angwin

1 February 1879-3 July 1951

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Captain Angwin was born in Healdsburg, California on February 1, 1879, son of William Angwin and Mrs. (Jane Childers) Angwin.  He was graduated from the University of Pacific with a Bachelor of Science Degree in 1901, and from the College of Physicians and Surgeons with a Medical Degree in 1903.  On June 2, 1904, he was appointed Assistant Surgeon in the US Navy, with the rank of Lieutenant (junior grade).  Advancing progressively, he became Medical Director, with the rank of Captain, to date from October 4, 1925.

Doctor Angwin’s first assignment in the Navy, to which he reported on June 23, 1904, was in the Naval Hospital, Mare Island, California.  In September of that year he was ordered to the Naval Museum and Medical School and in March 1905, he was transferred to the US Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland.  Ordered to sea duty aboard USS Massachusetts, he served in that battleship until she was placed out of commission in January 1906, and he was transferred to USS Indiana – his paramount duty with the Marine contingent aboard.

After a brief period of duty at the Naval Hospital, Norfolk, Virginia, he served for three years at sea, first in USS Tennessee, later in the USS California.  He returned to the Naval Hospital in Norfolk for a tour of duty from January 1912 until August 1914, after which he was ordered to USS West Virginia, then engaged in the Mexican Campaign.  He was then ordered to Asiatic Station, and had duty from

December 1914 until February 1918 aboard USS Monterey; at the Naval Station, Cavite, PI; an aboard USS Brooklyn.  He returned to the United States in March 1918, and as Medical Inspector, with the rank of Commander, served throughout the remaining months of World War I at the Naval Hospital, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

On June 14, 1919, Captain Angwin was detached from the Naval Hospital in Philadelphia, and thereafter had service in the Naval Hospitals, Wards Island, New York, and Great Lakes, Illinois, until May 1921.  He then reported to the USS Rochester for duty on the Staff of Rear Admiral Ashley H. Robertson, USN, Commander Destroyer Force, Atlantic Fleet, as Force Medical Officer, later redesignated Medical Officer, Destroyer Squadrons, Atlantic Fleet.  In June 1922, he became Aide on the Staff, with additional duty as above.

In August 1922, Captain Angwin was relieved of Staff duties, to report for duty in the hospital ship, USS Relief, in which he served until April 30, 1923.  He then reported to the Naval Hospital, San Diego, California, and after almost three years there, took passage via USS Chaumont to Cavite, PI, and upon arrival, to Asiatic Station for assignment.  There he became Aide and Fleet Surgeon on the Staff of Commander-in-Chief, Asiatic Fleet, with additional duty, in charge of photographic activities of Asiatic Station.  During this period he had temporary duty aboard USS Jason on Yangtze Patrol in March and April 1926, and was detached from duty on Asiatic Station on September 29, 1927.

Reporting to the Receiving Ship, New York, New York, on March 13, 1928, he proceeded first to the Naval Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts, where he served until July 21, 1929, and then to the Naval Hospital, Washington, DC for duty until November 13, 1931.  A year’s duty under instruction at the Naval War College, Newport, Rhode Island, was followed by brief duty in the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery, Navy Department, Washington, DC and a year’s service as District Medical Officer of the Fourteenth Naval District, Pearl Harbor, TH.  On July 13, 1934, he became Medical Officer in Command of the Naval Hospital, Pearl Harbor, in which capacity he served until May 1, 1936.

Captain Angwin remained as Pearl Harbor Headquarters, Fourteenth Naval District, until October 5, 1936, and a week later went aboard USS Augusta for duty as Fleet Surgeon of the Asiatic Fleet.  He was under treatment at Cavite, PI, in the Sixteenth Naval District, from March to July 1939, and had further treatment at the Naval Hospital, San Diego, California, from August to November of that year, after which, on November 26, he reported to Norfolk, Virginia, for duty as District Medical Officer of the Fifth Naval District.  He continued in the latter duty during the first year of World War II until January 1943.

Transferred to the Retired List of the Navy for physical disability, on January 1, 1943, Captain Angwin remained on active duty in connection with the establishment of the US Naval Convaiescence Hospital at Asheville, North Carolina, and a Medical Officer in Command from its commissioning throughout World War II.  He was relieved of all active duty in April 1946.

Captain Angwin has the Cuban Pacification Medal; Nicaraguan Campaign Medal; Mexican Service Medal; Victory Medal; Asiatic Fleet Clasp; Yangtze Service Medal; American Defense Service Medal; American Campaign Medal; and the World War II Victory Medal.

He died July 3, 1951.


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