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Relief III (YP-2)

(YP-2: tonnage 10; length 35- (reg.); beam 9-9-; accommodation 6; armament none)

Aid given in time of need.


The third Relief (YP-2), a wooden private boat, built during 1910 at Yarmouth, Maine, was purchased 13 June 1917 for the U.S. Navy by Ens. Walter G. Richardson with funds furnished by the Bar Harbor War Relief Committee for use as a tender to the lookout station at Crumple Island, Maine. She was sold 4 June 1921 to Gus Potter of Yonkers, N.Y., remaining on mercantile registers until 1946 when she was transferred to exempt status as a yacht.

23 September 2005

Published: Thu Aug 27 08:03:07 EDT 2015