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Judge Advocate General of the Navy

Office was established 8 June, 1880.

Colonel William Butler Remey 1880-1892
Captain Samuel Conrad Lemly 1892-1904
Captain Samuel Willauer B. Diehl 1904-1907
Captain Edward Hale Campbell 1907-1909
Captain Robert Lee Russell 1909-1913
Captain Ridley McLean 1913-1916
Captain William Carleton Watts 1917-1918
Rear Admiral George Ramsey Clark 1918-1921
Rear Admiral Julian Lane Latimer 1921-1925
Rear Admiral Edward Hale Campbell 1925-1929
Rear Admiral David Foote Sellers 1929-1931
Rear Admiral Orin Gould Murfin 1931-1934
Rear Admiral Claude Charles Block 1934-1936
Rear Admiral Gilbert Jonathan Rowcliff 1936-1938
Rear Admiral Walter Browne Woodson 1938-1943
Rear Admiral Thomas Leigh Gatch 1943-1945
Rear Admiral Oswald Symister Colclough 1945-1948
Rear Admiral George Lucius Russell 1948-1952
Rear Admiral Ira Hudson Nunn 1952-1956
Rear Admiral Chester Charles Ward 1956-1960
Rear Admiral William Chamberlain Mott 1960-1964
Rear Admiral Wilfred Asquith Hearn 1964-1968
Rear Admiral Joseph Bryant McDevitt 1968-1972
Rear Admiral Merlin Howard Staring 1972-1975
Rear Admiral Horace Bascomb. Robertson, Jr. 1975-1976
Rear Admiral William Owen Miller 1976-1978
Rear Admiral Charles Eager McDowell 1978-1980
Rear Admiral John Smith Jenkins 1980-1982
Rear Admiral James Joseph McHugh 1982-1984
Rear Admiral Thomas Edward Flynn 1984-1986
Rear Admiral Hugh Don Campbell 1986-1988
Rear Admiral Everett Don Stumbaugh 1988-1990
Rear Admiral John Edward Gordo 1990-1992
Rear Admiral William Leon Schachte, Jr. 1992-1993
Rear Admiral Harold Eric Grant 1993-1997
Rear Admiral John Dudley Hutson 1997-2000
Rear Admiral Donald Joseph Guter 2000-2002
Rear Admiral Michael F. Lohr 2002-2004
Rear Admiral James E. McPherson 2004-2006
Vice Admiral Bruce E. MacDonald 2006-2009
Vice Admiral James W. Houck 2009-2012
Vice Admiral Nanette M. DeRenzi 2012-2015
Vice Admiral James W. Crawford, III 2015-


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