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World War II Newsmaps

Navy Department Library

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World War II Newsmaps (posters) in the Navy Department Library

All Newsmap (posters) were dated on Mondays. The front of each poster depicts the progress of fighting on the war fronts. The reverse side is typically a poster on a war-related topic. All posters are in color and measure 35 x 47 inches (88.7 x 119 cm.). They were published by the US Government Printing Office. The bulk of the collection was donated to the library in 2005.

Use and Reproduction Policy
These fragile oversized maps/posters are unavailable for loan, and must be consulted in the library. The library is unable to reproduce them for researchers. Photocopying of them is prohibited, though the use of digital cameras by researchers to reproduce them is permitted.


28 Dec For Yanks Dreaming of a White Christmas


4 Jan The Nerve System of the Army
15 Feb German Army Uniforms and Insignia
22 Feb Learn To Recognize These Vehicles (Light Tanks and Self-Propelled Weapons)
8 Mar German Navy Uniforms and Insignia
15 Mar Learn To Recognize These Vehicles (Half-Track Vehicles)
22 Mar Military Courtesy
29 Mar Gas (Tear Gas, Lewisite, Phosgene, Mustard, Clorpicrin)
12 Apr The Marine Corps – A Unified Fighting Force
19 Apr Tunisia
26 Apr Dig! or Die! – Fox Holes
3 May DON’T (“Don’t help the enemy by making military information easy to get.”
10 May You May Be Eligible For The Army Specialized Training Program (The Needs, The Program)
17 May So, He Can Fight. (Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps)
24 May The Not-So-Soft Underside
7 Jun Secret Weapons Are The Little Drops Of Information That You Could Give Away
14 Jun The Making of a US Bluejacket
21 Jun Disease In The Tropics
28 Jun Gliders: Weapons of War
5 Jul Abandon Ship!
12 Jul Battle Area on the Eastern Front
19 Jul GAS!
26 Jul The Pacific and Far East
2 Aug Know That Vehicle (“Failure to recognize destroyed our own tank…and also cost us a vehicle and crew!”)
9 Aug Beyond Sunny Italy – The Long, Tough Fight Ahead
16 Aug Jap Aircraft
23 Aug China’s army is a seasoned military team
30 Aug Weapons of the German Infantry Division
6 Sep Typical German Infantry Division
13 Sep Maps Are Not True For All Purposes. (“These are three of many projections – Conic, Mercator, Azimuthal.)
20 Sep Battleground in Italy
27 Sep Progress Of The War – Of Interest To Every American Fighting Man! (Report from the Chief of Staff to the Secretary of War, 1 July 1941 to 30 June 1943)
4 Oct “A Mournful Melody” (“A Dud Dood It Again – And Watch Out for Booby Traps”)
11 Oct Typical German Infantry Regiment
18 Oct Target Tokyo
25 Oct Target Berlin
1 Nov Northern Italy
8 Nov This is Ann…She Drinks Blood
22 Nov The World – A Polar Projection
29 Nov Surprise…A Powerful Weapon
6 Dec Sentinels Must Know The 11 General Orders
13 Dec A Sign of Comradeship – Among Those Who Are Working Together In The Service Of Their Country…And Are Proud Of It!
20 Dec Tarawa: The Battle For The Gilberts (2 copies)
27 Dec Land of the Setting Sun


3 Jan Map of Papua
10 Jan Courageous Care – Army Nurse Corps
24 Jan German Army Uniforms


20 July How to Combat Rumors...