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Spruance, Raymond A. , Admiral, USN: A Select Bibliography.


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Brief Biographical Entries

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Periodicals and Newspapers

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Manuscript Collections and Other Items

Papers of Raymond A. Spruance, Naval Historical Collection, Naval War College Library, Newport, Rhode Island. [This is the major collection of Spruance papers. A finding aid for the collection is available online at].

Papers of Raymond A. Spruance, Operational Archives Branch, Naval Historical Center, Washington, DC.

Papers of Samuel Eliot Morison, 1939-1927, Library of Congress, Washington, DC. [This collection includes an interview with Admiral Spruance. A description of Morison's papers collection is available online at].

Spruance, Commander R.A. “Policy.” Master’s thesis, Naval War College, Newport, RI, 1926. [Available in the Biographies, 20th Century collection, Navy Department Library.].


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