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The following bibliography is the result of a labor of love. Starting in 1977 and finishing in 1991 with a long intervening period of neglect, the consequence of sea assignments far from the Washington Navy Yard, cataloging the manuscripts of the Navy Department Library was a pleasant diversion from my professional duties as a naval officer and reinforced my love of naval history. This volume brings to public view a small but important collection of naval Americana the contents of which have been largely unknown to scholars, professional navy people, and others interested in the history of our Navy. For this reason alone I am delighted to be associated with its creation.

The encouragement and support of Dr. Dean C. Allard, Director of Naval History; John Vajda, Director of the Navy Department Library, who edited order into my original listing; his predecessor, Stanley Kalkus; Carolyn Chase, who first enticed me to start this project; and other members of the Navy Department Library staff have been the catalysts that eventually brought this publication to fruition. For their friendship and help I am particularly grateful.

George W. Emery
Vice Admiral, U.S. Navy

Published: Thu Dec 04 07:01:45 EST 2014