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Register of the Commissioned, Warrant, and Volunteer Officers of the Navy of the United States, Including Officers of the Marine Corps and Others, to January 1, 1865 (Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1865).

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Officers of Navy Yards, Shore Stations, and Vessels, 1 January 1865

These lists were reproduced from the Register of the Commissioned, Warrant, and Volunteer Officers of the Navy of the United States, Including Officers of the Marine Corps and Others, to January 1, 1865 (Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1865), a rare, official publication of the Navy Department that includes the names of all naval officers, lists of vessels by squadron, and officers of navy yards and shore stations. The information in these lists is deemed reliable, but there may be printer's errors or errors in spelling of names. Exact dates of service for any individual on a specific ship may not be correct if notification of change of personnel was received by the Navy Department after these lists were compiled for publication.  

The Navy registers do not include the names of enlisted personnel.  

Service records of naval officers usually include their full name, date of appointment, and dates of promotions. They do not include genealogical information such as the names of parents or children, place or date of birth, or other personal information. See Official Service and Medical Records for information on obtaining copies of official Navy service records. 

Navy Yards and Shore Stations



Commodore Theodorus Birley, Commandant.
Commander, Alexander Murray.
Acting Volunteer Lieutenant Commander, William Budd.
Surgeon, M. G. Dulaney.
Assistant Surgeon, John H. Clark.
Paymaster, C. J. Emery
Chaplain, Theo. B. Bartow.
Acting Master, Chas. E. Hawkins.
Chief Engineer, R. M. Bartleman.
First Assistant Engineer, R. H. Fitch.
Second Assistant Engineer, Geo. H. Riley.
Boatswain, Alfred Hingerty.
Gunner, James A. Lilleston.
Carpenter, C. W. Babbitt.
Sailmaker, A. A. Warren.


Captain John R. Goldsborough.


Acting Volunteer Lieutenant Henry C. Keene.
Assistant Surgeon E. C. Ver Meulen.
Sailmaker James B. Childs.


Commander E. Carrington Bowers.
Lieutenant, C. S. McDonough.
Assistant Surgeon, J. O. Burnett.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Wm. H. Gilman.
Acting Master, George W. Adams.
Acting Ensigns, James H. Barry and George W. Baker
Acting Master's Mate, Wm. H. Yeaton. 
Boatswain, George C. Abbott.


Captain, James Lewis.
First Lieutenant, Henry J. Bishop.
Second Lieutenant, Israel H. Washburne.


Navy Agent, Thomas L. Tullock.
Naval Storekeeper, M. F. Wentworth.
Naval Constructor, S. M. Pook.
Civil Engineer, B. F. Chandler.



Rear-Admiral S. H. Stringham, Commandant.
Captain, Alfred Taylor.
Commander, Henry French.
Surgeon, Samuel Jackson.
Assistant Surgeon, Charles T. Hubbard.
Paymaster, B. J. Cahoone.
Paymaster, Joseph Wilson, (Inspt'r of Bread and Flour.)
Paymaster, George F. Cutter, (Inspt'r Provisions and Clothing.)
Chaplain, M. B. Chase.
Chief Engineer, George Sewell.
Master, F. W. Moores.
Boatswain, James Walker.
Gunner, Eugene Mack.
Gunner, John Rogers.
Carpenter, Charles Boardman.


Commodore. John S. Missroon.
Commander, Francis S. Haggerty.
Commander, M. C. Marin.
Lieutenant, Nathaniel W. Thomas.


Captain, Samuel F. Hazard.
Lieutenant, Samuel R. Knox.
Surgeon, J. Brinckerhoff.
Surgeon, J. Winthrop Taylor.


Surgeon, Joseph Beale.
Assistant Surgeon, P. T. Edes.
Assistant Surgeon, Wm. K. Van Reypen.


Captain, Charles Green.
Lieutenant, Charles E. Hawley.
Surgeon, William E. Taylor.
Assistant Surgeon, Frank M. Dearborne.
Paymaster, McKean Buchanan.
Acting Ass't Paymaster, Henry C. Burgess.
Chaplain, John Lee Watson.
Acting Masters, Phineas Leech, George Dewhurst, C. M. Marchant, and Charles Courtney.
Acting Ensign, Charles Moore.
Gunner, Moses A. Lane.
Carpenter, Christopher Jordan.
Sailmaker, David Bruce.


Captain, John Schermerhorn.
First Lieutenants, H. B. Lowry and P. C. Pope.
Second Lieutenants, S. W. Powell and C. H. Daniels.


Navy Agent, Eugene L. Norton.
Naval Storekeeper, Josiah Dunham.
Naval Constructor, Wm. L. Hanscom.
Civil Engineer, J. E. Billings.



Rear-Admiral Hiram Paulding, Commandant.
Captain, A. Ludlow Case.
Lieutenant Commander, Leonard Paulding.
Surgeon, J. M. Browne.
Assistant Surgeon, J. J. Allingham.
Paymaster, Garrett R. Barry.
Paymaster, J. 0. Bradford, (Inspector of Provisions and Clothing.)
Paymaster, J. C. Eldredge, (Inspector of Bread and Flour.)
Chaplain, Charles S. Stewart.
Master, W. N. Brady.
Engineers: Chief, Edmund S. De Luce; First Assistant, Henry Snyder; Second Assistant George W. Stivers.
Acting Masters' Mates, A. J. Morehouse and E.W.B. Stewart.
Boatswain, Charles Johnston.
Carpenter, W. D. Jenkins.
Gunner, R. J. Hill, (Keeper of Magazine.)
Sailmaker, George C. Beorum.


Captain, Guert Gansevoort.
Lieutenant Commander, O. F. Stanton.
Lieutenant, W. P. Buckner.
Gunners, Thomas P. Venable and Franklin A. Graham.
Carpenter, John Rainbow.


Surgeons, Thomas L. Smith and Benjamin Vreeland
Assistant Surgeons, Josiah H. Gunning, Wm. F. Plant, Joseph Hugg, and George D. Slocum.


Surgeon, Benjamin F. Bache.
Passed Ass't Surgeon, Newton L. Bates.

RENDEZVOUS, (No. 9 Cherry street.)

Captain, Oscar Bullus.
Surgeon, Charles Chase.
Assistant Surgeon, D. F. Ricketts.
First Assistant Engineer, N. B. Littig, (for all Rendezvous.)

RENDEZVOUS, (No. 346 Water street.)

Commander, Samuel Swartwout. 
Surgeon, Robert Woodworth.

RENDEZVOUS, (No. 173 South street.)

Surgeon, S. W. Kellogg. 
Acting Master, E. A. Stoddard.

RENDEZVOUS, (No. 14 State street.)

Lieutenant, George W. Doty.
Surgeon, Edwin R. Denby.
Acting Master, Alex. McIntosh.
Acting Ensign, B. N. Seman.

RENDEZVOUS, BROOKLYN, (No. 189 York street.)

Commander, John J. Young
Lieutenant, G. K. Haswell.
Surgeon, John Thornley.
Acting Ensign, E. T. Strong.


Captain, James P. McKinstry.
Lieutenant Commander, Elias K. Owen.
Surgeon, John J. Abernethy.
Assistant Surgeon, George R. Brush.
Paymaster, A. W. Russell.
Acting Assistant Paymasters, E. D. Burnett and Bailey Hascall.
Chaplain, George W. Dorrance.
First Lieutenant Marines, Wm. B. Remey.
Acting Masters, John Baker, Sam'l Very, jr., John Kellogg, J. W. Smalley, Allen W. Newman, Henry Lelar, and C. H. Baxter.
Acting Ensigns, Hubert Oberly, Joseph A. Scarlett, and C. F. Dunderdale.
Sailmaker, R. Vanvoorhis.


Commander, John C. Carter.
Surgeon, J. W. Shively.
Assistant Surgeon, W. B. Mann.
Paymaster, C. W. Hassler.
Acting Masters, William Moslander, C. W. Pratt, George C. Campbell, and Peter Howard.
Boatswain, Charles A. Bragdon.
Sailmaker, John Joines.


Lieutenant Commander, Wm. D. Whiting.
Surgeon, James Laws.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, J. H. Jenkins.
Acting Masters, George W. Jenkins, Wm. C. Staples, C. G. Taffee, and David Organ.
Acting Masters' Mates, Charles Libaire and Lewis McGowan.


Lieutenant Colonel, John G. Reynolds. 
Captain, A. N. Brevoort, Recruiting Rendezvous.
Captain, George W. Collier.
First Lieutenants, Henry A. Bartlett and Robert L. Meade.
Second Lieutenants, John W. Haverstick and Gouverneur Morris.


Naval Storekeeper, D. D. T. Marshall. 
Naval Constructor, Benjamin F. Delano. 
Assistant Naval Constructor, Thomas Davidson.
Civil Engineer, Charles Hastings.



Commodore J. B. Hull, Commandant.
Captain, J. P. Gillis.
Lieutenant Commander, S. L. Breese.
Surgeon, Thomas Dillard.
Assistant Surgeon, George H. Cooke.
Paymaster, John S. Gulick.
Paymaster, Robert Pettit (Inspector of Provisions, &c )
Chaplain, Ed. C. Bittinger.
Chief Engineer, Harman Newell.
Acting Master's Mate, Wm. K. Engell.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, Robert A. Davisson and First Assistant George D. Emmons, Second Assistant, W. D. Smith; Third Assistant, Wm. McEwen.
Boatswain, Thomas G. Bell, (Inspector for Bureau of Equipment and Recruiting.)
Boatswain, J. C. Walton.
Gunner; Charles Stuart.
Carpenter, Jonas Dibble.
Sailmaker, James Ferguson.


Commodore, Henry K. Hoff.
Lieutenant Commander, Oscar C. Badger.


Commodore, Frederick Engle.
Commander, Peter Turner.
Surgeons, David Harlan and J. S. Dungan.
Assistant Surgeon, A. A. Hoehling.


Commander, E. R. Thomson.
Surgeons, G. R. B. Horner, Philip Lansdale.
Assistant Surgeon, Henry C. Eckstein.
Boatswain, Charles Woodland.


Commander, John Colhoun.
Surgeon, J. D. Miller.
Assistant Surgeon, Thomas N. Penrose.
Paymaster, J. D. Murray.
Acting Masters, William Thompson, John West, James McDonald, and Albert C. Cook.
Acting Ensigns, J. P. Halstead and Richmond Doggett.


Major, Isaac T. Doughty.
Major, Chas. G. McCauley, (Recruiting Rendezvous.)
Captain W. A. T. Maddox, Assistant Quartermaster.
First Lieutenants, Wm. R. Brown, John C. Harris, and James B. Young.
Second Lieutenant, George B. Haycock.


Naval Storekeeper, R. G. Curtin.
Naval Constructor, Edward Hartt.



Commodore T. A. Dornin, Commandant.
Captain, John B. Marchand. 
Surgeons, Daniel Egbert and Robert T. Maccoun.
Paymaster, H. R. Day. 
Engineers: Chief, P. G. Peltz; First Assistant, Louis J. Allen; Second Assistants, Geo. W. Sensner and A. H. Price; Acting Third Assistant, John R. Sherwood.
Boatswain, Francis McLoud.
Gunner, James Hutchinson.
Carpenter, James McDonald.
Sailmaker; J. G. Gallagher.


Commander, Edward Donaldson.


Master, Julius S. Bohrer.
Acting Master's Mate, O. C. Bowie.


Commander, E. Lanier. 
Lieutenant, James A. Doyle. 
Assistant Surgeon, George W. Woods.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, George R. Watkins.
Master, R. Clarendon Jones. 
Acting Master, Silas Reynolds. 
Acting Master's Mates, John McManus, Thomas Nelson, James Buck, and Charles H. Greenwood.



Commodore J. B. Montgomery, Commandant.
Commander, Overton Carr.
Surgeon, M. Duvall.
Assistant Surgeon, D. R. Bannon.
Paymaster, J. S. Cunningham.
Master, C. V. Morris.
Acting Master, B. S. Magar.
Boatswain, G. Willmuth.
Sailmaker, G. H. Frankland.


Surgeon, F. M. Gunnell.


Lieutenant Commander, William N. Jeffers.


Colonel Jacob Zeilin, Commandant.
Major Wm. B. Slack, Quartermaster.
Major Aug. S. Nicholson, Adjutant and Inspector.
Major John C. Cash, Paymaster.
Major, Thomas Y. Field.
Captain, Clement D. Hebb.
Captain, McLane Tilton.
Captain, Frank Munroe.
First Lieutenant, Norval S. Nokes.
Second Lieutenants, Ed. C. Gabadan, James B. Breese, Kent D. Davis, James M. T. Young, George C. Reid, E. R. Robinson, and Francis H. Harrington.


Navy Agent, Samuel P. Brown.
Naval Storekeeper, C. E. Lathrop.
Civil Engineer; S. Welles.



Captain John M. Berrien, Commanding.
Lieutenant, Robert B. Riell.
Paymaster, Richard Washington.
Chief Engineer, John H. Long.
Second Assistant Engineer, Richard H. Buel.
Boatswain, Isaac T. Choate.
Gunner, Joseph Swift.
Acting Gunner, Wm. E. Webber, (Magazine Fort Norfolk.)
Carpenter, James H. Owens.


Commander, John J. Glasson, (in charge of stores.)
Paymaster, Wm. H. Thompson, (in charge of accounts of small vessels.)
Paymaster, Washington Irving, (Inspector, &c.)
Acting Assistant Surgeon, James Kinnear.


Surgeon, A. A. Henderson.
Surgeon, Wm. Johnson, jr.
Passed Assistant Surgeon, Walter K. Scofield.
Assistant Surgeons, N. H Adams and J. Wesley Boyden.
Chaplain, Joseph Stockbridge.


Commander, D. Lynch.
Assistant Paymaster, W. Goldsborough.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, James Pennoyer
Acting Ensigns, William Chandler, Angus Danel, and Thomas Walst.
Acting Master's Mates, George E. Chipman and Theodore B. Seavy.
Gunner, John Webber.
Carpenter, Wm. W.W. Dwier.


Lieutenant Commander, R. B. Lowry.
Lieutenant, F. O. Davenport.
Passed Assistant Surgeon, A. Hudson.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, F. B. Lawson.
Paymaster, G. A. Sawyer.
Chaplain, C. Newell.
Acting Masters, A. McFarland, N. Penfield, R. Frank Cook, and J. D. Newcomb.
Acting Ensigns J. M. Crocker and J. C. Oatley.
Acting Master's Mates, C. F. Marsh, A. Bither, and E. M. Reed.
Boatswain, Thomas Bennett.
Gunner, Wm. H. Hamilton.
Carpenter, Joseph Cox.
Sailmaker, H. J. Hayden.


Acting Master, Wm. F. Smith.


Colonel, Wm. Dulany.
Captain, John H. Higbee.
First Lieutenant, Wm. H. Hale.
Second Lieutenant, Edmund P. Banning.


Naval Constructor, Isaiah Hanscum.



Commodore, John W. Livingston.
Commander, Aaron K. Hughes.
Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, Peter O'Kell.
Acting Master, Daniel C. Bower.
Acting Ensigns, James M. Bailey and Frank Sherman.
Acting Master's Mate, Robert B. Moore. 
Surgeon, Wm. T. Hord.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Vincent H. Gaskill.
Paymasters, C. C. Jackson and A. H. Gilman.
Assistant Paymaster, Geo. W. Beaman.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, James F. Hamilton.
Engineers: Acting Chief, James B. Fulton; Acting Second Assistant, Richard Fengler.
Acting Boatswain, Wm. Allen.
Acting Gunner, Asa P. Snyder.
Sailmaker, Wm. N. Maull.


Major, John L. Broome.
Second Lieutenants, Henry C. Cochrane and Wm. B. Murray.


Acting Ensign, William Wagner.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Louis Jorgenson
Acting First Assistant Engineer, Enos Hasier.


Acting Ensign, James L. Quigley.
Acting Master's Mate, John Thompson.
Acting Second Assistant Engineer, Daniel G. Miller.


Acting Ensign, I. N. Goldsmith.
Acting Second Assistant Engineer, George Longwell.
Acting Third Assistant Engineer, James H. Wright.


Acting Ensign, Henry D. Greene.
Acting Second Assistant Engineer, William L. Calhoon.
Acting Third Assistant Engineer, George W. Pyle.


Acting Master's Mate, Joseph Graham.
Acting Second Assistant Engineer, Francis M. Magers.
Acting Third Assistant Engineer, John E. Henderson.


Acting Master's Mate, Harry Van Velson.
Acting Second Assistant Engineers, Samuel Weaver and Patrick Scanlan.
Acting Third Assistant Engineer, Nelson J. Brooks.


Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, John D. Harty.
Acting Master's Mate, John B. Munger.
Assistant Surgeon, Frank L. Du Bois.


Lieutenant Commander, Thomas Pattison.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Hugh Natt.
Acting Chief Engineer, Henry Hartwig.



Commander, James F. Armstrong, (Commandant temporarily.)
Surgeon, Thomas J. Turner, (Hospital.)
Assistant Surgeons, James R. Tyson and John H. Austin.
Paymaster, Robert H. Clark.
Chief Engineer, James W. Whittaker.
Acting Master, William A. Mills.
Acting Master's Mate, O. A. Gordon.
Acting Third Assistant Engineer, Joseph V. Horne.


Acting Master, Adrian C. Starrett.


Colonel, William L. Shuttleworth. 
Captain, William H. Cartter.



Captain David McDougal, Commandant.
Commander, C. H. Baldwin, (Ordnance.)
Surgeon, J. A. Lockwood.
Paymaster, E. C. Doran.
Boatswain, John Walker.
Gunner, Thomas Robinson.


Lieutenant Colonel, Matthew R. Kintzing.
Captain, James Wiley.
Captain, P.R. Fendall.
First Lieutenants, Thomas McElrath and William B. McKean.


Navy Agent, Richard Chenery.
Naval Storekeeper, Charles A. Morse.


North Atlantic Squadron

Rear-Admiral David D. Porter, Commanding.

Staff: Lieutenant Commander K. R. Breese, Fleet Captain.
Lieutenant Commander H. A. Adams, jr., Ordnance Officer.
Lieutenant S. W. Preston, (Flag.)
Lieutenant M. W. Sanders, Signal Officer. 
Lieutenant S. W. Terry, Detailing Officer.
Fleet Paymaster, H. M. Hieskell.
Fleet Engineer, Theo. Zeller.
Assistant Paymaster, C. F. Guild, (special duty.)
Acting Ensigns, I. M. Alden, H. Woodruff, R. Bates, I. W. Grattan, and F. W. Grafton.
Acting Master's Mate, Aaron Vanderbilt.

COLORADO, (1st rate.)

Commodore, Henry K. Thatcher
Lieutenants, George Dewey. Henry B. Robeson and Mortimer L. Johnson.
Surgeon, James McClelland.
Assistant Surgeons, Robert Willard and B. H. Kidder
Paymaster, William A. Ingersoll. 
Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, Fred. F. Baury.
Marines: Captain L. L. Dawson; First Lieutenant, E. P. Meeker.
Acting Masters, Edwin Coffin and L. B. King.
Acting Ensigns, J. L. Vennard and Willis G. Perry.
Acting Master's Mates, J. W. Wallace, A. B. Arey, E. A. Gould, M. V. Thomas, and A. F. Tucker.
Engineers: Chief, B. F. Garvin; First Assistant, J. H. Bailey; Seconds Assistants, E. E. Roberts, Henry M. Quig, and C. S. Maurice; Third Assistant, M. A. Sutherland; Acting Third Assistants, C. C. Fernald, J. P. Messer, and Wm. B. Whitmore.
Boatswain, John K. Bartlett.
Gunner, William Wilson.
Carpenter, J. G. Myers.
Sailmaker, Nicholas Lynch.

MINNESOTA, (1st rate.)

Commodore, Joseph Lanman.
Lieutenant Commander, James Parker.
Lieutenants, M. S. Stuyvesant and E. T. Woodward.
Passed Assistant Surgeon, J. Paul Quinn.
Assistant Surgeons, William Longshaw and William S. Fort.
Paymaster, C. C. Upham.
Marines: Captain, George Butler; Second Lieutenant, George M. Welles.
Acting Master, Theodore Werholf.
Acting Ensigns, W. C. Wise, J. W. Willard, James Bertwistle, F. A. O'Connor, and W. H. Jennings.
Acting Master's Mates, J. M. Simms, Tallas Eager, and Amos Merrill.
Engineers: Acting Chief, A. R. Eddows; Acting First Assistant, J. E. Cooper; Second Assistants, Guy Samson, J. C. Cross, and H. A. Delius; Third Assistants, James D. Lee and J. C. Kafer; Acting Third Assistant, W. H. Mott.
Boatswain, William Bunker.
Gunner, R. H. Cross.
Carpenter, A. O Goodsoe.
Sailmaker, T. O. Fassett.

POWHATAN, (1st rate)

Commodore James Schenck.
Lieutenants, Geo. M. Bache and Merrill Miller.
Surgeon, H.O. Mayo.
Assistant Surgeon, W.H. Johnson.
Paymaster, C. P. Wallach.
Marines, First Lieutenant, F. H. Corrie.
Acting Master, Charles R. Wilkins.
Ensigns, Ira Harris and A. G. Kellogg.
Acting Ensigns, R. D. Evans, Francis Morris, and Edmund Pays.
Acting Master's Mates, George P. Abbott, George L. Sands, and John Clitz.
Engineers: Chief, John A. Grier; Acting First Assistant, W. H. Dobb; Second Assistants, W. S. Smith, James Long, John Franklin, and Michael Dundon; Third Asssistant, A. C. Engard; Acting Third Assistant, H. F. Grier.
Acting Boatswain, James Gurney.
Gunner, George W. Omensetter.
Carpenter, J. MacFarlane.
Sailmaker, B. B. Blydenburg.

SUSQUEHANNA, (1st rate.)

Commodore, S. W. Godon.
Lieutenant Commander; F. B. Blake.
Lieutenants, J. R. Bartlett and George M. Brown.
Surgeon, J. O'C. Barclay.
Assistant Surgeon, C. H. Perry.
Paymaster, A. J. Clark.
Chaplain, J. D. Beugless.
Marines, First Lieutenant, W. Wallace.
Acting Master; H. O. Porter.
Ensign, E. E. Preble.
Acting Ensigns, T. F. Laycock, W W. Rhoades, and O. C. K. Benham.
Acting Master's Mates, Charles Garrisford, W. H. Sprague, M. S. Cooper, and S. T. Paine.
Engineers: Chief. John Johnson; First Assistant, Isaac S. Finney; Second Assistants,
James Renshaw, J. H. Hutchinson, and Henry A. Smith; Third Assistants, Thomas
Crummey and C. F. Marsland; Acting Third Assistant, Bema Cook.
Boatswain, Z. Whitmarsh.
Gunner, E. J. Waugh.
Carpenter, J. E. Miller.
Sailmaker, John A. Holbrook.

NEW IRONSIDES, (1st rate.)

Commodore, William Radford.
Lieutenant Commander, R. L. Phythian.
Lieutenants, Antoine R. McNair, H. B. Rumsey, and H. J. Blake.
Surgeon, Edward Shippen.
Assistant Surgeon, George A. Bright.
Paymaster, George Plunkett.
Marines, First Lieutenant, R. S. Collom.
Acting Masters, H. S. Conner and Benjamin R. Dorey.
Acting Ensigns, Walter Pearce, William A. Duer, and John M. King.
Acting Master's Mates, C. C. Bamford, Joseph F. Silvor, and William E. Wilson.
Engineers: Chief, Alexander Greer; Second Assistants, John H. Hunt, William S. Cherry, William J. Reed, Nathan P. Towne, and William S. Wells; Third Assistants, John K. Stevenson and A. H. Henderson.
Boatswain, William Leeds.
Gunner, William Cope.
Carpenter, Joseph E. Cox.
Sailmaker, George T. Lozier.

SANTIAGO DE CUBA, (2d rate.)

Captain, O.S. Glisson.
Lieutenant, H. Farquhar.
Passed Assistant Surgeon, A. S. Oberly.
Assistant Surgeon, J. D. Murphy.
Acting Masters, J. A. Hannum and F. H. Wilkes.
Acting Ensigns, T. Delano, E. C. Bowers, and Charles H. Pierce.
Acting Master's Mates, Richard Lyons, S. W. Kempton, E. C. Finney, and R. S. Shepard.
Engineers: Acting Chief, Solon Farrar; Acting Second Assistants, C. R. Weaver and F. W. H. Whittaker; Acting Third Assistants, George Barnard, R. E. Hurley, C. R. Merrill, Joseph Jordan, and George A. Barnard.
Acting Gunner, J. W. Irwin.

WABASH, (1st rate.)

Captain, Melancton Smith.
Lieutenant Commander, C. H. Cushman.
Lieutenants, E. C. V. Blake and H. C. Tallman,
Surgeon, H. F. McSherry.
Passed Ass't Surgeon, James H. Tinkham.
Acting Ass't Surgeon, N. L. Campbell.
Paymaster, George Cochran.
Chaplain, Charles A. Davis.
Marine Second Lieutenant, L. E. Fagan.
Acting Masters, W. U. Grozier and S. J. White.
Acting Ensigns, George T. Davis, Whitman Chase, E. A. Small, and Joseph F. Brown.
Acting Master's Mates, Wm. J. Lewis, Daniel E. Knox, J. J. Fuller, Wm. Read, E. P. Blague, H. C. Thoburn, and James B. Lukens.
Engineers: Chief, A. C. Stimers; Second Assistants, Joseph S. Green, Philip R. Voorhees, Wm. H. Williamson, A. Michiner, and A. W. Buckhout: Acting Third Assistants, John W. Collins, Wm. H. Peabody, and John T. Smith.
Boatswain, Charles Miller.
Gunner, Cornelius Dugan.
Carpenter, William Hyde.
Sailmaker, H. W. Frankland.

VANDERBILT, (2d rate.)

Captain, Charles W. Pickering.
Acting Vol. Lieutenant, Joseph D. Danels.
Surgeon, Joseph Wilson.
Assistant Surgeon, Luther M. Lyon.
Acting Ass't Paymaster, James H. Tolfree.
Marine First Lieutenant, Wm. H. Parker.
Acting Masters, Albert M. Keith and L. F. Timmerman.
Acting Ensigns, A. P. Sampson and Elisha N. Snow.
Acting Master's Mates, F. B. Atkinson, Ed. Thompson, Jesse B. Stout, Ezra B. Pope, and Edward Kearns.
Engineers: Acting Chief, John Germaine; Acting First Assistant, Wm. H. Golden; Acting Second Assistants, Wm. Welles and A. Williams; Acting Third Assistants, John Hyslop, Martin Glennon, Geo. Germaine, John O'Neil, William Wright, and Wm. H. Garrison.
Boatswain, Jasper Coghlan.
Gunner, George Sirian.
Carpenter, T. H. Bishop.

JUNIATA, (2d rate.)

Captain, Wm. R. Taylor.
Lieutenant, F. V. McNair.
Surgeon, A. C. Gorgas.
Paymaster, Caspar Schenek.
Acting Master, C. H. Hamilton.
Ensign, C. McGregor.
Acting Ensigns, W. D. Price and S. S. Bissell
Acting Master's Mates, Lewis Goeltz, W. F. Warnick and George H. Prescott.
Engineers: Chief, J. Follansbee; Acting First Assistant, J. E. Fox; Second Assistants, J. Van Hovenbury and John Everding; Third Assistants, Everett Battelle and F. C. Burchard; Acting Third Assistants, B. F. Lewis and Thomas Conner.
Boatswain, J. A. Selmer.
Gunner, D. A. Roe.
Carpenter, John Mills.

FORT JACKSON, (2d rate.)

Captain, B. F. Sands.
Lieutenant Commander, Rush R. Wallace.
Lieutenant, S. H. Hunt.
Surgeon, Philip Wales.
Acting Ass't Surgeon, E. J. O'Clallagham.
Paymaster, Clifton Hellen.
Acting Master, H. F. Moffatt.
Acting Ensigns, S. K. Hopkins and John J. Reagnan.
Acting Master's Mates, H. St.C. Eytinge, Jas. D. Moore, Geo. W. Smoot, Frank A. Powers, and Charles Moran.
Engineers: Acting Chief, Rodney Smith; Acting First Assistants, Jared Day and John A. Hill, Acting Second Assistants, John Herron and George F. Gibbs; Acting Third Assistants, Charles S. Wakefield and Wm. Prentiss.
Boatswain, P. A. Chason.
Acting Gunner, Thomas Reese.
Carpenter, E. Thompson.

SHENANDOAH, (2d rate.)

Captain, Daniel B. Ridgely.
Lieutenant, Smith W. Nichols.
Surgeon, James McMaster
Acting Assistant Paymaster, C. M. Guild.
Acting Masters, John S. Watson, W. H. Brice, and Joseph A. Bullard.
Ensigns, Yates Sterling and J. H. Sands.
Acting Master's Mates, L. H. White, Thomas H. Wheeler, and T. D. Wendell.
Engineers: Acting Chief; Nelson Winans; Second Assistant, E. A. Magee; Acting Second Assistant, James S. Kelleper; Third Assistants, D. M. Fulmer, F. W. Towner, and Wm. Bond.
Boatswain, James H. Polly.
Gunner, George Edmond.

TICONDEROGA, (2d rate)

Captain, Charles Steedman.
Lieutenant, George B. White.
Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, L. G. Vassallo.
Surgeon, C. J. Cleborne.
Paymaster, H. M. Denniston.
Ensigns, W. W. Maclay, A. S. Crowninshield and G.W. Coffin.
Marine, First Lieutenant C. F. Williams.
Acting Master's Mates, Wm. Charlton, jr., E. A. Sibell, Wm. Cooper, and L. Norton.
Engineers: Chief, T. J. Jones; Second Assistant, H. H. Barrett; Acting Second Assistants, R. J. Middleton and M. Smith; Acting Third Assistants, O. Bassett, H. M. Noyes, M. Thaster, and S. J. Hobbs.
Boatswain, H. E. Barnes.
Gunner, Joseph Smith.
Acting Carpenter, M. E. Curley.
Sailmaker. J. C. Herbert.

BROOKLYN, (2d rate.)

Captain, James Alden.
Lieutenant, Thomas L. Swann.
Surgeon, George Maulsby.
Assistant Surgeon, H. S. Pitkin.
Paymaster, G. E. Thornton.
Marine, Captain G. P. Houston.
Acting Master, Robert Barstow.
Ensigns, D. R. Cassell, C. H. Pendleton, and C. D. Sigsbee.
Acting Ensign, C. H. Littlefield
Acting Master's Mates, Thomas Stanfield, J. W. De Camp and R. H. Taylor.
Engineers: Chief, Mortimer Kellogg; Second Assistants, Wm. H. G. West, Thomas Lynch, George E. Tower, and Joel A. Bullard; Acting Second Assistants R. D. Giberson; Acting Third Assistants, John Matthews, H. H. Arthur, and Timothy Flanders.
Boatswain, Robert McDonald.
Acting Gunner, John Quevedo.
Carpenter, Robert G. Thomas.
Sailmaker, Daniel C. Brayton.


Commander, D. Lynch. 
Acting Master, George W. Caswell.
Acting Ensigns, F. Hopkins, Wm. Chandler, and Augustus Dame.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Wm. C. Dennan. 
Assistant Paymaster, W. Goldsborough.
Acting Master's Mates, George E. Chipman, Thomas Welsh, and T. B. Seavy.
Gunner, John Webber.

TUSCARORA, (3d rate.)

Commander, James M. Frailey.
Lieutenant Commander, Weld N. Allen.
Surgeon, John Y. Taylor.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, F. J. Painter.
Acting Master, Alex. Tillinghast.
Acting Ensigns, Samuel L. Griffin, Charles H. Carey, Oliver Swain, and S. E. Willits.
Acting Master's Mates, J. A. H. Wilmuth and Arthur F. Aldrick.
Engineers: Chief, A. J. Kiersted; Acting First Assistant, Joseph McKnight; Acting
Second Assistants, Wm. H. Andress and A. N. Gilmore; Acting Third Assistants, Alexander Demster, Wm. B. Snow, and Jesse H. Chesnew.
Acting Gunner, Thomas Grail.

MONADNOCK, (3d rate.)

Commander, E. G. Parrott.
Lieutenant Commander J. N. Miller.
Acting Masters, B. F. Milliken and S. H. Mead.
Acting Ensigns, W. B. Mix, T. W. Swift, jr. and P. Davison.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, James Wilton.
Assistant Pay master, J. S. Woolson.
Engineers: Acting Chief, J. Q. A. Zeigler; Acting First Assistants, S. A. Randall and W. A. Phillips; Acting Second Assistants, B. C. DuPlain and B. Smith; Acting Third Assistants, R. Aldrich, W. P. Whittemore, John Brice, and T. J. Wilde.
Gunner, P. Barrett.

ONONDAGA, (3d rate.)

Commander, Wm. A. Parker.
Lieutenant Commander, J. M. Prichett.
Passed Assistant Surgeon, A. Hudson.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, S. T. Browne.
Acting Masters, W. L. Hays and Henry Stevens.
Acting Ensigns, J. De Kay, S.C. Norton, M. E. Wendell, and J. Brennan.
Acting Master's Mate, B. Heath, jr.
Engineers: Chief, Alex. Henderson; First Assistant, J. C. Hull; Second Assistants, W. F. Fort, W. L. Nicholl, and E. M. Lewis; Acting Second Assistant, C. Stanton; Third Assistant, T. Cooke; Acting Third Assistant, Julius Hillman.

SHAMROCK, (3d rate.)

Commander, W. H. Macomb..
Lieutenant, R. K. Duer.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, P. H. Barton.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Louis Sands.
Acting Master, P. J. Hargous.
Acting Ensigns, George F. Ford, John W. Lewis, W. W. Meeteer, and R. P. Brown.
Acting Master's Mate, W. D. Burlingame.
Engineers: Second Assistants, W. H. Harrison, H. P. Gregory, and P. H. White; Acting Third Assistants, O. C. Chamberlain and W. F. Blackmore.
Acting Gunner, W. Peter Kin.

RHODE ISLAND, (2d rate.)

Commander, Stephen D. Trenchard.
Lieutenant, Frederick R. Smith.
Assistant Surgeon, E. B. Bingham.
Assistant Paymaster, W. L. Darling. 
Acting Masters, Charles O. Niell and Z. L. Fanner.
Acting Ensigns, Nicholas Pratt, R. O. Lanfare, and Samuel Pope.
Acting Master's Mates, John P. Fisher., E. E. Bradbury, H. R. Gardner, George H. Appleton, and R. W. Wallace.
Engineers: Acting Chief, John F. McCutcheon: Acting Second Assistants, J. W. Smith and Charles W. Radill; Acting Third Assistants, Charles W. Rugg, Wm. J. Patterson, William H. McCoy, John A. Hughes, and W. B. Bayley.
Gunner, Henry Hamilton.

CHICKOPEE, (3d rate.)

Commander, A. D. Harrell.
Lieutenant, E. A. Walker.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, G. L. Simpson.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, J. H. Mulford, jr.
Acting Master, J. D. Wells.
Acting Ensigns, J. A. Crossman and A. D. Henderson.
Acting Master's Mates, C. C. Johnson, J. H. Goodmanson, and J. A. Belcher.
Engineers: First Assistant, F. J. Lovering; Second Assistant, William Pollard; Third Assistants, D. M. Egbert, A. G. Bonsall, and J. B. Upham.
Acting Gunner, W. Back.

NEREUS, (3d rate.)

Commander, J. C. Howell.
Lieutenant, H. E. Mullan.
Acting Master, E. L. Haines.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, J. K. Walsh.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, B. F. Monroe.
Acting Ensigns, E. G. Dayton, George M. Smith, and George Anderson.
Acting Master's Mates, William Rushmore, W. B. Spencer, H. E. Giraud, and William Gromack.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, Stephen Henton; Acting Second Assistants, R. F. Roswald and J. A. Patterson; Acting Third Assistants, T. Tilton, H. J. Allen and R. R. Throckmorton.
Acting Gunner, J. McCoffrey.

MOHICAN, (3d rate.)

Commander, Daniel Ammen.
Lieutenant, J. D. Marvin.
Surgeon. Charles Martin. 
Acting Assistant Paymaster, J. C. Canning.
Acting Master, William Burdett.
Acting Ensigns, B. F. Blair and H. T. Page. 
Acting Master's Mates, J. A. Shaffer, J. G. Paine, and Charles P. Cape.
Engineers: First Assistant, H. S. Davids; Second Assistant, John K. Smedley; Acting Second Assistants, Enoch George and Chas. Buckelew; Acting Third Assistants, James O'Herron and William W. Chadwick.
Acting Boatswain, J. B. Aiken.
Acting Gunner, Thomas S. Cassidy.

KEYSTONE STATE, (3d rate.)

Commander, Henry Rolando.
Lieutenant, James P. Robertson.
Acting Masters, L. E. Degan and William T. Buck.
Acting Ensigns, Charles M. Bird, John C. Murphy, Frank E. Ford, and J. T. Ridgway.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, A. E. Emery.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, J. W. Fairfield.
Acting Master's Mates, D. G. Conger and W. H. Howard.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, Pearson L. Fry; Acting Second Assistant, A. B. Kinney; Acting Third Assistants, William Brown, Joseph Smith, J. B. Wilbar, and Charles A. Blake.
Acting Gunner, Daniel L. Briggs.

MENDOTA, (3d rate.)

Commander, Edward T. Nichols.
Acting Masters, Lathrop Wright, Maurice Digard, and Thomas Smith.
Acting Ensigns, W. B. Barnes, R. B. Pray, Isaac Thayer, and R. E. Peck.
Acting Master's Mates, E. S. McDonald and P. Cleary.
Engineers: First Assistant, A. V. Fraser; Second Assistants, B. Bunce and D. Jones; Acting Third Assistants, D. R. McElroy, H. S. Rose, and L. M. Poole.
Acting Gunner, James Cornos.

IOSCO, (3d rate.)

Commander, John Guest.
Lieutenant, Charles L. Franklin.
Acting Ensigns, Wm. Jamison, Ulric Fieldburg, Henry Baker and Paul Ware.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Kirk H. Bancroft.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Louis L. Scovel.
Acting Master's Mates, Theodore A. Comstock, Halsted Hennans, and Charles Peacock.
Engineers: First Assistant, Zephaniah Talbot; Second Assistant, Elijah Laws; Acting Third Assistants, Harvey Clapp, James McNabb, and Charles M. S. Gerry.
Acting Gunner, Theodore M. Benton.

OSCEOLA, (3d rate.)

Commander, John M. B. Clitz.
Lieutenant, J. Weidman.
Assistant Surgeon, George F. Winslow.
Assistant Paymaster, Edward Bellows.
Acting Masters, Edward B. Hussey and Willett Mott.
Acting Ensigns, S. L. LaDieu, J. F. Merry, and F. C. Warner.
Acting Master's Mates, Thomas Rogers, H. G. Robinson, and C. S. Hardy. 
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, Thomas McCausland; Acting Second Assistant, Richard Doran; Acting Third Assistants, Robert Berryman, Charles J. Cooper, and E. J. Swords.
Acting Gunner, J. C. Breslyn.

PAWTUXET, (3d rate.)

Commander, James H. Spotts.
Lieutenant, Allen V. Reed.
Acting Ensigns, A. F. West, J. A. Slamm, J. O. Winchester, and P. J. Markoe.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Henry Johnson. 
Acting Assistant Paymaster, George A. Emmerson.
Acting Master's Mates, C. H. Bellows, F. Heslerwood, and L. F. Pipanti
Engineers: Second Assistants, A. H. Able, Minor N. Knowlton, and James G. Cooper; Acting Third Assistant, N. G. Vandegrift.
Gunner, J. D. Fletcher.

MACKINAW, (3d rate.)

Commander, J. C. Beaumont.
Acting Master, A. J. Louch.
Acting Ensigns, William H. Penfield, J. T. Blanchard, and Joseph Estes.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Joseph T. Cottrell.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Wm. T. Whittmore.
Acting Master's Mates, John A. Thomas, Solomon Barstow, and Ed. K. Green.
Engineers: First Assistant, Jefferson Young; Second Assistant, Daniel A. Sawyer; Third Assistants, R. W. Milligan and Sylvanus McIntyre; Acting Third Assistants, Patrick Hagan and J. W. Reed.
Acting Gunner, Thomas Keer.

R. R. CUYLER, (3d rate.)

Commander, C. H. B. Caldwell.
Lieutenant, J. J. Reed.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, C. D. White.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, A. Wright.
Acting Master, E. Babson.
Acting Ensigns, B. P. Clough, W. H. Mentz, W. L. Hatch, and A. T. Hamblin.
Acting Master's Mate, J. T. Jeffries.
Engineers: Acting Chief; J. B. Williamson; Acting First Assistant, D. L. King; Second Assistants, J. Pollard and T. V. Holt; Acting Third Assistants, A. C. Crocker, J. H. Fuhr, G. W. Young, D. Gilliland, and E. J. Crane. 
Acting Gunner, E. P. Palmer.

MATTABESSETT, (3d rate.)

Commander, John C. Febiger.
Lieutenant, A. N. Mitchell.
Acting Masters, J. L. Plunkett and John Fountain.
Acting Ensigns, John Greenhalgh, F. N. Brown, and A. P. Dill.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, S. F. Boyer.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, H. C. Meade.
Acting Master's Mates, A. M. Beck and C. F. Fisher.
Engineers: Second Assistants, J. T. Hawkins, A. Sackett, and C. J. McConnell; Third Assistants, W. A. Mintzer, A. B. Bates, and Isaiah Paxon.
Acting Gunner, William H. Herring.

MASSASOIT, (3d rate.)

Commander, R. T. Renshaw.
Lieutenant, G. W. Sumner.
Acting Masters, H. Renney, C. F. Taylor, and W. C. Williams.
Acting Ensigns, H. Rabadan and Charles Wilson.
Acting Master's Mate, G. A. Burt.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, J. H. Latoon.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, J. H. Stephenson.
Engineers: First Assistant, L. R. Greene; Acting Second Assistants, J. H. Dinsmore and R. K. Morrison; Acting Third Assistants, T. R. Jefferson and William Shehan.

SAUGUS, (4th rate.)

Commander; Edmund H. Colhoun. 
Lieutenant, Benjamin F. Day.
Acting Master, Basil W. Leary.
Acting Ensigns, Charles A. Henrickson, Ira Barsley, and John P. Arnett.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, W. H. Westcott.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Geo. H. Andrews.
Engineers: Acting Chief, John L. Peake; Acting First Assistants, Andrew Ingliss and John Carron: Second Assistant, O. C. Lewis; Acting Second Assistant, A. F. Rockefellow; Acting Third Assistant, William J. Bradley.

AGAWAM, (3d rate.)

Commander, A. C. Rhind.
Acting Master, Thomas Symmes.
Acting Ensigns. Clinton Wiley, C. M. Anthony, C. L. Willcomb. and F. H. Lathrop.
Assistant Surgeon, H. P. Babcock.
Assistant Paymaster, H. M. Hanna.
Acting Master's Mates, Robert Anderson, T. P. Jones, and Paul Boyden. Engineers: Acting First Assistant, I. F. P. Rust ; Second Assistants, A. T. E. Mullen and T. M. Jones; Third Assistants, G. C. Neilson and H. Speir.
Acting Gunner, H. F. Dunnels.

QUAKER CITY, (2d rate.)

Commander, W. F. Spicer.
Lieutenant, Silas Casey, jr.
Acting Master, S. A. Winnerton.
Acting Ensigns C. J. Hill, Richard Wilkinson and F. D. Jacobson.
Acting Assistant Surgeons, Ira C. Whitehead and G. W. Gale.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, L. A. Frailey.
Acting Master's Mates, George E. Sanborne and J. B. Tew.
Engineers: Acting Chief, G. W. Farrar; Second Assistant, George J. Burnap; Acting Second Assistants, W. J Howard, J. K. Hickey, William Mason, and Joseph H. Mathews; Acting Third Assistants, E. Prest, I. R. Peterson, J. P. Wauklin, and E. E. Porter.
Acting Gunner, Joseph Furlong.

PONTOOSUC, (3d rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, Wm. G. Temple.
Acting Masters, B. S. Meeks and C. H. Frisbie.
Acting Ensigns, A. D. Campbell, J. J. Kane, and L. R. Chester.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, W. H. Pierson.
Assistant Paymaster, G. A. Lyon.
Acting Master's Mates, E. H. Richardson, F. C. Bailey, Thos. Brown and D. Lewis.
Engineers: First Assistant, Geo. J. Barry; Second Assistant, M. T. Sunstron and E. J. Whittaker; Third Assistant, J. H. Thomas; Acting Third Assistant, G. C. Brown.
Acting Gunner, C. Moran.

EUTAW, (3d rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, H. C. Blake.
Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, J. W. Simmons.
Surgeon. C. H. Page.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Thomas Carstairs.
Acting Masters, C. F. Keith, S. B. Davis, and T. O. Scranton.
Acting Ensigns, C. E. Rich and Thos. Morgan.
Acting Master's Mates, W. C. King, E. A. Galindo, B. C. Devine and H. Gardner.
Engineers: Second Assistant, J. C. Stevens; Acting Second Assistants, J. E. Hilliard and W. H. Crawford; Third Assistant, H. C. Christopher; Acting Third Assistants, C. A. Satterlee and J. C. Hillman.
Acting Gunner, C. A. Sampson.

WYALUSING, (3d rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, Earl English.
Acting Masters, Wm. R. Hathaway and J. G. Green.
Acting Ensigns, J. P. Perkins, H. G. C. Kruse, and L. H. Foster.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, S. Holman.
Assistant Paymaster, A. J. Pritchard.
Acting Master's Mates, J. C. Green, W. H. Brown, and Henty Watson.
Engineers: Chief, Henry H. Stewart: Acting First Assistant, J. McCourt; Acting Third Assistants, E. F. Hedden, J. J. Donohoe, E. F. Peake, and S. G. Cottrell.
Acting Gunner, T. Carpenter.

A. D. VANCE, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, J. H.Upshur.
Acting Masters, G. Cottrell and C. M. Lane.
Acting Ensigns, W. W. Smith, C. F. Ware, C. E. Clark, and W. J. Eldridge.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, B. F. Howell.
Engineers : Acting First Assistant, D. C. Chesters; Acting Second Assistants, C. G. Stevens, C. S. Servoss, and George Devine; Acting Third Assistants, Wm. Madden, G. H. Whittemore, and C. B. Nichols.

YANTIC, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, T. C Harris.
Acting Master, S. C. Macintire.
Acting Ensigns, J. C. Lord, Ed. Winnemore, J. F. Churchill, and B. B. Sodenberry.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, H. K. Wheeler.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, S. B. Huey.
Engineers: Second Assistants, W. H. Messinger, J. J. Noble, and H. C. Beckwith; Third Assistant, H. F. Loveaire; Acting Third Assistant, George Holton.

SASSACUS, (3d rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, John L. Davis.
Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, A.W. Muldaur.
Acting Ensigns, Wm. H. Mayer, jr., August Adler, H. W. O'Harra, and David Stephen.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, George E. McPherson.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, G. W. Garthwaite.
Acting Master's Mates, Thomas D. Marble and John S. O'Brien.
Engineers: Second Assistants, John W. Haxley, Robert N. Ellis, and O. W. Allison; Acting Third Assistants, Wm. Raynor, H. S. Mack, and A. Bigelow.
Acting Gunner, Neil Martin.

TALLAPOOSA, (3d rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, Jos. E. De Haven.
Acting Master, John H. Platt.
Acting Ensigns, Jonathan Jenney, William A. Rich, Andrew E. Dunham, and J. D. Babcock.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, J. E. Warner.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Daniel Whalen.
Acting Master's Mates, J. H. Lorejon, Steven T. Ayers, and W. F. Tessimond.
Engineers: First Assistant, David Smith; Second Assistants, John P. Kelly and Wm. S. Neal; Acting Third Assistants, Wm. E. Renny and George W. Wakefield.
Acting Gunner, James W. Whiting.

TACONY, (3d rate.)

Lieutenant Commander. W. T. Truxtun.
Acting Masters, N. S. Morgan, H. Sommers, and S. Blount.
Acting Ensigns, J. B. Taney, Thomas Golding, E. L. Bourne, and F. H. Fisher.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, George Hopkins.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, W. S. Horsford.
Acting Master's Mates, J. A. Orcutt and F. W. Worstell.
Engineers: First Assistant, T. M. Dukehart; Second Assistants, C. E. Lee and H. Parker, jr.; Acting Third Assistant, A. D. Wood.


Lieutenant Commander, W. C. West.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, S. S. Wood.
Gunner, S. D. Hines.
Carpenter, J. P. Carter.

MERCEDITA, (3d rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, Milton Haxtun.
Acting Master, John A. French
Acting Ensigns, Henry G. Macy, William Young, and Ed. D. Pettengill.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, John K. Walsh.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Oren F. Browning.
Acting Master's Mate, Randell M. Cornell.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, Benj. F. Beckett; Acting Third Assistants, Wm. Lannan, David J. Lannahan, Wm. McComb, John H. Hopkins, and William Ellis.
Acting Gunner, James Addison.

KANSAS, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, P. G. Watmough.
Acting Masters, Samuel Hall and W. S. Folson.
Acting Ensigns , George C. Williams, Charles D. Thompson, and Charles B. Staples.
Assistant Surgeon, Isaac Poole.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, T. Merritt.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, Hugh Rafferty; Acting Third Assistants, J. W. Stole and George L. King.

MARATANZA, (3d rate.)

Lieutenant Commander George W. Young.
Acting Masters, D. E. Taylor and J. B. Wood.
Acting Ensigns, J. W. Crowell, H. H. Collamore, and E. Lawson.
Acting Master's Mates, W. H. Alger, A. F. Williamson, and C. H. Crossman.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, J. W. Hamilton
Acting Assistant Paymaster, C. H. Noyes.
Engineers: Second Assistants, W. H. Kilpatrick and R. L. Webb; Third Assistants, L. R. Harvey and R. D. Taylor; Acting Third Assistants, E. J. Gillespie and J. L. Starkey.
Acting Gunner, W. W. Bradley.

MAUMEE, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, Ralph Chandler.
Acting Master, Richard Burk.
Acting Ensigns, Ed. R. Power, W. J. Shackford, Charles P. Gifford, and Cyrus B. Nichols.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, David P. Goodhue.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, John H. Smoot.
Engineers: Second Assistant, T. J. McK. Daniels; Acting Second Assistant, William Veitch, Third Assistants, J. M. Clark, C. R. Mosher, and G. A. Peltz.

PEQUOT, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, D. L. Braine.
Acting Masters, L. H. Beattie and William F. Chase.
Acting Ensigns, George Lamb, H. W. Loring, and A. Smalley.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, H. R. Watts.
Acting Ass't Paymaster, Calvin G. Hutchinson.
Engineers: Second Assistants, A. H. Fisher and G. C. Cook; Third Assistants, James Wylie and John W. Gardner; Acting Third Assistant, George W. Rymes.

NYACK, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, L. H. Newman.
Acting Master, H. W. Grinnell.
Acting Ensigns, H. B. Colby, Charles Nelson, J. W. Hopkins, G. H. Barrows, and James Jordan.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, B. F. Biglow.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, C. S. Halladay.
Engineers: First Assistant, B. C. Bampton; Second Assistant, John Fornance; Third Assistant, Wm. A. Windser; Acting Third Ass'ts, W. M. Bartram and J. C. Veatch.

CANONICUS, (3d rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, George E. Belknap.
Lieutenant R. S. McCook.
Acting Masters, E. S. Goodwin and E. A. Decker.
Acting Ensigns, C. W. Seckins, M. W. Weld, and F. P. Center.
Assistant Surgeon, H. N. Beaumont.
Assistant Paymaster, R. P. Lisle.
Engineers: Chief, D. B. Macomb; Acting First Assistant, C. G. Conklin; Second Assistants, F. G. McKeen and J. M. Saville; Acting Third Assistants, Wm. S. Brown, Wm. Keenan, and J. A. Chandler.

VICKSBURG, (3d rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, F. H. Baker.
Acting Master, F. G. Osborn.
Acting Ensigns, W. H. Otis, R. B. Elder, and D. P. Cooke.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, T. W. Bennett.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, T. E. Smith.
Acting Master's Mate, G. V. Demarest.
Engineers: Second Assistant, J. L. Bright; Acting Second Assistant, H. Harbenson; Third Assistant, A. T. Nagle; Acting Third Assistants, Levi Coit and G. W. Yoe.

CHIPPEWA, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, A. W. Weaver.
Acting Master, J. W. Saunders.
Acting Ensigns, George H. Wood, Edward Tilghman, W. H. De Gross, and William A. Taylor.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, J. E. Gregory.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, James M. Flood.
Engineers: Second Assistant, Jos. Watters; Acting Second Assistant, A. A. Winship; Acting Third Assistants, R. W. Wilton and Henry Romain.

SACO, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, John G. Walker.
Acting Master, W. F. Hunt.
Acting Ensigns, O. F. Wixon, T. J. Rollins, W. H. Potter, and A. H. Ostrander.
Passed Assistant Surgeon, A. Matthewson.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, C. H. Hill.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, A. W. Harris; Acting Second Assistants, J. P. Cloyd and J. A. Crouthers; Acting Third Assistants, W. J. Barron and W. H. Woodward.

UNADILLA, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, Frank M. Ramsay.
Acting Master, John M. Skillings.
Acting Ensigns, John Cullaton, Wm. Field. Charles Wiedebien, and William Hanson.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, D. C. Burleigh.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, J. G. Hobbs.
Acting Master's Mates, Charles H. Smith and Enoch M. Reed.
Enginers: Acting First Assistant, Benjamin F. Bee; Acting Second Assistant, Lewis M. Ryfenburgh; Acting Third Assistants, William D. Kay, James Curran, and John D. Larkins.

MAHOPAC, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, E. E. Potter.
Acting Masters, C. R. Harris and D. K. Kenerson.
Acting Ensigns, J. E. Jones, W. E. Jones, and S. C. Hall.
Assistant Surgeon. F. B. A. Lewis.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Addison Poole.
Engineers: Acting Chief, M. T. Cheevers: Acting First Assistant, Charles Dougherty; Acting Second Assistant, Wesley Randall: Acting Third Assistants, J. G. Brown, C. A. Enggrau, C. O. Putnam, and J. W. Buell.

HURON, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, Thomas O. Selfridge.
Acting Master, Benjamin Whitmore.
Acting Ensigns, Robert Sheppard, Samuel H. Maunder, Wm. H. H. Curtis, and Andrew McCleary.
Acting Master's Mate, Eugene Coleman.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, James McMillan.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Chas. D. Collom.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, James Brinkinsopp; Acting Second Assistants, Henry T. Hayden and Matthew Harloc; Acting Third Assistants, Theodore F. Burket and Emory G. Ingolls.

SENECA, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, Montgomery Sicard.
Acting Master, William H. Mais.
Acting Ensigns, William Schutz, Thomas Mason, William B. Pierce, and Leander C. Owen.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, R. H. Greene.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, M. B. Cushing.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, James P. Sweet, Acting Second Assistant, Alfred Catchpole; Acting Third Assistants, Sanford A. Slater, A. J. Doty, and T. J. Reaney.

HUNCHBACK, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant, Joseph P. Fyffe.
Master, E. K. Valentine.
Acting Ensigns, J. W. Thompson and C. W. Jones.
Acting Master's Mates, J. F. Sias, J. L. Robins, T. W. Rack, and F. W. Colton.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, H. Cushing.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, A. Barnum; Acting Second Assistant, B. Wilson; Acting Third Assistants, S. Hart, G. V. Payton, J. E. Edwards, and J. W. Smith.

MONTICELLO, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant, W. B. Cushing.
Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, D. A. Campbell.
Acting Masters, Charles A. Pettit and E. A. Elliott.
Acting Ensigns, William H. Gibson, F. B. Huntington, J. A. Puckett, and J. S. Edwards.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, J. F. Billard.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, John Turey.
Acting Master's Mates, Charles Croton and J. S. Clark.
Engineers: Second Assistant, H. Missiner; Acting Second Assistant, C. A. Martine; Acting Third Assistants, F. McKinley, W. R. Cawl, and J. Macallum.

GETTYSBURG, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant, R. H. Lamson.
Acting Master, C. B. Dahlgren.
Acting Ensigns, A. S. Laighton, F. P. B. Sands, F. A. Gross, M. C. Keith, and Charles Miller.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, George S. Eddy.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, R. H. Gillett.
Acting Master's Mates, H. J. Derbyshire and T. H. P. Gross.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, G. S. Perkins; Acting Second Assistants, J. M. Case, E. C. Mayloy, and A. J. Pixley; Acting Third Assistants, E. B. Carter and J. W. Homans.

MALVERN, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant, B. H. Porter.
Acting Masters, J. A. Hamilton and Jay Price.
Acting Ensigns, George Leonard, John Hill, and George W. Kidder.
Acting Master's Mates, W. F. Horton, Henry Gardner, Amos M. Lyons, and W. D. Cobb.
Assistant Surgeon, J. S. Ramsey.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, A. B. Poor.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, W. E. Moore; Acting Second Assistants, J. J. Ashmen and F. S. Hadley; Third Assistant, Owen Jones; Acting Third Assistants, Edwin Bond, O. H. Perry, and William Finn.

ALABAMA, (3d rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, A. R. Langthorne.
Acting Master, William Bates.
Acting Ensigns, Albert Taylor, Thomas Williams, and Lewall F. Graves.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, D. D. T. Nestell.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Ed. R. Gibson.
Acting Master's Mates, C. F. Elmore, C. S. Wilcox, and David H. Hall.
Engineers: First Assistant, Edward Farmer; Acting Second Assistants, J. G. Rossman, J. C. Lewis, and Greenville Lewis; Acting Third Assistants, Ezra Gray and George Corrie.

MONTGOMERY, (3d rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, T. C. Dunn.
Acting Masters, W. N. Wells and A. F. Davis.
Acting Ensigns. E. T. Manter, C. G. Whiting, and Robert Wiley.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, John Blackmer.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, J. Watson.
Acting Master's Mates, T. J. Walker and C. A. Neill.
Engineers : Acting First Assistant, G. H. Wade; Acting Second Assistants, John McEwen, J. Williams, and J. Allen ; Acting Third Assistants, G. H. Brown and A. Tester.

FORT DONELSON, (3d rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, Thomas Pickering.
Acting Master, G. W. Frost.
Acting Ensigns, J. W. Bennett, E. A. Butler, H. C. Leslie, and J. G. Lloyd.
Acting Master's Mates, George Woodland and A. F. G. Blanfuhr.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, M. G. Ralfe.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, J. F. Dunham.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, John Miller; Acting Second Assistant, H. L. M. Hodges; Acting Third Assistants, G. W. Rymes, L. De Arville, W. A. Fuller, J. H. Sleaman, and P. M. Kafer.

MIAMI, (3d rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, George W. Graves.
Acting Masters, M. Rodgers and John Lear.
Acting Ensign, I. R. Peacock.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, G. H. Marvin.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, R. F. Goodman.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistants, C. C Davis and David Newell; Acting Third Assistants, H. D. Heiser, A. Steward, and A. Moore.


Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, John MacDairmid
Acting Ensigns, Charles H. Sawyer, L.W. Smith, D.M. Gaskins, and L.P. Cassan.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, W. S. Parker.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, G. B. Tripp.
Acting Master's Mates, J. W. Gardner, F. E. Poole and W.W. Hunter.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, F. E. Potter; Acting Second Assistant, Eugene Mack; Acting Third Assistants, Thomas Foley, Owen Kaney, James Fitzpatrick, and Charles Ward.

ARIES, (3d rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, F. S. Wells.
Acting Ensigns, G. F. Morse, J.A. Brannan, and Seth Hand.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, A. C. Fowler.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, C. A. Dormes.
Acting Master's Mates, D.M. McCool and F.A. Haskell.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, Simeon Smith; Acting Third Assistants, R. H. Compthwait, T. E. Wilson, and J. F. Fraser.

CAMBRIDGE, (3d rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, J. F. Nickels.
Acting Master, S. K. Luce.
Acting Ensigns, I. S. Bradbury and A. J. Iverson.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, John Spare.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, John J. Pratt.
Acting Master's Mate, F. N. Northup.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, George B. Orswell; Acting Second Assistants, W. W. Tunis and John Whittaker; Acting Third Assistant, S. D. Edwards.
Acting Gunner, William Scott.

CHEROKEE, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, William E. Dennison.
Acting Ensigns, T. F. De Luce, John Parry, A. T. Parsons, and Charles B. Dickman.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, E. T. T. Marsh. 
Acting Assistant Paymaster, John C. Oslerloh.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, A. W. Reynolds; Acting Second Assistants, F. H. Thurber and J. H. Potts; Acting Third Assistants, John Gilmore and A. J. Sanburn.

HOWQUAH, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, J W. Balch. 
Acting Ensigns, G. P. St. John and John Sayres.
Acting Assistant Paymasters, E. W. Brooks.
Acting Master's Mates, Robert B. Smith and F. P. Haskell.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistants, Wm. G,. McLane, David H. Wylie, and J. L. De Mott; Acting Third Assistants, F. W. Morris, jr., and Arthur O'Brien.

EMMA, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, J. M. Williams.
Acting Ensigns, C. Zimmerman, D. S. Beetle, J. S. Sampson, and J. C. Tuller.
Acting Master's Mate, R. P. Herrick.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, George Doig.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, C. H. Hammatt.
Ensigns: Acting Second Assistant, E Barry; Acting Third Assistants, A. L. Churchill, J. C. Smith, R. H. Ryan, J. W. Grant, and J. N. Wells.

BIGNOMIA, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, Wm. D. Roath.
Acting Ensigns, E. H. Marks and H. D. Trott.
Acting Master's Mates, G. C. Short and W. H. Howland.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, John Moir; Acting Third Assistants, W. S. Dobson, T. McCreary, and James Boyd.


Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, Geo. B. Livingston.
Acting Master, J. T. Slover.
Acting Ensigns, Joseph Avant, Albert Bahner, John Aspinwall, and James Auld.
Acting Master's Mate, W. H. Richmond.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Geo. C. Webber. 
Acting Assistant Paymasters, Thomas Jernegan.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, Hiram Warner; Acting Second Assistants, C. B. Culver and D. S. Leffler; Acting Third Assistants, F. G. Shannon and David Reid.

SHOCKOKON, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, W. B. Sheldon. 
Acting Ensigns, P. C. Asserson, A. 0. Kruge, and D. W. Laken.
Acting Master's Mates, B. S. Proudfit and F. Bradley.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, C. J. Todd. 
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, W. D. Forbes; Acting Third Assistant, James Wilson.

DUBANRTON, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, Henry Brown.
Acting Master, Hamilton Bingham.
Acting Ensigns, Otis A. Thompson, Charles T. Somes,
Daniel Merrill, and John A. Williams.
Acting Master's Mate, H. M. Guilford.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, J. W. Holmes.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, Charles Bemon; Acting Third Assistants, James W. Mead, George L. Shoemaker, Clark Thurston, and James T. Boyd.

CLEMATIS, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, E. D. Bruner.
Acting Ensigns, Charles T. Betts, Isaac Miller, and George Gooding.
Acting Master's Mates, M. P. Butts and O. C. Currier.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, Wm. Deacon; Acting Third Assistants, G. McAllister, W. S. Kentworthy, and Wm. Snedaker.

TRISTAM SHANDY, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, F.M. Green.
Acting Ensigns, Benjamin Wood, James H. Nash, Thomas
M. Smith, S. T. Deaderer, and John Owens.
Acting Master's Mates, Robert Clifford, Maurice Wagg, and Frank T. Baldwin.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, F. R. Stow.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, W. W. Whiting; Acting Second Assistants, W. H. Pratt and H. W. Miller; Acting Third Assistants, Richard Wareham, Thomas Penting, Wm. Glading, and Thomas Holtin.

LILLIAN, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, Thomas A. Harris.
Acting Master, J. S. Gelett.
Acting Ensigns, Wm. C. Underhill, Joseph H. Clark, T. B. Tucker, and J. J. Lloyd.
Acting Master's Mate, J. P. Sturgeon.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Charles Sturdevant.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Herman Dorr.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistants, J. C. Mockabee, H. W. Moore, and David Morris; Acting Third Assistants, Henry Greatorex, T. J. Foster, and A. T. Donegan.

CRUSADER, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, Peter Hays.
Acting Master, C. Hellett.
Acting Ensigns, H. Taylor, W. W. Leonard, and George Kendall.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, R. A. Whedon.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, Cornelius Carr; Acting Second Assistant, Wm. F. Andrews; Acting Third Assistants, C. C. Howe, W. Barnet, and J. H. Wilson.

MOUNT VERNON, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, James Frathen.
Acting Master, E. W. White.
Acting Ensigns, Francis M. Paine, Charles G. Walstrom, Henry F. Clevirly, and Jason Ryon.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Wm. H. Bennett. 
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Henry B. Browne.
Acting Master's Mate, Henry Rogers.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistants, James H. Horseford and Hugh S. Short; Acting Third Assistants, George Ducker and Wm. H. Smith.

ATLANTA, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, T. J. Woodward.
Acting Masters, Curtis Redmond and D.V.N. Wright.
Acting Ensigns, Paul Armandt, E. C. Southworth, and H. Wakefield.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Thomas Owens.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, D. S. Bostwick.
Acting Master's Mate, A. Soisins.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, Wm. S. Thompson; Acting Second Assistants, William Collier, Wm. Gumphert, and J. W, Harnett; Acting Third Assistants, F. O. Brown, D. McDermott, and T. B. Speakman.

BRITTANIA, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, Sam'l Huse.
Acting Masters, J. S. Coney and S. J. White.
Acting Ensigns, A. J. Lowell and W.H. Bryant.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, F. Nickerson.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, C. B. Culver.
Acting Master's Mates, R. L. M. Jones and W. W. Reed.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistants, J. Fernald and J. M. Barron; Acting Third Assistants, Wm. D. Butts, Samuel Dale, and F. S. Andrews.

BANSHEE, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, W. H. Garfield.
Acting Ensigns, G. M. Prindle, W. C. Gibson, Paul Green, and J. S. Young.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, J. H. Garner.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, D. P. Shuler.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, C. Cranston; Acting Second Assistants, George F. Case and Thomas McNellis; Acting Third Assistants, J. L. Lowe, J. H. Radford, J.
W. Little, and Charles Green.

MYSTIC, (4th rate.)

Acting Masters, William Wright and Sam'l B. Meader.
Acting Ensigns, Andrew T. Hamblin, Henry L. Price, and George W. Conner.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Alexander McKenzie.
Assistant Paymaster, Augustus Perrot.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, John B Lowell; Acting Third Assistants, Isaac Buck and Theodore W. Deklgire.

DAWN, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, J. A. Jackaway. 
Acting Ensigns, W. B. Avery, E. T. and P. W. Morgan.
Acting Master's Mate, S. W. Crossley.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, A. S. Lanbach.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, R. C. Peirce.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, Sam'l Tomlinson; Acting Third Assistants, K. Payson, C. W. Williams, and J.D. Averill.

WESTERN WORLD, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, Edward Herrick.
Acting Ensigns, A. J. L. Barker, Charles Hall, R. D. Sparrow, and E. M. McDonald.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, R. F. Brooke.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Amos D. Allen.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, F. H. Shoemaker;
Acting Third Assistants, A. Anderson, Lansing Perrine, J. E. Thumlesh, and Ed. G. Schwartz.

COMMODORE HULL, (4th rate.)

Acting Masters, F. Josselyn, J. O. Johnson.
Acting Ensign, F. J. Runnels.
Acting Master's Mate, Henry Fleet.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, J. Chapman.
Engineers: Acting Third Assistants, O. L. Smith, W. C. Renwick, and S. T. Hand.

RACHAEL SEAMAN, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, Samuel Curtis.
Acting Ensigns, E. T. Strong and D. Organ.
Acting Master's Mates, H. B. Arbecam and W. H. Wording.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, T. Thompson.

WHITEHEAD, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, George. W. Barrett.
Acting Ensign, Jarvis Wilson.
Acting Master's Mates, T. E. Quayle, T. M. Nelson, and W. S. Baldwin.
Engineers: Acting Third Assistants, G. B. McDermott and G. S. Snarth.

DELAWARE, (4th rate.)

Acting Masters, J. H. Eldridge and H. Vandeveer.
Acting Ensigns, Robert Price and H. S. Livermore.
Acting Master's Mates, George Mackay, B. Heath, jr., and Thomas Topliff.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, J. F. Henry.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, W. W. Woodhull.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, Chas. Bennett; Acting Third Assistants, Thomas Harrison, C. H. Keener, and Thos. Hannigan.

DAYLIGHT, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, H. A. Phelon.
Acting Ensigns, F. L. Harris, B. F. Macintire, C. F. Russell, C. Linderman, and F. Bradley.
Acting Master's Mate, J. E. Merryman.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, J. R. May.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, F. C. Imlay.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, D. B. Overton; Acting Second Assistant, R. Pallett; Acting Third Assistants, J. B Rice, H.R. Allen, A.P. Smith, and Jas. Hill.


Acting Master, R. G. Lee.
Acting Ensigns, J. D. Gossick, A. J. Kane, and Joseph Ware.
Acting Master's Mate, L. L. Dempsey.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, R. W. Clark.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, T. Higgins.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistants, V. Cronk and H. J. Watkins; Acting Third Assistants, L. L. Copeland, J. Callahan, and D. A. Bandell.

EOLUS, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, E. S. Keyser:
Acting Ensigns, Thomas Strothard, C. A. Stewart, S. M. Lane, and H. N. Crockett.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, H. Jenkins.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, A. Rockefeller; Acting Third Assistants, G. S. Rockwell, J. M. Hennesy, and M. L. Ruth.

SAM ROTAN, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, W. G. Nutting.
Acting Ensigns, T. W. Spencer and W. A. Daley.
Acting Master's Mates, J. J. Keller, W. P. Brownell, and F. H. Forbes.

RELEASE, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, Jonathan Baker.
Acting Ensigns, C. H. Beckshofft, L. Turlow, H. C. Bowen, J. M. Taylor, and F. B. Owens.
Acting Master's Mate, F. W. Kimball.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, R. C. Tuttle.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, G. L. Ely.

CERES, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, H. H. Foster. 
Acting Ensigns, T. S. Russell and Samuel Weskett.
Acting Master's Mate, James R. Hopkins.
Engineers: Acting Third Assistants, John A. Franks, William H. Touchton, and Richard Fowler.

LITTLE ADA, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, S. P. Crafts.
Acting Ensign, J. T. Atkins.
Acting Master's Mates, W. H. Joseph and G.W. Lane.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, W. H. Johnson; Acting Third Assistants, B. Converse, and J. R. Peterson.

FAHKEE, (4th rate.)

Acting Masters, F. R. Webb and David W. Cawall.
Acting Ensigns, E. W. Pelton, Peter Williams, J. W. Luscomb, H. A. Winslow and A. W. Harvey.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, A. B. Thornton.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, George W. Foster; Acting Second Assistants, E. F. Lewis, and J. H. Hutton; Acting Third Assistant, J. B. Edson.

WILDERNESS, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, H. Arey.
Acting Ensigns, B. O. Low, C. F. Hull, C. E. P. Noyes, and E. S. McKeever.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, H. M. Rogers.
Acting Master's Mate, William Phyffe.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, Richard Anderson; Acting Third Assistants, E. A. Robinson, Walter Taylor, and David Bodden.

NANSEMOND, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, James H. Porter.
Acting Ensigns, James B. Henderson, Wm. Hunter, and Henry Waring.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Geo. Hudson, jr.
Acting Master's Mate, Arthur K. Brown.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, Edward Aspold; Acting Third Assistant, Charles W. Goodwin, John T. Earl, and Ed. A. Reilly.


Acting Master, H. H. Haynie.
Acting Ensign, John Nason.
Acting Master's Mate, Theodore Morse.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, Sydney Smith;
Acting Third Assistant, F. A. Whitfield.

ZOUAVE, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, Jacob L. Hayes.
Acting Master's Mate, Charles Atmore.
Second Assistant Engineer, Samuel Magee.

BEN MORGAN, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, H. B. Mulford.

PHLOX, (4th rate.)

Acting Ensign, D. P. O'Brien.
Acting Master, T. A. Wyatt.
Acting Master's Mate, Samuel Gordon.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, W. C. Wright; Acting Third Assistants, G. Morrison, and J. C. Combs.

EPSOLOM, (4th rate.)

Acting Ensign, F. W. Mintzer.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, G. B. Polen; Acting Third Assistant, Charles Gould.

CHARLES PHELPS, (4th rate.)

Acting Ensigns, William Attiwell and C. B. Parry.

ROMAN, (4th rate.)

Acting Ensign, H. Merchant.


Acting Ensign, Henry F. Curtis.
Acting Third Assistant Engineer, Thomas Lee.

MOCCASIN, (4th rate.)

Acting Ensign, James Brown. 
Acting Master's Mates, Joseph Fuller, John Foster, and John S. Sinclair.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, T. F. Archer; Acting Third Assistants, C. H. Wilson, William H. Garrecht, and William B. Boyd.

LILAC, (4th rate.)

Acting Ensign, J. A. Chadwick.
Acting Master's Mate, D. S. Ingersoll.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, W. T. Graff; Acting Third Assistants, J. C. Garner and J. B. Carnes.

WILLIAM BADGER, (4th rate.)

Acting Ensign, J. G. Swain.
Acting Master's Mate, J. B. Somers.

POPPY, (4th rate.)

Acting Ensign, William Clark. 
Acting Master's Mate, T. P. Jones. 
Acting Third Assistant Engineer, C. W. O'Neill.

ANEMONE, (4th rate.)

Acting Ensign, W. C. Berden.
Acting Master's Mates, G. W. Briggs and Theodore Stone.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, William Higman; Acting Third Assistants, J. L. Wright and H. Litchfield.

ALERT, (4th rate.)

Acting Ensign, John Bishop.
Acting Master and Pilot, D. M. Abbott.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, William Mahan; Acting Third Assistants, Eli Tunpanny and J. W. Briggs.

HELIOTROPE, (4th rate.)

Acting Ensign, G. B. Griffin.
Acting Master's Mate, Samuel Davis.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, S. J,. Hall; Acting Third Assistants John Mc Kenney and Edward Cahill.

EPSILON, (4th rate.)

Acting Ensign, Eli M. Boggs.
Acting Third Assistant Engineers, F. M. Wagner and Frank Blockie.

COHASSETT, (4th rate.)

Acting Master's Mate, M. K. Henderson.
Engineers: Acting Third Assistants, J. H. Finn, H. Henney, and R. F. Baker.

DELTA, (4th rate.)

Acting Master's Mate, William F. Gragg. 
Engineers: Acting Third Assistants, George Shultz and J. N. Schenck.


Acting Assistant Paymasters, E. Mollach and J. S. Orme.
Acting First Assistant Engineer, Newton Eggleston.
Gunner, E. A. McDonald.
Carpenter, M. W. Paul.


Acting Gunner, Herman Peters. 
Acting Third Assistant Engineer, Marceline Villazon.


Engineers, First Assistant, J. L. Lay; Second Assistant, C. H. Stone; Acting Second Assistants, I. R. Smith and J. E. Chadwick; Acting Third Assistant, Byron S. Heath.


South Atlantic Blockading Squadron

Rear-Admiral J. A. Dahlgren, Commanding.

Staff: Lieutenant Commander Joseph M. Bradford, Fleet Captain.
Lieutenant Commander E. Orville Matthews, Flag Lieutenant Commander.
Lieutenant Alfred T. Mahan, Ordnance Officer.
Lieutenant James O'Kane, Flag Lieutenant.
Ensign Ernest J. Dichman, Aid.
Fleet Engineer, Robert Danby.
Fleet Paymaster, James H. Watmough.
Fleet Surgeon, William Johnson.
Acting Volunteer Lieutenant and Pilot, William Haffards.
Acting Ensign, Walter Cooper.
Acting Ensign and Signal Officer, George H. Rexford.

CANANDAIGUA, (2d rate.)

Captain, Gustavus H. Scott.
Commander, N. B. Harrison.
Lieutenants, Simeon B. Gillett and Walter Abbot.
Masters, Calvin C. Childs, John L. Gifford and Robert G. Lelar.
Thomas E. Harvey and Andrew Willard.
Master's Mates, S. S. Willett and James Wilbar.
Surgeon, Charles H. Burbank.
Assistant Paymaster, William H. Anderson.
Engineers: Chief, G. B. N. Tower; Second Assistant, James J. Barry; Acting Second Assistants, William McGrath and James W. Mellor; Acting Third Assistants, William M. Smith and Henry B. Goodwin.
Boatswain, Charles Fisher.
Gunner, Elisha J. Beecham.


Commander, William Reynolds.
Acting Master, H.W. Hand.
Acting Masters, Richard B. Hines, John C. Cox, and William A. Morgan.
Acting Ensigns, Christian S. Lawrence, Woodward Carter, and Frank Jordan.
Chaplain, John Blake.
Surgeon, Henry C. Nelson.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Levi S. Bingham.
Marines: First Lieutenant, Geo. G. Stoddard.
Acting Master's Mates, Andrew B. Flynn, Henry A. Rogers, and Harry Lucas.
Third Assistant Engineer, William Charlton.
Acting Boatswain, Edward Hughes. 
Acting Gunner, George W. Allan.

FLAG, (3d rate.)

Commander, James C. Williamson.
Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, William H. Latham.
Acting Master, William Sallman.
Acting Ensigns, Charles V. Kelley, Samuel A. Gove,, Eugene W. Watson, and John Denson.
Acting Master's Mate, William Merrill.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, O. B. Seagrave.
Acing Assistant Surgeon, William J. Burge.
Engineers: Second Assistant, Isaac R. McNary; Acting Second Assistant Campbell McEwen; Acting Third Assistants, Lory Bennett, Theodore Scudder, and Henry A. Chase.
Acting Gunner, John H. Pennington.

ST. LOUIS, (3d rate.)

Commander, G. H. Preble.
Lieutenant, William F. Stewart.
Acting Master, S. W. Hadley.
Acting Ensigns, Hazard Marsh, Henry Pease, jr., S. S. Minor, and Fred. Wood.
Acting Master's Mate, F. L. Bryan.
Passed Assistant Surgeon, J. H. Macomber.
Acting Boatswain, George Brown.
Gunner, G. P. Cushman.
Sailmaker, I.E. Crowell.

JAMES ADGER, (3d rate.)

Commander, T. H. Patterson.
Lieutenant, Gilbert C. Wiltse.
Acting Master, Anthony F. Holmes.
Acting Ensigns, Gideon E. Halloway, Oliver C. Snow, and Charles Danenhower.
Acting Master's Mates, Levi W. Smith, Robert Steel, and John W. Thode.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, William W. Myers.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Wilbur Ives.
Engineers: Acting Chief, Edward A. Whipple; Acting Second Assistants, G. W. Scobey and J. B. Place; Acting Third Assistants, Philander J. Holmes, Timothy Woodruff, Richard Morgan, and John Roach.
Acting Gunner, Joseph Venable.

PAWNEE, (2d rate.)

Commander, George B. Balch.
Lieutenant, Wm. Whitehead.
Acting Masters, John C. Champion, Thomas Moore, and Edmund A. Magone.
Ensign, Henry Glass.
Acting Master's Mates, Charles H. Poor, jr., Thomas L. Fisher, and Jacob Kemp.
Assistant Surgeon, Samuel F. Shaw.
Assistant Paymaster, Charles S. Perley.
Engineers: Chief, B. E. Chassaing; Second Assistants, Wm. J. Clark, jr., Arthur Price, and John G. Brosnaham; Third Assistant, Robert Crawford. Boatswain, James Brown. 
Gunner, James Hays.

CIMARRON, (3d rate.)

Commander, Egbert Thompson.
Acting Master, Wm. E. Thomas.
Acting Ensigns, Geo. F. Howes and Charles Penfield.
Acting Master's Mate, Nathan Goldsmith.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Theo. S. Keith.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Jobn T. Lee.
Engineers: Second Assistants, John B. Carpenter, C. F. Meyer, jr., Wm. H. Kelly, and Wm. L. Bailey.

MINGOE, (3d rate.)

Commander, J. B. Creighton.
Acting Masters, Joseph W. Caugdon and J. C. Wentworth.
Acting Ensigns, Samuel Merchant, S. R. Carlton, R. F. Dodge, and J. A Phipps.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Charles A. Cabel.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Geo. H. Napheys.
Engineers: First Assistant, E. A. C. DuPlain; Acting Second Assistants, James Mitchell, Wm. F. Worrell, and Levi Smetzen; Acting Third Assistants, Wm. Emmarick and G. G. Blake.
Acting Gunner, Andrew Harmand.

CATSKILL, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, Edward Barrett.
Lieutenant, Charles W. Tracy.
Acting Masters, John C. Hamlin and William Reed.
Acting Ensigns, John D. Barclay, Edwin B. Cox, and Charles Clauson.
Assistant Surgeon, John W. Coles.
Assistant Paymaster, Horace P. Tuttle.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, Jobn F. Butler; Acting Second Assistants, Joseph G. Dennett and Jonas T. Booth; Third Assistant, William M. Barr; Acting Third Assistant, Henry M. Test.

PATAPSCO, (3d rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, S. P. Quackenbush.
Lieutenant, Wm. T. Sampson.
Acting Master, John White.
Acting Ensigns, Joseph S. Johnson, Andrew P. Bashford, and James C. Brown.
Assistant Surgeon, Samuel H. Peltz.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Wm. S. Creevey.
Engineers: First Assistant, Reynolds Driver; Acting Second Assistant, George L. Palmer; Third Assistants, Dewitt C. Davis, George F. Sweet, and John J. Ryan.
Pilot, Gabriel Pinckney.

PONTIAC, (3d rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, S. B. Luce.
Acting Master, George F. Winslow.
Acting Ensigns, Thomas Stevens, E. M. Clark, Theodore E. Lawton, and James E. Carr.
Acting Master's Mates, Wm. H. Fitzgerald and E. L. Kemp.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, H. S. Skelding.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, J. W. Sherfy.
Engineers: Second Assistants, Francis Cronin, Cipriano Andrade, and H. F. Bradford; Third Assistants, Carlton F. Uber and James G. Littig.
Acting Gunner, Charles F. Adams.

LEHIGH, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, Alex. A. Semmes.
Lieutenant, John H. Reed.
Acting Masters, William N. Price and John H. Bolles.
Acting Ensigns, D. W. Hodson, J. H. Cromwell, and Richmond Lanphier.
Assistant Surgeon, David V. Whitney.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, W. F. A. Torbert.
Engineers: First Assistant, Wm. W. Hopper; Second Assistant, Oscar B. Mills; Acting Second Assistants, Henry Wanklin and James H. Vaile; Acting Third Assistant, Heber C. Wilkins.

SANGAMON, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, Jonathan Young.
Acting Master, S. A. Waterbury.
Acting Ensigns, C. A. Pike, R. P. Leary, and George A. Johnston.
Assistant Surgeon W. J. Simon.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, D. Corning.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, W. S. Hazzard; Acting Second Assistant, W. J. Barrington; Third Assistant, J. A. Kaiser; Acting Third Assistants, W. E. Coster and C. H. Hunt.

NAHANT, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, William K. Mayo.
Lieutenant, Henry F. Picking.
Acting Master, William Shackford.
Acting Ensigns, Charles J. Rogers, Albion B. Prince, Edgar H. Frisbie, and William C. Mendell.
Assistant Surgeon, Samuel G. Webber.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, William H. Palmer. 
Engineers: Acting First Assistants, John H. Foster and Thomas B. Grene; Second Assistant, Levi T. Stafford; Third AssisLant, John L. Hannum; Acting Third Assistant, Morris McCarty.

PASSAIC, (3d rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, T. Scott Fillebrown.
Lieutenant, H. L. Johnson.
Acting Masters, A. A. Owens and Charles Cook.
Acting Ensigns, L. A. Waterman, Richard Hepburn, and Sylvester Eldridge.
Assistant Surgeon, William P. Baird.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, F. A. Wheeler.
Engineers: First Assistant, James Sheriden; Second Assistants, F. H. Fletcher; Webster Lane, and Joseph Hooper, Acting Third Assistant, G. S. Odell.

MONTAUK, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, E. E. Stone. 
Lieutenant, E. F. Brower.
Master, W. W. Crowningshields.
Ensigns, G. W. Bourne, W. T. Mitchell, and E. Gabrielson.
Assistant Surgeon, G. B. Todd. 
Assistant Paymaster, C. A. Robbins. 
Engineers: Second Assistants, A. Adamson J. W. Hollihan; Acting Second Assistants, Simeon Rockburn and Charles Amberg; Acting Third Assistants, Jesse F. Walton and Richard Bell.

NANTUCKET, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, Robert F. R. Lewis.
Lieutenant, John F. McGlensey.
Acting Master, James M. Forsyth.
Acting Ensigns, George T. Chapman, Frank Kemble, Gorham P. Tyler, and James W. Burr.
Assistant Surgeon, Elwood M. Corson.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, G. Walter Allen.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, David F. Gerrish; Second Assistant, C. F. Hollingsworth; Acting Second Assistant, Fred C. Russell; Third Assistant, H. H. Kimball; Acting Third Assistant, J. F. Kingsley.

WISSAHICKEN, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, A. W. Johnson.
Acting Ensigns, Henry B. Francis, H. F. Dorton, and Alonzo Elwell.
Acting Master's Mates, David J. King and Joseph Gregory, jr.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, S. C. Johnson.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Charles Datcher.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, John Fallon; Third Assistant, Charles W. Kenyon; Acting Third Assistants, Charles E. Jevins and James F. Miller.

SONOMA, (3d rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, R. W. Scott.
Acting Master, H. M. Merrill.
Acting Ensigns, S. H. Pallock, Geo. Couch, S. G. Bryer, and M. J. Daly.
Acting Master's Mate, D. W. Spinney.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, David Fairdrey.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, William Sellew.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, A. B. Cullins; Acting Third Assistants, Rufus Barton, R. G. Lewis, George Paul, and John O'Keefe. 
Gunner, J. M. Hogg.

NIPSIC, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, Edmund W. Henry.
Acting Masters, George P. Lee, John E. Stickney, and Henry A. Green.
Acting Ensign, George E. Thomas. 
Acting Master's Mates, Walter S. Howland and Joseph C. Butler.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Wm. J. Gilfillan. 
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Henry T. Mansfield.
Engineers: First Assistant, Samuel L. P. Ayres; Second Assistant, Edward Koehl; Third Assistant, Chas. R. Roelker; Acting Third Assistant, William. J. Dougherty.

OTTAWA, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, James Stillwell.
Acting Master, William H. Winslow.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Lewis H. Willard.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, George W. Huntington.
Acting Ensigns, Benjamin Mitchell, Charles H. Choate, William H. McCormick, and Walter N. Smith.
Engineers: Second Assistants, George H. White and Robert B. Hine; Acting Second Assistant, William Ross; Acting Third Assistant, Cyrus G. Mead.

WINONA, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, Wm. H. Dana.
Acting Masters, E. H. Sheffield and William MeKendry.
Acting Ensigns, Walter Sargent and J. Severns.
Acting Master's Mate, Alfred Staigg.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Charles Little.
Acting Ass't Paymaster, Thomas H. Dickson.
Engineers: Second Assistant, Alfred Hedrick; Acting Second Assistant, J. B. A. Allen, jr.; Third Assistant, Robert L. Wamaling; Acting Third Assistant, C. W. Plaisted.

DAI CHING, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, J. C. Chaplin.
Acting Masters, Joshua W. Crosby and Geo. Howorth.
Acting Ensign, Walter Walton. 
Acting Assistant Surgeon, John R. Richardson. 
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Edward Sherwin.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, George R. Bennett; Acting Third Assistants, Domingo Castana, John H. Fulcher, and Montgomery West.


Lieutenant Commander, Alex. F. Crossman.
Acting Masters, Wm. Knapp, John Myers.
Acting Ensigns, N. W. Waite and George Glass.
Acting Master's Mates, Samuel Flaxington and L. F. Strant.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, R. Freeman. 
Acting Assistant Surgeon, D. J. Harris. 
Engineers: Acting Second Assistants, Sylvanus Warren; S. S. Hettrick, and Nelson Ross.


Lieutenant, George W. Hayward.
Acting Ensign, John A. Edgron.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Benj. F. Brown.
Acting Master's Mate, Charles Everdeen.
Acting Gunner, Thomas Holland.

SARATOGA, (3d rate:)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, Edgar Brodhead.
Acting Masters, Benj. S. Melville and Charles H. Baldwin.
Acting Ensigns, Edward Rogers and George O. Fabens.
Acting Master's Mates, Charles H. Chase and William A. Stannard.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Winthrop Butler.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Louis A. Yorke.
Boatswain, Philip J. Miller.
Gunner, Stephen Young.
Carpenter, Oliver H. Gerry.
Sailmaker, Joseph C. Bradford.

JOHN ADAMS, (3d rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, Alvin Phinney.
Acting Masters, C. C. Ricker, T. E. Chapin, and Henry Vaughan.
Acting Ensigns, H. D. Burolett, T. S. Avey, A. A. Franzen, Peter W. Fragen, G. S. Johnson, and Frank Fisher.
Acting Master's Mates, Wm. M. Gregg, Samuel E. Adamson, John Ostega, Nathan Brown, and Oliver O'Brien.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, N. M. Randlett.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Arch'd McVey.
Gunner, Jonathan M. Ballard.
Acting Gunner, Alfred C. Holmes.
Carpenter, Joseph G. Thomas.

FLAMBEAU, (3d rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, Edward Cavendy.
Acting Master, Gilbert Richmond.
Acting Ensigns, John W. Griffiths, Jesse T. Carver, Joseph S. Thomles, and John M. Hudson.
Acting Master's Mate, John F. Peterson.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Peter H. Pursell.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, F. V. D. Horton.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, John Harris; Acting Second Assistant, C. B. Curtes; Acting Third Assistants, A. F. Bullard and Edward Humstone.

SOUTH CAROLINA, (3d rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, Wm. W. Kennison.
Acting Master, Wm. Bailey.
Acting Ensigns, John Gunn, E. M. Dimon, Charles G. Boyer, and Ansel S. Hitch.
Acting Ass't Surgeon, Hiram C. Vaughan.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, S. W. Tanner.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, Joseph T. Hathaway; Acting Second Ass'ts, John H. Rowe and Henry Gormley; Acting Third Assistants, S. C. Lane and John Agnew.

LODONA, (3d rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, R. P. Swann.
Acting Masters, Henry G. McKennee and R. C. McKenzie.
Acting Ensigns, W. S. McNeilly and L. B. Brigham.
Acting Ass't Surgeon, Thbmas W. Meckly.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, A. M. Stewart.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, M. C. Heath; Acting Third Assistants, James Mollineaux, Wm. Leonard, and W. H. H. Hawes.

HOPE, (4th rate.)

Volunteer Lieutenant, William L. Churchill.
Acting Ensign, Andy Hartshorn.
Acting Master's Mates, Wm. E. Sauld and J. S. Leon.

VALPARAISO, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, Geo. E. Welch.
Acting Masters, H. S. Blanchard, Joseph W. Tuck, A. S. Gardner, and Stephen W. Rhoades.
Acting Ensign, B. W. Parker.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistants, Edwin H. Keith and John Lardner; Acting Third Assistant, Jesse Wright.
Gunner, William Bartlett.
Carpenter, Samuel N. Whiteouse.

STETTIN, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, C. J. Van Alstine.
Acting Master, J. M. Butler.
Acting Ensigns, C. B. Pray, J. C. Staples, and William Jenny.
Acting Master's Mate, Ed. F. Mosier.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Robert Stone.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, G.M. Bumes.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, John Hawkins; Acting Third Assistants, Anthony Gale, J. W. Elliott, and W. W. Smith.

MEMPHIS, (3d rate.)

Acting Master, R. O. Patterson.
Acting Master, John B. Childs.
Ensigns, Seth W. Cowing, Bradford D. Reed, and George C. Chamberlain.
Acting Master's Mate, John W. Moore.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, W. H. Bates.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Wm. E. Foster.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistants, Charles H. McCarty and Peter Anderson; Third Assistant, S. C. McLanahan; Acting Third Assistant, William Adams.

MARY SANFORD, (3d rate.)

Acting Master, Z. Kempton.
Acting Ensigns, John Ross, James F. Otis, and Wm. Caldwell, jr.
Acting Master's Mate, N. F. Rich.
Assistant Paymaster, Geo. E. Bissell.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, Charles O. Davis; Acting Third Assistant, Alvin N. Odell, Thos. Stimson, and James Hare.

HOME, (3d rate.)

Acting Master, Benjamin Dyer.
Acting Ensigns, A. E. Barnett, Robert E. Anson, and Augustus D. Anderson.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, William Waldo Howard.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Ichabod Norton.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, Cornelius Dandrean; Acting Third Assistants, Paul Dandrean, Thomas J. Hamilton, Wm. Smith, and George W. Hughes.

AZALIA, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, Frederick W. Strong.
Acting Ensign, Joseph Frost.
Acting Master's Mates, Francis C. Simond, and Robert N. Turner.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, Charles Gewans; Acting Third Assistants, William W. Fish, Frank L. Strong, and Joshua Priest.

PERRY, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, S. N. Freeman.
Acting Ensigns, R. R. Donnell and Fred. Elliot.
Acting Master's Mates, Edward H.. Sheer, Thomas H. McDonald, and Charles S. Bridges.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Benj. Marshall.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Thos. A. Emerson.

HARVEST MOON, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, John K. Crosby.
Acting Ensigns, William H. Bullis, David P. MeKevan, Adna N. Bates, and Louis A. Cornthwait.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, A. Sumner Dean.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, L. E. Rice.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistants, James A. Miller and George S. Geer; Acting Third Assistants, Henry Fisher and Fred'k W. Racoe.

PHILADELPHIA, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, George H. Avery.
Acting Ensigns, George R. Bailey, George Edwards, E. R. Davison, John B. Starr, and Charles D. Duncan.
Assistant Surgeon, Josiah H. Culver.
Assistant Paymaster, Horatio L. Wait.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, Robert Mulready; Acting Third Assistants, Chas. T. Wamaling, and John Ryan.

POTOMSKA, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, F. M. Montell.
Acting Ensigns, A. Cartes, Frank Watson, W. H. Millett, and G. T. Joslin.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, H. E. Rand.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, Edwin Vaughn; Acting Third Assistants, Samuel M. Van Clief; Elliott W. Cross, and Lewis M. McNeill.

WANDO (4th rate.)

Acting Master, Frederick T. King.
Acting Ensigns, E. K. Smith, M. A, Nickerson, Lewis Jennings, and Alex. Cormack.
Acting Master's Mate, W. C. N. Sanford.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, P. C. Whidden.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, W. L. G. Thayer.
Engineers: Second Assistant, John P. Kelly; Acting Second Assistant, James J. Sullivan; Acting Third Assistants, William
Norie, Thomas T. Sanborn and G. W. Wakefield.

WAMSUTTA, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, Charles W. Lee.
Acting Ensigns, E. R. Warren and Thomas R. Dayton.
Acting Master's Mates, F. L. Wheeler and Thomas Nickerson.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Charles Loucks.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, William Johnston; Acting Third Assistants, B. F. Napheys, David McDonald, and T. T. Risbell.

AMARANTHUS, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, Enos O. Adams.
Acting Ensign, William R. Cox.
Acting Master's Mates, Washington Van Wyck, James O'Donnell, and Alexander D. Damon.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, Charles R. Jones; Acting Third Assistants, Samuel Fowler and Horace W. Force.

ETHAN ALLEN, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, J. A. Pennell.
Acting Masters, William L. Kempton and Joseph McCart.
Acting Ensigns, James H. Bunting and William Mero.
Acting Masters' Mate, Edwards Dexter.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Isaiah Dowling.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Wm. R. Woodward.

CHAMBERS, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, William Watson.
Acting Ensigns, William Jermings and L. P. Delan.
Acting Master's Mate, A. K. Baylor.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, William D. Walker.

CHAMBERS, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, William Watson.
Acting Ensigns, William Jermings and L. P. Delan.
Acting Master's Mate, A. K. Baylor.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, William D. Walker.

OLEANDER, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, R. Price Walter.
Acting Ensigns, Henry G. Seaman and Geo. Delap.
Acting Master's Mate, George Newlin.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, Samuel Swartwout; Acting Third Assistants, Rob't B. Dick, Horace S. Brown, and L. B. Joyce.

PARA, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, David P. Heath.
Acting Ensign, Edward Ryan.
Acting Master's Mates, John McDonough and William H. Morse.

NORWICH, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, W. H. De Wolf.
Acting Ensigns, J. H. Sinscatt, J. P. Chadwick, and R. W. Laid.
Acting Master's Mates, Henry Sinclair and William White.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, J. A. Petrie.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, C. F. Gardner.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, P. B. Robinson; Third Assistant, L. H. Lamdim; Acting Third Assistants, H. J. Tarr and
J. B. Johnson.

FERNANDINA, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, Lewis West.
Acting Master, George F. Hollis.
Acting Ensigns, Christopher Flood, Benjamin H. Chadwick, and Charles Sawyer.
Acting Master's Mate, William C. King.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Stephen B. Kenney.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Thomas N. Murray.

HOUGHLEN, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, E. S. Fusher.
Acting Ensigns, Chester M. Shirving and Jacob Cochran.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Israel Bashong.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, R. W. Allen.

DAFFODIL, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, William H. Mallard.
Acting Ensign, John McGlathery.
Acting Master's Mate, N. B. Walker.
Engineers: Acting Third Assistants, William H. Capen, Thomas Forrest, and John Tucker.

ORVETTA, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, William Fales.
Acting Ensigns, Ed. W. Halcro, Charles Nellman, and Daniel W. Andrews.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Samuel A. Kay.

HYDRANGA, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, Charles W. Rodgers.
Acting Master's Mates, John B. Newcomb, J. G. Underhill, and John Wolstenholme.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, N. Koones; Acting Third Assistants, Horace O. Whitworth, Wesley B. Hall, and Charles M. Adams.

E. B. HALE, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, Charles F. Mitchell.
Acting Ensigns, Henry Stohl, George A. Smith, J. N. Van Buskirk, William L. Pary, and William Lamee.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Osmar B. Gilman.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, Frank Marsh; Third Assistant, R. F. Bennett; Acting Third Assistants, William C. Bond and William Finnegen.

C. P. WILLIAMS, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, L. W. Parker.
Acting Ensign, J. W. North.
Acting Master's Mates, L. E. Daggett and W. J. Lane.

GEORGE MANGHAM, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, John Collins, jr.
Acting Ensigns, John E. Wallis and A. Tuttle.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, T. G. Holland.

DAN SMITH, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, Barker Van Voorhis.
Acting Ensigns, A. H. L. Bowie and Robert Craig.
Acting Master's Mate, Henry P. Diermanse.

GEORGE W. RODGERS, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, Loring G. Emerson.
Acting Ensign, James H. Handy.
Acting Master's Mate, A. Treusdale.

ACACIA, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, William Barrymore.
Acting Master, J. E. Jones.
Acting Ensigns, Henry F. Blake and A. S. Rounds.
Acting Master's Mates, William J. McFadden and James Hawkins.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Joseph Foster.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, Thomas D. Crosby, Acting Third Assistants, James K. Wright, A. V. Harvey, E. H. Haggens, and Robert Henry.

T. A. WARD, (4th rate.)

Acting Master Robert T. Wyatt.
Acting Ensign, Walter C. Odiorne.
Acting Master's Mates, N.M. Baker, jr., and G. A. Olmstead.

RACER, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, E.G. Martin.
Acting Ensigns, D. B. Corey and J. F. Kavanaugh.
Acting Master's Mate, James Williams.
Assistant Paymaster, Charles Smith.

JOHN GRIFFITH, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, James Orgilvie.
Acting Ensigns, William Knight, William G. Pitts, and Thomas Perry.

SARAH BRUEN, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, William F. Redding.
Acting Ensigns, S. P. Edwards and J. Richardson.
Acting Master's Mate, William H. Omey.

IRIS, (4th rate.)

Acting Ensign, William H. Anderson.
Acting Master's Mates, William W. Brandt, Elisha Hubbard, and Roger Conoly.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, Richard Nash; Acting Third Assistants, Dennis Lyng and James Hankey.

DANDELION, (4th rate.)

Acting Ensign, George W. Williams.
Acting Master's Mates, William F. Vincent, J. K. Gould, and James Sullivan.
Engineers: Acting Third Assistants, E. Babbit and John McKeezer.

ARETHUSA, (4th rate.)

Acting Ensign, John V. Cook.
Acting Master's Mates, Israel D. Lovett and Frank H. Newcomb.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, George W. Howe; Acting Third Assistants; William J. Moore and John T. Greenwood.

CAMELIA, (4th rate.)

Acting Ensign, David B. Howes.
Acting Master's Mates, Abraham Leach, Frank H. Munroe, and William F. Sard.
Engineers: Acting Third Assistants, Benjamin Cobb, jr., John Grimes, and John Corson.

SWEET BRIER, (4th rate.)

Acting Ensign, J. D. Dexter.
Acting Master's Mates, F. J. Dill, J. R. Grove, and L. H. Brown
Engineers: Acting Second Assistants, M. V. B. Darling and T. J. W. Coopes; Acting Third Assistant, J. W. Blake.

PETTIT, (4th rate.)

Acting Ensign, Charles Greive.
Acting Master's Mates, James A. Smith, Charles E. Cool, and Uriah Folger.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistants, Reuben McClenahan and Augustus Wendell; Acting Third Assistants, Ed. Bannaclough
and Wesley J. Phillips.

GLADIOLUS, (4th rate.)

Acting Ensign Napoleon Boughton.
Acting Master's Mates, Sidney W. Byram, Horace B. Eaton, and William C. Parker.
Engineers: Acting Third Assistants, John D. Williams, George W. Beard, and Augustus Straub.

CARNATION, (4th rate.)

Acting Ensign, William Boyd.
Acting Master's Mates, J. D. Reed, Albion Burnham, and A. H. Francis.
Engineers: Acting Third Assistants, William C. Boone and Daniel M. Spangler.

LABURNUM, (4th rate.)

Acting Ensign, Sturgis Center.
Acting Ensigns, John D. Kihlborn and John P. Thompson.
Acting Master's Mate, Peter Moakley.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant Engineer, James Stevens; Acting Third Assistants, Denis Hayes and Walter S. Jarboe.

CATALPA, (4th rate.)

Acting Ensign, Allen K. Noyes.
Acting Master's Mates, John W. Matthews, A. S. Taffe, and John McGee.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, Timothy McCarty; Acting Third Assistants, Nicholas Cassin and James Nicholson.

CLOVER, (4th rate.)

Acting Ensign, Frank S. Leach.
Acting Master's Mate, Seth H. Bryant.
Engineers: Acting Third Assistants, William W. Shane, William F. Henderson, and Montgomery Griffiths.

GERANIUM, (4th rate.)

Acting Ensign, David Lee.
Acting Master's Mates, John D. Wingale, Benjamin Russell, and William Earle.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistants, S. W. Widlam and C. J. Henry; Acting Third Assistants, George E. Norris and H. B. Garabedian.

JONQUIL, (4th rate.)

Acting Ensign, Charles H. Hanson.
Acting Master's Mates, Thomas Newton and Henry Lynch.
Engineers: Acting Third Assistants, William H. Barclay and Joseph C. Batchelder.

NORFOLK PACKET, (4th rate.)

Acting Ensign, George W. Wood.
Acting Ensign, S. A. Dayton.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Andrew Tower.
Acting Master's Mates, Charles Bedell and Allen Moore.

BRAZILIERA, (4th rate.)

Acting Ensign, J. H. Bennett.
Acting Ensigns, Nelson C. Borden and Horace Dexter.
Acting Master's Mates, F. W. H. Harrington and C. A. Austin.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, George S. Fife.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, C. H. Longstreet.

G. W. BLUNT, (4th rate.)

Acting Ensign, G. G. Curtis.
Acting Master's Mate, William R. Lyons.

CHATHAM, (4th rate.)

Acting Master's Mate, George W. Post.
Acting Master's Mate, William Woods.
Engineers: Acting Third Assistants, Frederick Wagner and Herbert A. Brown.

LARKSPUR, (4th rate.)

Acting Master's Mate, John O'Conner.
Acting Master's Mates, William A. Arkins and David Wilson.
Engineers: Acting Third Assistants, William J. Cannon and Artemus L. Grow.


East Gulf Blockading Squadron

Acting Rear-Admiral C. K. Stribling, Commanding.

Commander Reed Werden, Fleet Captain.
Surgeon Edward Gilchrist, Fleet Surgeon.
Paymaster J. George Harris, Fleet Paymaster.
Chief Engineer Elbridge Lawton, Fleet Engineer.

SAN JACINTO, (2d rate.)

Captain, R. W. Meade.
Lieutenant Commander, J. N. Quackenbush.
Acting Masters, George Ashbury, William G. Wright, and William Richardson.
Passed Assistant Surgeon, Edward Matthews.
Passed Assistant Surgeon, James N. Hyde.
Paymaster, Rufus Parks.
Marine: First Lieutenant, Eugene A. Smalley.
Acting Ensigns, Edward B. Pratt, C.R. Fleming, J.P. Munn, and P.R. Dillon.
Acting Master's Mates, Byron Tuplee, Thos. H. Plumer, and A.L. Spinney.
Engineers: Chief, George S. Bright; Second Assistants, Chas. J. Coney, Edwin Wells, J. M. Emanuel, James E. Watts, Thomas Chase, E. R. Tyson, and B. F. Edwards; Acting Third Assistant, W. E. Leonard.
Boatswain, William Long.
Gunner, Daniel Dunsmore.
Carpenter, Robert A. Williams.
Sailmaker, Henry F. Stocker.


Commander, Robert Handy.
Acting Master, Alexander Wallace.
Acting Ensign, E. F. Rowe.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, George J. Sweet.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Lucien B. Tuttle.
Boatswain, John A. Briscoe.
Gunner, William J. Ferguson.
Carpenter, William H. Edgar.
Sailmaker, William H. Howells.

PROTEUS, (3d rate.)

Commander, R. W. Shufeldt.
Lieutenant, B. J. Cromwell.
Acting Ensigns, William Pearce, W. B. Hoff, R. C. Irvin, Horace Brooks, and C. H. Gaylor.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, L. Traver.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, C. C. Adams.
Engineers: Acting Chief; George F. Hebard; Acting Second Assistants, J. H. Hebard, D. W. Chipmnan, and H. F. Wilcox;
Acting Third Assistants, William J. Faul, B. W. Randall, and Enos A. Axtree.
Acting Gunner, William H. Pearce.

TALLAPOOSA, (3d rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, Joseph E. De Haven.
Acting Master, John H. Platt.
Acting Ensigns, Jonathan Jenney, William A. Rich, James D. Babcock, and Andrew E. Dunham.
Acting Master's Mates, C. M. Tessimond and Stephen F. Ayres.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, A. R. Rice.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, D. Whalen.
Engineers: First Assistant, David Smith; Acting Second Assistants, James Fagan and William E. Neal; Acting Third Assistants, William E. Renney, Thos. Clark, and J. T. Vinall.
Acting Gunners, J. W. Whiting.

IUKA, (3d rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, W. C. Rogers.
Acting Master, Alfred Weston.
Acting Ensigns, N. W. Black. R. C. J. Pendleton, W. M. Armstrong, and William J. Crosby.
Acting Master's Mates, Leon Bayant, Charles P. Hastwell, and A. W. Constable.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, William Lewes.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Henry Lunt.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, Clark W. Doten; Acting Second Assistants, B. F. Bourne and William H. Anderson; Acting
Third Assistants, D. Carrington and Robert A. Pearson.

INO, (3d rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant Charles 0. French.
Acting Master, William Martin.
Acting Ensigns, D. J. Grant, John W. Flansberg, William H. Shirll, Thomas V. Parker, and A. J. Kendall.
Acting Master's Mate, Edward R. Clarke.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, G. A. Hayanga.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, John L. G. Strong.

STARS AND STRIPES, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, John Sherrill.
Acting Master, George E. Hill.
Acting Ensigns, 0.S. Roberts and Henry Welton.
Acting Master's Mate, Alexander Moses.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Thomas J. Reed.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, James Winter.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, Charles Minnerly; Acting Third Assistants, Edward L. Heller and Theodore Breeze.

MAGNOLIA, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, Wm. S. Cheesman.
Acting Master, Charles T. Chase.
Acting Ensigns, C. F. Hodgkins, Geo. H. Colby, and James T. Bowling.
Acting Master's Mates, Albert H. Fisher and Franklin Grant.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Geo. D. Harris.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Wm. J. Corte.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, Alfred C. Whitney; Acting Third Assistants, Daniel Lyons, Albion Buckman, Henry P. Stults, and Isaac McAllister.

HONDURAS, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, Thomas R. Harris.
Acting Master, Warren Porter.
Acting Ensigns, Charles W. Cleveland, Wm. B. Brown, and Frank G. Adams.
Acting Master's Mate, George W. Frear.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Henry M. Chase.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Thomas B. Cushing.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, Wm. P. Nolan; Acting Third Assistants, Wm. C. Saville, Samuel L. Holt, Daniel Weston,
and W. J. Cornell.

FORT HENRY, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, J.B. Baxter.
Acting Ensigns, Charles Millett, John Hancock, and A. H, Mandall.
Acting Master's Mates, Samuel W. Lewis and Heman G. Holmes.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, J. F. Tourtelotte.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, H. L Hopkins.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, E. S. Chapell; Acting Third Assistants, Jacob Hancke, Claudin Vantin, and John S. Hill.

NITA, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, R. B. Smith.
Acting Master, L. H. Patridge.
Acting Ensigns, Peter Pease and D. C. Kierstad.
Acting Master's Mate, J. A. Hazelton.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, James Ogden; Acting Third Assistants, Luke Schuman, John Halpiro, and George Disney.

SOMERSET, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, Wm. P. Rogers.
Acting Master, Henry R. Baker.
Acting Ensigns, Charles Ekman, John Gorman, and Edward H. Smith.
Acting Master's Mate, J. G. Bache.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Jospeh R. Layton.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Edwin Webster.
Acting Second Assistant Engineer, Samuel V. Stillings.

ISONOMIA, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, L. D. D. Voorhees.
Acting Master, R. M. Cornell.
Acting Ensigns, George B. Sidell, John E. Giddings, and John S. Snow.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Atwood Crosby.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Richard H. Chipman.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistants, Samuel Lemon and George H. Luther; Acting Third Assistants, Francis C. Lomas; Charles A. Rogers, and Daniel Walsh.

HENDRICK HUDSON, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, C. H. Rockwell.
Acting Master, R. P. Arrants.
Acting Ensigns, Charles W. Arthur and Augustus H. Fuller.
Acting Master's Mates, John F. Perry and F. W. Barkman.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Henry L. Bartholomew.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Paul F. Dewing.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, Theodore D. Coffee; Acting Second Assistant, H. M. Little; Acting Third Assistants, James
Ward, James M. Churchill, and George W. Grier.

CLYDE, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, Cyrus Sears.
Acting Ensigns, Hugh Jones, John C. Harrington, and Peter Hansen.
Acting Master's Mate, George H. Dexter.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, J. Homer Darling.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, P.S. Towle.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, Joshua D. Hewes; Acting Third Assistants, George J. Church, Samuel A. Livingston, and Samuel Johnson.

JAMES L. DAVIS, (4th rate.)

Acting Masters, Wm. N. Griswold and Jeremiah Chadwick.
Acting Ensigns, John G. Meissner, Robert Adair, and James McVay.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, J. F. Alleyne.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Eugene Chapin.

BEAUREGARD, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, William H. Baldwin.
Acting Ensigns, George T. Pearson and Schuyler A. Cobb.

MIDNIGHT, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, Charles H. Cadien.
Acting Ensigns, Robert Dinsmore, Wm. H. Gruble and Edwin 0. Drene.
Acting Master's Mate, John R. Mitchell.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Ed. W. Avery.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Isaac P. Pugsley.

HONEYSUCKLE, (4th rate.)

Acting Masters, James J. Russell and Nathaniel Thrift.
Acting Ensign, Charles N. Hall.
Acting Master's Mates, George W. Wilson and Mason C. Easterbrook.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Wm. C. Blackwell.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, Reuben Riley; Acting Third Assistants, Charles E. Taber, John H. Bleakie, and John N. Matlock.

RESTLESS, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, H. B. Carter.
Acting Ensigns, Henry Eason, Alex. Hinclley, Wm. B. Rankin, Henry W. Richdale, and 0. H. Brook.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, F. LeRoy Morse.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Henry St. John.

O. H. LEE, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, Oliver Thacher.
Acting Ensigns, Thomas L. Briggs, Clement Nichols, and John S. Whitman.

MARIGOLD, (4th rate.)

Acting Ensign, Charles F. Palmer.
Acting Third Assistant Eneers, James M. Goodrich and Edward W. Maples.

WANDERER, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, W. McClintock.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Wm. C. Blackwell.
Acting Master's Mates, Robert Hunter and Stanley H. Pickles.

GEM OF THE SEA, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, George H. Leinas.
Acting Ensigns, Samuel J. Bliss, B. P. Trask, and R. C. Fowler.
Acting Master's Mates, Collins J. Andrews and John Walker.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Benj. G. Walton.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Henry G. Colby.

SUNFLOWER, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, Charles G. Loring.
Acting Ensign, Wm. A. Beattie.
Acting Master's Mates, Charles P. Luscomb, Harry L. Dunbar, and Christian Kruse.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, Thos. A. Galloway; Acting Third Assistants, A. Stevens, James G. Walker, and John S. Durton.


Acting Master, Ezra L. Robbins.
Acting Ensign, Wm. A. Baker.


Acting Master, Thomas Chatfielt.
Acting Ensign, J. A. Montague.


Acting Master, Frances Burgess.
Acting Ensign, Marcellus Jackson.


Acting Ensign, Johr R. Bell.
Acting Ensign, Horace G. Bunker.


Acting Ensign, F. H. Bacon.


West Gulf Blockading Squadron

Commodore James S. Palmer, Commanding.

Staff: Lieutenant Commander Samuel R. Franklin, Fleet Captain.
Fleet Paymaster, Edward T. Dunn.
Fleet Surgeon, James C. Palmer.
Fleet Engineer, William H. Shock.
Assistant Surgeon, Theoron Woolverton.
Acting Ensign, Frederick T. Mason.
Acting Ensign, Alexander S. Gibson.
Acting Ensign, T. M. Ludlow Chrystie.

RICHMOND, (2d rate.)

Captain, Thornton A. Jenkins.
Lieutenant Commander, Edward A. Terry.
Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, Chas. J. Gibbs.
Surgeon, Lewis J. Williams.
Assistant Surgeon, John McD. Rice.
Paymaster, Edwin Stewart.
Marines, Second Lieutenant, C. L. Sherman.
Acting Master and Pilot, John W. Grivet and J.C. Lawrence.
Ensign, Philip H. Cooper.
Acting Ensigns, Colby M. Chester, Lewis Clark, and Arthur H. Wright.
Acting Master's Mate, Theodore J. Werner.
Engineers: Chief, Jackson McElmell; First Assistant, E. J. Brooks; Second Assistants, John Wilson, Albert J. Kenyon, Absalom Kirby, Robert Weir, William H. Crawford; Third Assistant, Charles W Senter; Acting Third Assistant, Thomas McElmell.
Boatswain, Isaac T. Choate.
Acting Gunner, Addison Fisk.
Acting Carpenter, O. W. Griffiths.
Sailmaker, William Rogers.

LACKAWANNA, (2d rate.)

Captain, George F. Emmons.
Lieutenant Commander, Chas. S. Norton.
Lieutenants, S. A. McCarty, and Chas. D. Jones.
Surgeon, Thomas W. Leach.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Wm. F. Hutchinson.
Paymaster, George S. Benedict.
Acting Master, John H. Allen.
Ensigns, George H. Wadleigh, and Frank Wildes.
Acting Ensigns, Clarence Rathbone, Francis A. Cook, and Wm. J. Lewis.
Engineers: Acting Chief, Wm. A. R. Latimer; Second Assistant, Geo. W. Roche; Acting Second Assistant, John Miller; Third Assistant, Isaac B. Fort; Acting Third Assistants, George W. Russell, and Thos. W. Sillman.
Acting Boatswain, James G. Briggs.
Gunner, John G. Foster.

POTOMAC, (4th rate.)

Commander, A. Gibson.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Edgar S. Smith.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, J. H. Wood.
Chaplain, Robert Givin.
Acting Ensigns, R. Canfleld, Thomas H. Baker, Thomas MeLeary, Joseph B. Barker, and James H. Church.
Acting Master's Mate, A. Whiting.

MONONGAHELA, (2d rate.)

Commander, James H. Strong.
Lieutenants, Thomas C. Bowen and Oliver A. Batcheller.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Henry Rockwood.
Assistant Paymaster, Forbes Parker.
Acting Ensigns, George Gerrard, P. F. Harrington, and Dennis W. Mullan.
Acting Master's Mate, W. S. Arnaud.
Engineers: Chief, George T. Kutz; First Assistant, Joseph Trilley; Second Assistants, John J. Bissett, Edward Cheney, Philip J. Langer; Acting Third Assistants, Amos C. Wilcox and H. L. Churchill.
Boatswain, William Green.
Acting Gunner, M. B. Means.

PORTSMOUTH, (3d rate.)

Commander, Louis C. Sartori.
Passed Assistant Surgeon, Wm. C. Lyman.
Assistant Paymaster, E. Putnam.
Acting Masters, John Wallace and Henry M. Pierce.
Acting Ensigns, James F. Perkins and John P. Pearson.
Acting Master's Mates, Thomas H. Jenks and Thomas S. Flood.
Gunner, W. Cheney.
Carpenter, George E. Burcham.
Sailmaker, L. B. Wakeman.

OSSIPEE, (2d rate.)

Commander, William E. LeRoy.
Lieutenants, John A. Howell and Richard S. Chew.
Surgeon, B. F. Gibbs.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, W. L. Pynchon.
Acting Masters, C. C. Bunker and H. S. Lambert.
Acting Ensigns, Charles E. Clark and W. A. Van Vleek.
Engineers; Acting Chief, James M. Adams; Second Assistants, W. W. Vanderbilt, Wm. H. DeHart; Acting Second Assistants, M. H. Gerry, James R. Webb, George W. Kidder and William Collier.
Boatswain, Andrew Milne.
Gunner, John Q. Adams.

BIENVILLE, (2d rate.)

Commander, J. R. Madison Mullany.
Lieutenant, Henry L. Howison.
Passed Assistant Surgeon, Archibald C. Rhoades.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Wm. Wallace Goodwin.
Acting Master, Theis N. Meyer.
Acting Ensigns, Emile Enfer, George H. French, and Francis O. Abbott.
Acting Master's Mates, John R. Lee, Thomas H. Soule, and Otis G. Spear.
Engineers: Acting Chief, William F. Wright; Acting First
Assistant, Warren Ewen; Acting Second Assistants, P.O. Brightman
and Edward D. Merritt; Acting Third Assistants, D. Z. O'Keefe and Edward Torrallas.
Acting Gunner, William T. Laforge.

SEMINOLE, (3d rate)

Commander, Albert G. Clary.
Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, George Mundy.
Surgeon, John C. Spear.
Paymaster, Levi S. Stockwell.
Acting Master, William A. Maine.
Acting Ensigns, David K. Perkins, Francis Kempton, and Walter S. Church.
Acting Master's Mates, Henry Webb and Charles A. Thorne.
Engineers: Acting First Assistants, Claude Babcock and Alvin R. Calden; Acting Third Assistants, William Drinkwater, Patrick J. Hughes, and George Ellis.

ONEIDA, (3d rate.)

Commander, Thomas H. Stevens.
Lieutenants, Charles L. Huntington and E. N. Kellogg.
Surgeon, John J. Gibson.
Assistant Paymaster, George R. Martin.
Acting Ensign, Charles V. Gridley.
Acting Master's Mates, Edward Bird and Daniel H. Clark.
Engineers: Chief, William H. Hunt; Second Assistant, David Hardie; Acting Second Assistants, B. S. Cooke and William C. Barrett.
Acting Boatswain, Hallowell Dickinson.

PRINCESS ROYAL, (3d rate.)

Commander, M. B. Woolsey.
Lieutenant, Charles E. McKay.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Thos. K. Cbandler.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Francis T. Morton.
Acting Ensigns, A. H. Reynolds, Thomas A. Witham, John J. Moule, and Cyrus K. Porter.
Acting Master's Mates, William E. Cannon and Lewis Johnson.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, William Huntley; Second Assistant, James E. Fallon; Acting Third Assistants, Andrew J. Redmond, Peter Taylor, and George W. Caldwell.

OCTORARA, (3d rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, William W. Low.
Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, Wm. D. Urann.
Assistant Surgeon, Edward R. Dodge.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, J. H. Pynchon.
Acting Masters, Horace S. Young and Maurice W. McEntee.
Acting Ensigns, Qeorge H. Dodge, jr., and John N. Frost.
Acting Master's Mates, George P. Gifford and George W. Adams.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, William W. Shipman; Second Assistant, R. B. Plotts; Acting Third Assistant, Joseph Knight.


Lieutenant Commander, William Mitchell (Ordnance Officer.)
Acting Assistant Paymaster, W. C. Cook (Naval Storekeeper.)

KICKAPOO, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, M. P. Jones.
Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, D. C. Woods.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Foster Thayer.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, F. B. Gilbert.
Acting Masters, S. V. Bennis and DeWayne Stebbins.
Acting Ensigns, Joseph W. Chandler, Ezra Bassett, F. W. Grantzgow, and G. G. Tripp.
Acting Master's Mates, E. R. Bradley and L. W. Sedam.
Engineers: Acting Chief, D. C. Riter; Acting First Assistant, G. W. Lumpkins Acting Second Assistants, N. F. Johnson, Andrew DoJan, and Samuel Sykes; Acting Third Assistants, William T. Baxter, William D. Robb, John Feihl, and Martin Hilands.
Acting Gunner, Joseph H. Howe.
Acting Carpenter, William Ostermeyer.

METACOMET, (3d rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, James E. Jouett.
Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, H. J. Sleeper.
Assistant Surgeon, E. D. Payne.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, H. M. Harriman.
Acting Masters, Chris. C. Gill and H. C. Nields.
Acting Master and Pilot, R. Riggs.
Acting Ensigns, James Brown and Rufus N. Miller.
Acting Master's Mates, J. K. Goodwin and Charles Harcourt.
Engineers: First Assistant, James Atkins; Second Assistants, Charles H. Ball and George P. Hunt; Acting Third Assistants, James H. Nash, S. W. King, and Patrick Maloney.
Acting Gunner, James Laman.

KINEO, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, John Watters.
Lieutenant, Charles S. Cotton.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, E. S. Perkins.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Allan J. Clark.
Acting Ensigns, Henry W. Mather, Willard S. Keen, and David J. Starbuck.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistants, John S. J. Harper and Richard Thall.

J. P. JACKSON, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, Bancroft Gherardi.
Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, L. W. Pennington.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Thomas S. Yard.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Chas. B. Perry.
Acting Master, H. R. Billings.
Acting Masters and Pilots, James Maycock and Henry Rehder.
Acting Ensigns, William H. Howard and Joseph Wainwright.
Acting Master's Mates, Achilles Kalinski and Clinton T. Taylor.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, Charles Goodwin; Acting Third Assistants, James D. Cadwell, Albert Mayer, and John E. Hare.

CAYUGA, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, Henry Wilson.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, John E. Parsons.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Wm. A. Mann.
Acting Master, John Hanson.
Acting Ensigns, William F. Dolliver, Isaac A. Abbott, Robert Morris, and Francis P. Stevens.
Engineers: Second Assistants, Josiah C. Chaffee and William A. H. Allen; Acting Third Assistants, Thomas Kidd and John D. Thompson.

PENOBSCOT, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, A. E. K. Benham.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Fernando C. Sargent.
Assistant Paymaster, Frank H. Hinman.
Acting Master, Charles E. Jack.
Acting Ensigns, Edward Pendexter, Thomas McL. Miller, William G. Campbell, and William Wingood.
Engineers : Acting First Assistant, William M. Rodes; Acting Third Assistants, Warren Howland, Edward T. Henry, and John Carey.

GENESEE, (3d rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, John Irwin.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, W. L. Wheeler.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Frederick C. Alley.
Acting Masters, F. H. Grove, William Hanson, and Edwin Crissey.
Acting Ensigns, Sidney Hall, John Cannon, and George B. Foster.
Acting Master's Mate, Joseph N. Peabody.
Engineers: Second Assistants, Thomas W. Rae and Mason W. Mather; Acting Second Assistants, Michael McLaughlin and Christopher Nulton; Third Assistant, Edward W. Clark; Acting Third Assistant, John H. Dee.

AROOSTOOK, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, Joseph S. Skerrett.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, John H. Richards.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, E. St. C. Clark.
Acting Master, Prince S. Borden.
Acting Ensigns, John Griffin and William Barker.
Acting Master's Mate, Edward Culbert.
Engineers: Second Assistants, Samuel Gregg and James Entwistle; Acting Third Assistants, Nathan Brown, L. M. Reenstjerua, and Joseph P. Somerly.

VINCENNES, (3d rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, C. H. Greene.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, J. W. Newcomer.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Samuel Jordan.
Acting Masters, A. E. Hunter and Latham A. Brown.
Acting Ensign, Robert Henderson.
Acting Boatswain, John Smith.
Acting Gunner, William Kneeland.
Sailmaker, George Thomas.

MILWAUKEE, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, James H. Gillis.
Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, Fred. John Gover.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, N. Brewster.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, G. H. Horne.
Acting Master, George W. Garrison.
Acting Ensigns, Niles T. Crocker, E. D. Springer, R. L. E. Coombs, and J. W. Crocker.
Acting Master's Mates, George H. Cole, T. W. Stuart, and George W. Perrigo.
Engineers: First Assistant, John Purdy, jr.; Acting Second Assistants, Charles Metzger; John Adkins, Henry Bauer, S. W. Evans, and Frank Leonard; Acting Third Assistants, Freeman A. Hurd, Jacob Wahl, H. L. Dickerson, Morgan Lutton, Henry Blanch,
and William A. Blanch.

SEBAGO, (3d rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, Wm. E. Fitzhugh.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, T. Munson Coan.
Assistant Paymaster, Henry A. Strong.
Acting Master, Jerome B. Rogers.
Acting Master and Pilot, John H. Collins.
Acting Ensigns, E. D. Martin, Samuel G. Blood, and James F. Hamilton.
Acting Master's Mates, Thomas Elsmore and William A. Hynard.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, William Morris; Acting Second Assistant, William P. Ayres; Acting Third Assistants, Robert Miller and Franklin Babcock.
Acting Gunner, John Roberts.

KENNEBEC, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, Trevett Abbot.
Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, Edward Baker.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Wm. H. Taggert.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Elijah Ward.
Acting Masters, A. L. Emerson and John J. Butler.
Acting Ensign, J. D. Ellis.
Acting Master's Mate, Allen A. Mann.
Engineers: Second Assistant, L. W. Robinson; Acting Second Assistant, John S. Pearce; Acting Third Assistants, John N. Johnson and James Eccles.

ITASCA, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, George Brown.
Surgeon, David Kindleberger.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Alfred G. Lathrop.
Acting Master, Richard Hustace.
Acting Ensigns, Charles H. Hurd, James Igo and Edward S. Lowe.
Acting Master's Mates, Marcus Chapman and Lucius E. Heath.
Engineers: Second Assistants, Jno. C. Borthwick and George C. Irelan; Acting Second Assistant, Alfred Hoyt; Acting Third Assistant, Charles H. Laws.

KANAWHA, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, Bushrod B. Taylor.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Franklin W. Brigham.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Wm. O. Jube.
Acting Ensigns, William A. Purdie, Robert P. Boss, F. H. Deering, and Edward R. Westcott.
Acting Master's Mate, James J. Clark.
Engineers: Second Assistant, M. M. Murphy; Acting Third Assistants, B. F. Sanborn, Anthony Higgins, William D. Pancake, and Patrick H. Friel.

PEMBINA, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, J. G. Maxwell.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, A. R. Holmes.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Walter Fuller.
Acting Masters, Bowen Allen and F. E. Ellis.
Acting Ensigns, William Lyddon, B. M. Chester, Charles Putnam, and Charles L. Crandall.
Acting Master's Mate, Henry T. Davis.
Engineers: Third Assistant, Chas. F. Nagle; Acting Third Assistants, Charles F. Stroud and Augustus Dewitt.

PANOLA, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, Henry Erben.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Aaron Y. Hanson.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, A. B. Robinson.
Acting Ensigns, Charles V. Rummell, Jas. W. Brown, and Albion P. Gibbs.
Acting Master's Mate, John Rosling.
Engineers: Second Assistant, Howard D. Potts; Acting Second Assistants, Samuel A. Appold and John B. McGavern; Acting Third Assistants, Philip Ketler and F. E. Hosmer.

CHOCURA, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, Rich. W. Meade, jr.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Charles Gaylord.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, J. G. Tobey.
Acting Master, Alfred Washburn.
Acting Ensigns, Thomas F. Tracy, D. M. Carver, Robert Beardsley, Alex. P. Atwood, and Thomas G. Watson.
Engineers: Second Assistants, H. H. Maloney and Theodore Cooper; Acting Second Assistant, Othello D. Hughes; Third Assistants, Nelson H. Lawton and Andrew Blythe.

WINNEBAGO, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, W. A. Kirkland.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Joseph G. Bell.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Henry Gerrard.
Acting Master, A. S. Megathlin.
Acting Master and Pilot, Wm. H. Wroten.
Acting Ensigns, James Whitworth, Michael Murphy, and John Morrisey, jr.
Acting Master's Mates, Wm. Edgar, Henry C. Atlee, and John L. Hall.
Engineers: Acting Chief, Simon Schultice; Acting First Assistants, James Monroe and John Wilson; Acting Second Assistant, Philip Allman; Acting Third Assistants, James N. Quin, Robert D. Wright, Thomas J. Myers, James Morris, Samuel W. Dalton, jr., and John Donaldson.

CHICKASAW, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, George H. Perkins.
Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, Wm. Hamilton.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, J. K. Bacon.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, E. S. Wheeler.
Acting Master, E. B. Pike.
Acting Master and Pilot, Benj. Lancashire.
Acting Ensign, G. L. Jordan.
Acting Master's Mates, F. A. Case, M. F. Kushann, Chas. Atkins, Wm. A. Osborne, and M. Graham Jones.
Engineers: Acting Chief, William Rogers; Acting First Assistant, E. P. Bartlett; Acting Second Assistant, James J. Maratta; Acting Third Assistants, Alfred Wilkinson, Albert H. Goff, Geo. Harris, Henry Duckworth, and Alex. Wiggins.
Gunner, John A. McDonald.

SELMA, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant, Arthur R. Yates.
Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, Felix McCurley.
Assistant Surgeon, Frederick Kroecker.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, C. W. Clapp.
Acting Master and Pilot, John H. Collins.
Acting Ensigns, Louis R. Vance and Walter A. Dewitt.
Acting Master's Mate, T. S. Gilmore.
Engineers: Second Assistants, John D. Ford and James W. Patterson; Acting Third Assistants, Henry W. Whiting and Edward Kenney.

ARKANSAS, (3d rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, David Cate.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, E. D. G. Smith.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Ed. G. Bishop.
Acting Ensigns, Frank H. Beers and Richard C. Dawes.
Acting Master's Mates, James Scully, Thos. E. Tinker, and M. J. Nicholson. 
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, Joseph C. Cree; Acting Second Assistant, A. M. Clements; Acting Third Assistants, Geo. Anderson and Charles Wolff.

TRITONIA, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, George Wiggin.
Acting Master and Pilot, J. Nicholson.
Acting Ensign, F. R. Jaschke.
Acting Master's Mates, Carlton A. Trundy and H.P. Fish.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, James Findley; Acting Third
Assistant, Abram Geer.

VIRGINIA, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, Charles H. Brown.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Wm. H. Kenney.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Jeremiah B. Haff.
Acting Master, William G. Mitchell.
Acting Ensigns, N. A. Blume and F. E. Brackett.
Acting Master's Mates, Herman Wissing and E. F. Small.
Engineers: Second Assistant, J. D. Toppin; Acting Third Assistants, James E. Essler, J. E. Scribner, Charles Hoskins, Daniel Ward.

PENGUIN, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, James R. Beers.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, H. R. Buckley.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Thomas C. Hutchinson.
Acting Master, Tolford Durham.
Acting Ensign, Benjamin Caullet.
Acting Master's Mates, Charles G. Smith, Frederick C. Almy, and Wm. A. Hannah.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, F. W. Warner; Acting Second Assistant, William P. Randall; Acting Third Assistants, John Webster, Richard Reilly, and Dewitt McBride.

CORNELIA, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, John A. Johnstone.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, John G. Dearborn.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, A. P. Eastlake.
Acting Master, George Ferris.
Acting Ensigns, George A. Harriman, Frank Millett, and George F. Brawley.
Acting Master's Mates, William H. Wood and George H. Russell.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, Samuel R. Brumage; Acting Second Assistant, Thomas J. Lavery; Acting Third Assistants, James A. Boynton and Geo. Altham.

BUCKTHORN, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, Washington Godfrey.
Acting Master's Mates, B. F. Robinson, H. J. Wynde, and H. A. Mayo.
Engineers: Acting Third Assistants, E. R. Hubbard and William H. Allen.


Acting Volunteer Lieutenant. M. B. Crowell.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Ezra Pray.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, D. F. Power.
Acting Ensigns, C. F. R. Wappenhaws, Theodore H. Paine, Charles H. Blount, F. A. G. Bacon.
Acting Master's Mate, Alpheus S. Eldredge.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, John Seaman; Acting Third Assistants, Henry Lyon, jr., William E. Deaver, Ferrier V. Christian, Frederick A. Scott.

ANTONA, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, John F. Harden.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, S. B. Doty.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, H. M. Whittemore.
Acting Ensigns, Frederick W. Hearn, John Sears, William G. Jones, John Bowman.
Acting Master's Mates, Charles E. Schofield and George T. Carey.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, Samuel T. Reeves; Acting Third Assistants, Thos. Petherick, John H. Burchmore, and John Chambers.

STOCKDALE, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, Thos. Edwards.
Acting Assistant Paymasters, John W. Day and W. R. Sherwood, (residing on board.)
Acting Ensign, Henry F. Martin.
Acting Master's Mates, Frederick H. Johnson, Charles H. Cleaveland, Daniel Dennis, and George Rogers.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, Alex. M. Geary; Acting Third Assistants, Ambrose Kimball and William W. Lewis.

ELK, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant Nicholas Kirby.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Henry H. Wilkins.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Wm. C. Robbins.
Acting Master and Pilot, Jacob Lindee.
Acting Ensigns, W. D. Tabor and H. W. Brackett.
Acting Master's Mate, A. J. Emery.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistants, Benj. La Bree, Thomas H. Nelson, R. W. Mars; Acting Third Assistants, Thos. R. Thompson and John S. Hays.

CARRABASSETT, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, Ezra Leonard.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, C. W. Knight.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Daniel W. Riddle.
Acting Ensign, A. L. C. Boivie.
Acting Master's Mates, A. A. Delano and John Devereux.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, J. W. Hindman; Acting Third
Assistants, Thos. W. Harding, James Crooks, and Jerome Haas.

NYANZA, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, C. A. Boutelle.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Woodbury G. Frost.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, H. S. Gregory
Acting Master, Julius F. Beyer.
Acting Ensign, Joseph M. Chadwick.
Acting Master's Mate, John H. Mallon.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, William Doyle; Acting Second Assistant, Bernard Martin; Acting Third Assistants, Reuben G. Watson and Henry James.

SCIOTA, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, J. W. Magune.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, R. P. Sawyer.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Benjamin H. Franklin.
Acting Ensign, Charles A. Cannon.
Engineers: Second Assistant, Wm. F. Pratt; Acting Second Assistant, Daniel Dod.

SAM HOUSTON, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, Martin Freeman.
Acting Master, William Stewart.

PORT ROYAL, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, Thomas M. Gardner.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, L. R. Boyce.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Frank K. Moore.
Acting Master, William Hull.
Acting Ensigns, Elisha W. Snare and Fortesque S. Hopkins.
Acting Master's Mates, Eugene V. Tyson, Samuel S. Bumpus, Wm. A. Prescott, and Wm. Campbell.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, Henry Moyles; Third Assistant, W. C. F. Reichenbach; Acting Third Assistant, T. Benton Brown.

TALLAHATCHIE, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, Thomas J. Linnekin.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, A. L'Anglois.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, John C. Sawyer.
Acting Master and Pilot, James Redding.
Acting Ensigns, Haskell Crosby, Silas H. Bevins, and William B. Pease.
Acting Master's Mates, William McKnight, John Smith, and Thomas Pindar.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, David R. Sims; Acting Second Assistant, Wm. M. Stewart; Acting Third Assistants, John Dalton and John M. Moran.

GLASGOW, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, Richard J. Hoffner.
Acting Master and Pi]ot, Frank Kane.
Acting Ensign, Charles Welles.
Acting Master's Mates, F. A. Sherman, John F. Baker, and Wm. H. Childs.
Engineers; Second Assistant, John F. Bingham; Acting Third Assistants, Robert E. Lytle and John McAuliffe.

PAMPERO, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, Oliver Colburn.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Elias C. Niel.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Albert B. Clark.
Acting Master's Mate, Rodger Farrell.
Acting Master's Mate, J. L. Blauvelt.

ARIZONA, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, Howard Tibbits.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, S.S. Green.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, George B. Tripp.
Acting Master, William Harcourt.
Acting Ensign, F. Augustus Miller.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, William H. Thomson; Second Assistant, Philip G. Eastwick, (on duty with fleet engineer;) Acting Third Assistant, John Lewis.

GERTRUDE, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, Henry C. Wade.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Adam Shirk.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Richard R. Brawley.
Acting Ensigns, William Shepherd and Fred. Newell.
Acting Master's Mates, Benjamin Leeds and Charles A. Osborn.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, William H. Brown; Acting Third Assistants, Joseph H. Nesen, Frank C. Morey, and Charles O. Farciot.

POCAHONTAS, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, Ephraim E. Pendleton.
Assistant Surgeon, Charles L. Green.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, A. J. Wright, jr.
Acting Ensign, Isaac J. McKinley.
Acting Master's Mates, B. W. Tucker, jr., John H. Pray, and James L. Gould.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistants, William F. Warburton and Alexander McDonald; Acting Third Assistants, Rodney F. Carter, John H. Doughty, and William D. Hyde.

ARTHUR, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, Joseph E. Stannard.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, C. E. Mitchell.
Acting Ensign, George M. Bogart.
Acting Master's Mate, Robert Wood.

NEW LONDON, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, Lyman Wells.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, George M. Beard.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Edmund A. Chadwick.
Acting Ensigns, John M. C. Reville, Victor W. Jones, and Horace Z. Howard.
Acting Master's Mate, Edw. J. Hennessy.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, Henry P. Powers; Acting Third Assistants, John Dunlap, James Creery, and John Quinn.

FORT GAINES, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, John R. Hamilton.
Acting Ensign, Stephen A. Ryder.
Acting Master's Mates, Wm. J. Thornton, Bernard Segersteen, and William Brown.
Engineers: Acting Third Assistants, Lucas Golden, William Clark, Henry Moxley, and Thomas Smith.

OWASCO, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, Thomas B. Sears.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Jacob J. Smith.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, William B. Coleman.
Acting Master, John Utter.
Acting Master's Mates, Frederick C. Duncan and A. L. Stevens.
Engineers: Second Assistant, Haviland Barstow; Acting Third Assistants, Thomas H. Carton and George W. Latham.

BOHIO, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, William M. Stannard.
Acting Master's Mate, Daniel Parsons.

METEOR, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, Meltiah Jordan.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, John M. Skillman.
Acting Ensigns, William S. Romme, John L. Hall, and Charles Haven Sawyer.
Acting Master's Mates, Theo. W. Jones and John F. Porter.
Engineers: Acting Third Assistants, William Connell, William Boyle, William Brown, and Patrick J. Murphy.

KATAHDIN, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, Edward A. Terrill.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, G. D. Buckner.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Leander D. Bradley.
Acting Master and Pilot, Bernard Crone.
Acting Ensigns, George A. Faunce and William Ross.
Engineers; Second Assistant, Nathaniel B. Clark; Acting Assistant, Thomas Tuttle; Acting Third Assistants, Samuel Wallace and H. C. Reynolds.

ESTRELLA, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, G. P. Pomeroy.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Fabius E. Clark.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, G. L. Hoodless.
Acting Master's Mates, E. G. Caswell and Charles Sidney.
Engineers : Acting First Assistant, Robert G. Pope; Acting Third Assistants, George R. Marble and James F. Winters.

RODOLPH, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, N. M. Dyer.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, E. P. Colby.
Acting Ass't Paymaster, James C. Graves.
Acting Master and Pilot, John Robinson.
Acting Ensign, James F. Thomson.
Acting Master's Mates, Nathaniel B. Hinckley, John Dickson.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, Jas. W. Smith; Acting Third Assistants, Levi Rollins, Joshua Halsall, Charles Robinson.

PINK, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, Samuel Belden.
Acting Ensigns, George Steen, H. D. Packard.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, Ansel B. Reese; Acting Third Assistants, Samuel S. Pettingell, Henry C. Jewett, John J. Cunningham.

CORYPHEUS, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, J. S. Clark.
Acting Ensign, John H. Gregory.
Acting Master's Mate, Wm. McCann.

GLIDE, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, Levi S. Fickett.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Abraham Depue.
Acting Ensigns, James Sheppard, John P. Cole.
Acting Master's Mates, Joseph Griffin, William D. Gregory, Charles Heath.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, Michael F. Rodgers; Acting Third Assistants, William M. Matthews, Thomas R. Thompson.

MARIA A. WOOD, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, John Ross.
Acting Master's Mates, Charles Fort, Ephraim S. Stover.

COWSLIP, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, William T. Bacon.
Acting Ensign, John Dennett.
Acting Ensign and Pilot, A. Bellandi.
Acting Master's Mate, Jacob Teal, jr., F. A. Grosse.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, John Rodgers; Acting Third Assistant, John R. Davidson.

HOLLYHOCK, (4th rate.)

Acting Ensign, Franklin Ellms.
Acting Master's Mate, Lewis Milk.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, Abraham Wilcox; Acting Third Assistants, Thomas Kennedy, Frank Rodgers, Frank Royce, Thomas Armstrong.

KITTATINEY, (4th rate.)

Acting Ensigns, N. J. Blasdell, William F. Chatfield.

ROSE, (4th rate.)

Acting Ensign, Walter D. Maddocks.
Acting Master's Mates, J. E. Plander, Bradford E. Treat, G.E. Symms.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, William R. Nutz; Acting Third Assistants, Alpheus Nichols, Henry A. Guild, W. L. Lewis.

ALTHEA, (4th rate.)

Acting Ensigns, John Boyle, Chas. C. Wilbur.
Acting Master's Mates, Harry White, Charles A. Blanchard.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistants, Jas. Kelven, Frederick Henriques; Acting Third Assistant, John F. Smith.

JASMINE, (4th rate.)

Acting Ensign, F. J. Brenton.
Engineer: Acting Third Assistant, L. R. Burgoyne.

FEARNOT, (4th rate.)

Acting Ensign, Abraham Rich.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Thos. E. Ryan.
Acting Ensign, Philo P. Hawkes.
Acting Master's Mate, N. W. Freeman.

J. C. KUHN, (4th rate.)

Acting Ensign, Sewall H. Newman.

W. G. ANDERSON, (4th rate.)

Acting Ensign, Robert H. Carey.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Thos. M. Drummond.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, T. S. Dabney.
Acting Ensign, Samuel A. Brooks.
Acting Master's Mates, George H. Rowen, Allan Reilley.

BLOOMER, (4th rate.)

Acting Third Assistant Engineer, Thomas Jones.

CHARLOTTE, (4th rate.)

Acting Master's Mate, A. Whiting.

IDA, (4th rate.)

Pilot Commanding, Benj. Tarbell.
Acting Master's Mate, Henry Kent.


Naval Rendezvous.

Acting Master, E. H. Howell.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, D. McLean.

Naval Hospital.

Surgeon, Samuel J. Jones.
Assistant Surgeons, Thomas Hiland, Heber Smith.


Acting Master, F. H. Grove.
Acting Master's Mates, Charles R. Marple and E. A. Morse.
Engineer: Acting Third Assistant, J. L. Young.


Acting Ensign, Robert M. Hanson.


Acting Master, William Jones.


Mississippi Squadron: Part 1

Acting Rear-Admiral Samuel P. Lee, Commanding.

Staff: Lieutenant Commander C. A. Babcock, Acting Fleet Captain.
Lieutenant F. J. Naile, Flag Lieutenant.
Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, Wm. G. Saltonstall.
Surgeon Ninian Pinkney, Fleet Surgeon.
Paymaster Ed. T. Dunn, Fleet Paymaster.
Acting Chief Engineer Samuel Bickerstaff, Fleet Engineer.
Acting Master, C. R. Knowles.
Acting Ensigns, Wm. Ringgold Cooper and C. C. Cushing.

ESSEX, (4th rate.)

Commander, Andrew Bryson.
Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, John C. Parker.
Acting Ensigns, Spencer Johnson, Edwin W. Wood, and James H. Barry.
Acting Master's Mates, John A. Whitesides and Richard D. Punch.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Thomas Allen.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Charles W. Slamm.
Engineers: Acting Chief, Joseph K. Heap; Acting First Assistant, Joseph S. Hilliard; Acting Second Assistants, E. P. Sprague and Chas. H. Burt; Acting Third Assistant, Nicholas Sauer.
Gunner, Charles Earnshaw.
Acting Carpenter, George H. Stevens.

BENTON, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, E. Y. McCauley.
Acting Master, W. J. Lees.
Acting Ensigns, Peyton H. Randolph and P. Frazer.
Acting Master's Mates, Wm. Kesner, Hiram Simonton, Amos .T. Brisal, Richard L. Evans, and Henry Clifton.
Assistant Surgeon, C. J. S. Wells.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Calvin G. Lownds.
Engineers: Acting Chief, Job V. Starr; Acting First Assistants, H. W. Fairfoul and Samuel L. Walkinshaw; Acting Second Assistants, Oliver Bray, Alonzo A. Jenks, and Benj. A. Farmer; Acting Third Assistant, William Hadfield.
Acting Carpenter, Richard Ratchford.

MANHATTAN, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, Edward C. Grafton.
Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, Robert B. Ely.
Acting Ensigns, George B. Mott, John B. Trott, Charles H. Sinclair, and J. L. Harris.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, H. W. Mitchell.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, H. G. Thayer.
Engineers: Acting Chief, C. L. Carty; Acting First Assistant, W. H. Miller; Acting Second Assistants, James B. Farrand and Thomas Finnie.

CHOCTAW, (3d rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, J. J. Cornwell.
Acting Master, Ezra Beaman.
Acting Ensigns, M. B. Muncy and H. C. Marsh.
Acting Master's Mates, A. V. Forgey, E. F. Crane, and James Stoddard.
Assistant Surgeon, Edward Kershner.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, E. N. Whitehouse.
Engineers: Acting Chief, N. P. Baldwin; Acting First Assistants, C. E. Arbuthnot and J. Blake; Acting Second Assistants, John T. Stone and H. G. Moreland; Acting Third Assistant, S. C. Babbett.
Carpenter, John A. Stuart.

LAFAYETTE, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, James P. Foster.
Acting Masters, J. R. Neild, F. G. Sampson, and J. H. Welsh.
Acting Ensigns, Paul Morgan and C. H. Slocum.
Acting Master's Mates, S.O. Lovell, Wm. E. Atkins, and Edw. C. Emley.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, D. H. Hayden.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, J. P. Kelley.
Engineers: Acting Chief, Robert Tate; Acting First Assistant,
James Wilkins ; Acting Second Assistants, J. W. Paull and E. H. Kidd; Acting Third Assistant, A. A. Johnson.
Acting Gunner, George Price.
Acting Carpenter, J. W. Lister.

BLACK HAWK, (3d rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, James A. Greer.
Acting Masters, Edward A]ford and Henry Baker.
Acting Ensigns, C. A. Calvert, B. T. Howell, J. A. Jones, J. C. Barr, and J. B. Pratt.
Acting Master's Mates, B. B. Baker, A. S. Ludlow, D. A. Boies, A. H. Ahernes, and Jay Niemann.
Passed Assistant Surgeon, Michael Bradley.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, C. H. Kirkendall.
Second Lieutenant Marines, Frank L. Church.
Engineers: Acting Chief, Geo. W. Walker; Acting First Assistant, O. G. Richey; Acting Second Assistant, C. B. Adams; Acting Third Assistants, W. B. Richey and Jacob W. Cassell.
Acting Gunner, John R. Hall.
Acting Carpenter, Noah Dean.

SYDIL, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, John G. Mitchell.
Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, John W. Atkinson.
Acting Ensigns, John MeLeane and Wm. Hammett, jr.
Acting Master's Mates, John R. Hagle, Horace B. Sprague, Wm. H. Smith, and Wm. W. Rumsey.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Hanson A. Bodman.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Thomas B. Reed.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, Samuel Tubbs; Acting Second Assistant, Fayette G. Leavy; Acting Third Assistant, Wm. M. Piercy.

NEOSHO, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, Robert Boyd.
Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, Samuel Howard.
Acting Master, E. F. Brooks.
Acting Ensigns, James Downs and Wm. P. Higbee.
Acting Master's Mates, C. C. Royce and C. T. Rees.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, M. A. Miller.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, William H. Byrm.
Engineers: Acting Chief, Wm. Mills; Acting First Assistant, Wm. C. Sanford ; Acting Second Assistant, J. L. Miles; Acting Third Assistants, J. F. Humphrey, William H. Dunning, and M. C. Noland.
Acting Gunner, Wm. T. Devlan.

LOUISVILLE, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, George Bacon.
Acting Master, H. D. Coffinberry.
Acting Ensigns, B. H. Langlands, George V. Meade, and Charles Smith, jr.
Acting Master's Mates, J. J. Drew, W. H. English, and J. T. Hinsley.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, W. P. Seamans.
Engineers: Acting Chief, J. J. Hardy; Acting First Assistant, C. W. Reynolds; Acting Second Assistant, C. F. Degelman; Acting Third Assistant, L. A. Salade.
Acting Carpenter, James McKeen.

TENNESSEE, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, Edward P. Lull.
Acting Master, C. W. Adams.
Acting Ensigns, W. W. Deeley, A. A. Ward, and John P. Zettrick.
Acting Master's Mates, Henry Wyman, Thos. Kennedy, and J. Canody.
Assistant Surgeon, W. H. Jones.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, P. H. Taws.
Engineers: Acting First Assistants, W. C. Perry and Charles Chadwick; Second Assistant, Francis C. Goodwin; Acting Second Assistant, B. D. Mulligan; Acting Third Assistants, W. J. Mack and D. S. Clark.

MOOSE, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, LeRoy Fitch.
Acting Master, W. C. Coulson.
Acting Ensigns, John Revel, D. B. Dadley, and Isaac C. Wiltsee.
Acting Master's Mates, Daniel Maloney, O. W. Miles, and W. S. Holden.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, William M. Reber.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, J. W. Clark.
Engineers: Acting Chief, William D. McFarland; Acting First Assistant, Thomas N. Hall; Acting Second Assistant, Charles McMillan; Acting Third Assistant, James D. Hedges.

OUICHITA, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, Byron Wilson.
Acting Master, Eugene Zimmerman.
Acting Ensigns, M. M. Wheeler, R. S. Lamport, and John W. Adams.
Acting Master's Mates, Rivers Drake, E. P. Marshall, A. W. Widup, S. A. Park, and Jaspar H. Moses.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, George E. Francis.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, J. R. Meeker.
Engineers: Acting Chief, Thomas Hebron; Acting First Assistant, John S. Moore; Acting Second Assistants, George T. Wilson and A. H. Tyler; Acting Third Assistants, Thomas Reed and F. A Morse.
Acting Carpenter, Richard Nisbet.


Lieutenant, Moreau Forrest.
Acting Ensign, David Pulman.
Acting Master's Mates, Roddie Reynolds, Francis McGlincy, William C. Mudge, Louis Hartlet, Hans Trulsen, and Edward McGaughey.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, H. J. Curtis.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Geo. D. Rand.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, Benjamin Chester; Acting Second Assistant, William W. Smith; Acting Third Assistants, John G. Burkley and Joseph Walter.

OSAGE, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, George W. Rogers.
Acting Master, William G. Pease.
Acting Ensigns, William J. Durney and Arthur O'Leary.
Acting Master's Mates, John C. Winslow and Robert W. Rogers.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Josiah H. Benton.
Engineers: Acting Chief, Thomas Doughty; Acting First Assistant, Richard J. Stone; Acting Second Assistants, William C. Galbraith and William Grant; Acting Third Assistants, William C. Burke and James M. Wilson.
Acting Carpenter, C. C. Gilliland.

CARONDELET, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, Chas. P. Clark.
Acting Master, Charles W. Miller.
Acting Ensigns, Oliver Donaldson, Scott D. Jordan, and Thomas A. Quin.
Acting Master's Mates, Loren W. Hastings, W. H. H. DeGroot, George F. Bean, Wm. Francis, and W. D. McKeane, jr.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, D. G. Curtis.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Geo. W. Robertson.
Engineers: Acting Chief, Chas. H. Craven; Acting Second Assistants, Michael Norton and Walter S. Barlow; Acting Third Assistants, John McWilliams and Thomas Mattingly.
Acting Carpenter, George W. Kenny.

CHILLICOTHE, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, Geo. P. Lord.
Acting Master, James M. Holmes.
Acting Ensigns, Joseph D. Buckley, Horace A. Hannon, Howell Shoemaker, and Ralph H. Day.
Acting Master's Mates, Walter S. Thomas, James Harrington, and John H. Ely.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, George C. Osgood.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, James H. Hathaway.
Engineers: Acting Chief, Albert W. Hardy; Acting First Assistant, Charles Trotten; Acting Second Assistants, John W. Hymen and Anthony Lane; Acting Third Assistant, James W. Ferrell.
Acting Gunner, William E. Keyes.
Acting Carpenter, Joseph H. Fink.

AVENGER, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, Charles A. Wright.
Acting Ensigns, John Gregg, Jas. H. Neely, and John Molony.
Acting Master's Mates, Henry Walters, John D. Moore, and Edward W. Perry.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Jabez H. Moses.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, John W. Van Cleve, jr.
Engineers: Acting Chief, John G. Scott; Acting First Assistant, James A. Burns; Acting Second Assistant, Samuel G. Patterson; Acting Third Assistants, William Jayne and Thomas McGarrity .
Acting Carpenter, Benjamin H. Brink.

EXCHANGE, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, James C. Gipson.
Acting Ensigns, Chas. L. Meany, Robert W. Brown.
Acting Master's Metes, G. T. Miller, B. F. Saunders, John W. Chawson.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, E. M. Goodwin.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, D. Davis, jr.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, A. G. Perkins; Acting Second Assistant, C. C. Streepey; Acting Third Assistant, B. F. Graham.

PITTSBURG, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, Wm. H. Hoel.
Acting Master, Silas B. Colman.
Acting Ensigns, James Cratt and Freeman Vincent.
Acting Master's Mates, John Scott, Charles B. Jones, and Frank M. McCord.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Fletcher M. Follett.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Chas. H. Gould.
Engineers: Acting Chief; George H. Atkinson; Acting First Assistant, Eli R. Pavy; Acting Second Assistants, Wm. H. Mitchell, Robert Milby.
Acting Gunner, Frank C. Green.
Acting Carpenter, Wm. C. Boggs.

REINDEER, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, H. A. Glassford.
Acting Master, John H. Rice.
Acting Ensigns, Charles W. Spooner, Thos. M. Lewis.
Acting Master's Mates, G. S. Upton, Ey. Gasaway, W. H. Burton.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Frank N. Jordan.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Wm. W. Barry.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, A. H. Bagby; Acting Second Assistant, Newell W. Conner; Acting Third Assistant, Geo. M. Hayman.

TYLER, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, Fred'k S. Hill.
Acting Masters, W. T. Power Charles Ackley.
Acting Ensigns, John W. Lalor, W. H. C. Michael.
Acting Master's Mates, W. P. Eakle, H. S. Allen.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Sam'l Mendenhall.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Geo. H. Hall.
Engineers: Acting Chief, James Fleming; Acting First Assistant, J. R. Ramsey; Acting Second Assistants, Wm. Furch, Philip Sheridan; Acting Third Assistants, Walter Mossington, Silas H. Lancaster.
Acting Carpenter, J. M. Peabody.

VINDICATOR, (3d rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, Henry H. Gorringe.
Acting Masters, B. F. Reed, Daniel P. Sattery.
Acting Ensigns, W. Zimmerman, Byron C. Wheeler, Jesse W. Foster.
Acting Master's Mates, L. C. Ball. John Davis, Lewis Leahman, Henry Kane, Allen A. King.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, C. E. Vaughn.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, F. W. Hanson.
Engineers: Acting Chief, Thomas Cook; Acting Second Assistants, Charles Jistdat, Anthony Courtway, James O'Neil, Samuel H. Brogan; Acting Third Assistants, Andrew Lask, John Link.
Acting Gunner, Wm. H. Burton.
Acting Carpenter, James Tulty.

HASTINGS, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, J. S. Watson.
Acting Master, Wm. Neil. 
Acting Ensigns, C. H. Reed, Jas. McDonald.
Acting Master's Mates, E. C. Urner, Wm. H. Gray.
Assistant Surgeon. James M. Flint.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, T. J. Stone, jr.
Engineers : Acting First Assistant, Horace L. Juce; Acting Second Assistants, Edwin Senior, Andrew Wilson; Acting Third Assistants, A. M. L. Wasson, George W. Amsden.

FOREST ROSE, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, A. N. Gould.
Acting Ensigns, H. B. Graves, C. W. Johnson, Geo. G. Cox.
Acting Master's Mates, Ira Athearn, C. W. Crooker, James M. Stewart.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, P. Cadwallader.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, A. J. Myers.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, Francis March; Acting Second Assistant, Joseph Kennedy; Acting Third Assistant, Silas Husky.

ST. CLAIR, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, Jas. S. French.
Acting Ensigns, Joseph Sawyer, Wm. A. Burchard, Henry O. Proctor.
Acting Master's Mates, Wm. S. Culbertson, James Reed, W. T. Ross.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, E. H. Johnson.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, Wm. McLean; Acting Second Assistant, Edward Lozier; Acting Third Assistant, Michael J. Soden.

LEXINGTON, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, Wm. Flye.
Acting Ensigns, Henry Booby, James G. Migler, Chas. C. Briggs, Howard Hale.
Acting Master's Mates, C. W. Botten, Ezra McDunn.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Henry M. Mixer.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Thomas C. Doan.
Engineers: Acting Chief, Wm. H. Meredith; Acting First Assistant, A. L. Mann; Acting Second Assistant, Reuben Story; Acting Third Assistants Jacob Vittinger, Wm. T. Neal.
Acting Gunner, Louis Freidrick.
Acting Carpenter, Richard Carroll.

CINCINNATI, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, Jason Goudy.
Acting Master, J. B. Williams.
Acting Ensigns, Walter Pinner, Samuel J. Denight.
Acting Master's Mates, J. G. Abbott, Alexander B. Allen, John B. A. Conant.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, E. Dayton.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, J. R. Carmody.
Engineers: Acting Chief, J. D. Hartupee; Acting First Assistant, E. D. Collett ; Acting Second Assistant, T. Gurnsey, G. W. Dean; Acting Third Assistants, Andrew Boland, John Henry.
Acting Gunner, L. K. Ellis.
Acting Carpenter, John Cronan.

NAUMKEAG (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, John Rogers.
Acting Ensign, Thomas Cordwell.
Acting Masters' Mates, Alexander Procter, Henry R. Ferris, and James P. Popejoy.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Edgar Le Roy Draper.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Henry B. Mears.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, Edmund Caye; Acting Second Assistant, Junius A. McCormick; Acting Third Assistant, Jas. B. Byland.

FORT HINDMAN, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, John Pearce.
Acting Master, John J. Rogers.
Acting Ensigns, N. T. Rennell and Charles Marsden.
Acting Master's Mates, C. F. A. McCord, S. N. Barker, and Edmund C. Ellis.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, M. L. Gerauld.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, John R. Bowler.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, Thomas Girty; Acting Second Assistants, John Cook and Daniel B. Cox; Acting Third Assistants, Eli Powell and R. Yocum.
Acting Carpenter, C. H. Alexander.

BRILLIANT, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, Charles G. Perkins.
Acting Master, George D. Little.
Acting Ensign, N. F. Vaughn.
Acting Master's Mate, Charles D. Griggs.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Milton James.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, B. Page.
Engineers: Acting First Engineer, William A. Willey; Acting Second Engineer, Jas. Cutler; Acting Third Engineers, Charles W. Eyster and R. M. Myers.

OZARK, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, George W. Brown.
Acting Master, John Powell.
Acting Ensigns, Jacob Moyer, C. M. Bragg, and C. M. Ful]er.
Acting Master's Mates, N. T. Brown, George A. Ege, and D. C. Frulick.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, J. T. Gallett.
Engineers: Acting First Assistants, John H. Everhart and A. J. Sypher; Acting Second Assistants, J. L. Parsons and George M. Baker; Acting Third Assistants, C. Beal and Southwell Lyon.
Acting Gunner, John F. Riblett.
Acting Carpenter, H. J. Erwin.

PEOSTA, (4th rule.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, J. E. Smith.
Acting Master, J. T. Bryant.
Acting Ensigns: C. H. Gulick, R. J. Nelson, J. W. Richards, and W. W. Phillips.
Acting Master's Mate, Eugene A. Dumont.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, J. J. Coates.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, J. E. Spalding.
Engineers: Acting First Assistants, Perry South and J. Bolejack; Acting Second Assistant, Thomas M. Sloan; Acting Third Assistant, G. W. Marfield.
Acting Carpenter, William B. Reid.

JULIET, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, Thomas B. Gregory.
Acting Ensign, E. C. Williams.
Acting Master's Mates, G. A. Gregory, J. S. McCoy, G. W. Ball, and W. H. Mullen.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Walter H. Wentworth.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, J. Linsly, jr.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, W. H. Hardin; Acting Second
Assistant, John G. Briggs; Acting Third Assistant, Thomas Hanna.

KENWOOD, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, John Swaney.
Acting Ensigns, James C. Weeks, James L. Reed, and N. H. Conklin.
Acting Master's Mates, M. M. Yaston and W. R. Moffitt.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, D. W. Van Houten.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, T. J. Malbon; Acting Second Assistant, W. J. Milligan; Acting Third Assistant, J. B. Holman.

INDIANOLA, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, Jas. Lanning.

GENERAL BRAGG, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, Cyrenius Dorning.
Acting Master, W. L. Holcomb.
Acting Ensigns, M. Houston and Frederick H. Wait.
Acting Master's Mates, James Williams, C. L. Chapman, and William Dickson.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, F. A. Castle.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, L. C. Stebbins.
Engineers: Acting Chief, James Miller; Acting Second Assistants, Joseph Anderson and John A. Wilson.
Acting Carpenter, J. W. Kennady.

GENERAL PRICE, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, W. R. Wells.
Acting Master, H. S. Bartlett.
Acting Ensigns, J. H. Leever and D. P. Bosworth.
Acting Master's Mates, D. McKay, P. Barclay, and William W. McCracken.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, George Harvey.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, S. F. Croft.
Engineers: Chief, Thomas Sheffer; Acting First Assistant, A. R. Calhoun; Acting Second Assistant, A. Campbell; Acting Third Assistants, J. B. Baldwin and R. A. Kyle.
Acting Carpenter, W. C. Stiver.

PAW PAW, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, M. V. B. Haines.
Acting Ensigns, James H. Rivers and W. L. Constantine.
Acting Master's Mates, John Pybus and Julien D. Coriell.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Orin A. Rives.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Alexander S. McWilliams.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, E. F. Reynolds; Acting Second Assistant, Benjamin S. Bull; Acting Third Assistant, Thomas K. Hill.

PRAIRIE BIRD, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, Thomas Burns.
Acting Ensigns, John W. Chambers and William M. Ernst.
Acting Master's Mates, J. B. Morton, J. K. Lull, jr., William D. Bangs, and William T. Carley.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, L. F. Harter.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, George Rodabaugh; Acting Second Assistant, Joseph Griffin; Acting Third Assistant, M.G. Marsilliot.

MOUND CITY, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, Frederick T. Coleman.
Acting Ensigns, William H. Decker and T. J. Dean.
Acting Master's Mates, B. W. Herr, S. S. Spangler, William M. Sterrett, and C. B. Hopgood.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, William H. Bear.
Engineers: Acting Chief, Edward Merriman; Acting First Assistant, Alexander Magee; Acting Second Assistants, John M. Hartness, J. B. Atwood, George N. Heisel, and Francis Van Zans.
Acting Gunner, Thomas H. Green.
Acting Carpenter, Jerome Burns.

JUDGE TORRENCE, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, Jeremiah Irwin.
Acting Ensign, William Sill.
Acting Master's Mate, Charles White.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, J. H. Marshall.
Engineers: Acting Chief, Peter R. Hartwig; Acting Second Assistants, Jasper Holman and E. C. Jones; Acting Third Assistant, John Denhard.


Acting Master, John C. Morong.
Acting Ensigns, George J. Hazlett and Arthur B. Homer.
Acting Master's Mates, Peter Lake and Jas. A. McCreary.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, R. F. Patterson.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, Thomas Blanchard; Acting Second Assistant, Chas. Silverchord; Acting Third Assistant, A. Donnelly.

ALEXANDRIA, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, D. P. Rosenmiller.
Acting Master's Mate, D. M. Stauffer.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, Howard C. Shibly; Acting Second Assistant, John S. Willcoxon; Acting Third Assistant, John W. Morton.

MARMORA, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, Thomas Gibson.
Acting Ensigns, Daniel D. Bond and Thomas West.
Acting Master's Mates, William Arnold, Ed. C. Nye, and William B. Tice.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Emile Gavarret.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Chas. B. Howard.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, William C. Armstrong; Acting Second Assistant, Frederick A. Cramer; Acting Third Assistant, C. S. Hamilton.

FAIR PLAY, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, George J. Groves.
Acting Ensigns, Jacob H. Singleton, Lewis R. Hamersly, and James S. De Forrest.
Acting Master's Mates, Caleb B. Thatcher, James W. Harbin, and William H. Roberts.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, John G. Saukey.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, Robert H. Mahatha; Acting Second Assistant, John Mayhugh; Acting Third Assistants, William Daizley and Charles C. Rensford.
Acting Carpenter, Thomas Manning.

FAWN, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, John R. Grace.
Acting Ensigns, John Sullivan and John Condon.
Acting Master's Mates, Charles Murray, E. D. O'Bryon, and John A. Leaman.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Allen S. Apgar.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, Ed. C. Peek; Acting Second Assistant, George W. Gaugh; Acting Third Assistants, Michael O'Reily and C. A. Cooper.

HUNTRESS, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, John L. Dennis
Acting Ensigns, James M. Flynt and Frank Middleton.
Acting Master's Mates, Henry Z. Allphine, Benjamin F. Brumback, and James R. Thomas.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Henry S. De Ford.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Edmund J. Huling.
Engineer: Acting First Assistant, John Cullen; Acting Second Assistant, Isaac Ackley; Acting Third Assistant, Johnson Crawford.

NEW ERA, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, A. C. Sears.
Acting Ensigns, William B. Shillets and Charles A. Schetky.
Acting Master's Mates, William F. Renner, A. Hamilton, and Henry Ufford.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, George A. Narren.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Wm. B. Purdy.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, Israel Marsh; Acting Third Assistants, Aaron N. Smith and John W. Edmondson.
Acting Carpenter, Byard Martin.

CRICKET, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, M. J. Cronin.
Acting Ensigns, N. A. Closson and Ignatius Daum.
Acting Master's Mates, Harry C. Bates, John W. Summers, Louis Marshall, and Walter Lawrence.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Stephen Cnshing.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Charles S. Dunscomb.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, Irvin Fox; Acting Second Assistant, Thomas C. Ridgly; Acting Third Assistant, Robert J. Halderman.

NYMPH, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, Patrick Donelly.
Acting Ensigns, F. M. Hathaway and L. Gardner.
Acting Master's Mates, William C. Williams, William C. Frost, C. A. Benham, F. W. Whiteside, and W. W. Hosea.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, D. P. Taylor.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Arthur Sibley.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, N. D. Smith; Acting Second Assistant, Z. Brickell; Acting Third Assistants, A. Homer and William H. Peulson.

NAIAD, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, Henry T. Keene.
Acting Ensigns, R. W. Alson and B. G. Van Doyke.
Acting Master's Mates, L. A. Cole, Charles H. Leaman, and Charles E. Thornby.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, M. P. Loury.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, H. P. Morrow; Acting Second Assistants, Charles O. Abbott and William H. Collins; Acting Third Assistants, Edward Brooks and J. H. Henderson.

GREAT WESTERN, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, Benjamin Sebastian.
Acting Ensign, D. W. Tainter.
Acting Master's Mates, Andrew S. Thompson, Nicholas E. Moore, William F. Thomas, and Harlan P. Bosworth.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, F. W. Wunderlich.
Paymaster, George L. Davis.
Chaplain, William H. Stewart.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, George W. Fulton; Acting Third Assistant, A. L. Sims.

FAIRY, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, W. E. Fentriss.
Acting Master, Charles Swendson.
Acting Ensigns, James S. Roberts, James S. Hurlbut, and C. B. Plattenburg.
Acting Master's Mates, Henry A. Thoburn and James Lawler.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, George F. Beasley.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Henry T. Wright.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, James H. Linn; Acting Second Assistant, William H. Stiles; Acting Third Assistant, Lorenzo Fulton.

SILVER CLOUD, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, William Ferguson.
Acting Ensigns, Robert Wilkinson, John M. Reid, and James C. Hall.
Acting Master's Mates, Jesse W. Darrah, Robert S. Critchell, and John H. Bently.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, D. B. Damon.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, William H. Hathorne.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, Benjamin F. Clark; Acting Second Assistants, William A. Collins and J. W Shallenberger; Acting Third Assistant, Charles M. Milligen.

PERI, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, Thomas M. Farrell.
Acting Ensign, E. C. Huggens.
Acting Master's Mates, Joseph H. Carter and William H. Haven.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Thomas F. Leech.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, C. W. Bull.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, Joseph B. Goodwin; Acting Second Assistant, David Pass; Acting Third Assistant, John W. Ross.

GENERAL THOMAS, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, Gilbert Morton.
Acting Ensign, Richard McCallister.
Acting Master's Mates, Joseph Guelich, Aug. C. Oscutt, L. D. Simmonds, and Hans Trulsen.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, George U. Burons; Acting Second Assistant, William E. Cole; Acting Third Assistants, Jackson Andrews and J. W. Miles.

ROMEO, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, Thomas Baldwin.
Acting Ensigns, R. P. Shaw and James E. Ernst.
Acting Master's Mates, John Winan and William J. Franks.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, E. R. Moffatt.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, J. N. McCurdy; Acting Second Assistant; William E. Taylor; Acting Third Assistant, William Teal.

RATTLER, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, Nicholas B. Willetts.
Acting Ensigns, Henry N. Wells, Simon H. Stumk, and H. E. Church.
Acting Master's Mate, John Corwin and Wm. N. Bock.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Wm. B. Hartman.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Geo. P. Peck.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, Charles F. Seager; Acting Second Assistant, Geo. W. Shields; Acting Third Assistant, James H. Humes.

SIRIN, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, James Fitzpatrick.
Acting Ensigns, Thomas G. Herron and Z. T. Tibbatts.
Acting Master's Mates, E. H. Thompson, J. P. Jordon, C. E. Jordon, and H. W. Gray.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Lewis Westfall. 
Acting Assistant Paymaster, S. S. Davis.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, Wm. H. Bishop; Acting Second Assistant, James Abrams; Acting Third Assistant, J. R. Meredith.

SILVER LAKE, (4th rate.)

Acting Masters, Joseph C. Coyle and G. W. Bone.
Acting Master's Mates, Samuel McKee, Jas. S. Dubois, and Frank N. Schooley.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, James H. Mills.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, Samuel Ecoff; Acting Second Assistant, Wm. J. O'Neill.

SPRlNGFIELD, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, Ed. Morgan.
Acting Ensigns, H. D. Diseren and John E. Wright.
Acting Master's Mates, A. Cunningham, H. Honkomp, and Wm. J. Rudd.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, R. L. McLean; Acting Third Assistants, Wm. Bell and H. J. Spence.

VICTORY, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, Frederick Read.
Acting Ensigns, Wm. B. Trufant and John Fisher.
Acting Master's Mates, Richard L. Taylor, Jos. L. Kelso, and George W. Kepler.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, George W. Shields.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Benjamin Page.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, John L. Winston; Acting Second Assistant, C. Jones; Acting Third Assistant, Samuel Henry and G. W. Postlewhaite.

GENERAL SHERMAN, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, J. W. Morehead.
Acting Ensigns, E. D. Hurd and Charles L. McClung.
Acting Master's Mates, D. J. Chadwick and M. Pinney.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, John W. Street; Acting Second Assistant, David Street; Acting Third Assistants, Horace Stedman and Thomas H. Hamilton.


Acting Master, Joseph Watson.
Acting Ensign, S. H. Harbeson.
Acting Master's Mates, E. B. McSweeney, D. G. Porter, and H. W. Kruse.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, W. D. Hoffman. 
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, H. W. Taylor; Acting Second Assistant, Edward Costello; Acting Third Assistants, Wm. McKenzie, D. Shaw, and Geo. E. Reno.

CHAMPION, (4th rate.)

Acting Ensigns, Thomas Divine, M. Allen, and ---- Hagerup.
Acting Master's Mates, Herman Almes, Benjamin Nelson, T. J. Eckert, and Charles F. Bealls.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, George O. Allen.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, George F. Bemis.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, John Johnston; Acting Second
Assistants, George Waddell and Charles A. Fisher; Acting Third Assistants, J. J. Snor and William Single.

CURLEW, (4th rate.)

Acting Ensigns, H. B. O'Neill and M. G. Bailey.
Acting Master's Mates, Thomas Crawford, Charles W. Dunlap, and Robert Balestier.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, John Gordon.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, J. R. Morris.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, Benjamin Hoffman; Acting Second Assistant, L. J. Everson; Acting Third Assistant, C. C. Crane.

GAZELLE, (4th rate.)

Acting Ensigns, A. S. Palmer, James Deering, and Conrad Erickson.
Acting Master's Mates, A. G. Boggs and J. W. Mullen.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Henry A. Mitchell.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, A. Armstrong; Acting Second Assistants, F. M. Peak and Frank Wyman; Acting Third Assistants, F. C. Warrington and Frank Leach.

LITTLE REBEL, (4th rate.)

Acting Ensign, J. B. Petty.
Acting Master's Mates, W. P. Jacobs, J. F. Rulon, J. H. Brown, and W. H. Evans.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistants, Julius Eliter and James M. Miller; Acting Third Assistants, E. H. Burton and G. V. Dorsey.

ROBB, (4th rate.)

Acting Ensigns, James Tushy and Howard Hale.
Acting Master's Mates, John H. Jacoby and Wm. L. R. Berrian.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, Benjamin Everson; Acting Second Assistant, James G. Moore; Acting Third Assistant, Barnabus H. Collier.

TENSAS, (4th rate.)

Acting Ensign, E. C. Van Pelt and Jacob Rutherford.
Acting Master's Mate, Henry Van Velsor.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistants, Samuel Weard and Park Scanlan; Acting Third Assistants, Nathan Spear and Nelson J. Brooks.

VOLUNTEER, (4th rate.)

Acting Ensigns, Matt. K. Haines and Louis Kenney.
Acting Master's Mates, J. A. Coleman and M. L. Kirk.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, Peter Wagner and G. W. Taylor; Acting Second Assistant, H. A. Bennson; Acting Third Assistant, Wm. F. Moore.

SAMSON, (4th rate.)

Acting Ensign, George W. Painter.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, H. A. Mitchell.
Engineers: Acting Chief, C. H. Christopher; Acting First Assistant, Wm. Paul.

GENERAL PILLOW, (4th rate.)

Acting Ensign, Frank W. Halsted.
Acting Master's Mates, George B. Hall, Benjaman F. Craig, and William H. Dobell.
Engineers: Acting Third Assistants, James T. Slack and William H. Cornell.

NEW NATIONAL, (4th rate.)

Acting Ensign, J. M. Farmer.
Acting Master's Mates, J. D. Holmes, William B. Floyd, William E. Jelley, and H. A. Taylor.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, J. W. Keely.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, William O. Logne; Acting Second Assistant, George W. Akin; Acting Third Assistants, George R. Bell, Oliver Rosebach, and William M. Ulix.


Acting Ensigns, Charles W. Litherburry and Robert Howden.
Acting Master's Mates, C. J. Dananda, Albert H. Lewis, and William H. Corcy.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, John J. McIlhenny.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Edward D. Hayden.


Acting Ensign, Charles King.
Fleet Surgeon, Ninian Pinkney.
Passed Assistant Surgeon, J. S. Knight.
Acting Assistant Surgeons, George H. Bixby and J. T. Field.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Alexander W. Pearson.
Acting Ensign, J. J. Irwin.
Acting Master's Mate, R. G. Van Ness.
Engineers: Acting Chief, William T. Buffinton; Acting First Assistant, William Sprague; Acting Second Assistant, Wm. M. Fletcher; Acting Third Assistants, William H. Vanwert and J. T. English.
Acting Carpenter, Harlow Kinney.


Acting Ensign, John M. Kelly.
Acting Master's Mate, Jacob Bumgarner.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, John Reed; Acting Third Assistant, Abel K. Porter.


Acting Engineer, James L. Lingley.
Acting Master's Mate, John Thompson.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, Daniel S. Miller; Acting Third Assistant, Allison Haywood.


Acting Ensign, H. D. Green.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, William L. Calhoun; Acting Third Assistant, G. W. Pyle.


Acting Ensign, J. N.. Goldsmith.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, George Longwell; Acting Third Assistant, James H. Wright.


Acting Ensign, William Harris.
Acting Master's Mate, A. McCarthey.
Engineer: Acting Second Assistant, H. A. Cady.


Acting Ensign, W. R. Owen.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, Charles Helling; Acting Third Assistant, L. E. Davis.


Acting Ensign, W. H. Strope.
Acting Master's Mate, Thomas Rooch.
Engineer: Acting Second Assistant, Augustus R. Smith.


Acting Ensign, J. B. Hiserman.
Acting Master's Mate, James Malis.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, M. L. Andrews; Acting Third Assistant, L. C. Thacher.


Acting Ensign, Perry C. Wright.
Acting Master's Mate, Daniel Sullivan.
Engineer: Acting Second Assistant, Thomas Neeley.


Acting Ensign, R. J. Elteringham.
Acting Master's Mate, J. W. Hambrick.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, W. P. Clugsten; Acting Third Assistants, L. B. Jones and Byrd Allen.


Acting Master's Mate, Joseph Graham.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, F. M. Magers; Acting Third Assistant, John E. Henderson.

W. H. BROWN, (4th rate.)

Pilot, Jefferson A. French.
Acting Ensign, J. Shinn.
Acting Master's Mates, C. Deweese, jr., R. H. Hopkins, and C. W. Dimmeck.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, R. Cutler; Acting Second Assistants, A. C. C. French and George W. Hart.

GENERAL LYON, (4th rate.)

Pilot, Richard E. Birch.
Acting Ensigns, James Martin and Thomas Cordwell.
Acting Master's Mates, Edward W. Robinson, David V. Balthis, and Frank B. Chase.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Wm. H. Doane.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, William J. Hamilton; Acting Second Assistants, James Baldwin and Robert A. Smith; Acting Third Assistants, George C. Shull and Howard Workhouse.

ABRAHAM, (4th rate.)

Paymaster, A. E. Watson.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Louis Jorgenson.
Acting Ensign, William Wagner.
Engineer: Acting First Assistant, Enos Hoshier.


Pacific Squadron

Surgeon Charles D. Maxwell, Fleet Surgeon.
Paymaster John B. Rittenhouse, Fleet Paymaster.

LANCASTER, (2d rate.)

Commander, Henry K. Davenport.
Lieutenant Commander, Edward P. McCrea.
Lieutenants, W. R. Bridgman and Albert S. Barker.
Passed Assistant Surgeon, Fred'k E. Potter.
Assistant Surgeon, Isaac H. Hazelton.
Chaplain, E. D. Winslow.
Marines: Captain, D. M. Cohen; Second Lieutenant, Frank D. Webster.
Acting Ensigns, W. W. Hendrickson, W. S. Dana, and Jacob Barron.
Acting Master's Mates, Charles A. Brown and John Detless.
Engineers: Chief, B. B. H. Wharton; Second Assistant, E. M. Breese; Acting Second Assistant, B. W. Fowler; Third Assistants, Richard Inch, T. L. Vanderslice, George F. Sawyer, and Edward Stiles; Acting Third Assistant, C. D. Soutbal.
Boatswain, John McKinley.
Gunner, Burgess P. Allen.
Carpenter, William D. Toy.
Sailmaker, Stephen Seaman.

SARANAC, (2d rate.)

Commodore, Charles H. Poor.
Lieutenant, Henry B. Seely.
Surgeon, S. F. Cones.
Assistant Surgeon, John T. Luck.
Assistant Paymaster, W. S. Blunt.
Marine: First Lieutenant, John H. Grimes.
Acting Masters, Edward D. March and John Adams.
Acting Ensign, James A. Chesley.
Acting Master's Mates, Wm. H. Mott, Wm. Woodworth, Wm. Thatcher, and V. B. Gates.
Engineers: Chief, Montgomery Fletcher; Second Assistant, James H. Perry; Acting Second Assistant, J. M. Middleton; Assistants, Samuel P. Budd and Franklin H. Townsend; Acting Third Assistant, Richard N. Taylor.
Boatswain, Edward Kenney.
Gunner, George Fouse.
Carpenter, David Robinett.
Sailmaker, Robert L. Tatem.

ST. MARY'S, (3d rate.)

Captain, Edward Middleton.
Lieutenant, John H. Rowland.
Acting Masters, George H. Holmes and Geo. Finney.
Passed Assistant Surgeon, A. W. H. Hawkins.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, James Garrett.
Marine: Second Lieutenant, Wm. S. Muse.
Acting Ensign, Edmund B. Hunt.
Acting Master's Mate, John W. Howison.
Boatswain, Edward B. Bell.
Gunner, Thomas H. Fortune.
Carpenter, Josiah D. Pinner.
Sailmaker, George W. Giet.


Commander, Roger Perry.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, L. S. Chamberlain.
Acting Master's Mates, John F. Stephenson, Walter H. Tilton, and Henry G. Clarke.

WATEREE, (3d rate.)

Commander, Frank K. Murray.
Lieutenant. W. Scott Schley.
Assistant Surgeon, George T. Shipley.
Acting Ass't Paymaster, George S. Sproston.
Acting Ensigns, David P. Page, William H. Colley, Wm. Nyborg, and Julius Nelson.
Acting Master's Mates, Wm. G. Tompkins, Robert J. Sperry, and John Mack.
Engineers: First Assistant, Charles E. DeValin; Second Assistant, Orleans Longacre; Acting Second Assistant, John O. Fairbairn; Acting Third Assistants, David Pace, Solon A. Bryant, and Peter Innes.
Acting Gunner, James Read.

SAGINAW, (4th rate.)

Commander, Wm. E. Hopkins.
Acting Master, Charles S. Coy.
Acting Ensigns, Wm. H. Webb, and Thos. W. Kimball.
Acting Master's Mate, Gerald Weston.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Francis J. Greene.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, J. W. Ames.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, John Loyd; Acting Second
Assistant, John A. B. King; Acting Third Assistants, Francis P.
Hallowell, George H. Moore.

CYANE, (3d rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, John H. Russell.
Lieutenant, Albert Kautz.
Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, G. W. D. Patterson.
Acting Master, J. L. Gamble.
Acting Ensigns, Williamson Dunn, George W. Sherman.
Marine Officer: First Lieutenant, Charles A. Stillman.
Passed Ass't Surgeon, Somerset Robinson.
Assistant Surgeon, S. N. Brayten.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Charles E.Boggs.
Acting Master's Mate, Leopold Beyersdorff.
Boatswain, J. B. F. Langton.
Gunner, Thomas Stewart.
Acting Carpenter, Geo. W. Middleton.
Acting Sailmaker, Augustus Witenborg.


Acting Master, Nelson Provost.
Acting Ensign, Jos. B. Swett.


East Indies

JAMESTOWN, (3d rate.)

Captain, Cicero Price.
Lieutenant, Frederick Pearson.
Surgeon, Alexander M. Vedder.
Assistant Surgeon, Thomas C. Walton.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, J. M. Wade.
Marine Officer: Captain Robert H. Huntington.
Acting Ensign, Robert P. Huntington.
Acting Boatswain, Robert Anderson.
Acting Gunner, Geo. L. Albro.
Carpenter, Mark W. Paul.
Sailmaker, Robert Hunter.


Special Service

NIAGARA, (1st rate.)

Commodore, Thomas T. Craven.
Lieutenant Commander, George A. Bigelow.
Lieutenant, Lloyd Phoenix.
Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, Eben Hoyt.
Surgeon, Thomas M. Potter.
Passed Assistant Surgeon, Ed. S. Bogert.
Paymaster, William H. H. Williams.
Chaplain, William A. Hitchcock.
Marines: Captain, Joseph F. Baker; First Lieutenant, F. F. Peet, jr.
Acting Master, William H. Wood.
Acting Ensign, B. Magill.
Acting Master's Mates, M. J. Barnes, L. P. Cooke, Harrison Delano, and Rothens Denning.
Engineers: Chief, William Roberts; First Assistant, O H. Lackey; Second Assistants, James Butterworth and William H. Harris; Third Assistants, Frederick Schober, Jesper H. Diamond, and T. G. McAllister; Acting Third Assistant, E. F. McElwell.
Boatswain, George Smith.
Gunner, Thomas R. Wilson.
Carpenter, Nicholas Mager.
Sailmaker, Alex. W. Cassell.

SACRAMENTO, (2d rate.)

Captain, Henry Walke.
Lieutenant Commander, Henry D. Todd.
Lieutenant, George P. Ryan.
Ensigns, Philip W. Lowry, Marston Niles, John D. Clark, and
Joseph B. Coghlan.
Surgeon, John S. Kitchen.
Assistant Paymaster, Jesse P. Woodbury.
Acting Master's Mates, Charles L. Pease, Daniel C. Harrington, and E. N. K. Place.
Engineers: Acting Chief, John Yates; Acting First Assistant, William Tipton; Acting Second Assistants, E. A. Bushnell and J. S. G. Aspinwall; Acting Third Assistants, Everett B. Dyer, John Magnon, Geo. B. Savory, and Leonard Pratt.
Boatswain, John Bates.
Gunner, Andrew Wilson.
Carpenter, George B. Anderson.

NEPTUNE, (3d rate.)

Commander, J. P. Sanford.
Lieutenant, T. F. Kane.
Acting Master, Charles S. Barney.
Acting Ensigns, C. H. Lester and W. G. Upton.
Acting Master's Mates, Charles C. Chamberlain, L. D. Rodocanachi, Benj. S. Reed, and George A. Woodbury.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, A. Dean Tubbs.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, J. F. Tarbell.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, Gad Lyman; Acting Second Assistants, James M. Flinn, John Jordan, Robert M. Weir, and J. Q. Bloomsburg; Acting Third Assistants, Chester O. Wood, Charles L. Groves, and George B. Boggs.
Acting Gunner, John Wrau.

IROQUOIS, (3d rate.)

Commander, C. R. P. Rodgers.
Lieutenants, S.D. Greene and A. H. McCormick.
Acting Master, Thomas Hanrahan.
Surgeon, J. Corbin.
Assistant Paymaster, J. A. Bates,jr.
Ensigns, Henry C. Taylor, Allen D. Brown, and W. K. Wheeler.
Acting Master's Mates, C. F. Purrington, Canton Race, B. F. Ritter, and William Welch.
Engineers: Acting Chief, J. W. Storms; Acting First Assistants, W. H. Best and R. E. Stall; Acting Second Assistant, John B. Roach; Acting Third Assistants, H. P. Gray and Edward Ewell.
Acting Gunner, Joseph C. Clapham.

NEREUS, (3d rate.)

Commander, J. C. Howell.
Lieutenant, Horace B. Mullan.
Acting Master, B. L. Haines.
Acting Ensigns, E. G. Dayton, George M. Smith, and George Anderson.
Acting Master's Mates, Wm. Cromack, Wm. Rushmore, Henry Giraud, and Wm. B. Spencer.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, John K. Walsh.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, B. F. Munroe.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, Stephen Henton; Acting Second Assistants, Ja. A. Patterson, Philip Eckenroth, and R. F. Roswald; Acting Third Assistants, Russell Warner, Thomas Tilton, H. F. Allen, and R. R. Throckmorton.
Acting Gunner, John McCaffray.

GALATEA, (3d rate.)

Commander, Somerville Nicholson.
Lieutenant, John McFarland.
Acting Ensigns, Edwin Janvrin, J. H. Consene, and Wm. Robinson.
Acting Master's Mates, John Jones and Thomas G. Underdown.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, W. J. Donor.
Acting Ass't Paymaster, Albert W. Bacon.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, T. F. Lewis; Second Assistant, Newton Champion; Acting Second Assistants, Joseph Watts and Charles C. Koehl; Acting Third Assistants, James B. McKenzie, William Baas, Bernard Rice, and Isaac P. Davis, jr.
Gunner, Felix Cassidy.

MICHIGAN, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, Francis A. Roe.
Surgeon, Wm. Maxwell Wood.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Tracy Coit.
Acting Ensigns, Charles C. Eddy, and James Hunter.
Acting Master's Mate, James Cummins.
Engineers: Acting Third Assistants, Bennett Jones, Wm. Moran, and Robert Reiley.
Acting Gunner, John Murray.
Carpenter, George W. Elliott.

ONWARD, (3d rate.)

Acting Master, Wm. H. Clark.
Acting Master, Wm. Collins.
Acting Ensigns, Wm. Rogers, Gordon J. Conklin, and Robert B. Moores.
Acting Master's Mates, N. F. Ulmer, Fred'k A. Goodwing, and John S. Newbegen.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, David Watson.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, John S. Allen.

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