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Documenting the Attack on the Pentagon on 9/11

Oral Histories Lessons Learned

The Pentagon Attack oral histories conducted by DET 206 reservists in the weeks and months after 11 September 2001 included the individual's perspectives and opinions on how everything unfolded in the aftermath, how those events could have been different, and how they could have run more smoothly.  In order to ensure Navy leadership received this valuable information, the DET 206 reservists compiled Lessons Learned from these oral histories on a weekly and monthly basis and submitted them to the office of the Director of Navy Staff (DNS).

The Lessons Learned are being provided for download because they offer a good overview of some of the topics and themes that appear in the oral histories.  Some of the original sources for these Lessons Learned have been released to the public and are available online.  Some of the oral histories summarized in the Lessons Learned have not been released to the public at this time.  For these oral histories, the names have been redacted in the Lessons Learned. 

The Lessons Learned do not summarize or compile information from every oral history that the DET 206 reservists gathered in the aftermath of the attack.  They only contain information from certain oral histories.  Further, the Lessons Learned do not cover any oral histories conducted after 18 March 2002.

Published: Thu Jul 01 10:51:38 EDT 2021