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Documenting the Attack on the Pentagon on 9/11

Oral Histories: L-N

The oral histories listed here are from Navy Archives collection AR/670 DET 206: Documenting the Attack on the Pentagon on 9/11.

Each oral history page provides a brief summary of the oral history, contextual information about the individual(s) who gave the oral history, and a PDF copy of the abstract and transcript for download. 

The abstracts and transcripts that have been provided have been reviewed for FOIA exemptions and redactions have been made where necessary.  These abstracts and transcripts were not proofread or checked against the audio before being made available online.  Any typos, misspelled words or proper nouns, or transcription errors were made by the original transcriptionist in the early 2000s.

Many of the pages also include photos and additional materials that directly relate to the oral history.  Most pages also include links to related oral histories.  Links were included for individuals who were directly mentioned in the oral history and individuals who witnessed or were involved in the same events in the aftermath and describe them from different perspectives.  

Where necessary, content warnings have been included on the individual oral history pages.  The content warning Sensitive Content means the oral history features graphic descriptions of injuries, deaths, and/or human remains. The Sensitive Content label can also indicate other subject matter that would likely be considered upsetting by the reader. The content warning Sensitive Language generally indicates the oral history contains words that would likely be dubbed over or bleeped out on network television (e.g. swear words).

Please note, given the subject matter addressed by all of these oral histories, most of them have some content that could be considered sensitive, even those that are not labeled with that particular content warning.

For more information on the collection and a complete list of the oral histories from the collection that have been released to the public, visit the AR/670 main collection page.

Firefighters had to stop working to put out the flames when the E Ring of the Pentagon collapsed, 11 September 2001
Title: Firefighters had to stop working to put out the flames when the E Ring of the Pentagon collapsed, 11 September 2001
Description: DoD Photo Number 010911-M-4122I-049 (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Jason Ingersoll)
Catalog #: From Navy Archives Collection AR/670

Published: Wed Aug 04 08:21:27 EDT 2021