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Documenting the Attack on the Pentagon on 9/11

Pentagon Attack Oral Histories Organized By Category

Each individual Pentagon Attack oral history offers a unique perspective on the attack on the Pentagon and the aftermath.  At the same time, many of these oral histories relate to other oral histories in different ways.  In order to help readers find related stories, the oral histories have been organized here by categories.  Many of the oral histories are listed under more than one category.

The oral histories listed here are from Navy Archives collection AR/670 DET 206: Documenting the Attack on the Pentagon on 9/11.  For more information on the collection and a complete list of the oral histories from the collection that have been released to the public, visit the AR/670 main collection page.

Stories of Navy Command Center Survivors

These individuals worked in the Navy Command Center (NCC) when the plane hit the Pentagon.

*Individuals who worked in the NCC but were out of the office at the moment the plane hit.

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Stories of Defense Intelligence Agency Survivors

The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) office next door to the Navy Command Center was also hit hard by the plane.  These individuals were in the office at the time of the attack.

Stories of Others who Escaped the Pentagon

These individuals were in areas of the Pentagon that were affected by smoke and fire.  There are other individuals listed in other categories who also escaped from some of these areas.  

Stories of the Alley Between C & B Rings

The plane blew several holes out of the outer wall of the C Ring.  Individuals gathered in the alley between the C and B Rings (A-E Drive) to try to enter the C Ring through these holes to rescue individuals from the offices inside the C Ring.  The stories listed here include those who worked in the alley to beat back the fires, those who helped catch individuals jumping out of windows on the second deck, and those entered the C Ring through the holes in the outer wall.

**Individuals who stayed behind after surviving and escaping from the Navy Command Center

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Stories of the Search for Survivors inside the Hallways and Offices

These individuals made an effort to search through smoke-filled corridors and offices for survivors and lead them to safety.

Stories of Triage and Other Efforts Onsite Following the Attack

These individuals stayed behind after the attack or rushed to the scene to assist with triage, emergency personnel support, and many other efforts.

**Individuals who stayed behind after surviving and escaping from the Navy Command Center

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Stories of Remains Recovery Efforts

Individuals who assisted with remains recovery efforts that began on 12 September 2001

Stories of Remains Identification Efforts

These individuals worked at Dover Port Mortuary on one of the teams involved with the efforts to identify the remains from the Pentagon.  It should be noted that Dover also handled the identification of remains from the site in Pennsylvania, so a few of these individuals were involved with those efforts as well.

Stories of CACOs and Command Reps

These individuals worked as Casualty Assistance Calls Officers (CACOs) and Command Reps that provided support to individual familes of victims.

***These individuals did not officially serve as CACOs or Command Reps, but they were each close to one of the victims and provided support to the families of those victims.

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Stories of the Pentagon Family Assistance Center and the Family Support Office

These individuals were involved with the work of the Pentagon Family Assistance Center (PFAC) and the work that continued after the PFAC was disestablished.

Stories of Navy Personnel Working in the Aftermath

These individuals contributed to the Navy's varied efforts in the days, weeks, and months following the attacks.

Stories of Navy Leadership

The stories of Navy Flag Officers and the Under Secretary of the Navy

Stories of Other Individuals

The stories of these individuals do not fit well into any of the above categories.  However, that does not make them less worthy of being told.

Dwyer, Terrence CDR - USNS COMFORT in New York City
Plyler, Kim - Eyewitness who was in the Pentagon parking lot and saw the plane hit
Trant, Timothy - Civilian Navy Employee who lost family in the World Trade Center attack and friends in the Pentagon attack

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Individuals who Received Heroes Awards

These individuals received awards for their actions on the day of the attack or in the days and weeks following.  The awards received by these individuals include the Navy and Marine Corps Medal, the Meritorious Service Medal, the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal, the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal, Special Letters of Commendation, the Department of the Navy Superior Civilian Service Award, the Department of the Navy Superior Public Service Award, and the DIA Director's Award for Exceptional Civilian Service.  Also listed here are individuals who received the Purple Heart or the civilian equivalent, the Defense of Freedom Medal.  For more information on which award each individual received, please visit the individual oral history pages. 

Individuals who were in the Pentagon at the Time of the Attack

This is a general list of all individuals who were in the Pentagon at the time of the attack.

Published: Wed Aug 04 08:13:11 EDT 2021