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Lieutenant Sherwood Picking's Diary, May - June 1918

While Observing English and French Submarine Operations in the War Zone 

Sherwood Picking Diary
This is the outside cover of Lt. Picking's diary.

[Transcriber’s Notes:  The first sheet of this 3 x 5 inch notebook is damaged and remains partially adhered to the leather notebook cover.  So, Picking’s notes made during the first two days of the diary are partially obscured. 

Throughout the diary words or numbers within [ ]’s are the transcriber’s.  Parentheses are Picking’s. Finally I have italicized ship names, although they are not italicized in the diary.

This transcription is courtesy of Vice Admiral George W. Emery, USN (Retired).]

[2 May]…came on R.M.S. Carmania…large Army contingency…also Army nurses…many people.

[3 May]. Met Captain Berry, U.S.C.G., …knew him from Portland… Sailed at 10 am. All men in uniform cleared off decks. Wore sub. coat and…. Passed Indiana and North Dakota in Narrows. Were picked up by Navy Dirigible off Ambrose light vessel – also by a hydroplane, a kite balloon towed by a destroyer and a modern destroyer. Joined H.M.S. Alsatian and moved in Convoy with other ships. USS San Diego acting as escort. At sunset darkened ship – all battle shutters closed.

4 May. Band allowed on deck. All passengers, Army, Navy & civilian must wear life belts at all times. Naval officers volunteered services to man life boats. Captain Berry assigned to after group – Welch to Starboard and I to Port. Picked assistants and boat officers. I get Ens. Early USNRF & Ens. Cook, T. K. Avator [Towed Kite Aviator??].  Met Lieut. jg Miller ex-US Coast Survey, Pathfinder Manila.

5 May: Order of cruising:

S-B  T-B| U-B| V-B| W-B| X-B|

S-C  T-C| U-C| V-C| W-C| X-C|

        T-D|        | V-D| W-D|

V-B = HMS Alsatian

V-C = RMS Carmania

T-C = RMS Carpathia [famous for rescuing Titanic survivors]

V-D = USS Roanoke

W-D = USS – (oil tanker)

W-B =  CPR Missinaibie [sic]  [Canadian Pacific Railway Missanabie]

T-D = City of Calcutta

6 May – Foggy weather and colder – sea smooth.

7 May – 13 May  Uneventful – smooth, foggy and cold. Arrived in danger zone – precautions increased. Men in charge of boats slept in boat deck lounge – when we could clear out the people from it.

14 MaySan Diego left convoy. Destroyers at dawn.

15 May – Made landfall early in am on small island to North of Islay. About 4 am stern guns crew reported torpedo passed close under our stern. Same was seen by Alsatian and by Roanoke. Myself, I consider it doubtful that we were shot at. Coasted down Islay – not inside Rathlin Island. In pm passed to E of Isle of Man, sighting it and English coast at same time. Day misty with sunshine & rain & squalls. Passed another convoy bound towards Glasgow with an escort of destroyers & trawlers. We had 12 destroyers today, all British. Most dangerous bit considered between Rathlin  & Islay – next to that, off Isle of Man. Tanker and Roanoke left the convoy.

16 May.  Entered Mersey River during night and anchored off Liverpool. No one allowed to land. At 3 pm ship was moved into wet dock. Six large ships alongside – an interesting operation. A steamer rammed Alsatian stern on, in her transom & carrying away gun & crashing in Alsatian D deck & C Deck, in wake of battleship, well above her waterline. Docked at 7:30 pm. Commander Bisset, USN came aboard and directed Welch & me to obtain transportation from here in the morning. We landed. Wrestled with our baggage. Went to Adelphi Hotel – excellent - splendid rooms.

17 May.  Reported in am & received transportation. Left at 9:00 am. Welch in charge of party of 10 for London. Poor lunch boxes bought at Crewe. Beautiful country.  A pleasant trip. 195 miles. Arrived London at 4 pm. Drove to Savoy hotel, obtained rooms & left our baggage there. Then drove on the Naval Headquarters at 30 Grosvenor Gardens, just beyond Buckingham Palace. Saw Carter & were told to report in am. Also Austin who had fine trip across on Alsatian. Captain Leigh in charge of anti sub division. Returned to hotel & changed rooms. Had dinner with Cook in evening at Savoy. Went to Coliseum, Music Hall - good show. Very dark streets at night – lots of air raid shelters, street lights screened.

18 May.  Breakfast in room at Savoy. Reported at Headquarters, 9:30 am. Were sent down to Admiralty to see Lieut. Winslow RN, liaison officer. He had left arm shot off. Back to Headquarters. Tried to draw pay but orders not yet signed. Austin, Cook, and I, lunched at Simpsons Chop House on the Strand. Got memorandum from Welch in afternoon, of my travels. Go to Portsmouth, then to Queenstown & periscope makers in Dublin and Glasgow. Walked around town. Took in pictures in National Gallery, etc. Had a swim at the Royal Automobile Club, now the Overseas Officers Club – very fine pool & good swim. Then had tea on the terrace. Walked around and had dinner at R.A.C. – fair only. Got a meat card from Headquarters in morning – so have meat now & then- very poor usually. Last square meal was in N.Y. back to hotel, letters & bed.

19 May - Sunday.

Slept late. Turned out about 10:30, had breakfast in room. Took short walk. Lunched at Savoy. Met Lieut. Kingsmill, Canadian there & he took Cook and me out to visit people in Wimbledon. Bowled on lawn, then had tea and went over the garden at another place. Then went over to Mr. Bull’s Canadian hospital. Had dinner and had to make a speech. Left about ten and came in from Wimbledon hill on a buss. Sat down in lobby of Savoy a moment when an air raid warning was given. We walked out on the embankment - between Cleopatra's Needle and Waterloo Bridge. Several bombs burst very close and shrapnel was falling all about. Very interesting indeed. Heard the planes but couldn’t see them. Clear moonlight night. Five waves were said to have crossed the coast – I only counted three in London. The warning signal was by whistles and the “all clear” by bugle – a moment before the raid “mauerns” [?] – 1 lb naval rockets are sent up. “All clear” was given about 1:00 am but another warning came along – only a short one & the final all clear was about 1:30.

20 May – Monday.

Went to Headquarters and finished up business there – got orders & my transportation & drew pay. Went to a house on King St off St James place to see the damage done by one bomb – interior gutted. It was a picture gallery so no harm done. Went to Simpsons for luncheon and ran into a Lieut. Johnston – ex US Army, Philippines, etc – he was most hospitable & it was 4:00 pm before we could break away. Queer to see U.S. ribbons on a Yorkshireman! Drove around Hyde Park, then to the R.A.C., Pall Mall, for a swim. Walked up to Scotts, just off Picadilly [sic] & had dinner there - not very good. Back to hotel early, packed & turned in. Papers state 198 London casualties in the raid – one of the largest yet pulled off by the Huns.

21 May – Tuesday.

Turned out early – Said good buy to Cook & Welch & left from Waterloo at 9:00am - arrived Portsmouth Harbour station at 12:30 & was met by coxswain of Dolphins motorboat, went aboard HMS Ambrose and reported to her Captain. He turned me over to the Div. Com. of the L boats. Had luncheon, then had a good look at L-7. Splendid boats. All hands busy, so I was left pretty much to shift for myself. No quarters available on Ambrose, so went ashore at 4:00 pm & took a taxi to “Queens” hotel. Rather dreary evening.

22 May - Wednesday.

To “Ambrose,”8 am boat. Breakfast on board. Went over to Fort Blockhouse, the submarine base. Met Varleys second Hugglesworth there. He is a very nice chap – showed me all over the Base and also the “attack teacher.” Had luncheon on “Ambrose.” In p.m. received orders that I was to “join” not “visit” Ambrose (from Admiralty), so was assigned a cabin. Went shore & packed – taxied to Gun Wharf in the dockyard and brought my gear on board again.  Was assigned a servant who was excellent. Dinner on board Ambrose. Played poker till midnight – Johnson, Reserves, about to leave for the H-15 at Quincy – a fine chap. To bed late.

23 May – Thursday.

Out on L-3 at 6 am. Captain Nasmith & Lt Comdr (Eng) Villar also passengers. Off Isle of Wight. Made two attacks. Observed gun firing on L-5. Blowing a gale. Very comfortable boats indeed. Returned to Spithead and fired two “fish,” one of which was not recovered. A hard days work. Dinner on Ambrose – ashore at eight to a Review at Hippodrome, Portsmouth with Johnson & others. Welch arrived from Rosyth.

24 May - Friday.

To Fort Blockhouse with Welch, both am & pm, studying the attack teacher – made 3 attacks – unsuccessful but improving. Had tea in W.R. [Wardroom] mess, Blockhouse. The whole place is much like Cavite – makes me homesick! Dinner on board & to bed early.

25 May - Saturday.

To Fort Blockhouse in am – on attack teacher. Understand it quite well now. Luncheon on Ambrose. Ashore in pm with Welch – walked over town – out to Southsea. Put a US stamp on room ceiling at Queens! Bought some chocolate & reading matter. Aboard 5 pm boat. Supper on board. 

26 May - Sunday.

On board Ambrose. Slept in afternoon. Dinner on board. Embarked in L-2 at 9:00 & shoved off. Anchored in the Isle of Wight (St. Catherines point) until 12:00 when trawler escorted us to Owens [?] light vessel. From there proceeded alone to billet. Parted company with L-7. On board L-2, skipper, Lt Comdr Eckworth, 2nd, Lieut Pears, Nav, Lieut (RNR) Berdon – 3rd Sub Lieut Kidston RN. Slept in hammock.

27 May – Monday.

Arrived on billet 1 am – surface till dawn at 4:15, then dove till 8; up for radio at 8:00, 12:00, 4:00 & sunset. Officers messes, breakfast 8 am, luncheon 12:00, tea 4:30, dinner 8:00. All excellent. Officers smoke all time – men only when C.T. [Conning Tower] hatch is open.

28 May – Tuesday.

Sighted blimps and sea planes at intervals – come up for anything carrying depth charges. Grenade for recognition – also Verys [flare guns] and deck marks for aircraft.

29 May - Wednesday.

While taking noon sight, the Klaxon [electric diving alarm] shorted. We dived quickly & unexpectedly. No harm done however. No vessels sighted all day. Surface every night for charging. Battery down to 1.200 to 1.210. Normal is 1.250. Port for’d motor shorted & grew very hot. Cut it out, & used after motor only. Ventilation leaked badly. Fixed same at night.

30 May - Thursday.

8 am, up for radio. Sighted merchant ship, thought she did not see us, so dived. Ship took three zig-zags towards us – looked like P-Q-boat [decoy ship], so blew & came up at 3500 yards. Ship turned tail to us & opened fire at 3000 yards with after 6” gun. 1st shot short, second 3 yards ahead of stern, 3rd ten yards astern of skeg – between tail & wash of propellers; both spray on bridge. Dived at 1st shot. 2nd shot (probably) jammed bow rudders hard dive – blew a fuse & took considerable of a trim before we straightened out. No harm done – very noisy party. Depth charges “zinging” all day – at 3:45 heavy explosion was heard followed by numerous depth charges.

31 May – Friday.

Sighted both French & British coasts today, through periscope – wonderfully clear.

1 June – Saturday.

Chased an imaginary Fritz in hydrophones most of the afternoon – no results. Many ships. Always run || [parallel] to traffic lanes at night. Submerged from noon to 1 am next morning – at 60 ft – hazy on topsides & glassy calm.

2 June – Sunday.

Came up at 1 am & proceeded on Engines to Brighton light, picked up L-7 & a trawler there – proceeded at 10 knots to Portsmouth. Took fuel & secured to Ambrose at 10:30 am. A bath felt very good. It was a very instructive, comfortable and pleasant trip in every way. Neither L-3 nor L-7 had any luck. L-3 attacked a periscope but failed to get in on it. Had luncheon (Welch & J) with Captain Nasmith of the Depot ship, Ambrose. He told of almost sinking the Scorpion in Constantinople. Ashore at 3:00 – 3:30 train to Brighton with Welch - changed there, losing Welch & got to London at 7:40 – to Hotel Savoy – dinner & bed.

3 June – Monday.

To Headquarters at 10:30. Saw Carter there who said the O-boats [American submarines] probably would not cross! Very sad news – if true! Met Welch. Saw Mr. White (Naval Constructor) about periscopes, sounding machine, attack teacher, etc. Called up Lt. Winslow at Admiralty & he asked me to call there. Out at 12:30. Lunched at Simpsons – saw Capt. Johnstone there! To Admiralty at 2:30. Saw Commodore S and got letters to periscope people. Lt. Winslow is a Canadian, Montreal, ex-Bishop’s College School & knows Hatley well. Packed & dined in room at Savoy. Caught 8:10 train from Euston for Holyhead. A splendid sleeper.

4 June – Tuesday.

Arrived Holyhead at 2:00am – changed to boat. Arrived Kingstown [Ireland] at 6:00 am – into train for Cork. Breakfast at Kings Bridge (Dublin) Station. Arrived at Cork at noon. Next train to Bantry at 5.! Went to Imperial Hotel & lunched there. An excellent luncheon. Sat around and caught 5:15 train. A couple of padres in train who were rather interesting men on the Sinn Fein question. Wonderful country and interesting people. Side car in Cork. Very green. Mountainous towards end of trip. Railway looks down into Bantry. Arrived Bantry at 8:20. Caught drifter there for Berehaven. Pretty, but cold and uncomfortable trip of 18 miles down. Went alongside Bushnell with stores. Saw Paul Fister – had a talk with him, was assigned Rood’s room & turned in at midnight.

5 June – Wednesday.

Reported to Friedell, skipper of Bushnell and read war diaries, etc, all morning. L-2 & L-4 only boats in – 2 on patrol and others at Queenstown, refitting. In pm, went through AL-2 & AL-4. [AL submarines were British L boats reconfigured a bit for American use]  Saw the changes made – quarters, bridge, etc. At 5 pm went ashore at air station with Fister and walked into town. A most beautiful country – quaint  and full of possibilities from an artist’s standpoint – but none other! Castletown – Bere is a strange little town – rather like Cavite! Walked about a bit and had some “gadgets” and bitters (!) at the Inn – came back aboard, and had dinner at 7:30. Fine to get some real home-side chow & cooking again – also matches and sugar and coffee, etc.

6 June – Thursday.

Up at 7:30. Early breakfast and caught motor sailor which put me aboard the “Counties of Bantry” for Bantry. A fine name but the craft was a drifter, all same. The “Girl May” ! stopped at Glengariff – a most beautiful spot with an excellent hotel – halfway up to Bantry. Arrived in Bantry in time to get a sandwich & an “Irish & soda” before train left at 10:30 for Cork. A pleasant Royal Engineer made trip as far as Limerick with me. Arrived Cork at 1:30, went to a poor hotel there for luncheon, walked about & caught 2:50 train out. Papers have news about Fritzes on our coast. Good stuff in most ways, though in some I hate to see it – it reduces the sinkings here, I am sure. We arrived Dublin at 7:00. Went to the Gresham Hotel – very poor indeed, but probably as good as any here – rather good food on the whole – Turned in early.

7 June – Friday.

Out early. Had breakfast at hotel. Took tram to Rathmines – 37 Rathmine Road – to Sir Howard Grubb’s periscope works. Was met by Romney Grubb, Sir Howard’s son and he showed me over the works. Intensely interesting, and far beyond anything we have. Met Sir Howard – a most genial old soul, who volunteered absolutely any information, although warned that it would be turned over to his competitors. Lunched with Romney at his home. Motored out in his Scripps-Booth. Returned to the works for the afternoon. Then back to Romney’s house for tea, then drove down to Kingstown for dinner with Sir Romney at the Marine Hotel. A very pleasant party. Met English Lieut. Comdr Harris, R.N. from HMS Vulcan, who asked me on board for tiffin [lunch] on Saturday. Drove back to my hotel at 10:00 – on war service still! My first joy-ride on this side!

8 June – Saturday.

Turned out about 9:30. Breakfast at hotel & took tram – topsides – to Kingstown. Walked down on breakwater as arranged with Lt Comdr Harris, and semaphored to Vulcan for a boat. Went on board, met the Captain, Commander _____, and Harris and Frazer. Had luncheon on Vulcan. Had look at attack teacher and at Frazer’s boat, H-12. He had a nasty time of it, his last patrol – with Austin on board. Depth charged, then came up. While he was on the bridge a shot hit the CT [conning tower], square on an eyeport, and burst inside. Took the head off his coxswain – killed instantly – a fragment grazed Frazer’s neck, causing a nasty flesh wound. The CT was a mess – grenades burst & all splattered with blood. Another shell holed top of boat, forward. She could not dive again. Very nasty party. Poor Austin! Went ashore with Harris at 1:00 – met Mrs. Harris and drove up to the Leopardstown races in a side car – great fun. Met Romney Grubb & Mrs. Grubb there. Enjoyed the races – lost consistently. Dined at Rodney Grubbs – very pleasant party, then to Hippodrome to a variety show – some good house turns [?]. Said good night & good bye & turned in.

9 June – Sunday.

Out at 7:00 am – caught 8:25 London Mail train to Kingstown. Took “City of Dublin” – steam packet there for Holyhead – a 3 hour trip – fast boat, but a very bad roller – rough passage. Sorry to leave Ireland, but glad to be away from the Sinn Feiners. They actually hissed & booed Lord French at the races and “God Save the Queen” at the theatre.  Very disgraceful – and childish. The cheers for Lord French yesterday were rather weak! Took train at Holyhead for Crewe – ran up through beautiful mountain country in North Wales – terrible names –Rhip – Bangor, etc. No luncheon – arrived at Crewe at 4:30 – had tea there and put up at “Crewe Arms” – a rather good hotel run by the RR (L & NW) [Railroad, Liverpool & North Western railroad] people – like the C.P.R. {Canadian Pacific Railroad]. Train doesn’t leave until after midnight, so will turn in first for a first watch sleep!

10 June – Monday.

Up at 1:00 for train, which was quite late. Got a compartment to myself, which I was routed out of at Gretna – not much sleep – Cold. Arrived Glasgow at 9:00 – to Central Station Hotel. Met an interesting RN Commander Simpson on train – been to Borneo, etc. Clean up & took tram out to Anniesland, to Barr and Stroud. Had an interesting day there & had tea with Dr. Stroud – saw rangefinders and periscopes & optics all day. Home at 6:00 – dinner & bed.

11 June – Tuesday.

Spent morning at Kelvin’s – Cambridge St. – More periscopes and sounding machines and dessicators [sic], etc. Interesting. Afternoon at hotel. Left Glasgow 9:45 pm for London. Could not get a sleeper – all taken.

12 June – Wednesday.

Arrived London 7:30 am. Rather a miserable night. Drove to Savoy. Bathed and cleaned up. Got trunk & my laundry. Went to Headquarters at 10:00 – met Welch & Austin. Orders to Paris tomorrow. Straightened out pay and transportation, and wrote up memo of trip for Force Commander. Lunched at U. S. Officers Club. Dined at Simpsons, with Austin. Packed & bed early.

13 June – Thursday.

Considerable trouble with getting an early breakfast at Savoy. Caught the 8:05 train from Charring Cross to Folkestone, with Welch and Austin. Excellent Pullman accomodations [sic]. Boat left Folkestone at 11:00 am for Boulogne – a nasty trip; very crowded – 2 hrs. No customs & no difficulty at Boulogne. Lunched at Folkestone hotel – meat exorbitant and poor. Walked about town and had tea at British Officers club – also dinner. Got a couchette on Wagon Lits [sleeping car] leaving out 8:30 for Paris. Quite a decent trip. Very slow train.

14 June – Friday.

Arrived at Paris, Gare du Nord, about 10:00. An interesting trip – vast war stores and camps all around – many Americans. Slow train, and many stops. Had trouble with baggage at Paris – finally got it all into a taxi. To Hotel Crillon, Place de la Concorde – seems excellent. Had luncheon (no breakfast) poor, of course, then went to U.S. Headquarters, 4 Place I’dence. Saw Capt. Dinger & he sent us to Lt Comdr Sticht at the Department de La Marine, in the Place de la Concorde. Got much information on submarines in general. Then met the French liaison officer, who told us that France was doing everything in the optical line, that we were doing nothing, that we were very much  ____[?] here, etc - not much of a reception as compared to the English!  Went to the Invalides, saw the war relics, and returned to the Crillon – also saw Napoleons tomb. Dined at a little café on the Boulevard de la Madelaine, near the Café de la Paix. Very good, and cheap. Walked about, sat at the little tables, and enjoyed the life, then went to the Folies Bergeres – quite a fair revue and amusing. A very dark walk back to the hotel. A peaceful night, tonight!

15 June – Saturday.

No raid last night. To Headquarters at 9:00 am & reported to Captain Jackson, USN, the attaché. Then to the Gare Montparnasse for our couchettes on the Wagens-Lits to Havre, Sunday night – had a Navy Cadillac and chauffeur to take us around. Took a taxi to the pls de la Cítí, to Notre Dame, looked about. They are taking down the rosette windows – all is sand bagged and prepared for a siege. For a city almost besieged, Paris is very normal. The life goes on practically as usual – of course, there are many refuges about – most women wear mourning and one is constantly seeing ambulances about, filled with wounded. From Notre Dame, walked over to the Rive gauche, and had an excellent, though meager, luncheon at a small café. At 2:30 pm reported to the Ministére de Marine and spent the afternoon discussing subs with their “Commodore S” – all in French, but Austin and I carried on after a fashion. Welch soon gave it up and left us! Shipped a bit, got some posters etc, and returned to the Crillon. No hot water in Paris except Saturdays and Sundays – bread cards, and 3 meatless days a week. Welch left us. Austin & I had dinner at a rather poor café and walked around the Tuileries & the River. Turned in at 11:00, the “alerte” was sounded on the sirennes. Stayed turned in – looked out of window. Barrage not so loud as in London, but plenty of noise from the sirens. No shrapnel falling in the city. Went to sleep during the raid.

16 June – Sunday.

Turned out late. Had orders indorsed at headquarters and tried again at Gare Montparnasse, to get a “couchette.” In pm, Austin and I walked and drove around the Bois de Boulogne – very pretty, and war seems far away. The raid last night did some damage. One plane got through. Went to station at 6:00 and got the extra couchette. Dinner at hotel, taxi to station, and left Paris at 8:20 for Brest. No sheets or blankets on the couchettes, and I had on my best & only clothes, too! Very cold.

17 June – Wednesday.

Beautiful Breton country, which looks very familiar to me. Arrived at Brest at 10:00. Passed a train load of American “Sammies” bound up to the Front – all cheering & shouting – “Hommes 40. Chevaux, 8” – all in box cars, a lot of cannons or [?], & the officers in a coach at the rear. Reported to Naval headquarters at Brest. Arranged to visit French boats tomorrow. Saw Admiral Wilson, who was very nice indeed to me. Austin & I went to Hotel Moderne, now run by the Y.M.C.A.  – got a very poor double room there – no running water – no baths etc, but that seems to be the usual thing nowadays. Went to station for our trunks, but they are lost now – which looks bad. Had luncheon at Moderne – excellent – lobster, mutton, salad, chocolate and butter and sugar and white bread – the first for a long time. In pm, went out toward US Naval Aviation camp. Got a lift in a fliver. Met all three youngsters from the Carmania there – Saw Cook – went up to their “Chateau” and had a drink, then drove back to town. Bought some cigarettes at Navy Canteen – Lucky Strikes! Just as I was running out – then got some Gervése posters and back to the hotel. Had dinner at Moderne – walked about town and turned in early.

18 June – Tuesday.

Left bridge boat landing at 9:30 for French Submarine Base. Landed alongside Daphné and met her Captain – he talked English, for a wonder. Went all over her – a good boat, clean, and in good shape. Back to town at 12:30, and lunched at Moderne. In pm finally got our trunks from the Gare. I got a Ford from the flying camp & drove out there. Got a rotten hair cut – but a clean one, at their barber shop. Had dinner there – home-side chow – sat around the chateau, and came back to town late – about 10: pm.

19 June – Wednesday.

Slept late. Welch called up to say that we were to report at the office “any time today” for our sailing orders. Reported at 11:30 and found we were to go on the Martha Washington, sailing at 3:00 pm. Had great trouble in getting trunks to wharf – finally got a carter to take them. Got a special boat off, and reported on board about ten minutes before sailing time. Some hurry! She is a rotten ship – small, slow, uncomfortable and dirty. However, beggars can’t be choosers. Underway at three sharp. Four destroyers as convoy – among them, the Fanning, sharing her star for getting her Fritz. A heavy swell running outside, and a lively ship. The Army is down & out, of course. Austin & I in one room – very small, uncomfortable & dirty. No lights at night! Not a pleasant ship.

20 June - Thursday.

Swell moderating. Wrote reports all morning. Slept in the afternoon. Destroyers still with us. Making 15 knots speed. Poor food and a filthy ship. Muskie.

21 June – Friday.

Destroyers left us during last night. On our own now. Had a periscope (fish) scare at 9:00 am and manned all guns. Sighted a steamer (transport) and lost her astern by 7 pm. Passed a two masted American schooner, becalmed. Poor devil! What chance has he. Fritz got two ships within 40 miles of us last night! Had a torpedo wash scare – nothing doing. Usual sunset zig-zag. Food continues poor.

22 June – Saturday.

No excitements. Out of “war zone” at 8 pm tonight. Probably bound for Newport News! Of all places!

23 June – Sunday.

Heavier weather – squally. Warm and rather pleasant. Not a sail – no excitements. Church, and merries at night.

24 June – Monday.

Report received that a ship was sunk yesterday in 60° 28N. They are working far out now. Calm & quite warm.

25 June – Tuesday.

At 2:30 am a low, suspicious object was sighted. It was either a Fritz or a capsized ship. Remained in sight 1½ hours.

26 –Wed. – same

27- Thurs. – same

28 – Fri. – same

29 – Sat. - Sighted Cape Henry – 11pm

30 - Sun. - Anchored in Roads over night. To Newport News in am. Left ship – Champlin, Boston, Hatley!


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