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Stephen Sicard

ALS dated 24 February 1827, Vera Cruz. To Commodore Porter. Regarding events in Mexico associated with Porter's employment as senior officer in the Mexican Navy.

[Page 2]
box originally contained: day before we learned
that the Brig Guerrero would go
to sea to join you. There are
no sound, good hams here now and
we are accordingly obliged reluctantly
to postpone replacing it until your
return or until another opp[ortunit]y. of
communicating with you shall occur.
You will find with the min[iatu]re
(under this cover) all the letters recd
for you subsequently to your departure,
and also one for [?], and for Capn
Porter and 2 for Mr [?]
Please present to the former two
gents and to Mr Gritter and Mr Hawkins
my best wishes for their health and success.
I hope soon to see Capn Porter this
way, in command of a frigate
captured from the enemy.
Mr Mason took charge of the tin box
of plans etc for me, with the promise
to deliver it to the armies.

[Page 3]
I remain dear sir
Very Resply
Your friend and obdt servant
Stephen Sicard

Mr Taylor writes you a few lines
for Mr Wright, late of the
English Navy. Mr Lopez
with command the Serrero
of Puente has slipt the halter.
The former is not more brave and certainly less honest

[Page 4]
Stephen Sicard
February 24th 1827

Comdre D Porter

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