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Commodore Perry and the Opening of Japan
Diamond Sutra - Sacred Teaching - Lotus Flower Classic

Attached in the front of the book:

Memorandum: The accompanying printed book is marked with the name of John Rodgers, U.S.N. Vincennes, Simona, Japan, May 20, 1855, in the hand-writing of Admiral John Rodgers, and also in his hand-writing the designation of the Buddhist religion from a temple in Simona, Japan.

The following statement in reference to the book is made by Ensign J.B. Bernadou, U.S.N.:

"The work is entitled 'Sacred Teaching - Lotus Flower Classic', vol. II. It is one of the Buddhist's

sacred works; it is given both in the Chinese and Japanese character.

It consists of a narative of certain acts of Budetta and of his disciples; and of a collection of hymns.

No reference is made in any part of the book to any occurrences in modern times.

Very respectfully,

J.B. Bernadou"

Note: The Diamond [Cutter] Sutra is a Mahayana Buddhist work, one of 18 texts with commentaries that are part of the larger Prajnaparamita. The original text was in Sanskrit, and subsequently translated into Chinese, circa 400 A.D. Structurally it is a dialog in which Buddha answers questions of a disciple, with monks and others in attendance.

Published: Fri Jul 20 10:43:48 EDT 2018