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Captain William Bainbridge manuscript - 29 September 1825.

LS dated 29 September 1825, Washington City. Thanking Thomas Chew, Purser, USN, for his assistance.

Washington City 29 Sept 1825

Have received your letter of
the 20th ins[stan]t and kindly thank
you my dear sir for your
friendly attention to the Com-
missions. I troubled you with
the Butter I am in no hurry
for the quality is what I care
about, therefore send it when you
think best. And if it should be
a good apple flavor, please to
send me 2 or 3 Barrels of them.
In haste , but very
Sincerely your friend
Wm Bainbridge
Lt. T. Chew Esqr
U.S. Navy, New York

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Thomas J. Chew Esqr.
U.S. Navy
New York

Comdr Bainbridge 20 Sep 1825

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