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James Monroe Secretary of State

A document signed, dated 26 November 1813. Requests confirmation of United States citizenship in the case of Benjamin Babb of Barrington, New Hampshire. Babb was impressed into the British Navy and is then a prisoner at Chatham, England.

November 26, 1813.
THE person whose name is subjoined, and who is understood to be a citizen of the United States, has been represented at this Department to have been impressed into the British naval service prior to the present war, and to be, at this time, held as a prisoner at Chatham in England.
From this state of unjust detention, this government is desirous of effecting his release. With that view, as he has referred to you, as a friend who can establish his claim to citizenship, I have to request that you will furnish me with such evidence on the subject as you possess, or can obtain from others, in a form the most authentic. The forms most approved, are certificates of birth, of baptism, of naturalization, or depositions taken before, and attested by, a justice of the peace, or notary public.
I remain, respectfully,
Your obedient servant,
(Signed) J. Monroe
Mr. William Babb

Benjamin Babb, 33 years of age, impressed into the British ship Barbadoes, at Barbadoes, on the 1803, from on board a vessel called the Neptune, of [...] , whereof, at the time of his impressment, James Minch was master, she being a United States vessel.
The said Benjamin Babb is alleged to have belonged to Barrington, in the county of Rockingham and state of New Hampshire, and he says that he is known to William Babb, of Barrington.

Benjamin Babb - 33 years of age
Impressed into the British Ship



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