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Thomas Tingey, Captain, USN

ALS dated 20 June 1822, Navy Yard, Washington. To Purser Thomas Chew. Reporting the shipment of a barrel of "Old Columbia" to his friend Captain Macdonough. With integral address sheet.

Navy Yard Wash[ingto]n 20th June 1822
Dear Sir
I have shipped on board the Sloop Java, John
P. Maron Master - one barrel of Old Columbia, for our friend
Captain Macdonough, and by his desire sent to your
address, to forward him, by first favorable opportunity.
Capt[ai]n Maron's receipt, states that it is for Capt[ai]n
Macdonough. I therefore annex an order to empower
you to receive it. If you keep open a[ccounts] with our
friend, you may when convenient, pay into the U.S.
Branch Bank at New York $25,50/100 to my Credit [advising me when done]as
the amount of cost [and]charges on the barrel of Columbia,
the freight to New York accepted which you will pay to
Capt Maron, (as present customary freight).
I shall wrtie to our friend very soon and by first
acquaintance, moving conveniently toward him, send
him two or three foreign coins, which I think he has not.
With much regard, your friend
Tho[ma]s Tingey
F[orward: T. Chew Esqr

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Thomas T. Chew Esqr
Purser in the United States Navy
New York
Thos Tingey
20 June 1822

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