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Binoculars, rental by the US Navy during World War I

Image of agreement for Navy's call for binoculars.

(Bureau of Supplies and Accounts)
Washington, D.C.



[Handwritten on page:
The glasses were returned.]

The enclosed check, payable to your order, in the sum of $1.00, is payment in full for article purchased form you by the NAVY. However, if practicable, at the termination of the war to return same to you, the $1.00 payment will then constitute the rental price.

A complete record, giving you[r] name and address with complete description of the article, will be kept at the Navy Department. Each article is also engraved with a number which acts as a key to designate where same is to be returned at the termination of the war. In this connection, the return may be facilitated if the Navy Department is advised as to any change in address.

[Handwritten on page:
Mr. Ryan passed on Feb. 2, 1962 and I found this among his papers. I don't know what you do with checks like this but I will return and you take the proper action. Yours truly, Mrs. B.F. Ryan, 476 Jefferson St., Eugene, Oregon.

Image of Treasurer of the United States check issued by the Navy Disbursing Office in the amount of $1.00 to B. F. Ryan, dated 16 March 1918.

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