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Asa Curtis - Letter dated 25 November 1845


LS dated 25 November 1845. To Asa Curtis from Michael Clear, Sailing Master US Navy, attesting to the presence of Asa Curtis aboard US Frigate Constitution during the capture of the British Frigates Guerriere and Java, and praising his conduct during the fight with the Java.

Philadelphia November 25th 1845

I do hereby certify that Mr. Asa Curtis was
shipmates with me on board the US Frigate
Constitution during the last war at the capture of
the British Frigates Guerriere and Java and
during the hotest [sic] of the fight with the Java he
descended the Foretop Gallant stay to rebend
the Flying Gib Halyards which had been shotaway
and that I believe by that act of his greatly
tended by keeping head sail in the ship in cap-
turing the enemy.

Very respectfully,
Michael Clear

Sailing Master US Navy
Mr Asa Curtis
Gunner US Navy

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