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Asa Curtis, service record up to 24 October 1836


ALS dated 24 October 1836. Account by Asa Curtis of his service record up to that date.

Philadelphia 24th October 1836
I entered the service as seaman and joined the
Frigate Constitution in May 1812, then lying and fitting out
at the Navy Yard Washington under the command of Commodore
Hull. The present Commodore Morris was 1st Lieut[enant], Commodore Wadswo-
rth 2nd d[itt]o, Capt. Rend 3rd d[itt]o, Capt. Shubrick who was lost in the
[?] 4th d[itt]o, Capt. Heedman 5th d[itt]o, Capt. Morgan 6th d[itt]o. I was
in the Constitution at the time she was chased by the English
squadron off New York, I was in her when she captured the Frigate
Guerriere, I was with Commodore Bainbridge when he captured
the Frigate Java, after which he rated me master gunner, 
and when Commodore Stewart took command of the Constitution
Commodore Bainbridge wished me to remain with him in the Navy
Yard at Charlestown Mass., and he made me Gunner of the
Gunboat No.85 where I remained until the Independence
Ship of the line was fitted for sea. I then sailed as Gunners
mate in the Independence with Commodore Bainbridge against
Algiers in 1815. I afterwards remained in the Independence
until the Columbus Ship of the line was fitted for sea.
I then went with Commodore Bainbridge as Gunners mate in
her. I returned and was Masters mate on this station under
Commodore Bainbridge's command. I was afterwards Gunner
of the Navy Yard at Charlestown under the command of
Commodore Bainbridge and Commodore Crane. I afterwards
sailed with Commodore Crane as Gunner in the Frigate
Java and also in the Ship of the line Delaware. I was
afterwards Gunner of this Navy Yard under the Command
of Commodore Bainbridge and Barron and in 1833, I sailed
in the Ship of the line Delaware as Gunner under the Comm-
and of Capt. Ballard and remained in her during the
Cruise under Commodore Patterson.
Very Respectfully
Asa Curtis

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