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Certificate from the Esteemed Order of Bearers of the Master Key to the Panama Canal Making Admiral Arleigh Burke an Honorary Lead Pilot

The Esteemed Order of Bearers 
of the 
Master Key to the Panama Canal 

Know All Men By These Presents: 

Whereas, The Esteemed Order of Bearers of the Master Key of the Panama Canal has been established to join 
together all Panama Canal advisors in a favored fellowship of peregrinating potentates who have viewed the marvels 
of American enterprise and Panamanian geography at the Crossroads of the Earth, shared the tropical delights of the 
Canal Zone, observed the fiesta and the siesta, seen the sun rise in the Pacific and set in the Atlantic; angled in the bay 
of abundant fish, and drunk deep of the waters of the Chagres which assures their return; 

Whereas, Membership in said Order is conferred in the respective grades as follow, without rank: 

Honorary Pilot - having traversed the big Ditch that divides the land and unites the world 
Honorary Lockmaster - having inspected the Locks through whose chambers pass ships bearing flags of all nations
Honorary Aide to the Governor - having assisted in important duties of the Governor, diurnal and nocturnal 

Now, therefore, Membership in the Esteemed Order of Bearers of the Master Key of the Panama Canal is hereby 
conferred upon: 
Admiral Arleigh A. Burke 
in the grade of Honorary Lead Pilot 

and said Bearer of the Master Key is hereby possessed of all honorary rights, privileges, perquisites, emoluments, 
and memories appertaining to membership in the said Order and is hereby authorized to display this certificate and 
a replica of the Golden Key to the Locks of the Panama Canal.

In Whitness Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seals this 15th day of July, 1961, 
at Balboa Heights, Canal Zone. 

[signature of] 
W.A. Carter 
Governor of the Canal Zone 
President, Panama Canal Company

Published: Tue Dec 02 15:03:06 EST 2014