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Captain John Barry - 26 May 1797.

ALS dated 26 May 1797, Strawberry Hill, PA. To Doctor John Bullus. Regarding Bullus's unsuccessful efforts to gain a commission as Surgeon's Mate.

My Dear Bullus
Since I had the pleasure of receiving your
favor of the 9th of April. I have not been able to set firm
to paper or I should have answered it in this - 
I am sorry that you have failed in your
expectations at Reading, but I would have you pursue
until Congress orders the Frigates to be filed and
Manned when that is the case you will be a better
judge what time to move in if you find that practicing
on shore wont do you shall have my good will
and interest not only for Surgeons Mate but for
a Lieutenantcy when I think you are Capable
you are yet young and when you get aboard ship
if you study the art of Seamanship as well as
you have studied physic you may in time not
only be a Lieut. but a Captain, you shall hear from
me as soon as there is a likely hood of the Officers being
apointed I am in the Enterim -
My Dear Bullus
Your Assured Friend
& Very Obedient Servant
John Barry

Strawberry Hill May 26 1797
Doctor John Bullus

[along left hand side of letter - Commodore John Barry U.S.N.]

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