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Richard Dale, Captain, USN

ALS dated 20 December 1801. To honorable Robert Livingston, American Minister at Paris. Reports Dale has entered the inner port atToulon where he intends to heave down ship.

Toulon Dec 20th 1801
Since I had the Honor of writing to you on the 9th
[inst] I have the pleasure to inform you that I got
Prattique on the 15th I waited on the chiefs of the different
Departments, who received me very politely and pro-
mised me every assistance in their powers- on the
16th [ inst] I got the ship into the inner port we are making
every possible exertion to get the ship ready for heav-
ing down, with the friendly assistance that we have
already experienced, since we have been in the Inner
Harbor, I am in hopes if the weather keeps good that
I shall be ready to sail by the middle of next month
I shall be better able to judge when I see the Bottom,
I can discover that the fore part of the reel is entirely
gone and the lower part of the stern very much
injured, what other Damage the Bottom has received
I can not say at present, but I hope not much-
I shall write you frequently, that you maybe
able to inform the Goverment of the United States 

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should you have an opportunity, the time that it shall be
likely I shall sail- I have wrote the Secretary
of the money, Via [Burdaccse-]

I have the Honor to be Sir
with great respect
Your ob[edient] servant
Ri[char]d Dale

The Honorable
Robert R. Livingston
American Minister
at Paris

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Com. Dale
20th Dec 1801

The Honorable Robert R Livingston
American Minister
at Paris

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