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Daniel Ammen 21 December 1885 to E.C. Brown

ALS dated 21 December 1885 to Mr. E.C. Brown of the American Graphic Company.

E.C. Brown, Esqr
American Graphic Co.
New York City
Dear Sir:
In looking over my
scraps I came across the
enclosed, which I present
now. I do not know that
it will serve you in any
way, but, I suppose it will
repay you should you
have the leisure to read it.
What I had to say to
Steedman, in the Washing-
ton Sunday Herald of the
first issue on January '84 afforded me a good
deal of amusement in wri-
ting. It was in fact a dis-
cussion on the "physiology of

[page 2]
belief". It afforded more enter-
tainment to my naval friends
than I suppose the whole vol-
ume titled the Atlantic Coast
It contains about one column
and a half and as I have but
one copy am not disposed
to send it to you unless un-
der such conditions as would
ensure its safe return and
under the supposition that
you would wish to make
an appendise of these two
replies to criticisms.
Very truly yours,
Daniel Ammen
Dec 21st 85

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