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George E. Badger manuscript - 17 August 1841.

DS dated 17 August 1841. Signs as testimony that the Chief Clerk's signature is valid. Circular forwards a certified copy of a medal presented to Stephen Decatur for his gallantry in the action with the British frigate Macedonian. (Medal not present.)


Comm. Stephen Decatur, Present. M. Comdt. Geo. C. Read, New
York. M. Comdt. John B. Nicolson. Doct. Sam Trevett, Charlestown
Mas. Purser John B. Timberlake Present. Capt Wm. Anderson, Marines
Norfolk, Va. James I. Edwards Esq. Late Lt. Marines present.
Navy Department
February 10th 1820

In compliance with a Resolution of the Congress of the United States
the President directs me to present to you a medal in testimony
of the high sense entertained by Congress of your gallantry, good conduct
and services in the conflict with the British frigate Macedonia.
I have the honor to be [etc ]
Smith Thompson

I John D. Simms, Chief Clerk of the Navy Department do
hereby certify that the foregoing is a true copy from the records
of said Department.
Navy Department
14th August 1841
J.D. Simms
Chief Clerk

Be it known that John D. Simms
who has inscribed this foregoing certificate is now and
was at the time of so doing, Chief Clerk of the Navy
Department and that full faith and credits are
due to his official acts.

In testimony whereof I have
hereunto signed my name and
caused to be affixed the seal of
the Navy Department this 17th
day of August A.D. 1841 and 
of the Independence of the United
States the sixty sixths.
Geo. E. Badger
Secretary of the Navy

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