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Daniel Ammen manuscript 16 May 1886

ALS dated 16 May 1886 to Graphic Publishing Company.

Graphic Publishing Co.
New York City
Several months ago I
received several letters
from a gentleman whose
name was Brown in one
of which I was informed that
a pictorial edition of the 
Scribner's War Series was
in process of preparation and 
at his request I forwarded
him such amendments as 
I had made from comments
on "The Atlantic Coast" written 
by me for the Scribners.
Be good enough to
place this in his hands.

[page 2]
I have what I proposed
in the way of corrections for
my book and in looking 
over it discovered a preface
to a second edition.
Should Mr. Brown wish
it I will forward my book
as corrected which he is
to return as soon as he
has compared my proposed
corrections with the notes
I forwarded him several
months ago.
Very truly yours
Daniel Ammen
Rear Admiral
Navy Dept
Washington DC
16th May '86

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