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James Russell Soley

Secretary of the Navy

LS dated 17 October 1890, Navy Department.To Lieutenant (junior grade) A. Culver. Directing him to report for examination preliminary to promotion.

Navy Department,
Washington, 17th October, 1890
Your orders of the 15th Inst,
are so far modified that you will report to
Commodore J.A Greer, U.S. Navy, President of the
Board of Naval Examiners, on the 1 November
next, for the examination, preliminary to promotion,
required by Section 1496 of the Revised Statutes,
and when discharged, you will return to your
JR Soley
Acting Secretary of the Navy
Lieutenant Junior Grade
A.E. Culver
U.S. Navy
Bureau Ordnance, Navy Dept.

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