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Location of Archival Materials

List of Gifts

For the Emperor
Steam Engine & track
Gig [scratched out]                          a stove
Audubon's Birds
[Toilet box, silver cover - scratched out]
1.5 yards scarlet Broadcloth           Box of Marichino
Colt's Revolver                               Box of Champagne
Telescope                                       Barrel Whiskey
U.S. weights, measures & balances      1 Box Tea
Natural History of New York
Agricultural Instruments

For the Empress
Flowered silk Dress           [Perfumery - scratched out]
Velvet Dress
Ladies Toilet box, gilded
[Lorgnette, gilded - scratched out] One doz. bottles essence

For Commissioner Hayashi
Audubon's Quadrupeds           Tea Set for his Lady
Ivory Longnette
Rifle      Box of [marichino - scratched out] Champagne
Cotton cloth      1 box cherry cordial
Clock                [20 gal barrel- scratched out] 20 gallon Whiskey
Revolver            1 box Tea

6 Councillors
Abe, Prince of Ishe
Makino, Prince of Bizen
Matsudairo, Prince of Idzumi
Matsuduiiri, Prince of Ika
Kuzhei, Prince of Yamatto
Naiito, Prince of Ki

Four Commissioners
Hayashi, Great Councillor First Commissioner
Ido, Prince of Teus-sima
Izawa, Prince of Mimasaka
(The one I had an interview with 
at Uraga)H.S.S.
Udoro, 2nd Assistant of Revenue? Population Board

Moriyama Yenoske - Chief Interpreter of the Empire
Kiinokawa Kaheyoye - Prefect

For First Councillor
[Natural History of New York - scratched out]
Schoolcrafts Indians
Revolver & Rifle & Sword
Box of Cherry Cordial
5 Gal. Whiskey
1 Box Tea
1 Stove
1 Clock
Surf Boat

Second Councillor
[Schoolcrafts Indians - scratched out]
Lopins Field Book
Small Box Cherry Cordial
Cabinet Nat. Hist. New York

Third Councillor
Owen's Architecture
[View of Washington - scratched out] 
Jackson Monument
Small Box Cherry Cordial

Fourth Councillor
[Lossing's Field Book - scratched out]
[Box of Wine - scratched out]
Lithograph of New [steamer - scratched out] York
Documentary History of N. York
Small Box Cherry Cordial

Fifth Councillor
Downing's Country Houses
10 yards of Broadcloth
View of Washington
Gal. Beaker of Whiskey
Small Box Cherry Cordiaal

Sixth Councillor
Owen's Minnesota
Revolver - Clock
View of [a steamer - scratched out] New Orleans, lithograph
5 gallons Whiskey
[box of Liquor of some sort - scratched out]

Second Commissioner
Appleton's Dictionary
View of Georgetown
[Liquor? - scratched out]
5 Gallons Whiskey

List of Presents
for the Emperor of
Japan & O.

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