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James C. Tily Collection


Scope and Content Note

The material in the collection was acquired by Captain James C. Tily, CEC, USN, ret., while conducting research for his article on the uniforms and insignia of the Construction Corps.

The bulk of the collection consist of textual material and photographs relating to the Engineering Corps and the Seabees with particular emphasis on the history of both organizations, their uniforms, and insignia. Also included is material on the Bureau of Yards and Docks, the Medical Corps, and various musical activities within the US Navy and the Marine Corps. There is also a moderate size collection of illustrations and photographs documenting the history of US Navy and Marine Corps uniforms and insignia.

Detailed Description

Box 1 - Civil Engineer Corps (CEC): Uniforms

History of Uniforms and Insignia.
"Uniforms and Insignia: Engineering and Construction Corps" by James Tily.
Regulations, circa 1965-1971
Regulations, Devices and Collar Insignia
Correspondence and Misc. Data, Vol. 1.
Correspondence and Misc. Data, Vol. 2.
Official Documents, 1941-1958
Construction Battalion Organization, 1943
Civil Engineer Corps, Vol. 10 No. 5 (May 1956) to Vol. 13 No. 5 (May 1959) [incomplete]
Miscellaneous Articles

Box 2 - Seabees

Origins and Early History
Miscellaneous Articles
Seabees in Action: "Dong Xoai Story"
Photographs - Seabees Miscellaneous Activities, 1942-1945
Photographs - Seabees Miscellaneous Activities, circa 1950
Photographs - Seabees Miscellaneous Activities, circa 1956
Photographs - Operation Deep Freeze, circa 1957
Photographs - SeabeesUniforms and Miscellaneous Activities, circa 1966
Photographs - Seabees Miscellaneous Activities, circa 1969
Photographs - River Patrol Force, circa 1969

Box 3 - Other Material

Bureau of Yards and Docks History
Bureau of Yards and Docks, Historic Photographs
Khaki, History of
Medical Corps Insignia, History of
Medical Corps Devices and Uniforms, 1902-2005
Photographs - Navy Medical Personnel, WW I
US Navy Uniforms, Origins of.
US Navy Band, Insignia and History
Photographs - Sousa's Jackie Band
Photographs - Navy Yard Band
Photographs - US Marine Corp Band
Photographs - US Naval Academy Band
Photographs - Ship's Bands
Photographs - Sea Chanters
Photographs - School of Music Marching Band
Photographs - Coast Guard Personnel, circa 1965

Box 4 - Illustrations and Photographs Documenting the History of Naval Uniforms and Insignia

Uniform Illustrations - Marine Corps 1775-1951
Uniform Illustrations - US Navy 1775-1883
Uniform Illustrations - Naval Sketches of the War in California 1847
Uniform Photographs - US Navy 1860-1865
Uniform Illustrations and Photographs - C.S. Navy 1861-1865
Uniform Photographs - US Navy circa 1866-1887
Uniform Insignia - US Navy 1866-1886
Uniform Photographs - Marine Corps circa 1914
Uniform Photographs - Marine Corps circa 1920

Box 5- Oversized Items

U. S. Marine Corps Uniforms 1983
Uniform for the United States Navy 1869
U.S Sailor’s Uniform with Accoutrements 1861-1865
A Century Makes a Difference –“The Sunday Star” October 6th, 1963(NEEDS REPAIR)
Uniforms of the Royal Navy: During the Napoleonic Wars
Uniforms of the United States Navy 1900-1967
U.S. Marine Corps Uniforms 1983
Flag Officer 1861
Canadian Navy 1918
Changes in Uniform Regulations, March 8 1852
Uniform and Dress of the Navy and Marine Corps of the United States, 1852
Documents relating to warrant officer uniforms

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