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Benjamin Stoddert

Secretary of the Navy

ALS dated 3 February 1802, Georgetown. To Colonel [Vice President Aaron] Burr. Detailing information on land he has available for sale (particularly in square 882 adjoining the Washington Navy Yard).

Geo[rge]Town 3 Feb 1802
Dear Sir
I do myself the honor to enclose a list of the
squares in which I have lots, showing the number
of square feet in each square, the prices, and the total
amount, being 161,003 Dollars. In this list, I
have added some lots not in the list here to foregiven-
particularly in square 882 as joining the Navy yard. I
have sold three lots out of that square at 10 cents and
what remains is added to the 6 cent lots. I sold
several months ago 277801 square feet in squares 47. 48
49. 67. 68. and 70 at 3 cents amounting to 8300 D[ollars] but pay[ment]
has not been made as stipulated and I have been some days
expecting a return of the appeasement, which I have insisted
on and the Gov't has promised. I wish to add them
to the rest-they were to add in the average but
would not make the purchasers bargin better.

I have annexed on the other half I had a list of
lots belonging to the estate of Gus L. Scotte the two gentlemen who
have been [ ] in for Mr.[ ] amounting to 59458
D-I have supposed that they might be taken with
mine, from choice-and those particluar lots were of
the President square, I was anxious to have offered with
mine because with mine they were able for sale in that quarter
at a price less then 20 or 25 cents These lots
are to be subject to the same [ ] account as mine-
a thing which I shall myself manage

The squares in which I have lots are painted
Red on the plan of the city here within those in
which Scotte and the two gentlemen have lots, are painted

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I have thought it might further indicate to []
the division of squares into lots-which I have done as
far as I had them, in the [ ] marked it. I wish
easily to purchase from those [ ] how the other have
been divided, and it [ ] be discovered that the lots are by
no means divided into the more convient building
lots-but this can be rectified by the owner

Suffer me to repeat these so [ ] are my affairs that
I shall be happy to [ ] any part of my lots or the whole
my own compliance granted in the 10 cent lots. I have further
conviction, that no event-not even the [ ] and
impractical scheme of a Bridge to destroy the navigation of the
river, can prevent this being sought after in the evening
Spring when it [ ] be seen (for man is governed only be
his [ ] that commence with ther fix, at prices far
beyond what I am with content to take-and this two[sic]
without any calculation on the Seal of Gov't which is
important only to property which without it, would be
worthless. Cause [ ][ ][ ] to produced effect, or in
this I can not be disappointed.-and if only part of
my lot should be sold, I am most [ ] in saying
I should prefer a sale of those at 6 cents in the first
instance-and of those [ ] in the second-the 10 cent
lots last

I am with [ ][ ]
your most obd[eient] And obliged servant
Ben Stoddert

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