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Admiral Arleigh Burke - Certificate Designating as a Naval Ordnance Engineer

Department of the Navy 
The Chief of the 
Bureau of Ordnance 
takes pleasure in designating 
Admiral Arleigh A. Burke 
a Naval Ordnance Engineer 
in recognition of his having completed the prescribed course 
in Postgraduate Instruction 
at the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School, 
served one or more tours of duty in the naval shore establishment 
under the auspices of 
the Bureau of Ordnance, 
and having been so recommended for this designation by 
the Bureau of Ordnance Management Council 

Serial No. 98 
Date 29 May 1957 

[signature of] E. J. O'Donnell 
Director, Administrative Division 
Bureau of Ordnance 

[signature of] F.S. Withington
Bureau of Ordnance

Published: Tue Dec 02 14:45:08 EST 2014