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Honorary Plank Owner Certificate to Admiral Arleigh Burke From USS Providence

Plank Owner 

A Proclamation: to all Men of the Sea wherever ye may be in the broiling tropic oceans or the frigid wastes of polar seas
or temperate waters more livable to man: 
Whereas: the citizenry of the United States of America and the Department of the Navy, with due regard to the qualification, 
fortitude, intrepidity, loyalty and seamanlike qualities did select: 

ADM Arleigh A. Burke, USN 

to serve the Republic and the ocean seas as an original member of the first crew of the 
newest ship of the mighty United States fleet and did Place In Commission 

USS Providence (CLG 6)

he is herewith duly certified Plank Owner and therefore is entitled to all rights and privileges 
associated with this singular and unique distinction 
Whereas: those assorted jellyfish, land lubbers, sea lawyers and varied, hateful, unhappy 
creatures of the land and sea who might tend to treat lightly the rights and privileges of the 
esteemed Plank Owner herewith bestowed shall be viewed darkly and with extreme repug- 
nance by His Royal Majesty Neptunus Rex, all who fathom the ocean's depths are directed by 
Royal Edict to view his position with appropriate honor and reverence. 

Commissioned 17 September 1959 

[signed] Kenneth L. Veth [Captain]

Published: Thu Jun 23 07:43:33 EDT 2016