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Thomas Macdonough, Captain USN

ALS dated 16 October 1803. To Commodore Edward Preble. Explaining the "escape" of one John Tuck while ashore for fresh provisions.

October 16th 1803
On October 3rd 1803 I was ordered on shore by
Lieutenant Tarbell for fresh provisions take-
ing [sic] in the boat 6 men, when the boat got
on shore I took two men up to the mar-
kett [sic] for the purpose of bringing down
the provisions leaving John Cox, Thomas
Green and William Hughes with another to
take care of the boat with orders not to
leave it, but on my return to the boat
three of the men were gone. I was from
the boat about one half hour.
October 6th 1803 I went on shore for the same
purpose takeing [sic] four men in the boat
and three up to the markett [sic] leaving
John Tuck to take command of the boat and on
my return found he had made his escape.
T. MacDonough
Commodore Edward Preble

autograph of Mid[shipma]n afterwards Commodore Thos. Macdonough the hero of Lake Champlain
G. N. P.

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Commodore Edward Preble
Pres[ent] to

from Midshipman
16th October 1803

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