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Captain Somerville Nicholson, USN

A document signed, dated 1 July 1870. Appointment to Captain. Signed by John Rodgers.

Sept 17th
(Signed) John Rodgers Navy Department.
1 July 1870

The President of the United States, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, having appointed you a Captain in the Navy, on the Active List from the Tenth of June, 1870, I have the pleasure to inclose herewith your commission, dated the 17th June 1870, the receipt of which you will acknowledge to the Department.
I am, respectfully.
Your obedient servant.
Geo. M. Robeson,
Secretary of the Navy.

Somerville Nicholson
U.S. Navy
Commanding U. S. Steamer Benicia
Asiatic Fleet.

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