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Plank Owner Certificate to Admiral Arleigh Burke From USS Barry

[banner] Plank Owner

To all sailors wherever ye may be: and to all Salts, Sea Lawyers, Swabs, Land Lubbers,
Square-knot Admirals, Gun Deckers, and all the Other Assorted Scavengers of the Seven Seas Greetings:
And Be It Known: By all ye earthly mortals and others who may be distinguished and honored by his presence That

Admiral Arleigh A. Burke

was an honored member of the first and most illustrious Navy crew which distinguished itself forever when it
Commissioned the Good Ship USS Barry DD-933 And, therefore, for this Good
and Sufficient Reason, He is entitled by the laws of the sea, to all the rights and privileges of a Plank Owner
Be it further understood: That he is entitled also to a clear, free, open and
unencumbered title to a single plank in the deck of the aforementioned illustrious ship
This Final, Accurate Selection Will Be Made In Order Of Seniority
according to the treasured, honroable records contained in Davey Jone's Log Book
Disobey These Orders Under Extreme Penalty Of My Displeasure

Commissioned 7 September 1956

[signed] I.C. Kidd Commanding
Commander U.S. Navy

Published: Tue Dec 02 15:52:57 EST 2014