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Birthday Greetings to Admiral Arleigh Burke From the Crew of the USS Apple Orchard

Happy Birthday 

Many happy returns and may 
you cruise at 31 knots for
many years to come. 

From the crew of the USS Apple

VADM C.T. Joy PNC E.L. Hawkes
CAPT H.M. Briggs YNTC G. Warrington
CRD G.G. Ball YNC L. Guzowski Jr.
CDR G.R. Muse YNTI R.S. Ashbaugh
LCDR G.R. Strickland YN1 L.C. Jarvis
LCDR W.R. Wagner YN1 J.J. Koval
LCDR J.A. MacLellan YNT2 K.C. McLaughlin
LCDR O.F. Griffin YNT2 D.J. Spence
LCDR J.H. Matheson YN2 H. Kilgore
LCDR O. Jacoby YN3 H.M. Gray
LT H.G. Underwood YN3 M. McGahan
LT R.M. Hood PI3 J.A. Roser
LT E.L. Covington YNT3 C.M. Shaw
LT W.J. Ellis CPL D. Adams
LT N.E. Weeks CPL W.P. Kipp
LTJG B.D. Stiehl YNTSN A.R. Baldocchi
ENS O.H. Davison SN R.J. Collins
ENS G. Ritner SN B.L. Lambert
DMSN W.C. Bair
YNSN J.E. Lenderman
TESN J.A. Cheeks

UNC Armistice Negotiations 
Munsan-Ni Korea 19 October 1951

Published: Tue Dec 02 13:57:25 EST 2014