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Located in the Rare Book Room of the Navy Department Library.

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ZB (Personnel) Files in the Navy Department Library

Wachter - Wyvil


This series contains various documents and ephemera pertaining to US naval officers and some civilians, especially those serving during the 19th century. Coverage of a number of outstanding officers of the late 18th and early 20th centuries, as well as some enlisted personnel, also is provided. It is estimated that the careers of 35,000 separate individuals are documented to some extent in these files.

The contents of individual files can include such items as: (1) compiled service chronologies; (2) biographical summaries; (3) service data cards (Civil War period); (4) letters of recommendation for appointment or promotion; (5) pay vouchers (Civil War period); (6) fragmentary personal and official letters; (7) official Office of Naval Records and Library, and Naval History Division correspondence providing information on specific officers. The contents of individual files range from extensive to sparse, sometimes only containing a single piece of paper.

Use and Reproduction Policy

Z File materials are unavailable for loan and must be consulted in the library. Photocopying of manuscripts, as well as fragile items, is generally prohibited, though the use of digital cameras by researchers to reproduce non-copyrighted materials is permitted. Permission to photocopy a few pages may be granted by the reference staff, contingent upon the physical state of items. All photocopying of materials shall be done by the reference staff, or under their close supervision. The use of personal scanners by non-library staff personnel must be approved by the reference staff on a document-by-document basis (Reference: Naval Historical Center Instruction [NAVHISTCENTINST] 5070.1C.).


The NDL staff are in the process of inventorying and digitizing these files. The lists available below are incomplete and may not reflect current holdings. Updates will be made to these lists as the information becomes available.

Please note that we are also in the process of placing distinguishing identifiers (rank, rating, etc.) next to individuals with the same name.

* denotes personnel has one or more folders dedicated to their documents

Name List of Documents
Wachter, Henry  
Name List of Documents
Wackerman, Jacob  
Waddell, Charles  
Waddell, James Iredell *  
Waddell, Ward  
Waddle, Eli  
Waddle, George  
Wade, Charles Tobias  
Wade, David E.  
Wade, E.H.  
Wade, Henry C. *  
Wade, Henry J.  
Wade, John  
Wade, Joseph  
Wade, Mark  
Wade, Michael  
Wade, Nathaniel  
Wade, Richard M.  
Wade, Thomas F. *  
Wade, William  
Wadell, George  
Wadhams, Albion J.  
Wadhams, Albion Y.  
Wadkins, Wade  
Wadleigh, Benjamin Dean  
Wadleigh, Bernard Albert  
Wadleigh, Ebenezer  
Wadleigh, George H.  
Wadlington, Nathaniel  
Wadsworth, Alexander Scammel  
Wadsworth, Edward  
Wadsworth, Henry (Actg. LT, 1799)  
Wadsworth, Henry M. (Actg. Master's Mate, 1865)  
Wadsworth, Peleg  
Wage, Chapel  
Wager, Charles  
Wager, Peter Jr.  
Wagg, Elijah  
Wagg, Maurice  
Waggener, James R.  
Waggoner, _______(Pilot, 1863)  
Waggoner, William  
Wagner, David  
Wagner, J. (CSN)  
Wagner, Jacob  
Wagner, James J.  
Wagner, John  
Wagner, John Jacob  
Wagner, Peter *  
Wagner, William  
Wagstaff, Samuel  
Wagstaff, Seymour  
Wahl, Jacob  
Wailes, Benjamin  
Wailes, John P.  
Wailes, Sidney J.  
Wailes, William  
Wainwright Family  
Wainwright, George  
Wainwright, John Howard  
Wainwright, Jonathan Mayhew Sr. (Civil War) *  
Wainwright, Jonathan Mayhew Jr.  
Wainwright, Joseph H.  
Wainwright, R.D. (1st LT, 1883)  
Wainwright, Richard Sr. (Civil War)  
Wainwright, Richard Jr. (1849-1926)  
Wainwright, Richard Jr. III (Midshipman, 1902)  
Wainwright, Robert Dewar  
Wainwright, Thomas B.  
Wait Family  
Wait, Charles  
Wait, F.H.--See Frederick H.  
Wait, Frederick H.  
Wait, Horatio *  
Wait, Israel C.  
Wait, Marmaduke  
Wait, T.H.--See Frederick H.  
Waite, Cephas K.  
Waite, William H.  
Wake, Minnie  
Wake, Willis  
Wakefield, Benjamin  
Wakefield, Henry  
Wakefield, Thomas A.  
Wakeman, Alonzo C.  
Wakenshaw, H.C.  
Walback, John J.B.  
Walcott, William T.  
Walcutt, John  
Walden, C.C.  
Walden, Jacob  
Walden, William Brum  
Name List of Documents
Waldermar, C.F.  
Waldgrove, Garrett  
Waldo, Charles F.  
Waldo, Howard  
Waldron, Jessie T.  
Waldron, Johannes  
Waldron, Nathaniel S.  
Waldron, R.H. *  
Waldron, Richard R.  
Waldron, Richard V.  
Waldron, Thomas W.  
Walen, Michael  
Wales, Benjamin  
Wales, David  
Wales, Edward C.  
Wales, John Jr.  
Wales, Samuel  
Walis, William  
Walke, Frank A.  
Walke, Henry (1827-71, RADM) *  
Walke, Henry A. (4th Master, Civil War)  
Walker, Abraham  
Walker, Asa  
Walker, Benjamin (Commissioner, 1786)  
Walker, Benjamin (Civil War)  
Walker, Beverly  
Walker, Calvin Augustus  
Walker, Charles (CSN)  
Walker, Charles (1837)  
Walker, David (Rev. War)  
Walker, David (Civil War)  
Walker, David Ignatius  
Walker, Dudley  
Walker, Edward A.  
Walker, Edward H.  
Walker, Eugene T.  
Walker, George  
Walker, George A.  
Walker, George W. (USMC, 1817-44)  
Walker, George W. (Ord. Seaman, CSN)  
Walker, George W. (Master, 1862)  
Walker, George W. (Engineer, 1862-66)  
Walker, H.W.  
Walker, Henry  
Walker, Henry B.  
Walker, Henry H.  
Walker, Horace  
Walker, J.E.  
Walker, J.M.  
Walker, James (Enl. July 1838)  
Walker, James (Enl. May 1838)  
Walker, James (1863)  
Walker, James C.  
Walker, James M.  
Walker, Jasper  
Walker, John (Enl. 1837)  
Walker, John (Enl. 1838)  
Walker, John (Engineer, 1862)  
Walker, John (Seaman, 1876)  
Walker, John (CSN)  
Walker, John D.  
Walker, John F.  
Walker, John G. (Seaman, 1836)  
Walker, John G. (Purser, 1848-54)  
Walker, John Grimes *  
Walker, John J. (Actg. Midshipman, 1842)  
Walker, John J. (CSN, Actg. Midshipman)  
Walker, John P.  
Walker, Joseph  
Walker, Joseph C.  
Walker, Joshua  
Walker, Lemuel  
Walker, Leonard R.  
Walker, Moses Bascomb  
Walker, Richard---See Walker, Dudley  
Walker, Robert P.  
Walker, Samuel P.  
Walker, T.  
Walker, Theodoric L.  
Walker, Thomas  
Walker, Thomas D.  
Walker, Vincent  
Walker, William (1857)  
Walker, William (USMC, 1862)  
Walker, William (Seaman, 1826)  
Walker, William (Midshipman Application, 1814)  
Walker, William Dodson  
Walker, William M.  
Walker, William Seymour *  
Walkinshaw, Samuel L.  
Walkley, Jonathan  
Wall, E.D.  
Wall, George  
Wall,  Henry  
Wall,  James (CSN)  
Wall,  Jesse  
Wall,  Moses  
Wall,  Richard  
Wall,  Robert E.  
Wall,  W.H.  
Wall,  William (Rev. War)  
Wall, William H.  
Wallace, ________(killed Battle of Lake Erie)  
Wallace, ____________(Sgt. Major, CSMC)  
Wallace, Alexander (Civil War)  
Wallace, Alexander (Qtr. Master)---See Black, William  
Wallace, Andrew (Ord. Seaman, 1836)  
Wallace, Andrew (Enl. 1840)  
Wallace, David (Rev. War)  
Wallace, David (Army)  
Wallace, Edwin  
Wallace, Francis  
Wallace, G. William  
Wallace, George C.  
Wallace, George W.  
Wallace, Henry  
Wallace, J.C.  
Wallace, J.S.  
Wallace, James (Ord. Seamn, 1803)  
Wallace, James (Actg. Midshipman, 1861)  
Wallace, James (Ord. Seaman, CSN, 1863)  
Wallace, John (Ord. Seaman, 1803)  
Wallace, John (Enl. 1840)  
Wallace, John (War of 1812)  
Wallace, John (Actg. Master's Mate, 1865)  
Wallace, John (Pay Clerk, 1884)  
Wallace, John E.----See Wallis, John E.  
Wallace, John J.  
Wallace, John Singer  
Wallace, John T.  
Wallace, Joseph  
Wallace, Josephus  
Wallace, Matthew  
Wallace, Matthew J.  
Wallace, Paul  
Name List of Documents
Wallace, Richard W.  
Wallace, Robert  
Wallace,  Rush R. *  
Wallace, S.W.  
Wallace, Samuel  
Wallace, William (LT, USMC, 1871)  
Wallace, William, (Seaman, CSN)  
Wallace, William A.  
Wallace, William M.  
Wallace, William P.  
Wallace, William W.  
Wallach, Cuthbert P.  
Wallen, James---See Willing, James  
Waller, James---See Willing, James  
Waller, John  
Waller, John Tyler---See Phelps, Jefferson  
Waller, Littleton W.T.  
Waller, Richard P.  
Waller, Thomas  
Wallerstein, Morton L.  
Wallgren, Jones  
Walling, James  
Walling, John (Seaman, 1838)  
Walling, John (Discharged Dec. 1861)  
Wallingford, Samuel  
Wallis, John E.  
Wallis, John P.  
Wallis, P.W.P.  
Wallis, R.H.  
Walls, Ellis  
Walls, Henry P.  
Walpole, Horace  
Walsh, Charles  
Walsh, Daniel  
Walsh, J.  
Walsh, James  
Walsh, John  
Walsh, John A.  
Walsh, Joseph  
Walsh, Joseph C. *  
Walsh, Loretta  
Walsh, Maurice  
Walsh, Robert  
Walsh, Thomas (1812)  
Walsh, Thomas (CSN)  
Walsh, William (Ord. Seaman, CSN)  
Walsh, William (Fireman, CSN)  
Walsh, William (USMC, 1876)  
Walston, Thomas S.  
Walsh, William B.  
Walston, William H.H.  
Walter, George  
Walter, J.  
Walter, James E.  
Walter, Jeremiah  
Walter, Joel  
Walter, Joseph  
Walter, R. Price  
Walter, Robert----See Walton, Robert  
Walter, Wilfred Aves  
Walters, Augustus  
Walters, Charles  
Walters, Charles W.  
Walters, Frederick Robert  
Walters, Henry  
Walters, J.  
Walters, Samuel P.  
Walters, William  
Waltham, John  
Walton, Edmund W.  
Walton, George  
Walton, James C.  
Walton, John W.  
Walton, Robert (Rev. War)  
Walton, Robert (Pilot)  
Walton, T. Cameron  
Walton, Walter  
Wamaling, C. Thomas  
Wamaling,  Robert L.  
Wandell, Martin E.  
Wands, James B.  
Wanklin, Henry  
Wansley, Samuel  
Waples, T.C.  
Wappenhaus, C.F.R.  
Warburten, Joseph  
Ward, ________(Commodore)  
Ward, Aaron *  
Ward, Abram  
Ward, Alonzo E.  
Ward, Andrew  
Ward, Artemus  
Ward, Daniel (Actg. 3rd Asst. Engineer, 1864)  
Ward, Daniel (Mate, 1862)  
Ward, David  
Ward, Edward C. (Professor)  
Ward, Edward C. (LT)  
Ward, Elijah  
Ward, Frederick C.  
Ward, H.H.  
Ward, Henry (Midshipman)  
Ward, Henry (Seaman)  
Ward, James (CSN)  
Ward, James (Engineer)  
Ward, James Harman *  
Ward, John (Rev. War)---See Ward, David  
Ward, John (Surgeon, CSN)  
Ward, John (Seaman, CSN)  
Ward, John G.  
Ward, John H.  
Ward, John W.  
Ward, Joseph  
Ward, Lewis  
Ward, Marvin  
Ward, Patrick  
Ward, Peter F.  
Ward, Richard  
Ward, Robert  
Ward, Samuel  
Ward, Thomas (1st Capt. of Fore Top)  
Ward, Thomas (Landsman, 1838)  
Ward, William (1812)  
Ward, William D.  
Ward, William G.  
Ward, William H. (Seaman, 1813-14)  
Ward, William H. (CSN) *  
Ward, William H. (1856)  
Ward, William S.  
Ward, William Talbot  
Warden, Jonathan  
Wardlaw, James  
Wardrop, John  
Wardrop, William  
Wardwell, Leonard  
Ware, Charles  
Ware, Charles A.  
Ware, Henry---See Wakefield, Benjamin  
Ware, James  
Ware, Joseph  
Ware, Kimball  
Ware, Thomas C.  
Ware, Thomas R. *  
Wareham, Richard  
Warfield, Lott  
Waring, A.H.  
Waring, H.S.  
Waring, John W.  
Waring, Thomas  
Wark, Robert  
Warley, Alexander F. *  
Warn, Simeon  
Warne, E.M.  
Warner, Francis A.  
Warner, Frank A.  
Warner, Franklin C.  
Warner, George F.  
Warner, George H.  
Warner, Henry C.  
Warner, Henry R.  
Warner, Hiram  
Warner, James H. *  
Warner, John (Sailing Master, 1813)  
Warner, John (Seaman, 1864)  
Warner, Joseph  
Warner, Lafayette  
Warner, Oswald  
Warner, Philip  
Warner, Samuel B. (Sailmaker, 1846)  
Warner, Samuel Bonsal (War of 1812)  
Warner, Seth  
Warner, Thomas W.  
Warren, A.A.  
Warren, Chadbourne, H.  
Warren, Charles A.  
Warren, Charles Stewart  
Warren, Edwin P.  
Name List of Documents
Warren, George A.  
Warren, H.J.  
Warren, Henry G.  
Warren, Henry J.  
Warren, Isaac  
Warren, James (2nd LT, USMC)  
Warren, James (Boy, 1808)  
Warren, James William *  
Warren, John  
Warren, John D.  
Warren, Joseph (1st LT, 1775)  
Warren, Joseph (Pilot, 1862)  
Warren, Joseph B.  
Warren, Joshua D.  
Warren, Oliver B.  
Warren, Peter  
Warren, Samuel  
Warren, Selby  
Warren, Thomas  
Warren, Watkins *  
Warren, William (1836)  
Warren, William F.  
Warrington, Franklin C.  
Warrington, James H.  
Warrington, Lewis *  
Warrington, Lewis, Jr.  
Warrington, Miles K.  
Warwick, Robert James  
Washburn, Ephraim  
Washburn, Henry W.  
Washburn, Isaac  
Washburn, Israel *  
Washburn, John  
Washburn, Noah  
Washburn, Samuel B.  
Washburne, ______ (1863)  
Washer, __________ (Ensign, 1619)  
Washington, Baily *  
Washington, Bushrod  
Washington, Corbin  
Washington, George (Enl. 1864)  
Washington, George (General, President U.S.) *  
Washington, H.W.M. *  
Washington, Jerry  
Washington, Leroy H.  
Washington, Richard  
Washington, Smith  
Washington, Spotswood A.  
Washington, Thomas  
Washington, William (Seaman, 1837)  
Washington, William (1st Class Boy, CSN)  
Washington, William James  
Wasson, Alonzo M.L.  
Wasson, David H.  
Wasson, J.B.  
Wasson, William  
Wate, Paul Theodore M.  
Waterbury, David  
Waterbury, Ebenezer  
Waterbury, Ezra  
Waterbury, Samuel A.  
Waterhouse, Joseph  
Waterman, George S.  
Waterman, L.A.  
Waterman, Rufus  
Waterman, Thomas M.  
Waterman, William L.  
Waters, ______ (Rev. War)  
Waters, Asa  
Waters, Daniel  
Waters, Edward A.  
Waters, George R.  
Waters, J.C.  
Waters, James (Enl. CSN, 1863)  
Waters, James (Actg. 3rd Asst. Engineer, CSN)  
Waters, Jerry  
Waters, John (Seaman, 1815)  
Waters, John (Coal heaver, 1864)  
Waters, John (Gunner, CSN)  
Waters, John (Fireman, CSN)  
Waters, John (Seaman, CSN)  
Waters, John G. (Actg. Ensign)  
Waters, Kervin  
Waters, S.  
Waters, T.  
Watkeys, Edward W.  
Watkins, Anderson  
Waters, Clarence  
Waters, Frank D.  
Waters, G.W.  
Waters, George Rust  
Waters, George S.  
Waters, Henry  
Waters, James  
Watkins, John  
Waters, Joseph  
Waters, Louis or Waters, Lewis D.  
Waters, Mayo C.  
Waters, Murray  
Waters, T. Bascom  
Watlington, Francis  
Watlington, Nathaniel  
Watlington, Paul  
Watlington, Rowland  
Watmough, James H.  
Watmough, Pendleton G.  
Watrous, W.P.  
Watson, _________ (CAPT)  
Watson, A.E.  
Watson, Aaron  
Watson, Barron  
Watson, C.F.  
Watson, Edward H.  
Watson, Eugene W. (Actg. Master)  
Watson, Eugene Winslow (RADM) *  
Watson, George  
Name List of Documents
Watson, H.B. (Purser, 1856)  
Watson, Henry (Mate, 1867)  
Watson, Henry (Seaman, CSN)  
Watson, James (Seaman, 1831)  
Watson, James (Seaman, 1865)  
Watson, James M.  
Watson, James P.  
Watson, John (Seaman, 1837)  
Watson, John (Applicant, 1849)  
Watson, John Crittenden  
Watson, John H. (Applicant, 1848)  
Watson, John S. (1827-1911) *  
Watson, John S. (1863-65)  
Watson, John W.  
Watson, Joseph (Actg. Asst. Paymaster)  
Watson, Joseph (Actg. Master)  
Watson, Joseph (Purser, 1824-31)  
Watson, Moses  
Watson, R.A.  
Watson, Robert  
Watson, Robert (CSN)  
Watson, Thomas (USF GUERRIERE)  
Watson, Thomas (USMC)  
Watson, Thomas Rudolph  
Watson, Walter W.  
Watson, William (Seaman)  
Watson, William (Acting Master)  
Watson, William (Coxswain)  
Watson, William A. (Scout, 1863-64)  
Watson, William A. (Seaman, 1838)  
Watson, William Argyle  
Watson, William B.  
Watson, William H.  
Watt, George  
Watt, John  
Watt, Morgan  
Watt, William Tillett  
Watters, Joseph  
Watters, John *  
Wattles, Family (Connecticut)  
Wattles, Charles T.  
Wattles, L. Percy  
Watts, James (Fireman)  
Watts, John (CAPT)  
Watts, John (1809)  
Watts, John (Ord. Seaman)  
Watts, Joseph (Asst. Engineer)  
Watts, Robert  
Watts, Robert H.  
Watts, Samuel  
Watts, Thomas  
Watts, Thomas M.  
Watts, William  
Waugh, Joseph  
Waugh, William Francis  
Waughop, James  
Waul, John  
Way, Hiram  
Way,  W.E.  
Wayer, Charles  
Waymar, John  
Wayne, Charles  
Wayne, Jacob  
Wayne, W.W.  
Wayne, William A. (CSN)  
Wayne, William A. (Passed Midshipman)  
Weadman, Phillip  
Weatherby, Walter  
Weatherly, Lindentar  
Weatherston, A.  
Weaver, Aaron Ward  
Weaver, Andrew M.  
Weaver, B.F.  
Weaver, Benjamin A.  
Weaver, David Edward  
Weaver, George (Rev. War)  
Weaver, George (Seaman)  
Weaver, George (1816)  
Weaver, George F.  
Weaver, George J.  
Weaver, Henry  
Weaver, J.B.F.  
Weaver, James  
Weaver, James B.  
Weaver, John (Seaman)  
Weaver, John (1836)  
Weaver, Joseph F.  
Weaver, Samuel J.  
Weaver, William (Seaman)  
Weaver, William A. (LT)  
Webb, C.J. (CSN)  
Webb, Charles (Surgeon)  
Webb, Charles (Seaman)  
Webb, Charles L.  
Webb, George F.  
Webb, Glaucus  
Webb, Henry  
Webb, James  
Webb, James H.  
Webb, James R.  
Webb, John (CAPT, Rev. War)  
Webb, John (Seaman)  
Webb, John B.  
Webb, Pollard  
Webb, Robert J.  
Webb, Thomas (CSN)  
Webb, Thomas E.  
Webb, Thomas Tarleton  
Webb, William A.  
Webb, William Augustine  
Webb, William H.  
Webb, William Thomas  
Webber, Frederick  
Webber, George  
Webber, J.  
Webber, Joel Jr.  
Webber, John  
Webber, John  
Webber, Joseph  
Webber, Nathaniel  
Webber, Simon  
Webber, Thomas C.  
Weber, A.C.  
Weber,  Frederick  
Weber,  George  
Weber,  Hugo  
Webster, Ashburton  
Webster, Edwin B.  
Webster, Harrie  
Webster, Henry C.  
Webster, James  
Webster, John  
Webster, John A. (USMC)  
Webster, John Adams  
Webster, James Sargent  
Webster, John L. (Ord. Seaman)  
Webster, John L. (Actg. Paymaster)  
Webster, Lake  
Webster, Leroy C.  
Webster, Lewis D.  
Webster, Milton  
Webster, Nathaniel  
Webster, Nelson  
Webster, Sullivan  
Webster, Thomas H.  
Webster, William  
Weckham, Joseph  
Wedden, E.F.  
Wedderburn, Alexander J.  
Wedderburne, Charles Foster  
Wederstrandt, P.C.  
Weed, William S.  
Weeden, Thomas R.  
Weedman, Philip  
Weedon, John  
Weeks, B.E.  
Weeks, Benjamin S.  
Weeks, Daniel P.P.  
Weeks, Edmund C.  
Weeks, Grenville M.  
Name List of Documents
Weeks, James (CSN)  
Weeks, James C.  
Weeks, John W.  
Weeks, Lemuel  
Weeks, T.P.  
Weeks, Thomas  
Weems, Edwin D.  
Weems, Elijah  
Weems, Gregory  
Weems, John (Midshipman)  
Weems, John (Actg. Master)  
Weems, Rolla  
Weibert, George  
Weidman, John  
Weil, Samuel H.  
Weinberg, Louie  
Weir, Andrew  
Weir, Charles  
Weir, John (Civil War)  
Weir, John (Rev. War)  
Weir, Robert  
Weir, Thomas  
Weist, Henry  
Weistine, August  
Welbanks, William  
Welch, Daniel  
Welch, Hezekiah  
Welch, John  
Welch, John H.  
Welch, Michael  
Welch, Peter (1812)  
Welch, Peter (1837)  
Welch, Richard  
Welch, Samuel  
Welch, Thomas (Marine Brigade)  
Welch, Thomas (Ord. Seaman)  
Welch, Thomas (Actg. Master's Mate)  
Welch, W.E.  
Welch, William (Seaman)  
Welch, William (Boy)  
Welch, William (LCDR)  
Welch, William E.  
Weld, Francis Minot  
Weld, John R.  
Weld, Manchester W.  
Weld, William Gordon  
Weld, William S.  
Weld, William W.  
Weldon, George E.  
Weldon, William H.  
Wellborn, David L.  
Wellborn, H.J.  
Wellcome, Eben Decatur  
Wellencamp, Hugo  
Wellener, Joseph W.  
Weller, Donald *  
Weller, Henry  
Welles, Charles  
Welles, George M.  
Welles, Gideon *  
Welles, Joseph E.  
Welles, Roger  
Welles, Thomas  
Wellford, Charles E.  
Wellington, Duke of  
Wellington, J.H.  
Wellington, Joseph  
Wellis, H.  
Wellman, Oliver K.  
Wellman, Timothy  
Wells, Alexander H.  
Wells, C.  
Wells, C.J. Stuart  
Wells, Charles (Rev. War, 1812)  
Wells, Charles (Seaman, 1838)  
Wells, Charles C.  
Wells, Charles H.  
Wells, Charles S.  
Wells, Clark Henry *  
Wells, Edward  
Wells, Edwin  
Wells, Francis S.  
Wells, Frederick  
Wells, George (Rev. War)  
Wells, George (LT)  
Wells, George (Seaman, 1876)  
Wells, Henry  
Wells, Henry A.  
Wells, Henry Martyn  
Wells, Henry W.  
Wells, Howard  
Wells, James  
Wells, John  
Wells, John C.  
Wells, John T.  
Wells, Jonathan  
Wells, Joseph D.  
Wells, Joseph E.  
Wells, Lyman  
Wells, Marshall Teacney  
Wells, Nathaniel  
Wells, P.  
Wells, Richard R.  
Wells, Thomas  
Wells, Wade  
Wells, William (Quartermaster)  
Wells, William (LT)  
Wells, William (Seaman)  
Wells, William A. (Engineer)  
Wells, William B. (CAPT)  
Wells, William N. (Actg. Master)  
Wells, William R. (Vol. LT)  
Wells, William S. (2nd Asst. Engineer)  
Welsch, William  
Welsh, Charles Watson  
Welsh, Ebenezer  
Welsh, G.E.  
Welsh, George Peter  
Welsh, George S.  
Welsh, James  
Welsh, John  
Welsh, John H.  
Name List of Documents
Welsh, Maurice  
Welsh, Michael (Rev. War)  
Welsh, Michael (Seaman, 1800)  
Welsh, Nicholas  
Welsh, Patrick  
Welsh, R.W.  
Welsh, Thomas (Actg. Asst. Surgeon)  
Welsh, Thomas (Actg. Master's Mate)  
Welsh, Thomas (CSN)  
Welsh, William  
Welstein, August  
Welty, ________  
Wemple, David  
Wendell, John W.  
Wendell, Tunis D. *  
Wendell, William G.  
Wentam, John  
Wentworth, Andrew R.  
Wentworth, Charles  
Wentworth, Jeremiah  
Wentworth, Leonard  
Wentworth, Stephen  
Wentworth, Thomas B.  
Werbeach, Woodrow W.  
Werden, Reed *  
Werden, William  
Werlhoff, Theodore  
Werner, E.A.  
Werner, Joseph  
Werner, Theodore J.  
Wescott, Charles  
Wescott, John L.  
Wescott, W.L.  
Weskett, Samuel  
Wesley, Joseph S.  
Wesley, William  
Wesson, William  
West, _________ (CAPT)  
West, __________ (1778)  
West, Alexander  
West, C.H.  
West, Clifford H.  
West, Edward A.  
West, George (Rev. War)  
West, George (1837)  
West, George (3rd Asst. Engineer)  
West, George Edward *  
West, George Lloyd  
West, George S. (or H.)  
West, Henry  
West, John (Actg. Master, 1864)  
West,  John (Ord. Seaman, 1836)  
West, John R.H.  
West, John W. (1846)  
West, John Wharton  
West, Joseph (Ord. Seaman, 1839)  
West, Joseph James  
West, Lewis  
West, Montgomery  
West, Nathaniel (CAPT, Rev. War)  
West, Nathaniel T. *  
West, S. (1781)  
West, T.B. (CSN)  
West, Thomas (Payroll Clerk, 1863)  
West, Thomas (Actg. Ensign)  
West, W.H. (Actg. Master)  
West, William C.  
West, William Henry  
West, William S.  
Westbrook, Burwell  
Westcott, Bayse N.  
Westcott, Hampton *  
Westcott, James D.  
Westcott, Richard Thomas  
Westcott, Wright  
Wester, Daniel  
Westerband, William A.  
Western, I. (1840)  
Westerner, Jacob  
Westervelt, George A.  
Westervelt, Jacob  
Westfall, Francis F.  
Westfall, Lewis  
Westinghouse, George  
Westinghouse, John  
Westman, Andrew  
Westman, Thomas  
Weston, Abijah  
Weston, Alfred  
Weston, Charles *  
Weston, George B.  
Weston, Henry (Actg. Ensign)  
Weston, Henry (Mate, 1865)  
Weston, Nathaniel  
Weston, Samuel  
Westover, Zederick  
Westwood, Henry  
Wetherell, H.B. Jr.  
Wetherill, Wilfred Hawke  
Wethington, James E.  
Wetmore, Henry S. *  
Wetmore, Prosper M. *  
Wetmore, Robert H.  
Wetteran, Justus  
Wetzel, George  
Wetzel, Jeremiah  
Wetzstein, August  
Wey, Rufus S.  
Weyland, John  
Weyman, Edward A.  
Weyman, Robert  
Weyney, John  
Whable, J.M.  
Whalan, Henry  
Whalan, Thomas W.  
Whalen, William  
Whaley, ________ (Commodore) *  
Whaley, Benjamin  
Whaling, John  
Whall, Charles (1838)  
Whall, Charles F. (Master's Mate)  
Whann, William  
Whaples, Ephraim  
Whaples, Meigs H.  
Wharff, William  
Wharry, William W.  
Wharton, Arthur D. *  
Wharton, Benjamin B.H.  
Wharton, Franklin  
Wharton, Jesse B.  
Wharton, John  
Wharton, Revel  
Wharton, Thomas  
Whatson, James  
Whavy, William  
Wheat, Lucius  
Wheate, John Thomas  
Wheatland, Richard  
Wheatley, James  
Wheaton, Godfrey  
Wheaton, Joseph (1779)  
Wheaton, Joseph (1815)  
Wheaton, Lloyd  
Wheaton, Seth A.  
Wheeden, Thomas J.  
Wheelan, John (Landsman, 1837)  
Wheelan, John (Corporal)  
Wheelberger, John  
Wheeler, __________ (USMC)  
Wheeler, Benjamin  
Wheeler, Byron C.  
Wheeler, Charles S.  
Wheeler, Chauncey  
Wheeler, David  
Wheeler, Elisha W. (or M.)  
Wheeler, Frederick Low  
Wheeler, Harrison T.  
Wheeler, Henry  
Wheeler, James R.  
Wheeler, John (Seaman, 1842)  
Wheeler, John (1778)  
Wheeler, John (Rev. War)  
Wheeler, Jonathan Jones *  
Wheeler, Joseph  
Wheeler, Leonard S.  
Wheeler, Mortimer M.  
Wheeler, Nathaniel  
Wheeler, Russell M.  
Wheeler, Thomas H.  
Wheeler, W.K. (Rev. War)  
Wheeler, William (1812)  
Wheeler, William (Private, 1815)  
Wheeler, William (1832)  
Wheeler, William C.  
Wheeler, William M.  
Wheelock, Abel  
Wheelock,  Asa  
Wheelock, Edward W.  
Wheelock,  F. Philipse  
Wheelock,  James  
Wheelock,  John  
Wheelock,  Samuel  
Wheelwright, Charles H.  
Wheelwright, Charles W.  
Wheelwright, George  
Wheelwright, John  
Wheildon, William G. *  
Whelan, Maurice  
Whelan, Michael  
Whelan, William  
Name List of Documents
Whelen, Charles S.  
Whelan, Edward S.  
Whelan, Henry  
Whelan, Henry C.  
Whelan, Peter  
Whelep, John F.  
Wherren, Joseph  
Wherritt, Thomas  
Wherry, William  
Whetley, Solomon  
Whichard, _________  
Whidden, Mark  
Whidden, Philon  
Whiffen, Julius A.  
Whiffield, Frederick A.  
Whight, Ambrus  
Whilcom, John  
Whilldin, William H.  
Whipple, Abraham  
Whipple, David  
Whipple, Edward A.  
Whipple, George  
Whipple, John P.  
Whipple, Pardon M.  
Whipple, Samuel H.  
Whipple, William  
Whit, Joseph  
Whitaker, Carroll  
Whitaker, Frederick W.H.  
Whitaker, H.W.  
Whitaker, John A.  
Whitaker, Robert  
Whitaker, Robert H.  
Whitaker, William  
Whitaker, William (Ord. Seaman)  
Whitcher, Daniel R.  
Whitcomb, Paul Steele  
White, Benjamin (Seaman, Rev. War)  
White, Benjamin (CSN)  
White, Beverly Prior  
White, C.B.  
White, C.D.  
White, C.J.  
White, Charles (Civil War)  
White, Charles (Actg. Master's Mate)  
White, Charles H.  
White, Charles L.  
White, Charles W. (USS CARONDELET)  
White, Charles W. (USS GAZELLE)  
White, Charles W. (Paymaster Clerk)  
White, Charles Wesley  
White, Colonel  
White, David (Seaman)  
White, David (1812)  
White, Ebenezer  
White, Edward W.  
White, Edwin (RADM)  
White, Elias  
White, Elsberry Valentine  
White, Erastus  
White, Francis P.  
White, Francis Jackson  
White, George B.  
White, George H.  
White, George McA.  
White, George W.  
White, H. (Rev. War)  
White, Harry M.  
White, Harvey (Actg. Master's Mate)  
White, Harvey (Landsman)  
White, Henry (Enlisted 1824)  
White, Henry (Boy)  
White, Henry Champlin  
White, Hiram  
White, Horace Stockton  
White, Ivery  
White, James (CSN)  
White, James (Seaman)  
White, James (CAPT of aft guard)  
White, James (Nurse)  
White, James H.  
White, James Henry  
White, James W.  
White, Jesse  
White, John (Actg. Master)  
White, John (Midshipman, Rev. War)  
White, John (Surgeon, Rev. War)  
White, John (LT, 1830)  
White, John (Seaman)  
White, John (Seaman, CSN)  
White, John (Gunner, CSN)  
White, John (2nd Mate, CSN)  
White, John (CSN)  
White, John (Actg. Master's Mate)  
White, John (Actg. Master)  
White, John H.P.  
White, John J.  
White, Joseph  
White, Joseph L.  
White, Joshua  
White, Kenneth G.  
White, L.H.  
White, N.T.  
White, Nixon  
White, Patrick  
White, Pharoah  
White, Philip H.  
White, Phillip  
White, Philo  
White, Richard (CSN)  
White, Richard Drake  
White, Samuel  
White, Samuel Gore  
White, Stephen  
White, T.J.  
White, Thomas (Ord. Seaman)  
White, Thomas (Landsman)  
White, Thomas (Schooner ARLETTA)  
White, Thomas (Landsman, 1868)  
White, Thomas W.  
White, Truman B.  
White, U.S.G.  
White, W. (Rev. War)  
White, W.G. (CSN)  
White, Washington  
White, William (Ord. Seaman)  
White, William (2nd class fireman)  
White, William (Mate)  
White, William C.  
White, William G.  
White, William James  
White, William S.  
White, William W.  
Whitehead, David  
Whitehead, Frederick A.  
Whitehead, Ira C.  
Whitehead, James J.  
Whitehead, John  
Whitehead, John J. (CSN)  
Whitehead, Reason  
Whitehead, Savill  
Whitehead, W.A.  
Whitehead, William (CAPT)  
Whitehead, William B.  
Whitehill, Robert  
Whitehorne, Henry B.  
Whitehouse, Ebenezer  
Whitehouse, Edward Norman  
Whitehouse, S.N.  
Whitehurst, ________  
Whitelock, James  
Whiteside, Franklin W.  
Whiteside, John A.  
Whiteside, Samuel J.  
Whitfield, William A.  
Whitfield, William E.  
Whitford, George  
Whitin, Lewis F.  
Whiting, Adoniram  
Whiting, F.B.  
Whiting, John  
Whiting, James W.  
Whiting, Kenneth  
Whiting, Kimbell  
Whiting, M.H.  
Whiting, Robert  
Whiting, Samuel  
Whiting, William  
Whiting, William B.  
Whiting, William Danforth  
Whiting, William H.  
Whiting, William W.  
Whitlock, Ephraim D.  
Whitlock, John Burr  
Whitlock, M. Welles  
Whitlock, Thomas  
Whitman, Charles S.  
Whitman, George  
Whitman, John F.  
Whitmarsh, Z.  
Whitmell, Thomas  
Whitmire, W.  
Whitmore, Benjamin  
Whitmore, H.C.  
Whitmore, Martin  
Whitney, A.G.  
Whitney, Alex P.  
Whitney, David V.  
Whitney, E.G.  
Whitney, G.E.  
Whitney, Henry  
Whitney, James  
Whitney, James Rex  
Whitney, Joseph  
Whitney, Mark  
Whitney, Levi C.  
Whitney, Robert  
Whitney, Samuel  
Whitney, Thomas  
Whitney, William Collins  
Whitson, George  
Name List of Documents
Whittaker, Alfred  
Whittaker, Ezra J.  
Whittaker, James  
Whittaker, James Thomas  
Whittaker, James W.  
Whittaker, John (Actg. 3rd Asst. Engineer)  
Whittel, John  
Whittemore, Ebenezer  
Whittemore, H.M.  
Whittemore, James  
Whittemore, Menaugh  
Whittenton, Caleb  
Whitthorne, De Witt Clinton  
Whittier, Albert S.  
Whittier, Nathaniel  
Whittier, Rufus A.  
Whittington, Clement S.  
Whittington, George H.  
Whittington, John  
Whittle, John  
Whittle, John S.  
Whittle, William Conway Jr.  
Whittle, William Conway Sr.  
Whittlesey, Ambrose  
Whittlesey, Azariah  
Whittlesey, Egbert  
Whittlesey, Humes Houston  
Whittlesey, John  
Whittlesey, John C.  
Whittlesey, W.C.  
Whittlesey, William Wallace  
Whitton, William H.  
Whitworth, Horace  
Whitworth, James  
Whitty, John  
Whitus, Charles  
Whytal, Thomas  
Whyte, Harry M.  
Whyville, _______ (Doctor)  
Wiatt, Americus V.  
Wick, Bertram  
Wick, Homer C.  
Wickes, B.  
Wickes, Benjamin  
Wickes, Bernard  
Wickes, Isaac  
Wickes, Lanbert *  
Wickes, Richard  
Wickes, Roscoe V.  
Wickham, George  
Wickham, Joseph  
Wickman, Conrad  
Wickman, Joseph  
Wicks, James  
Wicks James A.  
Wickson, Malicha  
Wickwise, Jonathan W.  
Widdifield, George  
Widup, Allen Wiley  
Wieber, F.W.F.  
Wiedenbein, Charles  
Wiesenthal, Andrew  
Wiesenthal, Thomas V.  
Wigand, John  
Wigand, Raymond  
Wigfield, Joseph  
Wiggin, George  
Wiggins, William  
Wigglesworth, John  
Wight, _________ (USS CONSTELLATION)  
Wight, Abner  
Wight, Ambrose  
Wight, Charles Jr.  
Wight, D.P.  
Wight, James Marshall  
Wightman, George  
Wigley, James  
Wignell, ________ (Rev. War)  
Wiirtz, Peter  
Wilbarger, John  
Wilber, James  
Wilbur, Curtis D.  
Wilbur, Ezra  
Wilbur, James (Actg. Master's Mate)  
Wilbur, James (CSN)  
Wilbur, James B.  
Wilburn, Thomas  
Wilcox, A.H.  
Wilcox, Amos C.  
Wilcox, Arthur P.  
Wilcox, Byron B.  
Wilcox, David L.  
Wilcox, Henry F.  
Wilcox, James (Able Seaman)  
Wilcox, James Jr. (Passed Midshipman)  
Wilcox, James M.  
Wilcox, John  
Wilcox, Joseph B.  
Wilcox, Robert  
Wilcox, Samuel  
Wilcox, Stephen  
Wilcox, William  
Wilcox, Willis B.  
Wilcoxon, James  
Wild, Edward N.  
Wild, George Francis Faxon  
Wilder, Bowman F.  
Wilder, Charles B.  
Wilder, Edwin  
Wilder, Henry M.  
Wilder, Walter  
Wildes, Frank  
Wildman, Joel T.  
Wilds, N.  
Wiley, Aaron  
Wiley, Clinton  
Wiley, Collins  
Wiley, Herbert Victor  
Wiley, James (Actg. Midshipman)  
Wiley, James (Civil War)  
Wiley, John  
Wiley, Levi  
Wiley, Samuel  
Wiley, William  
Wiley, William E.  
Wilger, Thomas  
Wilhelm, William  
Wilkerson, Stephen W.  
Wilkes, Charles *  
Wilkes, Clinton  
Wilkes, Gilbert  
Wilkes, Henry  
Wilkes, John (Civilian)  
Wilkes, John Jr.  
Wilkes, Perry  
Wilkey, Thomas  
Wilkie, G.W.  
Wilkings, John  
Wilkins, Benjamin  
Wilkins, Charles  
Wilkins, Charles Warren  
Wilkins, Edward  
Wilkins, George A.  
Wilkins, George F.  
Wilkins, Gilbert A.  
Wilkins, Henry  
Wilkins, Hubert (Sir)  
Wilkins, James  
Wilkins, John (VA Navy)  
Wilkins, John (CSN)  
Name List of Documents
Wilkins, M.F.  
Wilkinson, Alfred  
Wilkinson, Amos  
Wilkinson, Asel  
Wilkinson, Ernest  
Wilkinson, Henry (Seamam, 1837)  
Wilkinson, Henry (USS HARTFORD)  
Wilkinson, Henry (CSN)  
Wilkinson, James (MGEN, USA)  
Wilkinson, James (Actg. 1st Asst. Engineer)  
Wilkinson, Jesse  
Wilkinson, John (Rev. War)  
Wilkinson, John (USN & CSN)  
Wilkinson, Joseph B.  
Wilkinson, Peter  
Wilkinson, Richard  
Wilkinson, Robert  
Wilkinson, Stephen  
Wilkinson, Stephen W.  
Wilkinson, William W.  
Wilkinson, William W. (CSN)  
Wilks, Frank  
Wilks, Joseph  
Willard, Arthur L.  
Willard, Benjamin Franklin  
Willard, Charles F.  
Willard, Charles H.  
Willard, Edward  
Willard, Frederick  
Willard, George F.  
Willard, James  
Willard, John D.  
Willard, Robert  
Willberger, John  
Willcomb, Charles L.  
Willcox, ______  (1817)  
Willcox, John  
Willcutt, William  
Willes, W.  
Willet, H.  
Willet, J.  
Willett, _______ (1819)  
Willett, David H.  
Willett, James T.  
Willett, James William  
Willett, S. Stringham  
Willetts, Nicholas B.  
Willey, Alexander  
Willey, Frederick W.  
Willey, George  
Willey, Jacob  
Willey, Joseph  
Willey, Owen S.  
Willey, William A.  
Williams, _______ (LT, 1858)  
Williams, A.B.  
Williams, Abner Morton  
Williams, Albert  
Williams, Alford J.  
Williams, Alfred  
Williams, Alexander  
Williams, Alexander O.  
Williams, Alexander S.  
Williams, Ambrose  
Williams, Amos  
Williams, Andrew  
Williams, Anthony  
Williams, Augustus P.  
Williams, Austin C.  
Williams, Benjamin  
Williams, Beverly S.  
Williams, Boykin D.  
Williams, C.W.  
Williams, Carrol Lafayette  
Williams, Charles (Ord. Seaman, 1836)  
Williams, Charles (Ord. Seaman, CSN)  
Williams, Charles (Landsman, CSN)  
Williams, Charles F.  
Williams, Charles M.  
Williams, Clarence S.  
Williams, Courtland P.  
Williams, Curtis  
Williams, Daniel  
Williams, David (Rev. War)  
Williams, David (CSN)  
Williams, Dread  
Williams, E. Court  
Williams, Edmund  
Williams, Edward (Seaman, 1837)  
Williams, Edward (Landsman, June 1838)  
Williams, Edward (Landsman, Oct. 1838)  
Williams, Edward (CSN)  
Williams, Edward A.  
Williams, Edward P.  
Williams, Elias  
Williams, Elisha Scott  
Williams, Eugene  
Williams, Eugene M. (CSN)  
Williams, Ezekiel  
Williams, Ezra  
Williams, Flavius Josephus  
Williams, Francis  
Williams, Frank  
Williams, Frederick  
Williams, Frederick Granger  
Williams, G. (1781)  
Williams, G. (1782)  
Williams, G.W. (CSN)  
Williams, George (CSN)  
Williams, George (Actg. Master's Mate)  
Williams, George (Seaman, 1837)  
Williams, George (1836)  
Williams, George (Able Seaman, July 1839)  
Williams, George (Seaman, Sept. 1839)  
Williams, George (1840)  
Williams, George C.  
Williams, George E.  
Williams, George H.  
Williams, George R.  
Williams, George W.  
Williams, Golden  
Williams, H.A.  
Williams, H.S. (CSN)  
Williams, Henry (1898)  
Williams, Henry (1845)  
Williams, Henry (Vol. Off.)  
Williams, Henry (1836)  
Williams, Henry, (Seaman, 1837)  
Williams, Henry (Seaman, 1838)  
Williams, Henry A.  
Williams, Henry C.  
Williams, Henry Fairfax  
Williams, Henry R.  
Williams, Henry S.  
Williams, J.F.A.  
Williams, J.G.  
Williams, J.H.  
Williams, J.S.  
Williams, Jack  
Williams, Jacob (CSN)  
Williams, Jacob (Seaman, 1839)  
Williams, James (Ord. Seaman, 1837)  
Williams, James (Ord. Seaman, 1838)  
Williams, James (CSN)  
Williams, James (Actg. Master's Mate)  
Williams, James B.  
Williams, James M. (Actg. Master)  
Williams, James M. (Actg. Vol. LT)  
Williams, John (  
Williams, John (Quartermaster)  
Williams, John (Mexican War)  
Williams, John (CAPT, Rev. War)  
Williams, John (Fireman, 1862)  
Williams, John (Mate, 1867)  
Williams, John (Seaman, 1866)  
Williams, John (alias Edward Lee)  
Williams, John (Seaman, Jan. 1838)  
Williams, John (Seaman, Sept. 1838)  
Williams, John (Ord. Seaman, 1836)  
Williams, John (Seaman, 1837)  
Williams, John (Ord. Seaman, July 1838)  
Williams, John (Seaman, Nov. 1838)  
Williams, John (Seaman, July 1838)  
Williams, John (Able Seaman, Dec. 1839)  
Williams, John (Seaman, Dec. 1838)  
Williams, John (Ord. Seaman, Dec. 1838)  
Williams, John (Seaman, Dec. 1836)  
Williams, John (Ord. Seaman, Dec. 1838)  
Williams, John (Seaman, April 1838)  
Williams, John (Ord. Seaman, Dec. 1838)  
Williams, John (Seaman, Aug. 1837)  
Williams, John (Ord. Seaman, Sept. 1839)  
Williams, John (Apr. 1840)  
Williams, John (Seaman, 1836)  
Williams, John (Applicant, 1849)  
Williams, John (Qtr. Gunner, 1862)  
Williams, John (USS DAYLIGHT, 1862)  
Williams, John (CSN)  
Williams, John (1st class Boy, CSN)  
Williams, John (Landsman, CSN)  
Williams, John (Seaman, 1861)  
Williams, John (Boatswain's Mate, 1862)  
Williams, John (Actg. Master, CSN)  
Williams, John (Actg. Master's Mate, 1864)  
Williams, John (Vol. Officer)  
Williams, John A.  
Williams, John D.  
Williams, John Foster  
Williams, John P.  
Williams, John R.  
Williams, Joseph C.  
Williams, Joseph T.  
Williams, Josephus  
Williams, Jules Legendre  
Williams, L. (Actg. Ensign, 1864)  
Williams, L.A. (CSN)  
Name List of Documents
Williams, Latham  
Williams, Leon  
Williams, Lloyd A.  
Williams, Lucas  
Williams, Martin  
Williams, Moses  
Williams, Nicholas  
Williams, P. (Actg. Ensign, 1867)  
Williams, Peter  
Williams, Philip  
Williams, Richard (Actg. Master's Mate, 1864)  
Williams, Richard (1836)  
Williams, Robert (PVT, USMC)  
Williams, Robert (Signal QM)  
Williams, Robert (Seaman, 1838)  
Williams, Robert A.  
Williams, Roscoe T.  
Williams, Russell M.  
Williams, Samuel (3rd Asst. Engineer)  
Williams, Samuel T.  
Williams, Stephen  
Williams, Theodore S.  
Williams, Thomas (1799)  
Williams, Thomas (VA Navy)  
Williams, Thomas (SGT)  
Williams, Thomas (Seaman, June 1837)  
Williams, Thomas (Seaman, Jan. 1839)  
Williams, Vincent L.  
Williams, Warren  
Williams, William (Seaman, Civil War)  
Williams, William (Rev. War)  
Williams, William (CSN)  
Williams, William (Ord. Seaman, May 1838)  
Williams, William (Seaman, Oct. 1838)  
Williams, William (Seaman, June 1837)  
Williams, William (Seaman, Nov. 1836)  
Williams, William (Ord. Seaman, Dec. 1836)  
Williams, William C.  
Williams, William D.  
Williams, William H.  
Williams, William W.  
Williamson, ___________ (LT, 1861)  
Williamson, ____________ (1864)  
Williamson, Charles (1837)  
Williamson, Charles H. *  
Williamson, Charles Henry  
Williamson, Charles L.  
Williamson, E.G.  
Williamson, G. John  
Williamson, Gabriel G.  
Williamson, George H.  
Williamson, J. (Privateer WASHINGTON)  
Williamson, J. (Mass. ship ARGO)  
Williamson, James B.  
Williamson, James C. (Midshipman)  
Williamson, James C. (CDR)  
Williamson, John (Seaman)  
Williamson, John A.G.  
Williamson, John D. (Chief Engineer)  
Williamson, John D. (Actg. 2nd Asst. Engineer)  
Williamson, John G.  
Williamson, O.C.  
Williamson, Robert  
Williamson, Robert Stockton  
Williamson, Thomas (Seaman)  
Williamson, Thomas (Doctor)  
Williamson, William (Asst. Surgeon)  
Williamson, William C. (2nd Asst. Engineer)  
Williamson, William Price (CSN)  
Williamson, William Price (LCDR)  
Williamson, William S.  
Willing, James  
Willingcamp, Hugo  
Willington, Joseph (Landsman)  
Willink, Joseph D.  
Willis, Benjamin  
Willis, Boyd Charles  
Willis, Charles  
Willis, Fred W.  
Willis, George R.  
Willis, Joseph (Ord. Seaman)  
Willis, Joseph (Rev. War)  
Williston, Charles  
Williston, Joseph  
Willits, A.B. *  
Willits, George S.  
Willix, John  
Willmuth, George  
Wills, J.V.H.  
Wills, T.R.  
Willson, Edmund  
Willson, George  
Willson, Henry J.  
Willson, Hugh  
Willson, James (Surgeon's Steward)  
Willson, James (Midshipman)  
Willson, John  
Willson, Joseph  
Willson, William H.  
Wilmer, James P.  
Wilmer, Joseph Per Bell  
Wilms, Joseph  
Wilmuth, John A.H.  
Wilna, Frank A.  
Wilson, ________ (3rd Officer)  
Wilson, ___________ (Civil War)  
Wilson, A. (Rev. War)  
Wilson, Albert  
Wilson, Alexander  
Wilson, Andrew (Various)  
Wilson, Andrew (Actg. 2nd Asst. Engineer)  
Wilson, Andrew Jackson  
Wilson, Archibald J.  
Wilson, Barnard  
Wilson, Benjamin Franklin  
Wilson, Benjamin H.  
Wilson, Burney  
Wilson, Byron  
Wilson, Caesar R.  
Wilson, Charles (Seaman, Civil War)  
Wilson, Charles (Actg. Ensign)  
Wilson, Charles (Seaman, Boston Navy Yard)  
Wilson, Charles (2nd Master, CSN)  
Wilson, Charles (CSS FORREST)  
Wilson, Charles (CSS PICKENS)  
Wilson, Charles H.  
Wilson, Charles W.  
Wilson, David (Actg. Master's Mate)  
Wilson, David (USS BOSTON)  
Wilson, Downs Lorraine  
Wilson, Edward  
Wilson, Enoch  
Wilson, Ephraim  
Wilson, F.D.  
Wilson, F.H.  
Wilson, Fletcher A.  
Wilson, Francis (Able Seaman)  
Wilson, Francis (Fireman, CSN)  
Wilson, Frederick  
Wilson, George (Actg. Master's Mate)  
Wilson, George (Seaman, Feb. 1837)  
Wilson, George (Seaman, Oct. 1838)  
Wilson, George (CAPT, 1812)  
Wilson, George (Gunner)  
Wilson, George (Actg. Asst. Paymaster)  
Wilson, George T.  
Wilson, H. (Rev. War)  
Name List of Documents
Wilson, H. (Purser)  
Wilson, Henry (CAPT, Civil War)  
Wilson, Henry (Seaman, CSN)  
Wilson, Henry (Ord. Seaman, 1838)  
Wilson, Henry (Landsman)  
Wilson, Henry (Seaman, 1837)  
Wilson, Henry (Ord. Seaman, 1836)  
Wilson, Henry (Actg. 3rd Asst. Engineer)  
Wilson, Henry (Rev. War)  
Wilson, Henry (Actg. Ensign)  
Wilson, Henry B. *  
Wilson, Herbert  
Wilson, Holt  
Wilson, Hugh  
Wilson, Jabez W.  
Wilson, Jacob  
Wilson, James (Actg. Ensign)  
Wilson, James (CAPT, Civil War)  
Wilson, James (CAPT, 1850)  
Wilson, James (Seaman, Civil War)  
Wilson, James (Gunner)  
Wilson, James (Asst. Surgeon)  
Wilson, James (Rev. War)  
Wilson, James (LT, 1812)  
Wilson, James (m. Harriet Balch)  
Wilson, James (USMC, 1800)  
Wilson, James (Maine, 1812)  
Wilson, James (Ord. Seaman, 1838)  
Wilson, James (Enlisted 1837)  
Wilson, James (Landsman, 1836)  
Wilson, James (Mexican War)  
Wilson, James (Actg. 3rd Asst. Engineer)  
Wilson, James (Mate, Naval Academy)  
Wilson, James (Actg. Ensign, Cairo, IL)  
Wilson, James (Mate, USS OHIO)  
Wilson, James (1st Class Fireman, CSN)  
Wilson, James (Gunner's Mate)  
Wilson, James (Boatswain, CSN)  
Wilson, James (A. Gunner, CSN)  
Wilson, James L.  
Wilson, James M.  
Wilson, James P.  
Wilson, James R.  
Wilson, James T.  
Wilson, Jarvis  
Wilson, John (Rev. War)  
Wilson, John (Engineer)  
Wilson, John (Rev. War)  
Wilson, John (US Naval Home)  
Wilson, John (Landsman, 1812)  
Wilson, John (Lake Erie, 1812)  
Wilson, John (Landsman, 1837)  
Wilson, John (VA, 1812)  
Wilson, John (Enlisted 1836)  
Wilson, John (Able Seaman, 1839)  
Wilson, John (Ord. Seaman, 1839)  
Wilson, John (Seaman, 1838)  
Wilson, John (Enlisted, 1840)  
Wilson, John (Coxswain)  
Wilson, John (Seaman, CSN)  
Wilson, John (USS WYANDAULT)  
Wilson, John (USS KEARSARGE)  
Wilson, John (USS AJAX)  
Wilson, John (Actg. 1st Asst. Engineer)  
Wilson, John (Actg. 2nd Asst. Engineer)  
Wilson, John A. (Midshipman, CSN)  
Wilson, John A. (Actg. Asst. Engineer)  
Wilson, John A. (Actg. Master)  
Wilson, John H. (Actg. 3rd Asst. Engineer)  
Wilson, John H. (Actg. Master's Mate)  
Wilson, John J.  
Wilson, John K.  
Wilson, John R.  
Wilson, Joseph (1812)  
Wilson, Joseph (Paymaster)  
Wilson, Joseph (Surgeon)  
Wilson, Joseph Jr. (1812)  
Wilson, Joseph David  
Wilson, Josiah  
Wilson, Josiah M. *  
Wilson, Le Beaum N.  
Wilson, Louis  
Wilson, Matthew Henry  
Wilson, Moses  
Wilson, N.J.  
Wilson, Nathaniel  
Wilson, Oliver  
Wilson, Robert  
Wilson, Samuel (Enlisted 1838)  
Wilson, Samuel (Midshipman)  
Wilson, Samuel (Uncle Sam)  
Wilson, Samuel P.  
Wilson, Stephen Bayard  
Wilson, Theodore D.  
Wilson, Thomas (Ord. Seaman)  
Wilson, Thomas (CAPT of Top)  
Wilson, Thomas S.  
Wilson, W.E.  
Wilson, W.G.  
Wilson, Walter H.  
Wilson, William (CAPT)  
Wilson, William (Boatswain)  
Wilson, William (LT)  
Wilson, William (Seaman, 1837)  
Wilson, William (Seaman, 1836)  
Wilson, William (CSMC)  
Wilson, William A.  
Wilson, William B.  
Wilson, William E.  
Wilson, William F.  
Wilson, William G.  
Wilson, William W.  
Wilson, Willis  
Wilson, Woodrow *  
Wilson, Wyman  
Wiltbauk, James  
Wilton, Charles  
Wilton, Richard W.  
Wilton, William  
Wiltse, Ephriam  
Wiltse, Gilbert C.  
Wiltse, Robert  
Wiltsee, Isaac  
Wiltz, Alexander  
Winan, Nelson  
Winans, Herman W.  
Winans, James  
Winburn, Philip  
Winch, Benjamin  
Winchester Family (of Maryland)  
Winchester, George  
Winchester, J.O.  
Winchester, Jacob O.  
Winchester, James  
Winchester, John F.  
Winchester, R.F.  
Winchester, Samuel Glover  
Winchester, Thomas  
Winde, Henry J.  
Winder, Edward Lloyd  
Winder, Edward P.  
Winder, William  
Windle, Temple  
Windley, Churchill  
Wineberger, George  
Wines, Enoch Cobb  
Wines, William  
Wing, Edward  
Wing, Frank H.  
Wing, George Edwin  
Wing, James  
Wing, Joshua  
Wing, P.  
Wing, Peter  
Wingate, George E.  
Wingate, John L.  
Winget, Daniel  
Name List of Documents
Winlock, Joseph  
Winlock, William C.  
Winn, Charles A.  
Winn, Edward A.  
Winn, John K.  
Winn, Joseph  
Winn, Nathaniel  
Winn, Timothy  
Winning, J. (PA ship experiment)  
Winning, J. & C. (MD ship FLY)  
Winram, John  
Winram, Samuel B.  
Winram, Samuel R.  
Winship, E.K.  
Winslow, Cameron M. Biography
Winslow, E. Eveleth  
Winslow, Edward D.  
Winslow, Francis  
Winslow, Francis (CDR)  
Winslow, George  
Winslow, George F. (Actg. Asst. Surgeion)  
Winslow, George F. (Actg. Master)  
Winslow, Herbert  
Winslow, John  
Winslow, John A. *  
Winslow, John G.  
Winslow, Shadrock  
Winslow, William H.  
Winslow, William O.  
Winslow, William R.  
Winsor, G.A.  
Winston, Avery  
Winston, John L.  
Winston, Joseph B.  
Wint, Elias  
Winter, Henry  
Winter, Isaac  
Winter, John  
Winter, John E.  
Winter, William  
Winterhalter, Albert G.  
Winters, Charles  
Winters, Charles W.  
Winters, Daniel  
Winthrop, Peter William  
Winthrop, Theodore  
Winton, David L.  
Winton, J. LeGrand  
Wirgman, Peter  
Wirt, Dabney Carr  
Wirt, Thomas  
Wirtz, Carl  
Wirtz, Frederick  
Wise, Daniel  
Wise, Frederick  
Wise, George  
Wise, George D.  
Wise, George S.  
Wise, Henry A.  
Wise, Henry Morrell  
Wise, John (Surgeon, Privateer WASP)  
Wise, John (Surgeon, Civil War)  
Wise, Joseph H.  
Name List of Documents
Wise, W.C.  
Wise, William  
Wise, William C.  
Wiseman, Alexander  
Wisener, George  
Wishart, Alexander  
Wisner, George  
Wisner, Henry C.  
Wisner, James  
Wisner, Robert (Mate)  
Wisner, Robert (Carpenter)  
Wister, Charles  
Wister, Owen J.  
Witcraft, Abner  
Witham, Charles  
Witham, Otis  
Witham, Otis R.  
Witherby, Freeman C.  
Witherell, A.D.  
Withers, Henry  
Withers, Noble  
Withers, R.E.  
Withers, Robert James  
Witherspoon, Edward T.  
Withington, Charles H.  
Withington, James (USS NORTH CAROLINA)  
Withington, James (USS COLUMBUS)  
Withington, James E.  
Withington, Samuel L.  
Withington, Sumber  
Witmer, Abraham  
Witman, Caleb  
Witmarsh, Zachariah  
Wittenberg, Augustus  
Wittenberg, Joseph  
Wittich, W.L.  
Wodell, Eli  
Woelfkens, John  
Woelpper, Charles  
Wogan, ------(Boatswain)  
Wohmsley, John P.  
Wolbert, Frederick G.  
Wolcott (Family)  
Wold, Lauritz  
Woldert, Gramercy  
Wolfenden, John (USS NORTH CAROLINA)  
Wolfenden, John (USS POTOMAC)  
Wolff, John A.  
Wolff, William  
Wolfley, Lewis  
Wolfrom, John  
Womark, John F.  
Wonsow, Benjamin R.  
Wood, Abinah  
Wood, Benjamin  
Wood, Benjamin F.  
Wood, Charles E. S.  
Wood, Charles (I. or J.)  
Wood, Charles L.  
Wood, Daniel  
Wood, Edward Parker  
Wood, Edwin M.  
Wood, Francis  
Wood, Frederick  
Wood, George H.  
Wood, George H. (CSN)  
Wood, Harry P.T.  
Wood, Henry (Chaplain)  
Wood, Henry (Landsman--Civil War)  
Wood, Henry (3rd Asst. Engineer)  
Wood, Henry (Landsman, 1837)  
Wood, Horatio N.  
Wood, Hugh  
Wood, J.B.  
Wood, James (Seaman, 1838)  
Wood, James H.  
Wood, John (USMC)  
Wood, John (USS GANGES)  
Wood, John H.C.  
Wood, John S.  
Wood, John Taylor  
Wood, Leighton  
Wood, Lutner C.  
Wood, Minard  
Wood, Peleg  
Wood, Ralph T.  
Wood, Robert (Actg. Master's Mate)  
Wood, Robert (CSN)  
Wood, Robert B.  
Wood, Robert Clement  
Wood, Samuel W.  
Wood, Spencer S.  
Wood, T.C.  
Wood, Thompson  
Wood, W.H.  
Wood, Welborn Cicero  
Wood, William (LT, Militia)  
Wood, William (Seaman, 1837)  
Wood, William (Ord. Seaman, 1838)  
Wood, William (USS CONGRESS)  
Wood, William (Actg. Master's Mate)  
Wood, William C.  
Wood, William H.  
Wood, William Maxwell (Surgeon)  
Wood, William Maxwell (Master)  
Wood, William R.  
Wood, William T.  
Wood, William W.W.  
Woodbury, ------ (Brig FANNY)  
Woodbury, George A.  
Woodbury, George W.  
Woodbury, Hollis B.  
Woodbury, J.P.  
Woodbury, James A.  
Woodbury, Levi secnav  
Woodbury, Peter  
Woodbury, William S.  
Woodend, George R.  
Woodford, Catesby  
Woodhouse, Charles M.  
Woodhouse, Samuel  
Woodhull, A.  
Woodhull, Maxwell  
Woodhull, William W.  
Woodin, Arthur Chaote [Diary] * See Box 239A  
Woodin, Milo  
Wooding, J.P.  
Woodland, Arthur  
Woodland, Charles  
Woodlock, Andrew  
Woodman, John  
Woodmansee, William B.  
Woodrough, Richard  
Woodruff, Charles E.  
Woodruff, Harry  
Woodruff, Jacob D.  
Woodruff, Robbie  
Woodruff, Simeon  
Woodrum, Oliver  
Woods, B.F.  
Woods, D.C.  
Woods, David  
Woods, Edwin M.  
Woods, Hiram  
Woods, John (Civil War)  
Woods, John (CSN)  
Woods, Marshall C.  
Woods, John Taylor  
Woods, Peter  
Woods, R.H.  
Woods, Robert (Gunner)  
Woods, Robert (CSN)  
Woods, Robert Harris  
Woods, Willard C.  
Woods, William  
Woods, William C.  
Woodside, P.K.  
Woodson, David S.  
Woodson, Pryor  
Woodsum, Benjamin  
Woodward, Aaron  
Woodward, Edwin  
Woodin, Arthur Choat - Diary kept on USS ILA de Luzon, 1902-1903  
Name List of Documents
Woodward, George W.  
Woodward, John (Landsman, CSN)  
Woodward, John (Ord. Seaman, CSN)  
Woodward, John A.  
Woodward, John B.  
Woodward, Joseph  
Woodward, Thomas Jefferson  
Woodwell, Gideon  
Woodworth, Abel  
Woodworth, B.H.  
Woodworth, Henry W.  
Woodworth, Roger  
Woodworth, Samuel  
Woodworth, Selim E.  
Woody, David  
Woolley, _________ (USS HORNET)  
Woolley, Charles  
Woolsey, James  
Woolsey, Melancthon T. * Biography
Woolsey, W.  
Woolsey, William B.  
Woolsey, William G.  
Woolsin, John J.  
Woolson, John S.  
Woorster, David  
Woos, Sebastian  
Wooster, Charles M.  
Wooster, William B.  
Woolverton, Theoron  
Worcester, Hiram  
Worden, Isaac G.  
Worden, James  
Worden, John Larimer *  
Work, Robert  
Workman, John  
Works, William Frank  
Worley, George W.  
Worman, Oliver  
Worrell, Charles  
Worstell, Frank W.  
Worster, Hiram  
Worth, Algernon S.  
Worth, George H.  
Worth, Henry  
Worth, William  
Worthen, Eli  
Worthington, Edward  
Worthington, Henry  
Worton, William Arthur  
Worwick, George  
Wotherspoon, William W.  
Wragg, Thomas L.  
Wray, Jacob  
Wren, Solomon  
Wright, Alexander (Ord. Seaman, CSN)  
Wright, Alexander  
Wright, Alex. P.  
Wright, Arthur Henry  
Wright, Augustus Oliver  
Wright, Charles (1853)  
Wright, Charles (Pvt. USMC)  
Wright, Charles A. (CSN)  
Wright, Charles A. (Actg. Vol. LT)  
Wright, Charles Edward L.  
Wright, Cornelius  
Wright, David V.N.  
Wright, Edward  
Wright, Ezra G.  
Wright, Francis B.  
Wright, Frank D.  
Wright, George G.  
Wright, H.J.  
Wright, Henry (Actg. Master, CSN)  
Wright, Henry C.  
Wright, Henry M.  
Wright, Henry T.  
Wright, Henry X.  
Wright, J.H.  
Wright, James  
Wright, James (1st class fireman, 1863)  
Wright, James (Landsman, 1801)  
Wright, James Burrown  
Wright, James H.  
Wright, James K.  
Wright, John (Private, 1824)  
Wright, John (Quartermaster, Rev. War)  
Wright, John (Actg. Master's Mate)  
Wright, John (Marine, 1869-74)  
Wright, John E.  
Wright, Joshua C.  
Wright, M. Fisher  
Wright, Jude  
Wright, Julian  
Wright, Marcus J.  
Wright, Oakley Hathaway  
Wright, Orville  
Wright, Perry C.  
Wright, Richard B. (CSN)  
Wright, Richard Owen  
Wright, Richard W.  
Wright, Robert (Asst. Engr., CSN)  
Wright, Robert (Seaman, CSN)  
Wright, Robert A.  
Wright, Robert C.  
Wright, Robert Castle  
Wright, Robert D.  
Wright, Reuben  
Wright, Samuel (1736-1816)  
Wright, Samuel (Ord. Seaman, 1809-1811)  
Wright, Silas H.  
Wright, Stephen  
Wright, Thomas (Ord. Seaman, 1837)  
Wright, Thomas (Actg. Master, 1861-1864) *  
Wright, Thomas (Actg. Ensign, 1862-1863)  
Wright, Thomas H.  
Wright, W.  
Wright, William  
Wright, William (Seaman, 1838)  
Wright, William (Actg. Master)  
Wright, William (Quartermaster, 1804-05)  
Wright, William F.  
Wright, William G.  
Wright, William M.  
Wrobey, James  
Wroten, William H.  
Wunderlich, Frederick W. *  
Wurtsbaugh, Daniel W.  
Wurtz, Peter  
Wurtz, William A.  
Wyatt, E. Winslow  
Wyatt, James H. (Master Carpenter, CSN)  
Wyatt, James Harry  
Wyatt, James W.  
Wyatt, John  
Wyatt, Lemuel C. *  
Wyatt, Robert T.  
Wyatt, Thomas A.  
Wyatt, William H.  
Wybrant, John  
Wyche, George J.  
Wyckoff, Ambrose Barkley *  
Wyckoff, Hendrick  
Wyeth, Luther  
Wyman, Aziel  
Wyman, David  
Wyman, Francis S.  
Wyman, George  
Wyman, Henry D.  
Wyman, John C.  
Name List of Documents
Wyman, Reuben Turner  
Wyman, Robert H. *  
Wyman, Thomas W.  
Wyman, Waldron  
Wynde, Henry J.  
Wynkoop, Dyre S.  
Wynn, Joseph T.  
Wynn, Samuel  
Wynn, William P.  
Wynne, Thomas  
Wysham, William E. *  
Wyvil, Marmaduke  


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