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Located in the Rare Book Room of the Navy Department Library.

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ZB (Personnel) Files in the Navy Department Library

Raabe - Ryos


This series contains various documents and ephemera pertaining to US naval officers and some civilians, especially those serving during the 19th century. Coverage of a number of outstanding officers of the late 18th and early 20th centuries, as well as some enlisted personnel, also is provided. It is estimated that the careers of 35,000 separate individuals are documented to some extent in these files.

The contents of individual files can include such items as: (1) compiled service chronologies; (2) biographical summaries; (3) service data cards (Civil War period); (4) letters of recommendation for appointment or promotion; (5) pay vouchers (Civil War period); (6) fragmentary personal and official letters; (7) official Office of Naval Records and Library, and Naval History Division correspondence providing information on specific officers. The contents of individual files range from extensive to sparse, sometimes only containing a single piece of paper.

Use and Reproduction Policy

Z File materials are unavailable for loan and must be consulted in the library. Photocopying of manuscripts, as well as fragile items, is generally prohibited, though the use of digital cameras by researchers to reproduce non-copyrighted materials is permitted. Permission to photocopy a few pages may be granted by the reference staff, contingent upon the physical state of items. All photocopying of materials shall be done by the reference staff, or under their close supervision. The use of personal scanners by non-library staff personnel must be approved by the reference staff on a document-by-document basis (Reference: Naval Historical Center Instruction [NAVHISTCENTINST] 5070.1C.).


The NDL staff are in the process of inventorying and digitizing these files. The lists available below are incomplete and may not reflect current holdings. Updates will be made to these lists as the information becomes available.

Please note that we are also in the process of placing distinguishing identifiers (rank, rating, etc.) next to individuals with the same name.

* denotes personnel has one or more folders dedicated to their documents


Over Sized

Box Number Name List of Documents
Over Sized Roe, Francis A.  


Name List of Documents
Raabe, John  
Rabadan, Raymond  
Rabbeth, Thomas  
Raby, James J.  
Raby, Noah  
Racao, Frederick  
Rachform, Richard  
Ralk, Thomas  
Ralks, Edward  
Radabaugh, George  
Radcliff, Charles  
Radcliffe, Joshua  
Radford, C.S.  
Radford, William (RADM)  
Rady, John  
Rady, Patrick  
Rae, C.W.  
Rae, John  
Raebel, H.C.  
Raffauf, Jacob  
Rafferty, Dominick  
Rafferty, Hugh  
Rafferty, William  
Rafsnyder, John  
Rafter, John  
Ragland, Thomas Finch  
Ragsdale, Godfrey  
Ragsdale, J.K.P. (LT)  
Railey, Alias  
Raily, Thomas  
Rainbow, John  
Rainier, Peter (See Ranier, Peter)  
Rainey, Enoch  
Rainey, J.D.B. (CSN)  
Rainey, James  
Rainey, John D.  
Rainey, Philip  
Rainier, Amos  
Rainier, Charles E.  
Rainier, William S.  
Raisin, Chief  
Raleigh, Charles S.  
Raleigh, W.H.H.  
Ralls, John  
Ralph, Simeon  
Ramage, James  
Ramers, Jose  
Ramirez, Theodore  
Ramsay, Charles  
Ramsay, Francis Munroe  
Ramsay, Henry Ashton *  
Ramsay, J.W.  
Ramsay, John S.  
Ramsay, Theodore  
Ramsay, W. (CDR)  
Ramsay, William  
Ramsay, William W. (CAPT)  
Ramsdell, Samuel  
Ramsdell, Simeon  
Ramsey, Allan  
Ramsey, F.P.  
Ramsey, John  
Rance, Albert  
Rand, Charles E.  
Rand, George D.  
Rand, Isaac H.  
Rand, Jeremiah  
Rand, Reuben  
Rand, Samuel  
Rand, Stephen  
Randal, Elias  
Randal, Jared  
Randall, Andrew H.  
Randall, Andrew A.  
Randall, Benjamin  
Randall, Benjamin Wiley  
Randall, G.  
Randall, George Gideon  
Randall, Henry  
Randall, Henry K.  
Randall, Israel P.  
Randall, James R.  
Randall, John  
Randall, Joseph P.  
Randall, Philip  
Randall, Robert Richard  
Randall, Silas  
Randall, Simeon  
Randall, Stephen  
Randall, Thomas  
Randall, William P.  
Randall, William Pritchard (Ensign)  
Randolp, John  
Randolph, ----------------  
Randolph, Benjamin  
Randolph, Beverly  
Randolph, Burwell Starke  
Randolph, George Wythe  
Randolph, J. (M.D.)  
Randolph, John  
Randolph, John B.  
Randolph, Peyton  
Randolph, Peyton H.  
Randolph, Robert Beverley  
Randolph, Ryland  
Randolph, S.F.  
Randolph, Thomas E.  
Randolph, Victor M. *  
Randolph, W.B.  
Randolph, W.F.  
Randolph, William Augustus *  
Randolph, William Byrd  
Raney, David G.  
Range, John Jr.  
Ranger, Frank  
Ranier, Amos  
Ranier, Peter, R.N  
Rank, Robert A.  
Ranke, John  
Rankin, Abraham  
Rankin, David  
Rankin, E.W.  
Rankin, Robert  
Name List of Documents
Ranks, John  
Ranlet, Albert  
Ransford, Joseph  
Ransom, George M. *  
Ransom, Giles T.  
Ransom, Harvey L.  
Ransom, Theodore S.  
Rapier, John L.  
Rapp, Charles  
Rappell, George W.  
Rapson, Henry  
Raser, Bernard  
Rassmussen, Andrew  
Ratchford, Richard  
Ratcliff, Benjamin  
Ratcliff, J.B.  
Ratcliff, George E.  
Ratcliffe, James B. *  
Ratcliffe, Quinton  
Rathbone, Samuel B.  
Rathbone, William Harris  
Rathbun, Wilberforce  
Rathbun, Wilbur  
Rathburn, E.S.  
Rathburne, John Peck *  
Rattigan, William E.  
Rattray, Thomas  
Ravenel, St. Julien  
Rawdon, F.W.  
Rawles, Meredith  
Rawlins, Charles  
Rawlins, James  
Rawlinson, Francis  
Ray, Charles M.  
Ray, D.B.  
Ray, Henry W.  
Ray, Nathaniel  
Ray, Robert  
Ray, Samuel  
Ray, William  
Rayfield, Biry (or Berry)  
Rayfield, J.B.  
Raymond, Cleophas (civilian)  
Raymond, David Griffin  
Raymond, George B.  
Raymond, H.C.  
Raymond, James H.  
Raymond, Joshua  
Raymond, Josiah  
Raymond, M.  
Raymond, William  
Rayne, John Henry  
Rayner, William  
Raynolds, George C.  
Raynor, James B.  
Raynor, William  
Read, Abner  
Read, Albert C.  
Read, Alexander  
Read, Benjamin  
Read, Charles W. *  
Read, E.S.  
Read, Eli  
Read, Frederick  
Read, George  
Read, George Campbell *  
Read, George E.  
Read, George H.  
Read, Gideon  
Read, J.Dorsey  
Read, James  
Read, James W.  
Read, John (Rev. War)  
Read, John (Acting Asst. Paymaster)  
Read, John M.  
Read, N.M. (Asst. Surgeon)  
Read, Robert R.  
Read, Thomas  
Read, William A.  
Read, William H.  
Read, William W.  
Readel, John  
Reading, Samuel Reed  
Ready, John R.  
Ream, Emanuel  
Ream, Vinnie  
Reaney, Henry *  
Reardon, F.J.  
Reardon, H.C.  
Reardon, H.F.  
Reardon, John  
Reardon, M.T.  
Reardon, Simeon B. *  
Rearick, Peter A.  
Reber, William M.  
Rebinas, William C.  
Record, Daniel  
Redan, Martin  
Redding, George  
Redding, James  
Redding, William F.  
Reddick, Josiah  
Reddish, J. Stanford  
Redditt, William H.  
Redelin, Charles A.  
Redfield, George S.  
Redfield, J. Bayard  
Redfield, Judd T.  
Redington, Robert  
Redgrave, D.C.  
Redman, Curtis  
Redman, Willot.  
Redmond, John  
Redmond, Michael  
Reed, Alexander  
Reed, Allen V.  
Reed, Andrew et al  
Reed, Asa  
Reed, Bradford  
Reed, Brewster  
Reed, Charles  
Reed, Charles E.  
Reed, Charles H.  
Reed, Danforth  
Reed, David  
Reed, Dudley  
Reed, Edward Wilford  
Reed, Enoch M.  
Reed, Frederick  
Reed, G.M.D. (Seaman 1835)  
Reed, George (1836)  
Reed, George S.  
Reed, George Washington *  
Reed, George W. (1862)  
Reed, Henry (1839)  
Reed, Henry A. (LT)  
Reed, Hethcote  
Reed, Hosea B.  
Reed, J. Frank  
Reed, James (Acting Master's Mate, 1864)  
Reed, James (Ensign)  
Reed, James Jr. (1838)  
Reed, James L.  
Name List of Documents
Reed, John (1836)  
Reed, John (1838)  
Reed, John (Chaplain, USS WARREN)  
Reed, John (Seaman, 1757)  
Reed, John D.  
Reed, John Drew  
Reed, John W.  
Reed, Paul  
Reed, Paul Jr.  
Reed, Richard  
Reed, Robert (Rev. War)  
Reed, Robert (Purser's Steward, 1836)  
Reed, Robert R.  
Reed, Samuel  
Reed, Sherwood B.  
Reed, T. Davies  
Reed, Theodore  
Reed, Thomas (Actg. 3rd Asst. Eng, 1863)  
Reed, Thomas (Capt., 1776)  
Reed, Thomas B.  
Reed, Thomas J.  
Reed, W. (USS DEFIANCE, 1782)  
Reed, Wallace W.  
Reed, William (War of 1812)  
Reed, William (enl. 24 May 1837)  
Reed, William (enl. 30 June 1837)  
Reed, William H.  
Reed, William H. (CONSTITUTION, ca. 1837)  
Reeder, ----------(March 1863)  
Reeder, Isaiah  
Reeder, Nathaniel  
Reeder, S. Andrew  
Reeder, William H.  
Reekie, John  
Re'enstierna, John  
Re'enstierna, Lars M.  
Rees, Clayton T.  
Reese, L.M.  
Reese, Thomas  
Reeve, E.  
Reeve, Simon R.  
Reeves, --------(Rev. War)  
Reeves, --------(Civil War)  
Reeves, Charles P.  
Reeves, James (Seaman, 1838)  
Reeves, James F.  
Reeves, Samuel  
Regan, Thomas E.  
Regder, Henry  
Rehwinkel, Rudolph (see also Rheiwinkle)  
Reid, -------(Rev. War)  
Reid, Alfred  
Reid, Benjamin F.  
Reid, David  
Reid, Hugh  
Reid, James (Actg. Master's Mate, 1865)  
Reid, James (Rev. War)  
Reid, James (Seaman, 1836)  
Reid, James L. (Acting Ensign)  
Reid, James Thomas  
Reid, John (Rev. War)  
Reid, John M.  
Reid, Samuel C. *  
Reid, Stephen Holland  
Reid, Washington  
Reid, William (Acting Carpenter)  
Reid, William L.  
Reifsnider, Lawrence F.  
Reiker, August  
Reilley, E.A.  
Reilley, John  
Reilley, Michael  
Reilly, H.J.  
Reilly, Henry J.  
Reilly, John (CSN)  
Reilly, John (1864)  
Reilly, John H.  
Reily, John H.  
Reily, William Van Wyck  
Reily, William H.  
Reinold, George  
Reinburg, Louis C.  
Reisinger, William W.  
Reiter, George  
Reiz, Peter  
Rember, Thomas  
Remey, George Collier  
Remey, William B.  
Remick, Augustus  
Remick, Benjamin  
Remick, Daniel  
Remick, David  
Remick, Oliver Philbrick  
Remick, William C.  
Remington, Edward C.  
Remington, Silas  
Remmonds, Charles T.  
Remsen, Aury  
Remson, Jeremiah  
Remy, Annis  
Remy, J.M.  
Renateau, Peter F.  
Rendleman, John  
Rencan, F.C.  
Renn, James D.  
Rennell, Fred  
Rennell, Nugent T.  
Rennell, Thornton  
Renner, J. (USS EAGLE, 1780)  
Renner, William F.  
Rennolds, Henry S.  
Rennolds, Louis Paul  
Reno, Alfred D.  
Reno, Francis  
Reno, George E. *  
Reno, Walter E.  
Rensford, Charles C.  
Rensford, Henry  
Renshaw, Charles S.  
Renshaw, Edward  
Renshaw, Francis B.  
Renshaw, James  
Renshaw, James (Asst. Engineer)  
Renshaw, Richard Thomson  
Renshaw, Samuel  
Renshaw, William Bainbridge  
Resch, August  
Ressbuch, Oliver  
Resse, Lawrence  
Reveley, ---------  
Revell, John (Acting Ensign)  
Revell, John (Gunner's Mate)  
Revere, John  
Revere, Joseph Warren  
Revere, Paul  
Reville, John M.C.  
Rew, Sylvester  
Rex, George A.  
Rexford, George H.  
Rey, Joseph Albert (Seaman, 1917)  
Reynard, Abin  
Reynolds, ----------(ca. 1866)  
Reynolds, Albert  
Reynolds, Charles W.  
Reynolds, E. McD.  
Reynolds, Edward (Seaman, 1837)  
Reynolds, Edward (CSN)  
Reynolds, Edward D.  
Reynolds, Ezekiel (Coxswain, ca. 1852-54)  
Reynolds, Ezekiel F. (Engineer)  
Reynolds, G.A. (Fourth Master)  
Reynolds, George C.  
Reynolds, Henry S.  
Reynolds, J.N. (Jeremiah N.?)  
Reynolds, James (boy, ca. 1859)  
Reynolds, James A. (Captain's Clerk)  
Reynolds, Jefferson  
Reynolds, John G.  
Reynolds, John N.  
Reynolds, Jonathan  
Reynolds, Joseph  
Reynolds, Julian  
Reynolds, Lovell K.  
Reynolds, Michael  
Reynolds, Nathaniel  
Reynolds, Newman  
Reynolds, Richard  
Reynolds, Roddie  
Reynolds, Samuel Franklin  
Name List of Documents
Reynolds, Silas  
Reynolds, Theodore  
Reynolds, Thomas  
Reynolds, Thomas (Quartermaster)  
Reynolds, W.E.  
Reynolds, William (War of 1812)  
Reynolds, William (RADM) *  
Rhea, ---------(Rev. War)  
Rhea, Daniel Hendrickson  
Rheas, Richard  
Rheeder, George  
Rheinwinkle, R.  
Rhoades, Archibald C. *  
Rhoades, Charles R.  
Rhoades, Henry Eckford  
Rhoades, Joseph  
Rhoades, S.W.  
Rhoades, Thomas  
Rhoades, William W. (Acting Master)  
Rhoades, William (Carpenter)  
Rhoades, William W. (LT, 1872)  
Rhoden, Thomas  
Rhoderick, Joseph  
Rhodes, Alexander  
Rhodes, Alonzo  
Rhodes, Foster *  
Rhodes, George L.  
Rhodes, John F.  
Rhodes, Julius  
Rhodes, Milton  
Rhodes, Robert  
Rhodes, Romante  
Rhodes, Sylvester  
Rhodes, William  
Rhodes, William (Pilot)  
Rhodes, William H. (Captain's Clerk) *  
Rhodes, William H. (Police Capt., NYC)  
Rhodes, William T. ( Private, USMC)  
Rhodes, William W. (Ensign, 1867)  
Rhodes, Zachariah  
Riber, Charles L.  
Riblet, Charles H.  
Riblett, Jacob R.  
Riblett, John F.  
Ricard, Daniel  
Ricco, Heter  
Rice, ---------  
Rice, ---------(Ulster Co., NY)  
Rice, Albert R.  
Rice, Alexander John  
Rice, Basdil  
Rice, Charles  
Rice, Charles H. (Ensign)  
Rice, Daniel  
Rice, Edward  
Rice, George E.  
Rice, George H. (Acting Master)  
Rice, George H. (Acting Ensign)  
Rice, George M. Jr.  
Rice, Henry  
Rice, Hollie  
Rice, Horace  
Rice, Israel  
Rice, J.  
Rice, J.D.  
Rice, James (Acting Master's Mate)  
Rice, James (Landsman, 1837)  
Rice, James (Landsman, 1838, USS COLUMBUS)  
Rice, James (Seaman, 1837)  
Rice, James B.  
Rice, John  
Rice, John E.  
Rice, John H.  
Rice, John Minoh  
Rice, L.E.  
Rice, Nehemiah  
Rice, Phineas A.  
Rice, Pierce  
Rice, S.  
Rice, Stephen L.  
Rice, Thomas (Ord. Seaman, enl. 2 April 1838)  
Rice, Thomas (Ord. Seaman, enl. 5 Nov. 1838)  
Rice, Thomas (Surgeon)  
Rice, Urban B.  
Rice, Warren Edwards  
Rice, William (Midshipman)  
Rice, William (Master, Pennsylvania Boat Experiment)  
Rice, William T.  
Rich, Albert F.  
Rich, Andrew J.  
Rich, Aquila  
Rich, Charles E.  
Rich, Elias B.  
Rich, Ezekiel  
Rich, George W.  
Rich, Henry Washington  
Rich, Jabez  
Rich, Jacob  
Rich, James Paine  
Rich, John Washington  
Rich, Mathias  
Rich, Obadiah  
Rich, Reuben (June 1838)  
Rich, Reuben (Acting Ensign 1866)  
Rich, Samuel A.  
Rich, William Atkins  
Richardet, Samuel Jr.  
Richards, --------(Actg. 3rd Asst. Engr.)  
Richards, Benjamin S.  
Richards, David  
Richards, Edward Wilson  
Richards, George W.  
Richards, Henry W.  
Richards, J.M.  
Richards, James  
Richards, James W.  
Richards, John (Rev. War)  
Richards, John (Quarter Gunner 1814)  
Richards, John (CSN)  
Richards, John (ord. seaman 1836)  
Richards, John H.  
Richards, John M.  
Richards, Josiah  
Richards, Leonard  
Richards, Peter  
Richards, T.W.  
Richards, Thomas  
Richards, William (Seaman 1837)  
Richards, William (LT, Rev. War)  
Richards, William (Rev. War)  
Richardson, Benjamin A.  
Richardson, C.A.  
Richardson, Charles (Midshipman 1835)  
Richardson, Charles (1848)  
Richardson, Charles W.  
Richardson, Constantine A.  
Richardson, D.H.  
Richardson, Daniel  
Richardson, David M.  
Richardson, E.H.  
Richardson, Ebenizer  
Richardson, George L.  
Richardson, Henry A.  
Richardson, Holden C.  
Richardson, James F.  
Richardson, James O.  
Richardson, Job Jr.  
Richardson, John (landsman, 1838)  
Richardson, John (CSN)  
Richardson, John c.  
Richardson, Joseph  
Richardson, Joseph H.  
Richardson, R.S.  
Richardson, Richard  
Richardson, Robert (Boats. Mate 1836)  
Richardson, Robert (Seaman 1837)  
Richardson, Robert (Landsman 1837)  
Richardson, Wentworth Ricker  
Richardson, William (Actg. Master & Pilot)  
Richardson, William (Seaman 1837)  
Richardson, William (Rev. War)  
Richardson, Wilson G.  
Richdale, Henry W.  
Richey, Douglass  
Richey, James  
Richey, Oliver G.  
Richey, William B.  
Richie, James  
Richman, Clayton S.  
Richmond, Gilbert  
Richmond, H.J.  
Richmond, Herbert W.  
Richmond, Jonathan  
Richmond, Nelson  
Richmond, William (1836)  
Richmond, William B.  
Richmond, William H.  
Richter, August  
Rickard, Augustus  
Rickards, William H.  
Ricker, Charles C.  
Ricker, James (USS HURON 1868)  
Ricker, James (Landsman 1838)  
Rickert, H.C.  
Ricker, Benjamin F. *  
Name List of Documents
Ricketson, Arthur L.  
Ricketson, Benjamin F.  
Ricketson, Joseph  
Ricketts, --------(Pilot)  
Ricketts, D.F. (Asst. Surgeon)  
Rickover, Hyman G.  
Ricks, Richard  
Riddell, Henry O.  
Riddle, Daniel W.  
Riddle, David  
Riddle, Girard E.  
Riddle, Silas A.  
Riddle, William  
Riddle, William H.  
Riddock, Joseph  
Rideout, John  
Rider, Joshua H.  
Rider, Mathias  
Rider, Philip  
Ridge, David  
Ridge, Jonathan  
Ridge, T.  
Ridgeley, Charles W.  
Ridgely, Charles G. *  
Ridgely, Charles Sterett  
Ridgely, Daniel B. Chronology of Naval Service
Ridgely, Frank E.  
Ridgely, James S.  
Ridgely, John  
Ridgely, T.G.  
Ridgely, Thomas Cleggett  
Ridgen, Joseph  
Ridgeway, Ebenezer  
Ridgeway, William  
Ridgley, Joshua  
Ridgway, Charles M.  
Ridgway, John  
Ridgway, Joseph  
Ridington, Robert  
Ridle, William P.  
Ridler, Isaac  
Ridley, John M.  
Ridout, William G.  
Rieck, Richard  
Reig, Philip S.  
Riell, Robert B.  
Rielly, Richard M.  
Riely, Thomas  
Reis, William C.  
Rife, James W.  
Rigg, William (Ord. Seaman 1838)  
Rigg, William A.  
Riggin, Charles Warren  
Riggin, Michael J.  
Riggins, J.D.  
Riggs, Daniel  
Riggs, Myron C.  
Riggs, Richard  
Righter, C.W.  
Rightmire, William J.  
Rigsby, John  
Rigsby, Thomas  
Rihl, Henry J.  
Riker, Andrew  
Riker, Frank H.  
Rilbett, M. (Pilot)  
Riley, David (or Martin)  
Riley, Felix  
Riley, Frank A.  
Riley, George (Actg. Master's Mate 1863)  
Riley, George (Actg. Ensign 1862)  
Riley, George W.  
Riley, J. (1782)  
Riley, J.H. (1861)  
Riley, James (Landsman 1838)  
Riley, James (1st cl. Fireman 1868)  
Riley, James H.  
Riley, John (Landsman 1837)  
Riley, Jahn B.  
Riley, John G.  
Riley, Joseph  
Riley, Martin  
Riley, Michael  
Riley, Peter  
Riley, Philip  
Riley, Robert K.  
Riley, Thomas  
Riley, William (Able Seaman 1839)  
Riley, William H.  
Rily, Peter W.  
Rimmer, Robert  
Rimmey, William  
Ring, Harry  
Ring, James A. (Paymaster 1889)  
Ring, James A. (Admiral's Clerk 1868)  
Ring, John (Ordinary Seaman 1837)  
Ring, John L.  
Ring, Patrick  
Ring, Thomas (Seaman 1876)  
Ring, Thomas (Boatswain 1831)  
Ring, Thomas (Rev. War)  
Ringgold, Cadwalader *  
Ringgold, William S.  
Ringold, John  
Ringot, Charles  
Rinker, Samuel  
Riola, Jose Rodriquez  
Riola, Peter Joseph Rodriques  
Rion, Peirre Charles  
Riorden, Michael  
Ripe, J.W.  
Ripinsky, Solomon  
Ripley, Calvin  
Ripley, G.G.  
Ripley, Eden M. (Able Seaman 1835)  
Ripley, E.M. (Boatswain's Mate 1833-49)  
Ripley, James W.  
Ripley, J.B. (CSN)  
Ripley, John  
Risbey, R.A.  
Risbrough, John  
Risley, Heil  
Risley, L.W. (CSN)  
Ristine, George W.  
Ritchet, O.H.  
Ritchey, James (Rev. War)  
Ritchey, James (War of 1812)  
Ritchie, George H.  
Ritchie, John T.  
Ritchie, Oliver G.  
Ritchie, Peter  
Ritchie, Robert (midshipman 1814)  
Ritchie, Robert  
Ritchie, Will B.  
Riter, D. Clinton  
Rittenhouse, -------  
Rittenhouse, Benjamin Franklin  
Rittenhouse, Hawley Olmstead  
Rittenhouse, John Beverley  
Rittenhouse, John Bull  
Rittenhouse, Thomas  
Ritter, Benjamin F.  
Ritter, John C. *  
Ritter, Peter  
Ritter, T.  
Rivers, Frank  
Rivers, Henry  
Rivers, H.T.  
Rivers, James  
Rivers, James H.  
Rives, Oran A.  
Rives, Samuel A.  
Rix, Asa W.S.  
Rixey, Prisley Marion  
Rizal, Jose  
Name List of Documents
Roaceds, William  
Roach, Isaac  
Roach, James  
Roach, John (3rd Asst. Engineer)  
Roach, John (Master, USS RANGER)  
Roach, John (LT, War of 1812)  
Roach, Joseph  
Roach, Martin  
Roach, Michail  
Roach, Morris  
Roach, Nicholas  
Roach, S.  
Roach, Thomas  
Roach, William H.  
Roache, John  
Roades, F.W.  
Roads, A.H.  
Roake, John S.  
Roanne, Hugh  
Roanne, Samuel B.  
Roanne, William  
Roath, Warrington D.  
Roath, Warrington P.  
Robb, Philip L.  
Robb, Robert Gilchrist  
Robb, William D.  
Robb, William J.  
Robbins, Anderson  
Robbins, Charles  
Robbins, Charles A.  
Robbins, E.P.  
Robbins, Ezra Lee  
Robbins, Moses  
Robbins, Peter  
Robbins, W.A.  
Robbins, William  
Robedee, James  
Robeno, Charles  
Roberson, J.J.  
Roberts, -------(Potomac River Pilot)  
Roberts, --------(2nd Asst. Engineer 1865)  
Roberts, Andrew  
Roberts, Arthur O.  
Roberts, Charles F.  
Roberts, Dennis  
Roberts, E.H.  
Roberts, Edmund  
Roberts, Edward (Acting 1st Asst Eng.)  
Roberts, Edward (War of 1812)  
Roberts, Evan  
Roberts, Frederick  
Roberts, George (1806)  
Roberts, George (1840)  
Roberts, George (nee Frederick George Bowden)  
Roberts, Henry (War of 1812)  
Roberts, Henry (LT, CSN)  
Roberts, Henry H.  
Roberts, Horace (Elijah)  
Roberts, James (Doctor)  
Roberts, James (Rattletrap)  
Roberts, James H.  
Roberts, James Lee  
Roberts, James S.  
Roberts, John (1846-48)  
Roberts, John (Able Seaman, 1838)  
Roberts, John (Seaman 1836)  
Roberts, John De Bree (CSN)  
Roberts, John H.  
Roberts, Josiah  
Roberts, Orlando S.  
Roberts, Ozias  
Roberts, Redman  
Roberts, Richard  
Roberts, Robert J.  
Roberts, Samuel M.  
Roberts, T.F.  
Roberts, Thomas F. (1869 Acting Master's Mate)  
Roberts, Thomas W.  
Roberts, William (Landsman, 1838)  
Roberts, William (2nd Cl. Boy 1837)  
Roberts, William (Seaman, 1862)  
Roberts, William (CSN)  
Roberts, William Brownell  
Roberts, William H. (Acting Ensign)  
Roberts, William H. (Actg. Master's Mate, BRAZILIERA)  
Roberts, William H. (Actg. Master's Mate, FAIRPLAY)  
Roberts, William W.  
Robertson, ---------  
Robertson, A.  
Robertson, Ashley H.E.  
Robertson, Basil  
Robertson, George M.  
Robertson, George W.  
Robertson, Gilbert A.  
Robertson, H.P.  
Robertson, Harrison  
Robertson, J.  
Robertson, J.W.  
Robertson, James P. (LT)  
Robertson, James P. (Acting Master's Mate)  
Robertson, John (Rev. War)  
Robertson, John (Ordinary Seaman 1937)  
Robertson, John (CSN)  
Robertson, John (Rev. War)  
Robertson, John D.  
Robertson, Samuel  
Robertson, W.  
Robertson, William  
Robertson, William (Seaman 1837)  
Robertson, William (Paymaster's Clerk)  
Robeson, D.  
Robeson, D. (Pilot)  
Robeson, George M.  
Robeson, H.B.  
Robeson, Joseph  
Robie, Edward Dunham  
Robie, Henry W.  
Robincheaux, F.P.  
Robinett, David  
Robinett, James L.  
Robinett, Joseph  
Robinett, R.W.C.  
Robins, Harmon  
Robins, John L.  
Robins, Robert W.  
Robins, William (CSN)  
Robins, William B.  
Robins, William N.  
Robinson, A.  
Robinson, Abraham  
Robinson, Alexander, Fr.  
Robinson, Alexander A.  
Robinson, Alfonso  
Robinson, Algernon  
Robinson, Allen  
Robinson, Benjamin f.  
Robinson, Charles (Seaman)  
Robinson, Charles (3rd Asst. Engr.)  
Robinson, Charles (Midshipman)  
Robinson, Charles (CSN)  
Robinson, Charles C. (Actg Master's Mate)  
Robinson, Charles H.  
Robinson, Cyrus  
Robinson, David (Pilot)  
Robinson, David L.  
Robinson, E.B.  
Robinson, E.J.  
Robinson, Edward  
Robinson, Edward W.  
Robinson, Francis  
Robinson, Frederick W.  
Robinson, George (Civil War)  
Robinson, George (USMC 1842)  
Robinson, H.E.V.  
Robinson, H.S.  
Robinson, Henry B.  
Robinson, Henry C.  
Robinson, Henry J.  
Robinson, Horace  
Robinson, Horatio  
Robinson, Isaiah  
Robinson, Israel  
Robinson, J.B.  
Robinson, James  
Robinson, James (See Isaiah)  
Robinson, James (1840)  
Robinson, James (Ord. Seaman 1837)  
Robinson, James (Seaman Aug. 1837)  
Robinson, James B. (Acting Ensign)  
Robinson, James W.  
Robinson, Jeremiah  
Robinson, John (USS YUCCA)  
Robinson, John (CSN)  
Robinson, John (1890)  
Robinson, John (Ord. Seaman, Aug. 1837)  
Robinson, John (Seaman, Dec. 1838)  
Robinson, John (Seaman, June 1837)  
Robinson, John (Seaman, 6 June 1837)  
Robinson, John (Ord. Seaman, 22 June 1837)  
Robinson, John (Seaman 23 Dec. 1836)  
Robinson, John (d. 1849)  
Robinson, John (d. 1835)  
Robinson, John (Actg. Master's Mate 1863)  
Robinson, John B.  
Robinson, John F.D.  
Robinson, Jonathan  
Robinson, Joseph (Seaman USS NIAGARA)  
Robinson, Joseph (War of 1812)  
Robinson, Joseph E.  
Robinson, Joshua  
Robinson, L.W.  
Robinson, Levi  
Robinson, Levi W.  
Robinson, Luke F.  
Robinson, Moncure  
Robinson, Noah  
Robinson, Oliver  
Robinson, P.B.  
Robinson, Peter  
Robinson, Peter B.  
Robinson, Richard Pierce  
Robinson, Robert L.  
Robinson, Samuel  
Robinson, Stephen  
Name List of Documents
Robinson, T.  
Robinson, Terry  
Robinson, Thomas  
Robinson, Thomas (CDR)  
Robinson, Thomas (CAPT)  
Robinson, William (Seaman 1836)  
Robinson, William (Nov. 4, 1836)  
Robinson, William (Seaman, Dec. 20, 1836)  
Robinson, William (Seaman 1838)  
Robinson, William (Seaman, 1838, USS COLUMBUS)  
Robinson, William (Acting Ensign)  
Robinson, William (QM, CSN)  
Robinson, William F. (Acting Midshipman, CSN)  
Robinson, William Henry  
Robinson, William M.  
Robinson, William Russell  
Robinson, William Thomas  
Robinson, Winthrop  
Robirds, William C.  
Robison, Eli Hosea  
Robison, J.  
Robison, John K.  
Robison, Samuel S.  
Robnett, John  
Robnett, Vernon  
Robson, Clinton  
Roby, Francis M. *  
Rocap, Isaac  
Roche, David  
Roche, George W.  
Roche, Henry  
Roche, James  
Roche, James R.  
Roche, John  
Roche, John (aka John Morris)  
Roche, John (1801)  
Roche, Martin  
Rochefort, John  
Rochelle, James H. *  
Rochford, John  
Rochford, Richard  
Rockefeller, P.H.  
Rockett, John  
Rockwell, Charles  
Rockwell, Charles H. (Acting Master)  
Rockwell, Charles H. (CDR)  
Rockwell, John Everest  
Rockwith, Frank A.  
Rockwood, Frederick Leslie  
Rockwood, Henry  
Rod, Alexander  
Rod, Henry  
Rodd, Francis  
Rodd, Thomas  
Roddy, Samuel  
Roddy, Thomas  
Rode, William  
Roderick, Edmund a.  
Rodes, William M.  
Rodgers Family Moved to RARE MSS 0059
Rodgers, Arthur  
Rodgers, Asa  
Rodgers, Benjamin  
Rodgers, Calbraith Perry Moved to RARE MSS 0059
Rodgers, C.R.P. (LT) Moved to RARE MSS 0059
Rodgers, Christopher R.P. (Chief Bureau Yards & Docks) Moved to RARE MSS 0059
Rodgers, Edward  
Rodgers, Frank  
Rodgers, Frederick (Midshipman)  
Rodgers, Frederick (RADM) Moved to RARE MSS 0059
Rodgers, George B.  
Rodgers, George C.  
Rodgers, George H.  
Rodgers, George W. Sr. (CAPT) Moved to RARE MSS 0059
Rodgers, George W. Jr. (LT) Moved to RARE MSS 0059
Rodgers, Henry Moved to RARE MSS 0059
Rodgers, J. A. Moved to RARE MSS 0059
Rodgers, Jacob  
Rodgers, James  
Rodgers, James (Sailing Master)  
Rodgers, John (1771-1839) * Moved to RARE MSS 0059
Rodgers, John (CDR, Naval Aviator) * Moved to RARE MSS 0059
Rodgers, John (RADM) * Moved to RARE MSS 0059
Rodgers, John (Able Seaman)  
Rodgers, John F.  
Rodgers, John G. Moved to RARE MSS 0059 
Rodgers, Joseph  
Rodgers, Raymond P. Moved to RARE MSS 0059
Rodgers, William (Seaman)  
Rodgers, William (Pilot)  
Rodgers, William (Engineer)  
Rodgers, William Ledyard (RADM) Moved to RARE MSS 0059
Rodgers, William Tennant  
Rodgerson, ---------  
Rodie, Robert  
Rodman, B.F.  
Rodman, Charles  
Rodman, Hugh  
Rodman, John F.  
Rodman, Samuel  
Rodney, Robert B.  
Rodocanachi, Leonidas  
Rodriguez, P.J.  
Roe, -----------  
Roe, Charles  
Roe, David  
Roe, Edwin  
Roe, Francis A. * See also ZB OVERSIZE Box  
Name List of Documents
Roe, Henry  
Roe, Henry  
Roe, William et. al.  
Roebuck, Charles P.  
Roemmele, William  
Roemmell, William H.  
Roeskap, Louis  
Roffenberg, John  
Rogan, John F.  
Rogers, ---------  
Rogers, ---------(1812)  
Rogers Family (War of 1812)  
Rogers, Bartholomew  
Rogers, Benjamin F.  
Rogers, Charles C.  
Rogers, Charles I. or J.  
Rogers, Charles S.  
Rogers, Charles W.  
Rogers, Daniel  
Rogers, David  
Rogers, Edward (Acting Ensign)  
Rogers, Edward (Seaman 1836)  
Rogers, Eugene  
Rogers, Eustace Barron  
Rogers, Ford  
Rogers, Franklin H.  
Rogers, G.W.  
Rogers, George (Rev. War)  
Rogers, George (Mate, Civil War)  
Rogers, George (Pharmacist)  
Rogers, George (War of 1812)  
Rogers, George C. (See also Rodgers, George C.)  
Rogers, George W.  
Rogers, Gilbert  
Rogers, Harry  
Rogers, Henry J.  
Rogers, Henry M.  
Rogers, Henry V.  
Rogers, J.C.  
Rogers, J.T. (See also Rodgers, Josiah T.)  
Rogers, James  
Rogers, James Harriman  
Rogers, James Lloyd  
Rogers, James Nelson  
Rogers, James S.  
Rogers, Jerome Bonaparte  
Rogers, John (Gunner)  
Rogers, John (1853)  
Rogers, John (Virginia Navy)  
Rogers, John (Father of Commodore Rodgers)  
Rogers, John (MD Brig BLACK PRINCE)  
Rogers, John (Midshipman)  
Rogers, John (Acting Master)  
Rogers, John (Tickets)  
Rogers, John A. (Acting Master)  
Rogers, John C. (See also John (Acting Master))  
Rogers, John H. (Paymaster's Clerk)  
Rogers, John H. (CSN Bondsman)  
Rogers, John J. (Acting Master)  
Rogers, John S.  
Rogers, Langdon S.  
Rogers, Levi C.  
Rogers, Lloyd  
Rogers, Mathias  
Rogers, Michael F. (CSN)  
Rogers, Michael F. (USN, Civil War)  
Rogers, Milford  
Rogers, Monad  
Rogers, Morgan  
Rogers, Moses  
Rogers, N.G.  
Rogers, Peter  
Rogers, Platt  
Rogers, R.M. (CSN)  
Rogers, Richard  
Rogers, Robert C.  
Rogers, Robert W.  
Rogers, Rufus  
Rogers, Stephen M.  
Rogers, Thomas (N)  
Rogers, Timothy  
Rogers, W.B.  
Rogers, William (Acting Master's Mate)  
Rogers, William (CO sloop MONTGOMERY)  
Rogers, William (Acting Chief Engineer)  
Rogers, William (1810 British Smuggler?)  
Rogers, William A. (Acting Master's Mate)  
Rogers, William C. (Acting Vol. LT)  
Rogers, William F. (CSN)  
Rogers, William P. (Acting Vol. LT)  
Rogers, William S.  
Rogers, William T. (CSN)  
Rogers, Wilmot F.  
Rogerson, John (CSN)  
Roget, Edward  
Roggio, David (Dominic)  
Rohan, John H.  
Rohan, Thomas  
Rohange, Robert *  
Rohrer, John W.  
Rohrer, Karl  
Roland, Daniel  
Roland, Eucratius  
Roland, John  
Rolando, Henry *  
Roll, George  
Roller, John E.  
Rollings, George F.D.  
Rollings, John H.  
Rollins, Abel  
Rollins, Charles  
Rollins, Dearborn  
Rollins, George  
Rollins, Henry  
Rollins, James  
Rollins, Louis  
Rollins, Louis N.  
Rollins, Stephen (CSN)  
Rollinson, William  
Romaine, Henry  
Romans, Bernard  
Rome, E.P.  
Romme, W.S.  
Ronce, Albert  
Ronce, Ed. F.  
Ronckendorff, William *  
Robey, Thomas  
Rood, James  
Roods, A.G.  
Rooker, Caleb  
Rooney, James  
Rooney, John (USS MONITOR)  
Rooney, John (USS FRANKLIN)  
Rooney, Martin  
Rooney, Patrick  
Roop, Frank  
Roop, John  
Roose, William C.  
Roosevelt, Cornelius M.  
Roosevelt, Franklin  
Roosevelt, Theodore  
Root, Charles  
Root, E.S.  
Root, Frank P.  
Name List of Documents
Root, George  
Root, John W.  
Root, Joseph  
Root, Oliver D.  
Root, Owen  
Root, W.W.  
Rootes, Lawrence  
Rootes, Thomas R.  
Roper, Howard  
Roper, Jessie M.  
Ropes, Joseph  
Ropes, R.  
Rosa, Frank  
Rosario, James  
Rosco, Louis  
Rose, Charles  
Rose, Francis  
Rose, Frank B.  
Rose, Gideon  
Rose, Jacob  
Rose, James  
Rose, Joel  
Rose, John  
Rose, John (Rev.)  
Rose, Joseph  
Rose, Milo  
Rose, Prosper  
Rose, Robert M.  
Rose, Waldemar  
Rose, Washington  
Rose, William  
Rosebush, Oliver  
Rosendahl, Charles E. (ADM)  
Rosenmiller, D.P.  
Rosker, Thomas  
Rosling, John S.  
Ross, Albert  
Ross, Albert G.  
Ross, Betsy  
Ross, Charles  
Ross, David (Rev. War)  
Ross, David (Engineer, Civil War)  
Ross, Ebenezer  
Ross, Edward  
Ross, Edwin  
Ross, F.  
Ross, H.Schuyler  
Ross, Henry  
Ross, J.T.  
Ross, J.S.  
Ross, James  
Ross, James (Midshipman 1799-1800)  
Ross, James (CSN)  
Ross, James  
Ross, James H.  
Ross, John (Fireman)  
Ross, John  
Ross, John (Acting Engineer)  
Ross, John W. (Civil War)  
Ross, John W. (1873)  
Ross, Nelson  
Ross, R.M.  
Ross, Robert  
Ross, Therron Edward  
Ross, Thomas E.  
Ross, W.  
Ross, Wiley  
Ross, William  
Ross, William (Seaman 1837)  
Ross, William M.  
Ross, William T.  
Rosse, James M.  
Rosseter, Appleton  
Rosseter, John  
Rossiter, Edward  
Rossiter, Thomas  
Rossiter, Timothy  
Rossman, John G.  
Roth, Conrad  
Roth, V.W.  
Rouillard, --------------  
Rounds, Ambrose  
Rounds, Andre S. Jr.  
Rounsavelle, John  
Rounsavelle, William J.  
Rounseville, J.P.  
Rountree, J.W.  
Rountree, R.W.  
Rountree, Robert W.  
Rourks, Charles  
Rouse, James M.  
Rouse, James W.  
Roush, Benjamin Butler  
Rouseau, John  
Rouseau, Lawrence  
Rousseau, Peter (Pedro)  
Rousseaux, Jean M.  
Roust, William  
Routh, James  
Routt, William  
Rowan, James Henry  
Rowan, John Henry Jr.  
Rowan, Stephen Clegg *  
Rowan, William B.  
Rowbotham, W.  
Rowe, A.H.  
Rowe, A.B.  
Rowe, Benjamin D.  
Rowe, Charles M.  
Rowe, Edward F.  
Rowe, Ethanan  
Rowe, James  
Rowe, John  
Rowe, John H.  
Rowe, Thomas J.  
Rowland, Alexander  
Rowland, John  
Rowland, John C. *  
Rowland, John H.  
Rowland, John H. (CSN)  
Rowland, Jonathan  
Rowland, Peter  
Rowland, William  
Rowland, Zacariah  
Rowlands, Moey  
Rowlee, George T.  
Rowley, Abel  
Rowley, George W.  
Rowlind, Jonathan  
Roy, John  
Royal, Forrest B.  
Royal, Isaac  
Royall, Harmon  
Royce, Charles C.  
Royce, Frank  
Royce, Wesley  
Raycroft, John A.  
Royster, Cornelius  
Royster, F.A.  
Rucker, ------------  
Ruckledge, William  
Rudd, John  
Rudd, Robert Wesley  
Rudd, Thomas  
Rudd, William J.  
Ruddy, Michael  
Rude, William R.  
Rudenstine, John  
Rudolph, E.  
Rudrow, John (1867)  
Rudrow, John (1862, Quartermaster)  
Ruer, William  
Ruff, Samuel W.  
Ruffin, Charles K.  
Ruffin, Richard  
Rugg, Charles W.  
Rugler, J.H.  
Ruggles, Edward Seymour  
Ruggles, Henry  
Ruggles, Mortimer B.  
Ruggles, Nathaniel  
Name List of Documents
Rule, John B.  
Rule, Thomas  
Rulon, Joseph F.  
Rummel, Charles V.  
Rumney, Edward  
Rumsey, Henry B.  
Rumsey, M.B.  
Rumsey, William W.  
Rundle, Benjamin  
Rundle, Jared  
Rundle, John  
Rundlett, Andrew J.  
Rundlett, James  
Rundlett, Nathaniel  
Runk, William  
Runnels, Farnum  
Runnels, P.R.  
Runnels, Samuel B.  
Runyon, William B.  
Rupp, John  
Ruschberger, William J.W.  
Rush, Benjamin  
Rush, Charles W.  
Rush, D.J.  
Rush, Henry  
Rush, John  
Rush, Lewis  
Rush, Michael  
Rush, Richard  
Rush, William  
Russ, Francis (Carpenter)  
Russ, Francis A.  
Russ, George U.  
Russ, John  
Russ, John A.  
Russ, John S.  
Russ, Parker  
Russel, William O.  
Russell, ---------------  
Russell, A.C.H.  
Russell, A.J.  
Russell, A.W.  
Russell, Benjamin (Mate)  
Russell, Benjamin F. (Acting Ensign)  
Russell, Genjamin R.  
Russell, Caleb  
Russell, Charles  
Russell, Charles C.  
Russell, Charles F.  
Russell, Charles F. (Commodore) (See Box 194A)  
Russell, Charles F.  
Russell, Charles P.  
Russell, Daniel  
Russell, Elmore  
Russell, Francis  
Russell, George H.  
Russell, Henry  
Russell, Henry C.  
Russell, Ichabod  
Russell, Isaiah  
Russell, James  
Russell, James B.  
Russell, James C.  
Russell, James J.  
Russell, James M.  
Russell, John (Acting Gunner)  
Russell, John (CSN)  
Russell, John (Acting Asst. Engineer)  
Russell, John Henry *  
Russell, John M.  
Russell, Joseph  
Russell, Richard  
Russell, Riverus  
Russell, Robert (Ord. Seaman 1837)  
Russell, Robert (Ord. Seaman 1838)  
Russell, Robert (War of 1812)  
Russell, Robert (3rd Asst. Engineer)  
Russell, Robert A.  
Russell, Robert L.  
Russell, Samuel  
Russell, Thomas (O.)  
Russell, Thomas (S.)  
Russell, Thomas S. (Acting Ensign) *  
Russell, William (Master of Privateer POLLY)  
Russell, William (Ord. Seaman 1837)  
Russell, William (C.O. NY Ship BEAVER)  
Russell, William (CSN)  
Russell, William (Rev. War)  
Russell, William A. (member of Congress)  
Russell, William A. (3rd Asst. Engineer)  
Russell, William W.  
Rust, Armistead  
Rust, E.G.  
Rust, Henry  
Rust, James F.P.  
Rust, William F.  
Rustic, John T.  
Ruth, Alfred  
Ruth, Dudley L.  
Ruth, Melancthon L.  
Rutherford, J.B.  
Rutherford, Jacob  
Rutherford, James  
Rutherford, Jesse M.  
Rutherford, Jesse S.  
Rutherford, John  
Rutherford, Joseph  
Rutherford, William  
Rutherford, William H.  
Ruthford, Alen  
Rutledge, E.C.  
Rutledge, Jack  
Rutledge, John (Ex-LT) *  
Rutledge, John  
Rutledge, States  
Rutter, John (War of 1812)  
Rutter, John  
Rutter, Joseph L.  
Rutter, Solomon  
Ryals, Wilson R.  
Ryan, Andrew  
Ryan, Daniel (Seaman 1863)  
Ryan, Daniel  
Ryan, Edward  
Ryan, George Parker  
Ryan, J.J.  
Ryan, John (Seaman, CSN)  
Ryan, John (Seaman, 1838)  
Ryan, John (3rd Asst. Engineer 1863)  
Ryan, M. Talmadge  
Ryan, Morris  
Ryan, Patrick  
Ryan, Patrick (CSN)  
Ryan, Robert Horton  
Ryan, Thomas  
Ryan, Timothy  
Ryan, William  
Ryas, Charles  
Ryder, George N.  
Ryder, John  
Ryder, Joshua A.  
Ryder, Joshua H.  
Ryder, Martin H.  
Ryder, Royal S.  
Ryfenburgh, Lewis Milton  
Ryley, George  
Ryley, Peter  
Ryley, Thomas *  
Ryley, William  
Rymer, Henry H. *  
Ryon, Jason  
Ryon, Michael  
Ryon, William  
Ryos (See Ryas)  
Russell, Charles F. (Commodore)  


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