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Located in the Rare Book Room of the Navy Department Library.

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ZB (Personnel) Files in the Navy Department Library

La Bounty - Lyons


This series contains various documents and ephemera pertaining to US naval officers and some civilians, especially those serving during the 19th century. Coverage of a number of outstanding officers of the late 18th and early 20th centuries, as well as some enlisted personnel, also is provided. It is estimated that the careers of 35,000 separate individuals are documented to some extent in these files.

The contents of individual files can include such items as: (1) compiled service chronologies; (2) biographical summaries; (3) service data cards (Civil War period); (4) letters of recommendation for appointment or promotion; (5) pay vouchers (Civil War period); (6) fragmentary personal and official letters; (7) official Office of Naval Records and Library, and Naval History Division correspondence providing information on specific officers. The contents of individual files range from extensive to sparse, sometimes only containing a single piece of paper.

Use and Reproduction Policy

Z File materials are unavailable for loan and must be consulted in the library. Photocopying of manuscripts, as well as fragile items, is generally prohibited, though the use of digital cameras by researchers to reproduce non-copyrighted materials is permitted. Permission to photocopy a few pages may be granted by the reference staff, contingent upon the physical state of items. All photocopying of materials shall be done by the reference staff, or under their close supervision. The use of personal scanners by non-library staff personnel must be approved by the reference staff on a document-by-document basis (Reference: Naval Historical Center Instruction [NAVHISTCENTINST] 5070.1C.).


The NDL staff are in the process of inventorying and digitizing these files. The lists available below are incomplete and may not reflect current holdings. Updates will be made to these lists as the information becomes available.

Please note that we are also in the process of placing distinguishing identifiers (rank, rating, etc.) next to individuals with the same name.

* denotes personnel has one or more folders dedicated to their documents

Name List of Documents
La Bounty, Francis, Sr.  
La Bree, Benjamin  
Lacey, Milo  
Lachar, John  
Lachar, Pierre  
Lackey, Oscar Hamilton  
Lackin, Charles  
Lacklison, James E.  
Lacost, T. A.  
Lacy, David  
Ladd, James  
Ladd, James M.  
Ladd, William  
Ladd, William M.  
La Fetra, James H.  
Lafferty, Henry  
Laffey, Bartlett  
Lafayette, Marquis de  
Lafitte, Jean  
Laffner, Thomas  
La Foret, Jean  
La Forge, (Colonel, Rev. War)  
La Forge, William T.  
Laighton, William F.  
Lain, John  
Lame, Richard William  
Laing, John  
Laird, J. Clarence  
Laird, James Henry  
Lake, Isaac  
Lake, John C.  
Lake, Peter  
Lake, William  
Lakeman, Richard  
Lakerman, Richard  
Lakerman, John  
Lakerman, T.  
Lakin, Daniel  
Lakin, Edward  
Lally, John  
Lalor, John W.  
Lamar, L. Q. C.  
Lamar, Mac  
Lamas, Joseph L.  
Lamb, _____  
Lamb, George  
Lamb, James W.  
Lamb, John  
Lamb, William  
Lambdin, James L.  
Lambdin, William J.  
Lambert, A.  
Lambert, Albert  
Lambert, Benjamin  
Lambert, D. R.  
Lambert, O. V.  
Lambert, Edgar L.  
Lambert, John  
Lambert, Jonathan  
Lambert, Josiah  
Lambert, Samuel  
Lambert, Thomas R.  
Lambert, William  
Lambert, William B.  
Lamberton, Benjamin P. Biography
Lamberton, Charles  
Lamberton, W. W.  
Lambertson, B. P.  
Lamdin, James F.  
Lameraux, Alton or Alban  
Laming, James  
Lamke, Charles  
Lamkin, Peter  
Lamkin, William A.  
Lamoree, Peter  
La Mountain, Charles  
Lampher, Charles  
Lamphere, Amos  
Lamphier, Richmond H.  
Lampkin, William A.  
Lamport, George H.  
Lamport, Richard T.  
Lampotz, Gustave  
Lamson, Roswell H.  
Lamson, Timothy  
La Munyon, Thomas  
Name List of Documents
Lanagan, Andrew  
Lanby, Daniel  
Lancashire, Benjamin  
Lancaster, Silas H.  
Lance, Claude  
Lance, Frank  
Lancey, Samuel F. Jr.  
Lancey, Thomas C.  
Land, Henry G.  
Land, Nathaniel D.  
Landais, Pierre  
Lander, Henry  
Landergren, Adolphus  
Landerkin, Daniel  
Landfort, Henry  
Landon, George W.  
Landrum, John  
Lane, Anthony  
Lane, Barent H.  
Lane, C. L.  
Lane, Charles  
Lane, Charles M.  
Lane, David M.  
Lane, Enoch S.  
Lane, George M.  
Lane, George W.  
Lane, James  
Lane, James E.  
Lane, John  
Lane, John  
Lane, John Marvil  
Lane, S. Cushing  
Lane, Moses  
Lane, Ninian E.  
Lane, Oren  
Lane, Robert  
Lane, Webster  
Lane, William  
Lanefare, Robert O.  
Lanford, James  
Lang, Charles  
Lang, Hugh  
Lang, John  
Lang, John  
Lang, T.   G.  
Lang, Thomas  
Lang, William  
Langdon, George  
Langdon, George B. M.  
Langdon, Henry S., Jr.  
Langdon, William  
Langdon, William F.  
Langer, Edward  
Langer, Philip Joseph  
Langford, Asa  
Langford,  Johnathan  
Langhorne, James K.  
Langhorne, Maurice  
Langlands, Robert H.  
Langley, Charles F.  
Langley,  Freeman A.  
Langley,  John  
Langley, Lemuel  
Langley,  Samuel Pierpont  
Langley, Thomas  
Langlois, August  
Langmeire, Emanuel  
Langston, Thomas  
Langston, William J.  
Langthorne, Amos Randall  
Langton, John B. F.  
Langworthy, Andrew B.  
Lanham, Hiram  
Lannier, Clifford Anderson  
Lannier, Edmund  
Lannier, Sidney Clopton  
Laning, James  
Lanman, Joseph  
Lanmem, John  
Lannagan, Henry  
Lannagan, Michael  
Lannan, William  
Lanne, Pierre Philebert Hippolyte  
Lanning, John  
Lannon, James Patrick  
Lansdale, Philip Van Horne  
Lanton, Charles H.  
Lantrip, Thomas  
Lantz, Daniel  
Lapoint, Alfred  
Laporte, Henry  
Lapsley, John Elliott  
Larchar, John  
Larchar, Pierre  
Larchard, Lewis  
Larcher, Lewis  
Larden, John  
Lardner, James Biddle  
Lardner, James L.  
La Reintree, Henry *  
Larkin, Francis Edward  
Larkin, John  
Larkin, John C.  
Larkin, Samuel  
Larkin, Thomas O.  
Larkin, William J.  
Larkins, Edward J.  
Larmour, Robert B.  
Laroche, Armonde  
Larrabe, Gardner M.  
Larrien, Etienne A.  
Larsen, Niels  
Larter, Alfred  
La Rue,  Frederick C.  
La Roche, Francis A. *  
Lasar, Henry S.  
Laskey, Thomas S.  
Latane, William  
Latham, Franklin J.  
Latham, George W.  
Latham, James  
Lathrop, A. G.  
Lathrop, Constance D.  
Lathrop, Francis J.  
Lathrop, John  
Lathrop, William  
Latimer, Charles  
Latimer, William A. R.  
Latimer, William Key  
Latourrette, Cornelius Wyckoff  
Latrobe, Benjamin Henry  
Latson, John R.  
Latta, Moses  
Latta, Samuel W.  
Latta, Thomas  
Latte, William  
Laub, Henry  
Lauber, Jacob  
Lauber, Lewis  
Lauber, M. L.  
Lauer, Philip  
Laughinghouse, Edward  
Laughlin, David Sr.  
Laughlin, David S. Jr.  
Laughlin, Edward  
Laughlin, George W.  
Laughlin, John J.  
Laughlin, William  
Laughran, Patrick  
Laughton, Joseph William  
Laughton, William  
Launder, William H.  
Laurens, John  
Laurice, Jacque  
Lauterbach, Robert  
Name List of Documents
Lavadari, Mareo  
Lavake, William  
Lavallette, Albert T.  
Lavallette, Elie Augustus F. *  
Laverasalle, Frank  
Laverty, Robert  
Lavery, John  
Lavery, Richard  
Lavery, Thomas J.  
Lavue, Edward  
Law, Benjamin  
Law, George E.  
Law, George H.  
Law, Homer Lycurgus  
Law, Lyman R.  
Law, Richard  
Law, Richard  
Law, Richard L.  
Law, Thomas  
Lawder, George  
Lawler, James  
Lawler, John  
Lawler, Matthew  
Lawler, Thomas Marshall  
Lawler, W. W.  
Lawler, William F.  
Lawless, John  
Lawless, Joseph  
Lawless, Morgan  
Lawless, Robert T. *  
Lawley, Stephen  
Lawrason, James  
Lawrence, James Peyton Stuart  
Lawrence, _____ (Captain)  
Lawrene, Alfred J.  
Lawrence, C. H.  
Lawrence, Charles  
Lawrence, Christian S.  
Lawrence, Christopher  (see Lawrence, John Christopher)  
Lawrence, Daniel  
Lawrence, David D. B.  
Lawrence, Edward H.  
Lawrence, George L.  
Lawrence, George M.  
Lawrence, George O.  
Lawrence, James  
Lawrence, James  
Lawrence, James B.  
Lawrence, John  
Lawrence, John  
Lawrence, John W.  
Lawrence, John C. E.  
Lawrence, John Christopher  
Lawrence, N. C.  
Lawrence, James *  
Lawrence, Joseph  
Lawrence, Nathaniel  
Lawrence, P. L.  
Lawrence, Peter  
Lawrence, Rosamus  
Lawrence, Thomas H.  
Lawrence, W. James  
Lawrence, Walter  
Lawrence, William  
Lawrence, William C.  
Laws, Alexander  
Laws, Charles Alfred  
Laws, Elijah  
Laws, Richard  
Lawson, Elias  
Lawson, Hamilton Bell  
Lawson, Henry  
Lawson, James H.  
Lawson, John  
Lawson, Lewis  
Lawson, M. C.  
Lawson, Peter  
Lawson, Richard G.  
Lawson, Thomas  
Lawson, Thomas W.  
Lawson, William  
Lawton, _____ (Acting Ensign)  
Lawton, Andrew  
Lawton, E. L.  
Lawton, Elbridge  
Lawton, George L.  
Lawton, Theodore E.  
Lawton, Thomas  
Lawton, William  
Lawton, William  
Lawton, Robert  
Lay, Harry R.  
Lay, John L.  
Lay, Joseph C. (or Lay, James C.)  
Laycock, J. E.  
Laycock, Thomas F.  
Layden, John R.  
Layden, John W. (or Layden, Tully)  
Laza, Joseph  
Lazier, Edward  
Lea, Edward  
Lea,  P. L.  
Lea,  P. S.  
Leach, Abraham  
Leach, _____  
Leach, Daniel Jr.  
Leach, Frank  
Leach, Franklin S.  
Leach, Henry  
Leach, Philip  
Leach, Phineas  
Leach, Rowland  
Leach, Walter Dennison  
Leacraft, Benjamin  
Leadbetter, Increase  
Leaden, Thomas  
Leaf, George H.  
Leahy, Thomas  
Leahy, William D.  
Leake, John Ferguson Vincent  
Leakin, Charles  
Leaman, Charles  
Leaman, Charles H.  
Leaman, Edward  
Leaman, Edward N.  
Leaman, Ernst H. P.  
Leaman,  John A.  
Leamy, J.  
Lear, J.  
Lear, Daniel J.  
Lear, Tobias  
Learned, David  
Learned, Jedediah  
Leary, Clarence  
Leary, Dennis  
Leary, John  
Leary, John R.  
Leary, John R.  
Leary, Richard P.  
Leathem, Robert  
Leatherbury, Charles W.  
Leavens, Jesse  
Leavens, William G.  
Leavis, David  
Leavitt, Charles C.  
Leavitt, Warren  
Leavitt, William A.  
Leavitt, William H.  
Leavitt, William K.  
Leavitt, William R.  
Leavitt, William W.  
Leavy, Levi  
Leavy, Parris  
Le Baron, Frederick L.  
Le Baron, William A.  
LeBas, Alfred  
LeBas, Alexis Louis  
Lebby, H.S.  
LeBon, ______  (Captain)  
Leckie, James  
LeCompte, Granville B  
LeCompte, Samuel W.  
Lecraft, Benjamin  
Leddy, Owen  
Ledger, E.  
Ledyard, Caleb  
Ledyard, Nathaniel  
Lee, Abraham  
Lee, Alexander P.  
Lee, Arthur  
Lee, Arthur H.  
Lee, Andrew  
Lee, Benjamin  
Lee, Caleb E.  
Lee, Charles  
Lee, Charles B.  
Lee, Charles H.  
Lee, Charles W.  
Lee, Daniel M.  
Lee, David  
Name List of Documents
Lee, Edward  
Lee, Edward  
Lee, Edwin G.  
Lee, Elisha  
Lee, Essex  
Lee, Ezra  
Lee, George G.  
Lee, George P.  
Lee, Harry  
Lee, Henry M.  
Lee, Homer  
Lee, J.  
Lee, J. H.  
Lee, John  
Lee, John A.  
Lee, John F.  
Lee, John H.  
Lee, John L.  
Lee, John R.  
Lee, John T.  
Lee, Larkin T.  
Lee, Lawson  
Lee, R. E.  
Lee, Robert E.  
Lee, Robert G.  
Lee, S.  
Lee, Samuel  
Lee, Samuel Phillips *  
Lee, Seward  
Lee, Sidney Smith *  
Lee, Sidney Smith, Jr  
Lee, Stephen  
Lee, Thomas  
Lee, T. Hobbie  
Lee, William  
Lee, William  
Lee, William  
Lee, William A.  
Lee, William P.  
Lee, William T.  
Lee, Willis A.  
Leech, Daniel  
Leech, John  
Leech, John V.  
Leech, S. V.  
Leech, Thomas  
Leecock, Richard W.  
Leecraft, Benjamin  
Leed, Nickolas  
Leeds, Benjamin  
Leeds, Henry H.  
Leeds, John  
Leeds, Thomas J.  
Leeds, _____  
Leeds, W.  
Leeds, William (1777)  
Leeds, William (1836)  
Leeman, Nelson  
Leen, Joseph  
Leen, T.  
Lees, William J.  
Leetch, John N.  
Leete, George E.  
Leever, Joseph H.  
Lefavor, Frederick Herbat  
Lefevre, George Edwin Henry Harding  
Leffingwell, Hart  
Leffinwell, Henry  
Leffler, Daniel S.  
Legare, James D.  
Legare, James E.  
Legg, Aretas M.  
Legg, Francis W.  
Leggett, Benjamin  
Leggett, William  
Legros, George  
Lehay, Thomas  
Lehew, Samuel  
Lehman, Ernst Heinrich Phillippe  
Lehman, Herbert  
Lehman, Louis  
Lehr, William  
LeHundra, Fredrick  
Leib, Thomas J.  
Leich, William  
Leid, William  
Leiger, E.  
Leigh, Richard H.  
Leighton, Asa  
Leighton, James  
Leighton, William  
Leinas, G. H.  
Leiper, Edwards F.  
Leiper, James G.  
Leiper, John  
Leitensdorfer, Eugene  
Leithe, W.  
Leitner, E. T.  
Lejeune, John A.  
Leland, L. B.  
Lelar, Robert G.  
Lellars, J.  
Leman, Walter J.  
Lemassena, William H.  
Lemmons, David C.  
Lemoine, G. D.  
Lemon, Samuel  
Lemon, William  
Leneham, John  
Lencien, Martin R.  
Lendeveg, George W.  
Lenhart, John L.  
Lennan, F. G. R.  
Lennard family  
Lennon, Robert  
Lennon,  Robert  
Lent, Adolph C.  
Lent, Cutting  
Lenthall, John  
Leon, Joseph S.  
Leon, J. Samuel  
Leonard family  
Leonard, Abiel  
Leonard, Chandler  
Leonard, Charles  
Leonard, Charles S.  
Leonard, Daniel  
Leonard, Ezra  
Leonard, Frank  
Leonard, George  
Leonard, Isaac  
Leonard,  J. C.  
Leonard, James  
Leonard, James  
Leonard, James  
Leonard, James Townsend  
Leonard, John Calvin  
Leonard, Marshall Calvin  
Leonard, Thomas  
Leonard, William  
Leonard, William  
Leonard, William E.  
Leonard, William H.  
Leonard, William W.  
Leonard, William W.  
Leroy, Gorge E.  
Le Roy, John  
Le Roy,  M. J.  
Le Roy, Morse F.  
Le Roy, William E. Chronology of Naval Service
Le Sassier, Vincent  
Lescure, Edward P.  
Leslie, Adam J.  
Leslie, G. W.  
Leslie, Henry Clay  
Lessoffsky (Russian Admiral)  
Lester (Colonel)  
Lester, Charles H.  
Lester, Daniel  
Lester, Daniel K.  
Lester Henry  
Lester John W.  
Lester Joseph S.  
Lester Richard  
Lester, Thomas *  
Lester, William E.  
Letkemann, Martin V.  
Lettican, Thomas  
Lettig, Charles  
Name List of Documents
Leutze, Eugene H. C. *  
Levally, Christopher  
Levery, B.  
Levett, Moses J.  
Levett, Robert F.  
Levett, Thomas H.  
Levette, William  
Levin, Charles  
Levine, George  
Levine, William T.  
Levins, Charles W.  
Levy, Charles H.  
Levy, John  
Levy, John S.  
Levy, Jonas P.  
Levy, Louis P.  
Levy, Moses Albert  
Levy, Samuel C.  
Levy, Nathan  
Levy, Uriah P. Biography
Levy, William  
Lewis, A. L.  
Lewis, Abraham  
Lewis, Albert H.  
Lewis, Amos  
Lewis, Andrew J.  
Lewis, Augustus A.  
Lewis, Barnard M.  
Lewis, Benjamin F.  
Lewis, Charles  
Lewis, Charles  
Lewis, Charles  
Lewis, Charles B.  
Lewis, D. O.  
Lewis, E.  
Lewis, E. M.  
Lewis, Edwin Fayette  
Lewis, Elias H.  
Lewis, Elnathan  
Lewis, Enos M.  
Lewis, F. R.  
Lewis, Francis  
Lewis, Francis H.  
Lewis, Frank  
Lewis, George  
Lewis, George  
Lewis, George  
Lewis, George H.  
Lewis, George H.  
Lewis, Grenville  
Lewis, Harry S.  
Lewis, Henry  
Lewis, Henry  
Lewis, Henry H.  
Lewis, Hezekiah  
Lewis, Ichabod N.  
Lewis, Isaac M.  
Lewis, Isaiah  
Lewis, Jacob M.  
Lewis, James  
Lewis, James  
Lewis, James  
Lewis, James  
Lewis, James  
Lewis, James B.  
Lewis, James B.  
Lewis, Jesse  
Lewis, Jesse N.  
Lewis, John  
Lewis, John  
Lewis, John (Civil War)  
Lewis, John (1812)  
Lewis, John (1868)  
Lewis, John (1837)  
Lewis, John (1838)  
Lewis, John (1865)  
Lewis, John (C.S.N/N.C.)  
Lewis, John (C.S.N./La.)  
Lewis, John J. (1880)  
Lewis, John Kerfoot  
Lewis, John L.  
Name List of Documents
Litherbury, John W.  
Lithgow, John  
Littig, Charles  
Littig, James G.  
Littig, Philip  
Little, Albert  
Little, Charles James Colebrook  
Little, Edward P.  
Little, George  
Little, George (Capt., 1862)  
Little, George D.  
Little, Henry  
Little, Horatio M.  
Little, J. Russell  
Little, James C.  
Little, John (Deckhand, 1862)  
Little, John (Seaman, 1838)  
Little, John H. (1829)  
Little, John W. (Asst. Engr. 1864)  
Little, Josephus  
Little, Lemuel  
Little, William (SEE GRIFFIN, ROBERT S.)  
Little, William N.  
Littlefield, Aaron D.  
Littlefield, C. E.  
Littlefield, Charles H.  
Littlefield, Charles W.  
Littlefield, Ira  
Littlefield, Thomas B.  
Littlefield, William  
Littlefield, William C.  
Littlepage, Hardin Beverly  
Littlepage, Sutherland Gregory  
Littleton, William R.  
Lively, _____  
Liverman, William  
Livermore, Henry S.  
Livermore, Samuel  
Livermore, Thomas W.  
Livingston, Alfred  
Livingston, Angus  
Livingston, C.  H.  
Livingston, De Grasse  
Livingston, E. Ridley  
Livingston, Fleming  
Livingston, George B.  
Livingston, Henry  
Livingston, John  
Livingston, John D.  
Livingston, John W.  
Livingston, Lewis Eugene  
Livingston, Lindley H.  
Livingston, Musco  
Livingston, Philip Cartlandt  
Livingston, Robert  
Livingston, Samuel A.  
Llewelyn, Charles Beale  
Llewelyn, Samuel  
Lloyd, Benijah  
Lloyd, Jesse  
Lloyd, John  
Lloyd, John G.  
Lloyd, Thomas (Act. Ens. 1863)  
Lloyd, Thomas (Act. 3rd Asst. Engr. 1863)  
Lloyd, William F.  
Loan, William F.  
Loard, John W.  
Lochray, Hugh  
Lochray, Hugh  
Lock, George  
Lockbaum, Joseph T.  
Locke, Amos G.  
Locke, Frederick J.  
Locke, George B.  
Locke, James W.  
Locke, John H.  
Locke, William  
Locker, David  
Lockhart, Henry Clay  
Lockhart, O. K.  
Lockhart, William  
Locklin, _____  
Lockling, Levi A.  
Locks, Herman A. (SEE LOCHSTADT, HERMAN A.)  
Lochstadt, Herman A.  
Lockwood, Benjamin  
Lockwood,  C. H.  
Lockwood,  George  
Lockwood, Henry H.  
Lockwood, J. B.  
Lockwood, James (1860, Act. 3rd Asst. Engr.)  
Lockwood, John A.  
Lockwood, Joshua  
Lockwood, Rufus Allen  
Lockwood, Samuel  
Lockwood, T. J.  
Lockyer, Charles T.  
Locusson, Thomas  
Loden, Michael J.  
Lodge, Augustus  
Lodge,  Edward  
Loeffler, John L.  
Loewenberg, Charles  
Loftus, Patrick  
Logan, Francis  
Logan, James  
Logan, L. C.  
Logan, Leavitt C.  
Logan, Robert  
Logan, Samuel James *  
Logan, William  
Loge, William  
Logue, James  
Logue, William  
Logue, William O.  
Logue, William P.  
Loisons, Augustus  
Loisons, Augustus F.  
Loley, Stephen  
Lolly, Stephen  
Lomax, John T.  
Lomax, R. L.  
Lomax, Samuel  
Lomax, William or William Pemlock  
Lombard, Asa  
Lombard, Daniel  
Lombard, Ephraim  
Lombard, John E.  
Lonergan, Andrew  
Lonergan, Edward  
Long, Andrew K.  
Long, Andrew Theodore  
Long, Benjamin  
Long, Benjamin Edes  
Long, Charles  
Long, David  
Long, Duretto  
Long, Edward  
Long, George (Landsman, 1837)  
Long, George (War of 1812)  
Long, James  
Long, James Cozby **  
Long, John (Rev. War)  
Long, John (1st Class Boy, 1837)  
Long, John (1840)  
Long, John B.  
Long, John C.  
Long, John Davis Six items formerly held in ZB box 174
Long, John Hawkins *  
Long, Moses  
Long, Nathaniel  
Long, Robert  
Long, Robert H. *  
Long, Robert M. or W.  
Long, Samuel  
Long, Scott  
Long, W. M.  
Long, William  
Long, William  
Long, William L. *  
Longacre, Orlleans  
Longmayer, Emannuel  
Longsberry, John  
Longshaw, William Jr.  
Longstreet, Cornelius H.  
Longwell, George  
Longwell, Stephen  
Lonnon, Barnabee  
Name List of Documents
Looby,  F. A.  
Looby, Thomas  
Look, Samuel  
Looker, Thomas Henry  
Loomis, Edward  
Loomis, Edward D.  
Loomis, Edmund U.  
Loomis, Hezekiah  
Loomis, J. Porter  
Loomis, Jairus *  
Loomis, Joel P  
Loomis, John  
Loop, _____  
Loose, George  
Loper, Henry O.  
Loper, John H.  
Lopez, _____ (LCDR)  
Lord, C. L.  
Lord, George P.  
Lord, Iram  
Lord, John A.  
Lord, John Clement  
Lord, John H.  
Lord, Levi W.  
Lord, Nathaniel  
Lord, Samuel  
Lorens, Wilhelm Gustav  
Loring,  Benjamin W.  
Loring, Charles G.  
Loring, Charles H.  
Loring,  David  
Loring, Edwin H.  
Loring, Eliphalet  
Loring, Henry W.  
Loring, Stanton D.  
Loring, William F.  
Lort, Isaac  
Lory, John  
Lose, J. Otto  
Loshe, Detmar  
Lothcop, Freeman H.  
Lotspeich, James  
Lotts, James  
Lotz, Henry  
Lotz, L.C.F.  
Lotzenheiser, William James  
Louch, Abraham J.  
Loud, Ebenezer  
Loud, Sylvanus  
Louden, John  
Lougee, William T.  
Loughead, Charles Thompson  
Louis, Edward  
Lourie, John  
Love, _____  (LT)  
Love, Claude Ellis  
Love, Richard L.  
Love, Thomas  
Love, William  
Loveaire, Henry F.  
Lovejoy, Henry  
Lovejoy, Joseph H.  
Lovejoy, Leonard  
Lovejoy,  Levi  
Lovejoy, Samuel H.  
Lovelace, Donald A.  
Loveless, George H.  
Lovell, Edward D.  
Lovell, Hale S.  
Lovell, Robert P.  
Lovell, S.O.  
Lovell, Thomas  
Lovell, William  
Lovell, William S.  
Lovering, Francis T.  
Lovett, Israel E.  
Lovett, John  
Lovett, John A.  
Lovis, Thomas  
Lovrien, Hiram  
Low, _____  
Low, Benjamin O.  
Low, Gorham P.  
Low, John (Rev. War)  
Low, John (C.S.N.)  
Low, Philip B.  
Low, Seth  
Low, Theodore H.  
Low, William R.  
Low, William W.  
Lowa, Michael  
Lowber, William  
Lowdan, Joseph  
Lowden, F.E.  
Lowden, Thomas  
Lowden, Thomas  
Lowe, Edward S.  
Lowe, F.G.  
Lowe, Frank  
Lowe, Fred G.  
Lowe, John (1861-1882) *  
Lowe, John (Rev. War)  
Lowe, John L.  
Lowe, John T.  
Lowe, Thaddeus  
Lowe, Thomas  
Lowe, Thomas  
Lowe, Vincent  
Lowe, William  
Lowe, William J.  
Lowell, Abner J.  
Lowell, George B.  
Lower, James K.  
Lowerby, Joseph P.  
Lowery, Harry H.  
Lowery, James  
Lowes, Edward  
Lowey, Harrison  
Lown, John B.  
Lowndes, Christopher  
Lowndes, Richard H.  
Lownds, Calvin G.  
Lowrey, George  
Lowrey, John  
Lowne, Arthur H.  
Lowring, John  
Lowry, _____  
Lowry, George M.  
Lowry, Harrison  
Lowry, Henry M.  
Lowry, John  
Lowry, Morrow M.  
Lowry, Morrow P.  
Lowry, Philip  
Lowry, P. W.  
Lowry, Reigart B. *  
Lowry, Thomas  
Lowry, William  
Name List of Documents
Loxley, B.  
Loyal, Robert B.  
Loyall, _____  
Loyall, Benjamin P. *  
Loyall, George  
Loyd, Henry  
Loyall, James  
Loyall, John  
Loyd, John W.  
Loyd, William  
Lozier, Edward  
Lozier, James  
Lozier, Thomas  
Lucas, Charles  
Lucas, Frederick  
Lucas, Harry  
Lucas, James B.  
Lucas, John  
Lucas, John Henderson  
Lucas, Noble  
Lucas, William  
Lucas, Wise  
Luce, _____  
Luce, Henry  
Luce, Presbury N.  
Luce, Shubael K.  
Luce, Stephen B. * Biography
Luce, Thomas  
Lucien, Martin R.  
Luck, John  
Luck, John T.  
Luckett, James M.  
Ludden, Samuel H.  
Luddington, W. A.  
Ludington, Henry  
Ludlow, Albert S.  
Ludlow, Augustus Crommelin *  
Ludlow, Charles *  
Ludlow, John  
Ludlow, Nicol  
Ludlow, Robert Cromanelin  
Ludlow, Theodore  
Ludlow, William  
Ludlow, William B.  
Luflein, John K.  
Lugden, John  
Luigle, William  
Lull, Edward Phelps *  
Lull, J. K.  
Lumbard, Asa  
Lumpert, Charles  
Lumpkin, Cincinnatus  
Lumpkins, George W.  
Lumsden, George P.  
Lund, Charles C.  
Lundbeck, John H. (SEE ZO: Wilkins Arctic Exp.)  
Lundbourg, Charles G.  
Lundt, Oscar  
Lundt, William O.  
Lunt, B.  
Lunt, Cutting  
Lunt, Daniel  
Lunt, Edward O.  
Lunt, Henry  
Luperry, Daniel  
Lusby, James  
Luscomb, Charles P.  
Luscomb, Richard  
Lusk, Andrew  
Lusk, James  
Lusk, Kinsey  
Lusk, Sylvester  
Luther, George H.  
Luther, Jeremiah  
Lutton, Hiram  
Lutton, Morgan  
Luttrell, Hugh  
Luttrell, J. W.  
Luttrell, William  
Luyster, A.R.  
Luyster, Thomas  
Lyda, Henry F.  
Lyde, Nathaniel Jr.  
Lyden, John  
Lydon, Patrick  
Lyell, John J.  
Lyle, H.  
Lyman, Charles  
Lyman, Charles H.  
Lyman, David Hinckley  
Lyman, Edward B.  
Lyman, William C.  
Lymburner, John  
Lynah, Arthur M.  
Lynah, Edward  
Lynam, E. V.  
Lynch, _____  
Lynch, Alexander W.  
Lynch, Bartlett  
Lynch, Charles  
Lynch, Dominick (1829-1872)  
Lynch, Dominick (1865)  
Lynch, Dominick H.  
Lynch, Henry  
Lynch, J. J. (C.S.N.)  
Lynch, James (1837-1838)  
Lynch, James J. (Civil War)  
Lynch, Jeremiah  
Lynch, John (Civil War)  
Lynch, John (1838)  
Lynch, John (1846)  
Lynch, Joseph B.  
Lynch, Junius J.  
Lynch, Nathaniel  
Lynch, Patrick  
Lynch, Thomas  
Lynch, Thomas E.  
Lynch, William Francis * Chronology of Naval Service
Lyne, James  
Lyne, Leonard H.  
Lyng, Andrew  
Lyng, Dennis  
Lynn, Benjamin F.  
Lynn, David  
Lynn, J. A.  
Lynn, William  
Lyon, Alexander  
Lyon, Amos M.  
Lyon, George Jr.  
Lyon, George A.  
Lyon, Henry Ware  
Lyon, James  
Lyon, James  
Lyon, John  
Lyon, Mathew  
Lyon, Southwell  
Lyons, Charles S.  
Lyons, Daniel E.  
Lyons, Edward  
Lyons, George James  
Lyons, Henry  
Lyons, Henry Jr.  
Lyons, James T.  
Lyons, Joseph  
Lyons, Joseph B.  
Lyons, Lawrence J.  
Lyons, Martin  
Lyons, Richard  
Lyons, Richard  
Lyons, Richard Augustus  
Lyons, T. A.  
Lyons, Thomas F.  
Lyons, Timothy A.  
Lytle, Andrew F.  
Lytle, Robert Stockton  
Name List of Documents
Lewis, John Rodman Coxe  
Lewis, John W.  
Lewis, John  
Lewis, Joseph  
Lewis, Joseph C.  
Lewis, Joseph Coates  
Lewis, Joseph G.  
Lewis, Joseph H.  
Lewis, Nathaniel Sherman  
Lewis, O. D.  
Lewis, Robert F. R.  
Lewis, Samuel  
Lewis, Samuel S.  
Lewis, Samuel W.  
Lewis, T. B. A.  
Lewis, Theodore F.  
Lewis, Thomas  
Lewis, Thomas  
Lewis, Thomas  
Lewis, Thomas M.  
Lewis, Thomas M.  
Lewis, W.  
Lewis, William  
Lewis, William  
Lewis, William  
Lewis, William  
Lewis, William M.  
Lewis, William H.  
Lewis, William H.  
Lewis, William J.  
Lewis, William W.  
Leyburn, John  
Libbers, Charles  
Libman, Harry Moses  
Lidd, Charles P.  
Liddell, James F.  
Lieberman, Frank  
Lieppe, Francois  
Liepsner, Benjamin F.  
Lies, Eugene  
Light, John  
Light, Peter  
Lightall, William  
Lightbourn, W. H.  
Lightbourne, Henry  
Lightburne, Henry  
Lightburne, Richard  
Lightburne, Stafford  
Lightkep, Joseph H.  
Lightner, Henry  
Lightsinger, William A.  
Ligan, William R.  
Ligue, Laurence  
Lilas, Henry  
Lillie, Abraham G. H.  
Lillie, Daniel Shaw  
Lillie, Samuel Shaw  
Lilly, Henry  
Lilly, James  
Lilly, Reuben  
Lilly, Thomas  
Limeburner, John  
Limeburner, Joseph  
Lincoln, Abel  
Lincoln, Abraham *  
Lincoln, Anthony  
Lincoln, August  
Lincoln, Caleb  
Lincoln, David F.  
Lincoln, Edmund  
Lincoln, Edward T.  
Lincoln, Frederic S.  
Lincoln, Frederick  
Lincoln, Gatewood S.  
Lincoln, George E.  
Lincoln, Herman  
Lincoln, Levi Jr.  
Lincoln, Robert B.  
Lincoln, Seth  
Lincoln, Theodore  
Lind, James  
Linde, Frederick  
Lindee, Jacob  
Lindermann, Christian  
Linden, F.  
Linderman, S. B.  
Lindmard, John  
Linds, James  
Lindsay, (2nd Mate)  
Link, Herman  
Link, John  
Linn, James H.  
Linn, Samuel  
Linn, Samuel H.  
Linnekin, Jesse E.  
Linnekin, Thomas J.  
Linscott, George E.  
Linscott, John H.  
Linscott, Isaac  
Linslie, Frederic  
Linton, Robert S.  
Lipp, _____  
Lippett, Hollis  
Lippincott, George E.  
Lippincott, James B.  
Lippitt, August  
Lipscomb, J. P.  
Lipshitz, Israel  
Lisby, Stephen  
Lisle, Joseph Taggart  
Lisle, R. Mason  
Lisle, Robert Patton  
Lison, Edward  
Lister, John W.  
Litchfield, Harry  
Litchfield, John R.  
Litchfield, Orson  
Litchfield, Paul  
Lyons, Edward  


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