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Adapted from "Paul Hamilton"
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Paul Hamilton 

16 October 1762 - 30 June 1816 

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Photo #: NH 54757-KN Paul Hamilton

Statesman, born in St. Paul's Parish. South Carolina on  16 October 1762; died in Beaufort. S.C. on 30 June 1816. He rendered important services during the Revolution.  As Comptroller of the State of South Carolina, 1799-1804, he greatly improved the financial system. From 1804 to 1806, he was Governor of the State of South Carolina. From 1809 to 1813, he held the position of Secretary of the Navy in President Madison's cabinet. He recommended an increase in the Navy and the building of 12 line-of-battle ships and 20 frigates. His idea was that the larger ships of the Navy should be used for the defense of the harbors and coast, which did not coincide with that of the officers and the first of our great victories, gained by Hull in the CONSTITUTION was won in spite of Hamilton's mandate "to remain in Boston until further orders!"


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Three ships named for Paul Hamilton:

Paul Hamilton I (Destroyer No. 307.)

Paul Hamilton II (DD-590)

Paul Hamilton III (DDG-60) 

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