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Paul Hamilton I (Destroyer No. 307)

(DD-307: dp. 1,215; 1. 314'4"; b. 30'11"; dr. 9'4"; s. 33.2 k.; cpl. 128; a. 4 4", 2 3" AA, 12 21" tt.; cl Clemson)

Paul Hamilton, born in St. Paul's Parish, S.C. 16 October 1762, fought under Generals Gates, Marion, and Harden in the American Revolution. He participated in the capture of Fort Balfour with the latter. He served South Carolina in many public offices including comptroller (1800-1804) and governor (1804-1806). President Monroe appointed him Secretary of the Navy in 1809. Hamilton was a proponent of military preparedness, especially sea fortifications. Although he wanted to strengthen the Navy, he found the Congress hostile and the President indifferent to his ideas. However he was responsible for the Naval Hospitals Act of 1811. He resigned in 1813 and died at Beaufort South Carolina 30 June 1819.


Paul Hamilton (Destroyer No. 307) was launched 21 February 1919 by the Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corp., San Francisco, Calif.; sponsored by Miss Justin McGrath; and commissioned 24 September 1920, Lt. Comdr. J. F. McClain in command.

After acceptance trials off California, Paul Hamilton was assigned to Division Thirty-three, Squadron Six, Flotilla Two of the Cruiser-Destroyer Force Pacific based at San Diego. She performed yeoman service with the Pacific Battle Fleet from 1920 until early 1930.

Paul Hamilton decommissioned 20 January 1930 and was scrapped in 1931.

Published: Thu Feb 25 02:09:40 EST 2016