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Biography compiled by the staff of the Naval Historical Center.

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Jeremy Michael Boorda

26 November 1939 - 16 May 1996

Admiral Boorda

25th Chief of Naval Operations

(23 April 1994 – 16 May 1996)

Admiral Jeremy Boorda was the first enlisted Sailor to rise from the ranks to become Chief of Naval Operations. During his tenure, he focused his energies on bettering the quality of life for all Sailors.

Jeremy Boorda came to the naval service from South Bend, Indiana.  He enlisted in 1956 and obtained a commission in 1962 under the Navy’s Integration Program. Early in his career he served on board USS Parrot and USS Farragut.  Subsequently, he held the billets of Chief of Naval Personnel, Commander in Chief, U.S. Naval Force Europe, and Commander in Chief, Allied Forces Southern Europe.  In the latter command, he directed naval forces helping to enforce United Nations sanctions against warring factions in the Balkans. Admiral Boorda drove Navy modernization with the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet aircraft, a new attack submarine, Surface Combatant 21, and the effort to design a new generation of aircraft carriers. He left an indelible mark on the Navy through his personal leadership. He was a “Sailor’s Sailor,” always interested in those who served in the enlisted ranks. He managed, with great sensitivity and careful priorities, the largest mandated reduction in naval personnel since World War II. He also enhanced the quality of life, training, and the attraction of the naval service as a career at all levels. Tragically, Admiral Boorda took his own life on 16 May 1996.

11 August 2008

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