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Biographical Directory

Master Biographical Directory 

Adams, John Q. (1767-1848): Sixth president of the U.S. (1825-1829). 

Aguinaldo y Famy, Emilio (1869-1964): Led insurgent forces against the Spanish and subsequently the American military during the Philippine-American War (1899 to 1901). 

Agustín y Dávila, Basilio (1840-1910): Governor General of the Philippines (Apr.-July 1898).

Alger, Lt. Philip R. (1859-1912): Professor of mathematics and head of the Department of Mechanics (U.S. Naval Academy).

Alger, Russell A. (1836-1907): Secretary of War during the McKinley administration.

Allen, Charles H. (1848-1934): Asst. Secretary of the Navy.

Allen, Capt. James (1849-1933): U.S. Army Signal Corps.

Alvarez, Miguel Díaz: Mayor of Havana at the time that Maine exploded.

Anderson, Brig. Gen. Thomas M. (1836-1917):  Commander of the first Philippine Expeditionary Force after Dewey’s victory.

Auñón y Villalón, Capt. Ramón (1844-1925): Spanish Minister of the Marine who replaced Bermejo.

Baden-Powell, Sir George (1847-1898): Prominent representative of British shipping interests and MP.

Bagley, Ens. Worth (1874-1898): Officer on torpedo boat Winslow who was killed at Cardenas on 11 May 1898.

Baker, Sir George S. (1846-1923): English international law expert.

Baldasano y Topete, Arturo (1846-1917): Spanish Consul in New York.

Baldridge, Capt. Henry A.

Barclay, Capt. Charles J.(1843-): Commander of Amphitrite.

Barker, Capt. Albert S. (1845-1916): Member of the Naval War Board and the Navy-Army Strategy Board. He would later serve as commander of Newark.

Bartlett, Capt. John R. (1843-1904): Commander of the Coast Signal Service and Auxiliary Naval Force.

Beale, Lt. Joseph: Of the Harvard.

Beardslee, RAdm. Lester A. (1836-1903): Commander-in-Chief on the Pacific Station before RAdm. Miller.

Belden, Cmdr. Samuel: Light House Inspector for the 7th District during hostilities

Belknap, Cmdr. Charles (1846-1929): Commander of the collier Nero.

Beneavente, Lt.: Served on General Lezo.

Bennett, Ens. Ernest L.: Flag Lt. of the North Atlantic Fleet.

Bennett, Passed Asst. Engineer Frank M. (1857-1924): Officer on the Board of Stranded Spanish Ships.

Beránger y Ruiz Apodaca, José María (1824-1907): Conservative Spanish Minister of Marine intermittently from 1870 to 1897.

Bermejo y Merelo, RAdm. Segismundo (1832-1899): Spanish Minister of Marine from the beginning of hostilities to 16 May 1898.

Bernadou, Lt. John P. (1858-1908): Commander of Winslow.

Bernard, Lt. John H.: Served on the Yankee.

Biddle, Capt. William P. (1853-1923): Commander of the U.S. Marine guard.

Black, Wilsone (1837-1909): Governor General of Hong Kong

Blanco y Erenas, Captain General Ramón (1833–1906): Commander of the Spanish military in Cuba (1897-1898).

Blue, Lt. Victor (1865-1928): Officer on Suwanee who performed ground reconnaissance at Santiago de Cuba.

de la Bocha y Pérez, Lt. Francisco: Commander of Terror.

Book, Cmdr. George M.: Commander of Mohican.

du Bosc, Juan: Spanish interim Chargé d’Affaires after the resignation of Ambassador Enrique Dupuy de Lôme on 9 Feb. 1898.

Boutelle, Charles (1839-1901): Republican Congressmen from Maine (1882-1901); Member of the House Committee on Naval Affairs.

Boyd, Surgeon John C. (1850-1924): Asst. Surgeon General of the United States Navy. 

Bradford, Cmdr. Royal B. (1844-1914): Chief of the Bureau of Equipment (Dec. 1897 until end of war).

Bradshaw, Ens. George B: Executive Officer on the Callao.

Brady, Chief Gunners Mate George P. (1867-1903): Served on the Winslow and received the Medal of Honor for service on 11 May 1898 off Cardenas.

Brainard, Lt. Frederick R.: Commander of the armed tug Uncas during hostilities.

Braunersreuther, Lt. William (1854-1915): Navigator on Charleston under the command of Capt. Henry C. Glass.

Brownson, Cmdr. Willard H. (1845–1935):  Member of the Board of Inspection and Survey. Commander of Yankee.

Brumby, Lt. Thomas M. (1855-1899): Flag Lieutenant who served on Olympia.

Bryan, Charles P. (1856-1918): American Minister to Brazil (1898-1902).

Buck, Alfred E. (1832-1902): U.S. minister to Japan.

Buford, Lt. Cmdr. Marcus B. (1844-1910): Commanding Abarenda (as of 12 May 1898); he was temporarily appointed an officer.

Bunce, RAdm. Francis M. (1836-1901): Commander of the training squadron (North Atlantic Squadron) and commandant, New York Navy Yard (1897-1899).

Burrows, Julius Caesar: Senator from Michigan and member of the Senate Committee on the Philippines.

Burtis, Pay Inspector Arthur (1841-1908): Paymaster of the North Atlantic Station and Fleet from 1897 until the end of hostilities.

Bustamante y Quevado, Capt. Joaquín (1847-1898): Chief of Staff to Adm. Pascual Cervera y Topete.

Butler, Jr., RAdm. Henry V. (1874-1957): Commandant, Washington Navy Yard.

Cabiéjo y Barrios, Don Angel José: Spanish Consul and agent at Victoria, British Columbia.

Cadarso y Rey, Capt. Luis (1843-1898):  Commander of Reina Cristina.

Caldwell, Ens. Henry H.: Flag Secretary on USS Olympia.

Calkins, Lt. Carlos G.: Navigator of USS Olympia.

Cámara y Libermoore, Vice Adm. Manuel (1835-1920): Commander-in-Chief of the fleet sent to the Philippines, but forced to return to Spain.


Cannon, Joseph G. (1836-1926): Republican Congressman from Illinois who served frequently from 1873-1923. During the Spanish American War he was Chairmen of the House Appropriations Committee.

Cánovas del Castillo, Antonio (1828–1897): Conservative Spanish Prime Minister who was assassinated in 1897.

Capehart, Lt. Edward E.: Officer on the Board of Stranded Spanish Ships.

Carlin, Lt. Cmdr. James W. (1844-1900): Executive Officer on Monterey and assumed command (18 May 1898).

Casey III, Capt. Silas (1841-1913): Commandant of the League Island Navy Yard.

Cebreco. Col. José Candelario: Cuban military leader.

Cervera y Topete, RAdm. Pascual (1839-1909): Commander-in-Chief of the Spanish Fleet at the Battle of Santiago.

Chacón y Pery, Capt. José María (1852-1922): Spanish torpedo theorist and designer.

Chadwick, Capt. French E. (1844–1919): Commander of New York and Chief of Staff of the North Atlantic Station (as of March 1898).

Chamberlain, Joseph (1836-1914): British Secretary of State for the Colonies.

Chandler, William E. (1835-1917): Republican U.S. Senator from New Hampshire.

Chester, Capt. Colby M. (1844-1932): Commander of the South Atlantic Station and Commander of Cincinnati.

Chichester, Capt. Edward (1849-1906): Commander of the Royal British Naval vessel, Immortalite.

Chidwick, Father John P.: Served on Maine at the time of the explosion.

Clark, Capt. Charles E. (1843-1922): Commander of Oregon while steaming around South America and at the Battle of Santiago.

Clendenin, Capt. Paul (-1899): Asst. Surgeon, U.S. Army, stationed at Key West where he treated surviving crewmen of Maine. He died from yellow fever at Santiago de Cuba.

Cleveland, Grover (1837-1908): President of the USA (1885-1889 and 1893-1897).

Clover, Capt. Richardson (1846-1919): Chief of the Office of Naval Intelligence (Nov. 1897-May 1898) and commander of Bancroft (as of 9 May 1898).

Coghlan, Capt. Joseph (1844-1908): Commander of Raleigh.

Cogswell, Lt. James K.: Served on the Oregon.

Colwell, Lt. John C. (1856-1936): U.S. Naval attaché in London.

Concas Y Palau, Capt. Victor M. (1845-1916): Commander of Spanish cruiser Infanta Maria Teresa.

Conger, Edwin H. (1843-1907): American Minister to Brazil (1897-1898).

Congosto, Dr. Juan: Spanish Secretary General of Cuba.

Converse, Cmdr. George A. (1844-1909): Commander, Torpedo Station, Newport, RI and Montgomery (as of July 1897). 

Corbin, Brig. Gen. Henry C. (1842-1909): Adjutant General of the U.S. Army. 

Corrêa, João Arthur Souza (1840-1900): Brazilian Minister Plenipotentiary to Great Britain (1890-1900).

Cotton, Capt. Charles S.: Commander of Harvard.

Cowles, Lt. Cmdr. William S. (1846-1923): Commander of Fern (Apr. 1897-Apr. 1898) and commander of Topeka (as of July 1898).

Crowninshield, Capt. Arent S. (1844-1908): Chief of the Bureau of Navigation and member of the Naval War Board.

Crownley, Ens. William S.: Commander of the armed tugboat Algonquin (later renamed Accomac).

Curtis, Lt. Cmdr. Clinton K.: Commander of the Auxiliary Naval Force on the Pacific Coast.

Cushing, Lt. William B. (1842-1874): Civil War era United States Naval Officer who lead the mission to blow up the CSS Albemarle in 1864.

Darte, George L.: U.S. Consul at Martinique.

Davis, Richard H. (1864-1916):  A noted American journalist and novelist.

Davis, Oscar K. (1866-1932): A correspondent for the New York Times and an author.

Dawes, Charles G. (1865-1951): Comptroller of Currency (Jan. 1898–Sep. 1901).  

Day, William R. (1849-1923): Asst. Secretary of State (3 May 1897–27 Apr. 1898); replaced John Sherman as Secretary of State (28 Apr.-16 Sep. 1898).

Dayton, Cmdr. James A.: Commander of Detroit.

Decatur, Commo. Stephen (1779-1820): War of 1812 era Naval Officer

Delehanty. Cmdr. Daniel (1844-1918): Commander of Suwanee.

Del Rio, Capt. Julio: Commandant of the 2nd Commendancia at Subic Bay.

Dent. Louis A. (1863-1947): U.S. Consul at Kingston.

Dewey, Commo. George (1837–1917): Commander-in-Chief of the Asiatic Station and Squadron.

Dickins, Cmdr. Francis W. (1844-1910): Assistant to the Chief of the Bureau of Navigation.

von Diederichs, Vice Adm. Ernst Otto (1843-1918): Commander-in-Chief, Imperial German East Asian Cruiser Division.

Dubasov, Fyodor V. (1845-1912): Russian Admiral on the Asiatic Station during the Spanish American War.

Dudley, Levi Edwin (1842-1913): U.S. Consul at Vancouver.

Dupuy de Lôme, Enrique (1851-1904): Spanish Ambassador to the U.S. He was forced to resign on 9 February 1898 when his personal letter, critical of President McKinley, was intercepted by Cuban insurgents and then published.

Dyer, Lt. George L. (1849-1914): U.S. Naval attaché in Madrid.

Dyer, Capt. Nehemiah M. (1839-1910): Commander of Baltimore.

Eaton, Cmdr. Joseph G.: Commander of Resolute.

Ellis, Chief Yeoman George: Served on Brooklyn, and the only American killed at the Battle of Santiago Bay. 

Elmer, Lt. Cmdr. Horace (1846-1898): Commandant, Naval Station, New London, CT (as of Oct. 1896) and Ordnance Inspector, Cramp’s Shipyard, Philadelphia, PA (as of Sep. 1897)

Emory, Cmdr. William H. (1846-1917): Commander of Yosemite.

Epps, Appr. Frank (-1897): Murdered in Japan, served on Olympia.

Erben, RAdm. Henry (1832-1909): Commander of the Auxiliary Naval Force until 8 July 1898.

van Etten, Seaman Hudson (1874-1941): Served in cable cutting operations at Cienfuegos.

Evans, Lt. George R.: Commander of the armored tugboat Tecumseh during hostilities.

Evans, Capt. Robley D. (1846-1912): Commander of Indiana (as of Aug. 1894) and member of the Lighthouse Board (as of Jan. 1897). 

Eulate y Fery, Capt. Antonio (1845-1952): Commander of Vizcaya. 

Farragut, Adm. David G. (1801-1870): American naval hero of the Civil War.

Farenholt, RAdm. Ammen (1871-1956): Former officer and aid in the Asiatic Squadron

Farenholt, Cmdr. Oscar W. (1843-1920): Commander of Monocacy.

Farquhar, Commo. Norman H. (1840-1907): Commandant, Norfolk Navy Yard.

Ferrándiz y Niño, Vice Adm. José (1847–1918): Spanish Vice Admiral and commander of the Spanish Fleet sent to retake the Philippines.

Finlay, Carlos (1833-1915): Cuban physician who first identified a species of mosquito as the carrier of yellow fever.

Fiske, Lt. Bradle: Navigator who served on USS Petrel.

Flint, Charles R. (1850-1934): American industrialist and purchasing agent and intelligence source for the U.S. Navy.

Folger, Capt. William M. (1844-1932): Commander of New Orleans.

Forsyth, Cmdr. James M.: Commandant, Key West Navy Station (Aug. 1895-May 1898).

Frémont, Lt. Cmdr. John C. (1851-1911): Commander of Porter.

Gage, Lyman J. (1836-1927): U.S. Secretary of the Treasury during hostilities.

Garces, Col.: Spanish Naval artillerist.

García y Gutiérrez, Lt. Cmdr. Jose: Captain of the port of Agaña.

García Iñiguez, Gen. Calixto (1839-1898): General of the Cuban Revolutionary Forces.

Gary, James A. (1833-1920): Postmaster General of the U.S. at the outbreak of hostilities.

Genis, Capt. Antonio: Captain of the steamer Alicante.

Gherardi, Ens. Walter R. (1875-1939): Commander of the armored tugboat Sioux.

Gibson, Cmdr. William C.: Commander of City of Peking.

Gilder, Richard Watson (1844-1909): American poet and author of “One Country — One Sacrifice: Ensign Worth Bagley, May 11, 1898.”

Glass, Capt. Henry C. (1844-1908): Commander of Charleston.

Gómez y Báez, Gen. Máximo (1836-1905): Commander of the Cuban Revolutionary Forces.

Gonzalez, Maj. Don Theodoro: Officer in the Philippine insurrection.

Goode, W.A.M. (William Athelstane Meredith) (1875-1944): Journalist attached to RAdm. Sampson’s squadron.

Goodnow, John: U.S. consul at Shanghai.

Goodrich, Capt. Caspar (1847-1925): President of the Naval War College; organized the Coast Signal Service; and commander of St. Louis and Newark during hostilities.

Gowey, John F. (-1900): U.S. consul general at Yokohama.

Greene, Gen. Francis V. (1850-1921): American General in the Philippines.

Greenleaf, Col. Charles R. (1838-1911): Surgeon General of Gen. Nelson Miles’ Staff.

Gridley, Capt. Charles V. (1844-1898): Commander of USS Olympia.

Gullón y Iglesias, Pio (1835-1917): Spanish Minister of State (Oct. 1897-May 1898).

Gwangmu, Emperor (1852-1919): Emperor of Manchuria.

Hackett, Frank W. (1841-1926): Hackett was the asst. secretary of the navy from April 1900 to December 1901 during the McKinley and Roosevelt administrations. 

Hale, Sen. Eugene (1836 –1918): Republican Senator from Maine (1881-1911); Member of the Senate Committee on Naval Affairs.

Hanford, Cmdr. Franklin (1844-1928): Commander of the Alert to 20 August 1897.

Hanna, Philip C. (1857-1929): United States Consul at San Juan who relocated to St. Thomas after the war began.

Harrison, Benjamin (1833-1901): President of the USA (1889-1893).

Hay, Sir James Shaw (1839-1924): British colonial Governor of Barbados during the Spanish-American War.

Hay, John (1838-1905): U.S. Ambassador to Great Britain during hostilities.

Haywood, William: United States Consul at Honolulu.

Helm, Lt. James M. (1855-1927): Commander of the gunboat Hornet during hostilities.

Heywood, Col. Charles (1839-1915): Commander of the USMC.

Hichborn, Philip (1839-1910): Chief of the Bureau of Construction and Repair (1893-1901).   

Higginson, Capt. Francis J. (1843-1931):  Commander of Massachusetts.

von Hintze, Capt.-Lt. Paul (1864-1941): German officer and aid to RAdm. Ernst Otto von Diederichs.

Hoar, Sen. George F. (1826-1914): Republican Senator from Massachusetts (1877-1904).

Hobson, Asst. Naval Constructor Richmond P. (1870-1937): In charge of sinking Merrimac at Santiago de Cuba Harbor.

Hodgson, Capt. Daniel B.: Commander of the RCS McCulloch.

Holland, Thomas E. (1835-1926): Prominent British professor of International Law.

Hood, Lt. John (1859-1919): Commander of Hawk.

Howell, Commo. John A. (1840-1918): Commandment, Navy Yard, League Is., Philadelphia, PA as of June, 1896; Commander-in-Chief, European Station (Feb.-Apr. 1898); Commander-in-Chief, Northern Patrol Squadron (Apr.-June 1898); Commander-in-Chief, First Squadron, North Atlantic Fleet (July-Aug.); Promoted to RAdm (Aug. 1898); Commander-in-Chief, North Atlantic Fleet (as of Aug. 1898).

Howell, William B.: Asst. Secretary of the Treasury.

Howison, Commo. Henry L. (1840–1918):  Commandant, Boston Navy Yard during hostilities.

Huse, Lt. Harry P.: Executive Officer on the Gloucester.

Impey, Cmdr. Robert E.: Commander of Sterling (as of May 1898).

Jacobsen, Cmdr. Hermann (1859-1943): German naval observer at San Juan.

Jáudines y Álvarez, Fermín: Last Spanish Governor General of the Philippines, August 1898.

Jenkins, Lt. Friend W. (-1898): Killed on Maine at the time of the explosion.

Jewell, Capt. Theodore F. (1844-1932): Commander of Minneapolis during hostilities.

Jones, John Paul (1747-1792): Legendary privateer during the American War of Independence.

Jones, Maj. Samuel R. (-1922):  In charge of warrant officers that participated in the first Philippine Expeditionary Force.

Jungen, Lt. Carl W.: Served on Maine at the time of the explosion.

Kane, Capt. Theodore F.: Superintendent of the Coast Signal Service to 19 May 1898.

Keevil, Alfred B. (1821-1909): Former U.S. Consul at Martinique.

Kimball, Lt. Cmdr. William W. (1848-1930): Office of Naval Intelligence (as of Oct. 1894); commander of Torpedo Boat Flotilla (as of Sep. 1897); and commander of Vixen (as of Sep. 1897). 

Kirkland, RAdm. William A. (1836–1898): Commandant, Mare Island Navy Yard (June 1896 to the end of hostilities).Knapp, Lt. John J.: First American commander of the torpedo boat Somers (as of Mar. 1898).

Knox, Dudley W. (1877-1960):

Lamberton, Cmdr. Benjamin P. (1844-1912): Chief of staff on USS Olympia.

Lazaga y Garay, Capt. Juan B. (1845-1898): Captain of the Spanish cruiser Almirante Oquendo.

Leary, Capt. Richard P. (1842-1901): Commander of

Lee, Gen. Fitzhugh (1835-1903): United States Consul General at Havana (1896-1898) and Maj. Gen., U.S. Army, VII Corps, during hostilities.

Leutze, Cmdr. Eugene H. C. (1847-1931): Commander of Alert after 18 January 1898.

Lewis, John T.: United States Vice-Consul General at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (1897-1898).

Leyba, José M.: Aid to Emilio Aguinaldo y Famy.

Linares y Pombo, Lt. Gen. Arsenio (1848-1914): organized the defense of Santiago de Cuba against the American invasion.

Little, Lt. William M. (1846-1915): Retired lieutenant who worked in the Naval War College (as of May 1884). 

Lodge, Henry Cabot (1850-1924): Republican senator from Massachusetts (1893 to 1924). 

Long, John D. (1838-1915): Secretary of the Navy during the McKinley administration.

Loomis, Alfred F.:

Low, Philip B. (1836-1912): Congressional representative from New York’s fifteenth district (1895 to 1899). 

Lowry, Lt. Robert S. (1854-1920): Lowry, a noted coal expert, served in the British Navy. 

Luce, RAdm. Stephen B. (1827-1917): Retired (as of Mar. 1889); president of the U.S. Naval Institute (1887 to 1898); and founded the Naval War College. 

Ludlow, Capt. Nicoll (1842-1915): Commander of Terror.

Mac Allister, S.A.: U.S. Consul, Barbados (1898-1902).

MacArthur Jr., Gen. Arthur (1845-1912): General in the Philippine expedition.

Macías y Casado, Manuel (1845-1937): Governor General of Puerto Rico.

Magruder, En. Thomas P. (1867-1938): Officer on Marblehead in charge of armed steam cutters during cable cutting operations at Cienfuegos on 11 May 1898.

Maguire, Capt. Samuel E.: Captain of the Revenue Cutter Windom.

Mahan, Capt. Alfred T. (1840-1914): Noted American geopolitical and naval theoretician (retired Nov. 1896).

Manterola, Adm. Vincente: Spanis Cammandant at Havana, Cuba.

Maria Christina, Queen (1858-1929): Wife of King Alfonso XII of Spain and Queen Regent (1885-1902).

Marina Vega, Juan (1846-1909): The last Spanish Governor of the Mariana Islands (Apr. 1897-June 1898).

Marix, Lt. Cmdr. Adolph (1848-1919): Judge Advocate of the Maine Court of Inquiry and Commander of Scorpion (May 1898 until end of war).

Marsh, Lt. Charles C.:  Flag Secretary of the North Atlantic Station.

Mason, Lt. Cmdr. Newton E. (1850-1945): Officer on the Board of Stranded Spanish Ships.

Maxim, Hiram S. (1840-1916): American inventor of the first machine gun and arms seller.

Maynard, Cmdr. Washburn (1844-1913): Commander of Nashville.

McCain, Lt. Henry P. (1861-1941): Acting asst. adjutant general for the American forces in the Philippines.

McCalla, Cmdr. Bowman H. (1844-1910): Commander of Marblehead; in charge of cable cutting operations off Cienfuegos and invasion of Guantánamo Bay.

McConnell, Chas J. (1837–1909):  Chief Engineer of the North Atlantic Station.

McCormick, Capt. Alexander H. (1842-1915): Commander of Oregon (until March 1898).

McKenna, Joseph (1843-1926): U.S. Attorney General (Mar. 1897–Jan. 1898) and Associate Justice, U.S. Supreme Court (1898-1925).

McKinley, William (1843-1901): President of the USA (1897-1901).

McNair, RAdm. Frederick V. (1839-1900): Commander in Chief of the Asiatic Station before Commo. George Dewey.

Emperor Meiji, (personal name is Mutsuhito) (1852-1912): Emperor of Japan, who reigned from 1868 until death.

Merrill, Capt. Abner: Commander, 1st Artillery detachment, Key West, FL.

Merritt, Maj. Gen. Wesley (1836-1910):  the Army’s commander of the Department of Pacific

Merry, Capt. John F.: Commander of the Machias.

Miles, Maj. Gen. Nelson A. (1839-1925): Commanding General of the U.S. Army.

Miller, Seaman Harry H. (1879-1968): Served in cable cutting operations at Cienfuegos.

Miller, Cmdr. James M. (1847-1908): Commander of  Merrimac before its intentional sinking.

Miller, RAdm. Joseph N. (-1909): Commander-in-Chief, Pacific Station (as of Aug. 1897).

Milligan, Robert W.: Chief Engineer on Oregon.

Montojo y Passarón, Vice Adm. Patricio (1839-1917): Commander of fleet sent to the Philippines but ordered to return to Spain.

Moret y Prendergast, Segismundo (1833-1913): Spanish Minister of Overseas Colonies (1897-1898).

Moreu, Capt. Emilio Díaz (1846-1913): Captain of Spanish cruiser Cristóból

Morris, F.H.: Auditor of the Navy department at the U.S. Treasury Department.

Moser, Lt. Cmdr. Jefferson F. (1848-1934): Commander of Bennington and wrote the Pacific Coast Defense Plan.

Nazro, Lt. Cmdr. Arthur P.: Commanded the Amazonas, later renamed the New Orleans, on its journey from Europe to the United States.

Nettleton, Gen. Alvred B. (1838-1911): U.S. Army general and Asst. Secretary of the Treasury (1890-1893).

Newcomb, Lt. Frank (1846-1934): Commander of the Revenue Cutter Hudson.

Niblack, Lt. Albert P. (1859-1929): U.S. Naval attaché in Berlin who oversaw the purchase of the torpedo boat Somers.

Nichols, Cmdr. Henry E. (-1899): Commander of Bennington to 13 July 1898.

O’Neil, Cmdr. Charles (1842-1927): Washington Navy Yard (as of Apr. 1896) and Chief of Bureau of Ordnance (as of June 1897). 

Obenheimer, Capt. Ernst: Commander of the Imperial German Naval vessel Irene.

Orizando, Maj. Luis: Cuban insurgent leader around Cienfuegos.

Otis, Maj. Gen. Ewell S. (1838-1909): second-in-command of the army’s detachment assigned to the Philippines.

Palliser,  RAdm. Henry St. L. Bury (1838-1907): British Commander-in-Chief on the Pacific Station.

Pardon, Marie Jacques Noël (1854-1910): Governor General of Martinique.

de Paredes, Commo. José: Second in command to RAdm. Cervera.

Parrado, Gen. Julian Gonzalez (1841-1916): Deputy to Capt. Gen. Ramón Blanco y Erenas (commander of Spanish forces in Cuba).

Pershing, Lt. John J. (1860-1948): Senior officer of the 10th Cavalry.

Philip, Capt. John W. (1840-1900): Commander of Texas during hostilities.

Philip, Josefa: Wife of Capt. John W. Philip.

Cooper, Capt. Philip H.: Superintendent of the United States Naval Academy during the Spanish-American War.

Polo de Bernabé, Luis (1854-1929): Spanish Charge d'Affaires to the U.S. (Feb. 1898-Apr. 1898).

Potter, Lt. Cmdr. William P. (1850-1917): Executive Officer on New York (from Sep. 1897) and member of the Maine Court of Inquiry.

Powell, Cadet Joseph W.: Officer on the New York and led the recovery operation for Merrimac’s crew.

Pratt, E. Spencer: U.S. consul at Singapore.

von Preuzen, RAdm. Prince Henry (1862-1929): One of the commanders of the Imperial German East Asian Cruiser Division.

Primo de Rivera y Sobremonte, Fernando (1831-1921): Governor General of the Philippines who negotiated with Aguinaldo before the Spanish-American War.

Primrose, Capt. George A. (1849-1930): Commander of Royal Navy ship Indefatigable.

Proctor, Redfield (1831-1908): Senator from Vermont and friend of Commo. George Dewey.

Purcell, Lt. John L.: Commander of the armored tugboat Osceola during hostilities.

Ramsay, RAdm Francis M. (1835-1914): Chief of the Bureau of Navigation (1889-1897). 

Ramsden, Frederick W.  British Consul at Santiago.

Ramsden, Henry A.: British Consul at Manila in August 1898.

Rawson-Walker, Edward Henry (-1898): British Consul at Manila until he died in 1898.

Reed, Maj. Gen. Walter Reed (1851-1902): U.S. Army physician engaged in yellow fever research. 

Reeves, Asst. Engineer Joseph M.: Served on the Oregon

Reamy, Lt. Lazarus L.: Commander of Montauk.

Remey, Commo. George C. (1841-1928): Commandant, Portsmouth Navy Yard (July 1896-May 1898) and Commander, U.S. Naval Forces at Key West Naval Base during hostilities.

Richards, Cmdr. Benjamin S: Commander of Alert (to 18 December 1897).

Rodgers, Lt. Comdr. John A.: Executive Officer of the Indiana.

Roosevelt, Theodore (1858-1919): Asst. secretary of the Navy (as of Apr. 1897) and second in command of the Rough Riders. 

Sagasta, Práxedes Mateo (1859-1906): Liberal Prime Minister of Spain from Aug. 1897 and during the Spanish-American War. 

Sampson, RAdm William T. (1840-1902): Chief of Bureau of Ordnance (as of Jan. 1893); commanding Iowa (as of June 1897); President of the Maine Board of Inquiry; and Commander-in-Chief of North Atlantic Fleet.

Sands, Capt. James H. (1845-1911): Commander of the protected cruiser Columbia during hostilities. 

St. Hill, Arthur B.: U.S. Vice-Consul at Bridgetown, Jamaica during hostilities.

Schley, Commo. Winfield S. (1839-1911): Commander-in-Chief, Flying Squadron and Second North Atlantic Squadron and Acting Rear Admiral (as of Aug. 1898).

Schichau, Friedrich:  German ship constructor who built the torpedo boat Somers.

Sears, Lt.. James H.: Flag Lieutenant, Flying Squadron.

Sebree, Cmdr, Uriel (1848-1922): Commander of Wheeling.

Selfridge, RAdm. Thomas O. (1836-1924): Commander-in-Chief of the European Station (from 1895 to beginning of hostilities).

Sewall, Harold M. (1860-1924): U.S. Minister Plenipotentiary to Hawaii.

Seymour, Vice Adm. Sir Edward H. (1840-1929): British Commander- in-Chief on the Asiatic Station.

Shafter, Maj. Gen. William R. (1835-1906): Commander, Fifth Army Corps at Santiago de Cuba.

Sharp, Jr., Lt. Alexander: Commander of Vixen.

Sherman, John (1823-1900): Secretary of State (Mar. 1897 to Apr. 1898).

Sicard, RAdm. Montgomery (1836-1900): Commander, North Atlantic Station until March 1898 and president, Naval War Board.

Sigsbee, Capt. Charles D. (1845-1923): Commander of Maine at the time of its explosion in Havana Harbor and Commander of St. Paul (as of May 1898).

Sigsbee, Eliza Lockwood: Wife of Capt. Charles D. Sigsbee.

Sims, Lt. William S: United States Naval Attaché in Paris.  

Smith, Abraham E: U.S. Consul in Victoria, British Columbia.

Smith, Leonard B.: U.S. Consul at Curaçao.

Snyder: Personal secretary to Secretary of the Navy Long.

Solano Llanderal, Brig. Gen. Enrique: Chief of Staff, Spanish forces in Cuba.

Southerland, Lt. Cmdr. William H.H. (1852-1933): Commander of the auxiliary gunboat Eagle during hostilities.

Sostoa y Ordonez: Commanding general of Cavite Arsenal.

Southerland, Lt. Cmdr. William H.H. (1852-1933): Commander of the auxiliary gunboat Eagle during hostilities.

Sparkes, Capt. Robert C.: Commander of Esmeralda.

Staunton, Lt. Sydney A.:  Asst. Chief of Staff of the North Atlantic Station.

Sternberg, Surgeon General George M. (1838-1915): Surgeon General of the United States.

Stevens, Capt. Frank: The captain of City of Washington (Ward Line) who assisted in rescue operations when Maine exploded.

Stevens, John L. (1820-1895): U.S. Minister Plenipotentiary in Hawaii.

Stickney, Acting Lt. Joseph L. (-1907): Newspaper correspondent and Commo. Dewey’s aid on Olympia.

Surperbus, Lucius Tarquinius (ca. 495 B.C.E): Seventh and last King of Rome and mythical purchaser of the Sibylline Books.

Symonds, Cmdr. Frederick M.: Commander of the gunboat Marrieta during hostilities.

Tappan, Lt. Benjamin (-1919): Commander of Callao.

Taylor, Capt. Henry C. (1845-1904): President of the Naval War College (1893 to 1896) and commander of Indiana (as of Dec. 1896). 

Temperly, John R.: Co-inventor of the Temperly Transporter which increased coal loading capacity at sea. 

Todd, Capt. Chapman C.: Commander of Wilmington

Toral y Vázquez, Gen. José: Commander-in-Chief of the Spanish Army forces in the Santiago de Cuba region. 

Tracy, Benjamin F. (1830-1915): Secretary of the Navy from 1889 to 1893.

Train, Cmdr. Charles J. (1845-1906): Lighthouse Inspector, fourth district (as of June 1896); author of a war plan (1894); and Commander of Prairie

Van Reypen, Commo. William K. (1840-1924): Surgeon General of the U.S. Navy

Very, Cmdr. Samuel W.: Commander of the collier Saturn.

Villaamil Fernandez Cueto, Capt. Fernando (1845-1898): Commander of the Torpedo Destroyer Flotilla in RAdm. Cervera’s Squadron.

Wagner, Major Arthur L.: Assistant Adjutant General to Secretary of War Russell Alger.

Wainwright, Lt. Cmdr. Richard (1849-1926): Chief of the Office of Naval Intelligence (as of Apr. 1896); Executive Officer on Maine (as of Dec. 1897); and commander of Gloucester (as of June 1898). 

Ward, Lt. Aaron (1851-1918): Commander of the armed yacht Wasp during hostilities.

Walker, Cmdr. Asa: Commander of Concord.

Walker, RAdm. John G. (1835-1907): Prominent retired admiral, former Chief of the Office of Naval Intelligence and Bureau of Navigation; and chairman of Lighthouse Board as of 1 Dec. 1894, but retired as of 20 Mar. 1897.

Ward, Ens. Henry H.: Aid in the Bureau of Navigation and sent on noted spy mission.

Watson, Commo. John C. (1842-1923): Commandant of Philadelphia Naval Base; Commander-in-Chief, North Atlantic Squadron, Blockading Division, First North Atlantic Squadron, and Eastern Squadron during hostilities.

Watts, Ethelbert (1846-1919): Acting U.S. Consul in Cairo.

West, Cmdr. Clifford H.: Chief of Staff for the North Atlantic Station under RAdm. Montgomery Sicard prior to hostilities.

Weyler y Nicolau, Gov. Gen. Valeriano (1838-1930): Spanish colonial governor of Cuba who initiated reconcentrado policies.

White, Henry (1850-1927): Secretary of the U.S. Embassy in London.

Whiting, Capt. William H.: Commander of Monadnock.

Wildes, Capt. Frank (-1903): Commander of Boston.

Wildman, Rounsevelle (1864-1901): U.S. Consul at Hong Kong.

Willever, John Calvin (1865-1951): President of the Western Union Telegraph Company.

Williams, Oscar F.: U.S. consul at Manila.

Wilson, Brig. Gen. John M. (1837-1919): U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Chief of Engineers.

Winslow, Lt. Cameron McRae (1854-1932): Served on Marblehead and led the cable cutting operation at Cienfuegos on 11 May 1898.

Wise, Capt. William C.: Commander of Yale.

Wolcott, Roger (1847-1900): Governor of Massachusetts.

Wood, Cmdr. Edward P.: Commander of Petrel.

Woodford, Stewart L. (1835-1915): Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to Spain (June 1897-Apr. 1898).

Woodward, RAdm. Charles H.: Commandant of the New York Navy Yard.

Wyman, Walter (1848-1911): Supervising Surgeon General of the Marine Hospital Service.

Young, Lt. Lucien (1852-1912): Commander of Hist during hostilites. 

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