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Secretary of the Navy John D. Long to Rear Admiral Thomas O. Selfridge, Commander, European Station

Jan. 17, 1898.



          In view of recent events that have occurred in Cuba, the Department considers it advisable to alter the usual [ship] positions of the vessels of the Navy, and to have the vessels under your command on the western coast of Europe.

          2. You are therefore directed to proceed, with the Flagship San Francisco and Gunboat “Bancroft,” when the changes of officers directed to be made on February 2nd and been completed, or as soon thereafter as you made deem [practicable], at Lisbon, Portugal, and remain in that vicinity until further orders.

     3. The orders to the Gunboat “Helena” to proceed to the Asiatic Station have been revoked, and she has been directed to proceed to Lisbon and to report to you for duty in the squadron under your command.

     4. The orders of the Gunboat “Nashville” have been revoked, and she will be [assigned] on the coast of the United States.1

Very respectfully, John D. Long      


Source Note: CbCyS, DNA, RG 45, Entry 29. Addressed below close: “Commander-in-Chief/U.S.Naval Force,/European Station.” Document reference: “EC/ 90789.”

Footnote 1: A similar order was sent to Capt. Colby M. Chester (commander of the South Atlantic Station) on the same date. Long ordered him to go to Para, Brazil and wait for further instructions. DNA, RG 45, Entry 28.

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