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United States Consul at Manila Oscar F. Williams to Commodore George Dewey, Commander, Asiatic Station

From Consul Williams, Manila.

To Commander in Chief.

through Consul Hongkong.1

Date Manila, March 30, 1898.

Subject Rebels, etc.

Received Hongkong March 31. 

Five thousand rebels armed in camp near city.

Loyal to us in case of war.

Torpedoes not ready.2

Castilla sent Cavite.3

Governor4 told to stay.

Leaders in council.

Powder brought from Cavite.

Inform Washington.

Source Note: CyC, DLC-MSS, PGD.

Footnote 1: United States Consul at Hong Kong Rounsevelle Wildman.

Footnote 2: During the late 19th and early 20th century the words torpedoes and mines were often used interchangeably. In this case, Williams is referring briefly to the possible installations of electrically detonated mines in the channels of Manila Bay. See: Williams to Dewey, 25 March 1898.

Footnote 3: Castilla was a Spanish cruiser and Cavite was the location of the Spanish Navy Yard in Manila Bay.

Footnote 4: Governor General Don Fernando Primo de Rivera y Sobremonte.

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