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Secretary of the Navy John D. Long to Commodore John A. Howell, Commander, European Station





Washington, March 14, 1898.


Howell, Lisbon, Portugal.

     Proceed at once to New Castle-upon the Tyne. Upon arrival communicate immediately with the United States Naval Attache at London. Hoist United States flag upon Amazonas and Arbueall.1 appoint Reno Nazro to the command of Amazonas with former commander Nazro2 sufficient officers and men from crew of the San Francisco to bring her Proceed to New York. San Francisco to assist convoy. Utilize your staff for watch duty.3


Source Note: CCDecyS, DNA, RG 45, Entry 28.

Footnote 1: Abrueall, is a misspelling of Almirante Abreu, renamed the Albany. Albany remained England for the duration of the war because of neutrality laws. Amazonas steamed for the United States where it was renamed the New Orleans and served in the Caribbean.  

Footnote 2: Lt. Cmdr. Arthur P. Nazro served on San Francisco.

Footnote 3: The words: “immediately,” “appoint to the,” “former commander Nazro,” “crew of the,” and “Proceed,” were handwritten.

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