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Secretary of the Navy John D. Long to Commodore Francis M. Bunce, Commandant, New York Navy Yard

March 25, 1898.   

S i r:

     The U.S.S. TEXAS has been ordered to proceed to New York and have the new method of ammunition supply installed at once.1

     This work is to be done under the direction of Lieutenant F.J. Haesler,2 U.S.N., of the U.S.S. TEXAS, and the Naval Constructor3 at the New York Yard will immediately furnish him with such foreman and workmen and material as he may require, and will also do everything in his power in the shops as well, to expedite this work, working night and day as required. He will also detail one of his assistants to assist Lieutenant Haesler as he may require. Such parts of the new system as are not yet completed, he shall immediately complete in accordance with the drawing already made by the Construction Department, subject to the approval of the Commanding Officer of the ship.4

Very respectfully,          

John D. Long           


Source Note: TCyS, DNA, AFNRC, M625, roll 128. Addressed below close: “Commandant,/Navy Yard,/New York, N.Y.” Document reference: “SCH/[96373].”

Footnote 1: Long ordered the installation of electrically powered ammunition lifts.

Footnote 2: Lt. Francis J. Haesler.

Footnote 3: Naval Constructor Francis T. Bowles.

Footnote 4: Capt. John W. Philip.

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