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Memorandum on Enlistment from Commodore Arent S. Crowninshield, Chief of the Bureau of Navigation

Mch. 3-98

          3 Navy Yards, (Brooklyn - Boston - League Island)1

                        Enlist seamen, firemen and petty officers for general service for crews of the Columbia and Minneapolis. xDirect commanding officers2 of those vessels to get them in readiness for service at sea.


Source Note: TCy, DNA, RG 45, Entry 28, p. 331. This document is a carbon copy of three separate telegrams sent to navy yards. “Mch. 3-98” and “(Brooklyn - Boston - League Island)” are handwritten.

Footnote 1: The commandants were: Commo. Francis M. Bunce at Brooklyn, Commo. Henry L. Howison at Boston, and Commo. John A. Howell at League Island [Philadelphia].

Footnote 2: Capt. James H. Sands commanded Columbia; Capt. Theodore F. Jewell commanded Minneapolis.

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