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Commodore John A. Howell, Commander, Northern Patrol Squadron, General Order No. 5

Provincetown, Mass., 

May 6, 1898.



Order No. 5.


 1.  The squadron when underway shall have all lights masked, no lights whatever being displayed except those called for by the Codes already in use or such identification lights as may hereafter be adopted.

 2.  Fires shall be tended in such manner as to produce the least possible smoke. It is believed that this result can be fully accomplished under the careful supervision of the engineer, by feeding in small quantities and at regular intervals, keeping the fire glowing, etc.

 3.  All guns shall be kept loaded, and at night each rapid fire gun shall have several rounds stowed near it, and each gun of the secondary battery shall have near it at least two boxes of ammunition.


 4.  Should it become necessary for the squadron to remain at anchor over night, steam shall be maintained for a speed of ten knots. Cables shall be buoyed and ready to slip. Coal expended shall be replaced at the earliest opportunity, and if practicable from day to day.

 5.  Every article received on board shall be subjected to the most rigid scrutiny.

 6.  All boats shall be hailed to establish full identification.

 7.  All sentries shall be fully armed. Officers, quarter-masters, and other persons on regular watch shall be armed or shall have their arms at hand.

 8.  No persons except personal friends or relatives of the officers will be allowed on board, and those only when brought on board by an officer or by permission of the commanding officer, when full instructions will be given to the coxswains as to the people and as to the boat and time. Relatives of the crew may be allowed on board at the option of the commanding officer, but special permission must be obtained from him in each individual case.

 9.  During the night an alert quarter watch armed, shall be maintained with special lookouts as the commanding officer may deem advisable. This detail shall be so arranged that the rapid fire guns on one side will be fully and entirely manned. The rapid fire batteries shall at all times have ammunition at hand. Heavy guns shall each have a shell in the chamber at all times.

J. A. HOWELL,               

Commodore U. S. Navy,       

Commanding Northern Patrol Squadron.

Source Note: Cy, DNA, AFNRC, M625, roll 130.

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