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Commodore John A. Howell, Commander, Northern Patrol Squadron, General Order No. 4

Provincetown, Mass., 

May 6, 1898.



Order No. 4.

     Until further orders the following routine of drills will prevail on board vessels of the squadron:—

 1.  Monday, Wednesday and Friday forenoons - general quarters, with ships cleared for action.

 2.  Tuesday and Thursday forenoons - divisional drill at battery, with powder division, etc., at their stations.

 3.  Each Commanding officer will designate the afternoon drills, but until perfection has been attained in the battle drill of the ship that exercise shall be given preference over all others.

 4.  Firequarters shall be held at least once a week at unexpected times.

 5.  Night general quarters shall be held at least once a week and night fire quarters at least once a month, no previous notice being given to officers or men.

 6.  At least one day in the week shall be assigned to thorough overhauling of the battery, beginning after the forenoon drill, and assignment of the particular day shall be governed by the weather and other circumstances.

 7.  Aiming and pointing drill with small arms and with the main and secondary batteries, and sub-calibre target practice shall be kept up continuously.

 8.  Commanding officers will send to the Commander-in-Chief, each Saturday, a written report of the drills held on board during the week with such recommendations as they deem advisable in regard to methods for increasing efficiency.

J. A. HOWELL,                    

Commodore U. S. Navy,       

Commanding Northern Patrol Squadron.

Source Note: Cy, DNA, AFNRC, M625, roll 130.

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